The Year in Music: 1979

Lambert Lepoutre presents the year 1979 in music.


01. Beat, Don’t Wait Up For Me
02. Michael Jackson, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
03. Dead Kennedys, California Uber Alles
04. Specials, Gangsters
05. Pentagram, Living in A Ram’s head
06. Elvis Costello, Oliver’s Army
07. Dave Edmunds, Girls Talk
08. Kendalls, Just Like Real People
09. Sugarhill Gang, Rappers Delight
10. Joy Division, Transmission
11. XTC. Making Plans for Nigel
12. Tubeway Army, Are Friends Electric?
13. Clash, the Right Profile
14. Van Morrison, Stepping Out Queen
15. Lowell George, What Do You Want The Girl to Do
16. Joe Jackson, It’s Different for Girls
17. Headboys, Shape Of Things to Come
18. Gang Of Four, At Home He’s A Tourist
19. Paul Blackman, Earth, Wind & Fire, 12″

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