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SAS SUGI proceedings: Authors  U (SUGI 31 and later), 15 papers
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Beatrice Ugiliweneza

SGF2008  tweet!  Analysis of Breast Cancer Using SAS®
   Beatrice Ugiliweneza 
Pages: 8 Size: 279 Kb 

Ahsan Ullah

SUGI24  tweet!  Customize Your Web Output Using SAS/IntrNet Software and Web Publishing Tools
   Ahsan Ullah 
Keywords: IntrNet dispatcher server HTML Formatter VRML GIF internet web
Pages: 5 Size: 214 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Web Compatible SAS/GRAPH Output the Easy Way
   Ahsan Ullah 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 4 Size: 64 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  A Grid Overlay to Make SAS/GRAPH Layout Easy.
   Ahsan Ullah 
Pages: 3 Size: 33 Kb 

Sabri G. Uner

SGF2008  tweet!  Operational Risk: Economic Capital (EC) Modeling with a Loss Distribution Approach
   Sabri G. Uner 
Keywords: Operational Risk Basel EC Capital Charge GPD Pareto LDA
Pages: 14 Size: 179 Kb 

Chris Upton

SGF2017  tweet!  Data Grids in Business Rules, Decisions, Batch Scoring, and Real-Time Scoring
   Carl Sommer  Ernest Jessee  Chris Upton 
Pages: 10 Size: 621 Kb 

SGF2017  tweet!  Power to the People! Web Service Scoring for the Masses
   Prasenjit Sen  Chris Upton 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 13 Size: 310 Kb 

SGF2016  tweet!  Taming the Rule
   Charlotte Crain  Chris Upton 
Pages: 13 Size: 1313 Kb 

SGF2015  tweet!  Dynamic Decision-Making Web Services Using SAS® Stored Processes and SAS® Business Rules Manager
   Lori Small  Chris Upton 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 16 Size: 1129 Kb 

Sharon Urbanski

SUGI22  tweet!  Enhancing the Output from PROC LOGISTIC
   Bharat Thakkar  Kwan Hur  Charles A. Oprian  William G. Henderson  Sharon Urbanski 
Pages: 6 Size: 502 Kb 

SUGI21  tweet!  A SAS Macro for Validating a Logistic Model with Split Sample and Bootstrap Methods
   Kwan Hur  Charles A. Oprian  William G. Henderson  Sharon Urbanski  Bharat Thakkar 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 4 Size: 236 Kb 

Abraham Usher

SGF2014  tweet!  Detecting Patterns Using Geo-Temporal Analysis Techniques in Big Data
   Paul Dorfman  Don Henderson  Richard La Valley  Abraham Usher 
Pages: 1 Size: 1303 Kb 

Alexander Ushveridze

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Creating Interactive Web-based Reports with SAS®
   Chun Fan  Alexander Ushveridze 
Keywords: HTML JavaScript ODS Sortable Graphs Sortable Tables Interactive Reports internet
Pages: 11 Size: 201 Kb 

Hasan O. Utkueri

SGF2009  tweet!  Puzzle Completed by Eureko Sigorta
   Hasan O. Utkueri 
Pages: 1 Size: 17 Kb 

Kia Uuskartano

SGF2016  tweet!  A Sea of Data--Gaining Competitive Advantage by Creating a Portal of Seafood Insights in SAS® Visual Analytics Designer and SAS® Information Delivery Portal
   Kia Uuskartano  Tor Erik Somby 
Pages: 8 Size: 668 Kb 

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