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SAS SUGI proceedings: Authors  Y-Z (SUGI 31 and later), 335 papers
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Shiv Govind Yadav

SGF2015  tweet!  Integrating SAS® and the R Language with Microsoft SharePoint
   Piyush Singh  Prasoon Sangwan  Shiv Govind Yadav 
Pages: 11 Size: 772 Kb 

Kathy Yadrick

SUGI29  tweet!  Using SAS Procedures to Make Sense of a Complex Food Store Survey
   Jeff M. Gossett  Pippa M. Simpson  Renee A. Hall  Carol Connell  Kathy Yadrick  Margaret L. Bogle 
Keywords: Missing Data SAS/SURVEYMEANS Imputation SAS/MI SAS/MIAnalyze.
Pages: 7 Size: 191 Kb 

Juli Yaguda

SUGI24  tweet!  Extending the Power of Your SAS System Applications with Enterprise Reporter Software
   Juli Yaguda  Jens D. Mikkelsen 
Keywords: ER AppDev DWA Reports SCL AF
Pages: 9 Size: 286 Kb 

Amanda Yale

SGF2009  tweet!  Using a Portal Environment to Strategically Manage Enrollment: The Integration of People, Relationships, and Information
   Amanda Yale 
Pages: 1 Size: 17 Kb 

Bhuvaneswari Yallabandi

SGF2017  Analyzing the Predictive Power of Political and Social Factors in Determining Country Risk
   Bhuvaneswari Yallabandi  Vishwanath Srivatsa Kolar Bhaskara 

Aileen Yam

SUGI25  tweet!  SAS Software and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Make Beautiful Reports Together
   Aileen L. Yam 
Keywords: clinical study report Visual Basic for Applications Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel word-processing formatting
Pages: 5 Size: 45 Kb 

SUGI24  tweet!  Automating the Production of Customized Powerpoint Presentation Graphs by Integrating the Funtionality of SAS Software with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
   Aileen L. Yam 
Keywords: graph PowerPoint Excel Visual Basic for applications object linking and embedding integrated solutions
Pages: 5 Size: 73 Kb 

SUGI23  tweet!  On Data Transfer
   Aileen L. Yam 
Pages: 10 Size: 96 Kb 

Bin Yang

SUGI30  tweet!  Analyzing Incomplete Binary Repeated Measures Data Using SAS
   Bin Yang 
Keywords: binary longitudinal random effect Proc NLMIXED %GLIMMIX, repeated measures
Pages: 8 Size: 148 Kb 

Dongsheng Yang

SGF2013  tweet!  Build Prognostic Nomograms for Risk Assessment Using SAS®
   Dongsheng Yang 
Pages: 7 Size: 196 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 245 Kb)

SGF2012  tweet!  Standardized Difference: An Index to Measure the Effect Size between Two Groups
   Dongsheng Yang  Jarrod E. Dalton 
Pages: 6 Size: 191 Kb 

SGF2011  tweet!  Creating a Half Error Bar Using Graph Template Language
   Dongsheng Yang 
Pages: 11 Size: 245 Kb 

SGF2010  tweet!  Customizing ODS Statistical Graphs Step-by-Step
   Dongsheng Yang 
Pages: 8 Size: 248 Kb 

James Yang

SUGI24  tweet!  A Windowed Application for Efficient Access to Data Warehouse DB2 Data with PROC SQL Pass-Through Facility and Macros
   James Yang 
Keywords: Windowed Application Macro Pass-Through Facility Efficiency Data Warehouse DB2 SQL
Pages: 6 Size: 35 Kb 

Jason Yang

SGF2013  tweet!  Quick and Easy Techniques for Fast Data Extraction
   Chris Greni  Deepa Sarkar  Jason Yang  Mythili Rajamani 
Pages: 7 Size: 364 Kb 

Julia Yang

SGF2011  tweet!  Periodic Graphic Style Summary Report to Multi-sites in.pdf format
   Julia Yang 
Pages: 10 Size: 250 Kb 

Liuchun Yang

SGF2013  tweet!  Regression of NASCAR: Looking into Five Years of Jimmie Johnson
   Alex Herrington  Liuchun Yang  Yun Gao 
Pages: 20 Size: 1178 Kb 

Xiaoyan Yang

SUGI29  tweet!  SAS Data Quality - Cleanse: Techniques for Merge/Purge on Very Large Datasets
   Michael Krumenaker  George Bukhbinder  Xiaoyan Yang 
Keywords: Data Quality merge/purge DataFlux df-Customize match code fuzzy
Pages: 8 Size: 176 Kb 

Xu Yang

SGF2017  tweet!  An Efficient Way to Deploy and Run Text Analytics Models in Hadoop
   Seung Lee  Xu Yang  Saratendu Sethi 
Pages: 11 Size: 496 Kb 

Yang Yang

SGF2014  tweet!  Programmatic Challenges of Dose Tapering Using SAS®
   Iuliana Barbalau  Chen Shi  Yang Yang 
Pages: 9 Size: 509 Kb 

Yung-Jui Yang

SGF2010  tweet!  Let SAS® Do the Work: Correlation Crossroads
   Theresa Gilligan  Cheryl Coon  Lauren Nelson  Lori D. McLeod  Yung-Jui Yang 
Pages: 18 Size: 424 Kb 

Zhao Yang

SGF2008  tweet!  Generalized McNemar's Test for Homogeneity of Marginal Distributions
   Xuezheng Sun  Zhao Yang 
Keywords: Matched-pairs data Marginal Homogeneity McNemar's test generalized McNemar's test(Stuart-Maxwell test) SAS/IML SAS/Macro.
Pages: 10 Size: 201 Kb 

SUGI31  tweet!  SAS® Macros for Generating Abridged and Cause-Eliminated Life Tables
   Zhao Yang  Xuezheng Sun 
Keywords: SAS MACRO abridged life table cause-eliminated life tables
Pages: 10 Size: 461 Kb 

Zhu Yanrong

SGF2016  tweet!  The Combination of SAS® and VBA Makes Life Easier
   Zhu Yanrong 
Pages: 5 Size: 105 Kb 

    resource Additional resource: Watch on Demand Video

Arthur K. Yao

SUGI22  tweet!  SAS Code Generator Based on Table-Driven Methodology in a Batch Environment
   Arthur K. Yao 
Pages: 6 Size: 490 Kb 

Lili Yao

SGF2016  tweet!  Using SAS® to Implement Simultaneous Linking in Item Response Theory
   Lili Yao 
Pages: 6 Size: 122 Kb 

SGF2016  tweet!  Using SAS® to Conduct Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Educational Research: Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis
   Jun Xu  Steven Holtzman  Kevin Petway  Lili Yao 
Pages: 13 Size: 356 Kb 

Lixiang Yao

SGF2014  tweet!  The Commonly Used Statistical Methods to Control The Probability of an Overall Type I Error and the Application in Clinical Trial
   Lixiang Yao 
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 7 Size: 44 Kb 

Min Yao

SUGI25  tweet!  A Modular Approach to Case Report Form Tabulation Programming
   Min Yao 
Pages: 1 Size: 16 Kb 

Xiao Yao

SGF2014  tweet!  Modeling Loss Given Default in SAS/STAT®
   Xiao Yao  Jonathan Crook  Galina Andreeva 
Pages: 9 Size: 158 Kb 

Xue Yao

SGF2017  tweet!  DS2 with Both Hands on the Wheel
   Xue Yao  Peter Eberhardt 
Keywords: Object oriented DS2 method class package threading threads scope data type missing NULL
Pages: 32 Size: 281 Kb    Download the data filedownload (.zip, 25 Kb)

SGF2016  tweet!  Using Predictive Analysis to Optimize Pharmaceutical Marketing
   Xue Yao 
Pages: 6 Size: 202 Kb 

SGF2016  tweet!  PROC DS2 with Both Hands on the Wheel
   Peter Eberhardt  Xue Yao 
Keywords: DS2 method package array FCMP function null date SQL datatype
Pages: 32 Size: 1095 Kb 

SGF2015  tweet!  I Object: SAS® Does Objects with DS2
   Peter Eberhardt  Xue Yao 
Keywords: DS2 object oriented methods packages scope datatype null missing date
Pages: 27 Size: 195 Kb 

SGF2015  tweet!  DS2 with Both Hands on the Wheel
   Peter Eberhardt  Xue Yao 
Keywords: DS2 method package array FCMP function null date SQL datatype
Pages: 32 Size: 276 Kb 

SGF2014  tweet!  I Object: SAS® Does Objects with DS2
   Peter Eberhardt  Xue Yao 
Keywords: DS2 method object oriented abstraction local global SQL HPA
Pages: 27 Size: 203 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  A Flexible Method to Apply Multiple Imputation Using SAS/IML® Studio
   Lisa Lix  Xue Yao 
Pages: 9 Size: 325 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 1026 Kb)

Yonggang Yao

SGF2017  tweet!  Five Things You Should Know about Quantile Regression
   Robert Rodriguez  Yonggang Yao 
Pages: 19 Size: 2396 Kb 

Zhang Yaochun

SUGI24  tweet!  Realizing Baosteel's Technology & Quality Data Warehouse Based on SAS
   Zhang Yaochun 
Pages: 4 Size: 59 Kb 

Niam Yaraghi

SGF2012  tweet!  Mining and Merging DATAMONITOR and WRDS Databases with SAS®
   Niam Yaraghi  Rajiv Kishore  Rui Chen 
Pages: 5 Size: 298 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  Clustering Physicians Based on Professional Proximity Using SAS®
   Niam Yaraghi  Anna Ye du  Raj Sharman  Ram Gopal  Ramaswamy Ramesh  Ranjit Singh 
Pages: 7 Size: 311 Kb 

Kimberly D. Yarbrough

SUGI24  tweet!  SAS Software MDDBs Solve Real-World Problems for 1997 Economic Census
   Shirin A. Ahmed  Kimberly D. Yarbrough 
Keywords: MDDB EIS Warehousing Reports NAICS SAS
Pages: 6 Size: 73 Kb 

David Yarmchuk

SUGI29  tweet!  Practical Application of SAS for the Beginner - Enabling the Replacement of a Fragile Access Database
   David Yarmchuk 
Keywords: SAS Connect ODBC Office Access Microsoft
Pages: 7 Size: 38 Kb 

Qing Ye

SGF2012  tweet!  From Solo to Symphony: Scale Service Up Using Multiple Stored-Process Server Clusters
   Qing Ye  Richard Nardin  Romon Williams 
Pages: 12 Size: 601 Kb 

Sam Ye

SUGI21  tweet!  From Report and Analysis Plan to SAS Report Programs -The Mass Production of Report Skeleton Programs
   Sam X. Ye 
Pages: 7 Size: 442 Kb 

Nithish Reddy Yeduguri

SGF2016  A Text Analytics Approach for Unraveling Trends in Government Funding for Small Businesses
   Sairam Tanguturi  Sagar Rudrake  Nithish Reddy Yeduguri 
  Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 962 Kb)

Michael Yee

SUGI27  tweet!  Seeing Red: Tips for Debugging the SAS® DATA Step
   Michael J. Yee 
Keywords: data step log column submit debugging syntax
Pages: 4 Size: 179 Kb 

SUGI26  tweet!  Quick and Dirty Data Laundering: A Scalable Solution for Range Checking Data
   Michael J. Yee 
Keywords: Data Cleaning Range Check Macro Clinical
Pages: 2 Size: 96 Kb 

Andrew C. Yeh

SUGI22  tweet!  Exporting SAS Output onto the World Wide Web
   Shi-Tao Yeh  Andrew C. Yeh 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 5 Size: 219 Kb 

Eugene Yeh

SUGI29  tweet!  A SAS Database Search Engine Gives Everyone the Power to Know
   Eugene Yeh 
Keywords: Search Query Database Hyperlink
Pages: 10 Size: 428 Kb 

Mei-Fen Yeh

Best Contributed Paper (1st Place)
tweet!  Custom Designs Using JMP® Design of Experiments and SAS® PROC OPTEX
   Mei-Fen Yeh  Anthony Cece  Mark A. Presser 
Pages: 9 Size: 271 Kb 

Shi-Tao Yeh

SGF2007  tweet!  Using Invisible Characters in SAS® Programming - Hidden Dragons, Episode II
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: Alt255 Alt-255 Invisible Character text aligning text formatting Java hint text box SAS output
Pages: 9 Size: 244 Kb 

SGF2007  tweet!  SAS® Constellation Diagram Has Many Faces
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: fMRI seriation convergence
Pages: 16 Size: 1402 Kb 

SUGI31  tweet!  The Invisible Character ALT+255 - Hidden Dragon: Hiding and Aligning Text in SAS® Output
   Eugene Tsykalov  Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: Alt255 Alt-255 Invisible character Hidden character hidden text ODS PDF Proc Report
Pages: 8 Size: 124 Kb 

SUGI31  tweet!  Interactive Graphs from the SAS® System
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: interactive graphs ODS GTL data tips drill-down links
Pages: 10 Size: 1605 Kb 

SUGI30  tweet!  Customizing ODS Statistical Graphics
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: ODS Graphics on layout
Pages: 17 Size: 633 Kb 

SUGI29  tweet!  Tips and Techniques to Enhance Your SAS Statistical Graphics Output
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Pages: 17 Size: 448 Kb 

SUGI28  tweet!  An Automated Reporting Macro to Create Cell Index - An Enhanced Revisit
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: Cell Index PROC REPORT macro
Pages: 5 Size: 449 Kb 

Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place)
tweet!  An Explicit Functional Form Specification Approach to Estimate the Area under a Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve
   Paul W. Stober  Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: ROC Receiver Operating Characteris Functional Form PROC NLIN
Pages: 6 Size: 323 Kb 

Honorable Mention
tweet!  Using a Trapezoidal Rule for the Area under a Curve Calculation
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: AUC Trapezoidal
Pages: 4 Size: 171 Kb 

SUGI26  tweet!  SAS Macros as File Management Utility Programs
   Christopher J. Rook  Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: pipe call-execute sysfunc HTML egrep macro
Pages: 5 Size: 190 Kb 

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Generating Case Report Form Tabulation
   David L. Wade  Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: Case Report Form Tabulation macro usage
Pages: 5 Size: 168 Kb 

SUGI25  tweet!  Using SAS Tabulate HTML Formatter - Web Publishing Tool By Examples
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: tab2htm HTML Formatter Web publishing tools tabulate internet
Pages: 7 Size: 536 Kb 

SUGI25  tweet!  Automatically Converting Data Set Specifications
   Melanie A. Paules  Shi-Tao Yeh  Pilita R. Canete 
Keywords: Data Mart data dictionary attribute statements macro automation ACCESS procedure
Pages: 6 Size: 226 Kb 

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Annotated Case Report Form Automation System
   Anthony M. Cavaliere  Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: CRF HTML automation annotated
Pages: 5 Size: 284 Kb 

SUGI23  tweet!  SAS Software G3D Animation and Graphic Viewer System
   Shi-Tao Yeh 
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Exporting SAS Output onto the World Wide Web
   Shi-Tao Yeh  Andrew C. Yeh 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 5 Size: 219 Kb 

Jyotheeswara N. Yellanki

SGF2007  tweet!  Calculating Statistics Using PROC MEANS versus PROC SQL
   Jyotheeswara N. Yellanki 
Pages: 8 Size: 130 Kb 

Peng-fang Yen

SUGI25  tweet!  One Macro Does It All - Advanced Enhancement of PROC REPORT
   Peng-fang Yen  Jeff Gudmundson 
Keywords: Standard and customized report Page break Across variables Alignment of title Alignment of footnote macro
Pages: 6 Size: 132 Kb 

Audrey Yeo

SGF2016  tweet!  Can You Read This into SAS® for Me: Using INFILE and INPUT to Load Data into SAS®
   Peter Eberhardt  Audrey Yeo 
Keywords: INPUT datalines format informat @ @@ CSV delimited eberhardt sas
Pages: 20 Size: 533 Kb 

    resource Additional resource: Watch on Demand Video

SGF2015  tweet!  "Can You Read This into SAS® for Me?" Using INFILE and INPUT to Load Data into SAS
   Peter Eberhardt  Audrey Yeo 
Keywords: infile input format informat missover truncover stopover date csv dsd dml
Pages: 20 Size: 428 Kb 

    resource Additional resource: Watch on Demand Video

Robert Yerex

SUGI31  tweet!  An Application of Survival Analysis to Population Dynamics in Human Capital Management
   Martin B. Jetton  Robert Yerex 
Keywords: Operations Research Probability Models Predictive Models
Pages: 9 Size: 57 Kb 

Cally Ong Yeru

SGF2013  tweet!  Demand Forecasting Using a Growth Model and Negative Binomial Regression Framework
   Cally Ong Yeru  Michelle Cheong  Murphy Choy 
Pages: 17 Size: 403 Kb 

Darryl Yewchin

SGF2017  tweet!  From Source to Target: Hadoop Capabilities of SAS® Data Integration Studio
   Darryl Yewchin  Todd Foreman 
Pages: 18 Size: 832 Kb 

Jinxin Yi

SGF2016  tweet!  Leveraging Advanced Analytics in Pricing and Inventory Decisions at a Major Durable Goods Company
   Varunraj Valsaraj  Bahadir Aral  Baris Kacar  Jinxin Yi 
Pages: 7 Size: 277 Kb 

SGF2015  tweet!  Using SAS/OR® to Optimize the Layout of Wind Farm Turbines
   Sherry (Wei) Xu  Steven Gardner  Joshua Griffin  Baris Kacar  Jinxin Yi 
Pages: 13 Size: 450 Kb 

SGF2014  tweet!  Work Area Optimization at a Major European Utility Company
   Jinxin Yi  Emily Lada  Anne Smith  Colin Gray 
Pages: 6 Size: 600 Kb 

SGF2008  tweet!  Using SAS/OR® to Improve Service Completion at a Fortune 100 Company
   Chuck Kelly  Jinxin Yi  Philip Easterling 
Keywords: operations research optimization inventory simulation
Pages: 9 Size: 148 Kb 

Qing Yi

SUGI24  tweet!  Generating Item Responses Based on Multidimensional Item Response Theory
   Jeffrey D. Kromrey  Cynthia G. Parshall  Walter M. Chason  Qing Yi 
Keywords: psychometrics item response theory monte carlo
Pages: 6 Size: 50 Kb 

James H. Yiin

SGF2010  tweet!  A VB.NET Utility to Transfer Multiple Data Files between SAS® and Microsoft Access and Excel by Automatically Generating SAS® Import/Export Statements
   Lian Luo  James H. Yiin 
Pages: 10 Size: 662 Kb 

Christopher Yim

SGF2015  tweet!  Imputing Missing Data using SAS®
   Christopher Yim 
Pages: 9 Size: 466 Kb 

Chris Yindra

SUGI23  tweet!  %SYSFUNC - The Brave New Macro World
   Chris Yindra 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 7 Size: 44 Kb 

SUGI22  &&&, ;;, and Other Hieroglyphics - Advanced Macro Topics
   Chris Yindra 
Keywords: macro

SUGI22  tweet!  &&&, ;;, and Other Hieroglyphics - Advanced Macro Topics.
   Chris Yindra 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 9 Size: 22 Kb 

SUGI21  tweet!  Advanced Topics in PROC REPORT
   Christopher Yindra 
Pages: 10 Size: 544 Kb 

SUGI21  tweet!  Receiving &Distributing Data Nationally: A SAS Software Solution to HEDlS Reporting
   Christopher Yindra  Sue Freimuth 
Pages: 7 Size: 486 Kb 

Sau Yiu

SGF2013  tweet!  Reordering Columns after PROC TRANSPOSE (or Anytime You Want, Really)
   Sau Yiu 
Pages: 4 Size: 45 Kb 

Shelly Yiu-Morrison

SGF2007  tweet!  Integration of webAF and Table-Driven Methodology
   Shelly Yiu-Morrison 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 11 Size: 928 Kb 

Shawn C. Yoder

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Developing a Marketing Geographic Segmentation System Using SAS® Software
   Allison N. Shubert-Freeman  Kellie M. Poulin  Shawn C. Yoder  Michael R. Morgan  Jennifer K. Warner 
Keywords: geographic segmentation cluster marketing trends
Pages: 6 Size: 229 Kb 

Chin Khian Yong

SGF2013  tweet!  Analyzing Partially Confounded Factorial Conjoint Choice Experiments Using SAS/IML®
   Chin Khian Yong  Song Lin Ng 
Pages: 11 Size: 1034 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 1381 Kb)

John York

SGF2012  tweet!  Becoming the Smartest Guys in the Room: An Analysis of the Enron Emails Using an Integration of Text Analytics and Case Management
   John York  Doris Wong  Dan Zaratsian 
Pages: 8 Size: 715 Kb 

Ali Yorkos

SGF2010  tweet!  BI Development for Education by Our Institutional Research Department OR How BI Tools Made Our Motto “IR Is Data” a Fact
   Ali Y. Yorkos  Maureen Murray 
Pages: 10 Size: 1661 Kb 

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Developing a Dashboard to Aid in Effective Project Management
   M. Paige Borden  Ali Yorkos  Maureen Murray 
Pages: 13 Size: 697 Kb 

Amy C. Young

SUGI24  tweet!  Using SAS Macro to Include Statistics Output in Clinical Trial Summary Table
   Amy C. Young  Sharon X. Zhou 
Keywords: clinical summary statistics SAS Macro Language Continuous Efficacy Variable Categorical Efficacy Variable
Pages: 5 Size: 36 Kb 

Gary Young

SUGI27  tweet!  Balanced Scorecards: The Integration Point between Enterprise Information and Performance Monitoring
   Don Henderson  Gary Young  Ralph Mittl 
Keywords: balanced scorecard pharmaceutical strategic vision
Pages: 7 Size: 260 Kb 

Ken Young

SGF2015  tweet!  Managing SAS® Web Infrastructure Platform Data Server High-Availability Clusters
   Ken Young 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 18 Size: 922 Kb 

Taylor R. Young

SGF2011  tweet!  A Macro for Safely Merging Many Data Sets
   Taylor Young 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 5 Size: 49 Kb 

SGF2010  tweet!  Taming the Herd: Wrangling Unruly Text Files in SAS®
   Taylor Young 
Pages: 9 Size: 67 Kb 

SGF2010  tweet!  Facilitating Genetic Analysis: SAS®, the NHLBI, and CARe
   Taylor Young 
Pages: 7 Size: 57 Kb 

James P. Young Jr.

SUGI23  tweet!  User-Friendly Toolbox for Batch Processing within a UNIX Interactive Display Manager Session
   James P. Young Jr. 
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 

Audrey Yu

SGF2007  tweet!  Customer Case Study: Turning Information into Intelligence: Clinical Data Navigation and Integration
   Ing-Ming Pan  Audrey Yu 
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 1 Size: 16 Kb 

Chong Ho Yu

SGF2017  tweet!  Does Factor Indeterminacy Matter in Multidimensional Item Response Theory?
   Chong Ho Yu 
Pages: 7 Size: 278 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 864 Kb)

SUGI26  tweet!  An Introduction to Computing and Interpreting Cronbach Coefficient Alpha in SAS
   Chong Ho Yu 
Keywords: Reliability Cronbach Alpha covariance matrix latent factor
Pages: 6 Size: 184 Kb 

Ge Yu

SUGI25  tweet!  Application of SAS Software in the Establishment of a Data Mart for Quality Analysis System in the Metallurgical Industry
   Xiao Ji  Ge Yu  Jay Cao 
Keywords: data mart data warehouse star schema OLAP SAS software
Pages: 4 Size: 104 Kb 

Haining Yu

SGF2015  Optimizing Room Assignments at Disney Resorts with SAS/OR®
   Haining Yu  Hai Chu  Tianke Feng  Matthew Galati  Ed Hughes  Ludwig Kuznia  Rob Pratt 

SGF2012  tweet!  Implementation of a Restaurant Revenue Management System at Walt Disney World
   Haining Yu  Frederick C. Zahrn  Hai D. Chu 
Pages: 1 Size: 18 Kb 

Jenny Yu

SUGI26  tweet!  Summarizing to the One-Record-per-Person using PROC SUMMARY: When to Use CLASS and When to Use BY
   Jenny Yu 
Keywords: summary class by
Pages: 4 Size: 124 Kb 

Jones Yu

SGF2017  Programming Weakly Informative Prior Distributions in SAS®
   Robert Lew  Hongsheng Wu  Jones Yu 

Lily Yu

SGF2016  tweet!  Omitting Records with Invalid Default Values
   Lily Yu 
Pages: 6 Size: 55 Kb    Download the data filedownload (.zip, 1 Kb)

    resource Additional resource: Watch on Demand Video

Michael Yu

SGF2012  tweet!  Locally Visible, Remote Data and Format
   Hsiwei Yu  Kamau Njuguna 
Pages: 3 Size: 48 Kb 

SGF2007  tweet!  Group Headers by Template with Optional Columns
   Hsiwei Yu  Dong-Min Shen 
Keywords: template group column header
Pages: 3 Size: 33 Kb 

SUGI28  tweet!  Return Code from Macro; Passing Parameter by Reference
   Hsiwei Yu  Gary Huang 
Keywords: PROC REPORT macro
Pages: 2 Size: 138 Kb 

SUGI25  tweet!  Dynamic Drillable Map on the Internet Using the Output Delivery System and SAS/GRAPH Software
   Hsiwei Yu  Chapman Gleason 
Keywords: ANNOTATE ODS drillable map SAS/GRAPH software Internet
Pages: 3 Size: 106 Kb 

SUGI24  tweet!  Using Sockets in SAS Software for Internet Publishing
   Hsiwei (Michael) Yu  Chapman P. Gleason 
Keywords: socket tcp/ip Perl filename internet
Pages: 3 Size: 22 Kb 

SUGI24  tweet!  SAS/GRAPH Software via RSUBMIT for Web Browser
   Hsiwei (Michael) Yu 
Keywords: IntrNet rsubmit alias greplay graph internet
Pages: 2 Size: 16 Kb 

SUGI24  tweet!  EPA's SAS Analytic Library on the Web
   Jay Jacob Wind  Chapman P. Gleason  Michael Yu  Kamau Njuguna  Myles Powers 
Keywords: Data Warehousing Denormalized SAS Datasets SAS/Share Servers Graphics SAS/Connect Environmental Data internet
Pages: 5 Size: 94 Kb 

Shaoan Yu

SGF2008  tweet!  Using Excel XP to Display SDTM Metadata and More
   Christine Teng  Shaoan Yu 
Keywords: ExcelXP Tagset SAS Dictionary PROC SQL
Pages: 8 Size: 182 Kb 

Li Yuan

SUGI24  tweet!  Presenting Multi-Level Information in One Plot by Dynamically Generating the PLOT Statement
   Li Yuan  Bill Zhang 
Keywords: SAS Macro proc greplay clinical trial
Pages: 4 Size: 86 Kb 

Yang Yuan

SGF2017  tweet!  Propensity Score Methods for Causal Inference with the PSMATCH Procedure
   Yang Yuan 
Pages: 17 Size: 1541 Kb 

SGF2014  tweet!  Sensitivity Analysis in Multiple Imputation for Missing Data
   Yang Yuan 
Pages: 12 Size: 825 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  Computing Direct and Indirect Standardized Rates and Risks with the STDRATE Procedure
   Yang Yuan 
Pages: 19 Size: 407 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  Look Out: After SAS/STAT® 9.3 Comes SAS/STAT 12.1!
   Maura Stokes  Fang Chen  Yang C. Yuan  Weijie Cai 
Pages: 27 Size: 693 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  Group Sequential Analysis Using the New SEQDESIGN and SEQTEST Procedures
   Yang C. Yuan 
Pages: 20 Size: 460 Kb 

SUGI25  tweet!  Multiple Imputation for Missing Data: Concepts and New Development
   Yang Yuan 
Keywords: SAS/STAT software
Pages: 10 Size: 152 Kb 

SUGI23  tweet!  New Features in SAS/INSIGHT for Version 7
   Marc-david Cohen  Hong Chen  Yang Yuan  Fredrick Wicklin 
Pages: 13 Size: 236 Kb 

Yillian Yuan

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Tree-based Models: Identification of Influential Factors under Condition of Instability
   Pavel Brusilovskiy  Yillian Yuan 
Keywords: Data Mining Macros Modeling Statistics
Pages: 6 Size: 102 Kb 

Lorelle Yuen

SGF2015  Applying Data-Driven Analytics to Relieve Suffering Associated with Natural Disasters
   Lorelle Yuen  Kathy Ball 

Yiu-Fai Yung

SGF2017  tweet!  Estimating Causal Effects from Observational Data with the CAUSALTRT Procedure
   Michael Lamm  Yiu-Fai Yung 
Pages: 18 Size: 1197 Kb 

SGF2015  tweet!  The SEM Approach to Longitudinal Data Analysis Using the CALIS Procedure
   Xinming An  Yiu-Fai Yung 
Pages: 18 Size: 708 Kb 

SGF2014  tweet!  Item Response Theory: What It Is and How You Can Use the IRT Procedure to Apply It
   Xinming An  Yiu-Fai Yung 
Pages: 14 Size: 1372 Kb 

SGF2011  tweet!  Making Use of Incomplete Observations in the Analysis of Structural Equation Models: The CALIS Procedure's Full Information Maximum Likelihood Method in SAS/STAT® 9.3
   Yiu-Fai Yung  Wei Zhang 
Pages: 20 Size: 219 Kb 

SGF2008  tweet!  Structural Equation Modeling and Path Analysis Using PROC TCALIS in SAS® 9.2
   Yiu-Fai Yung 
Keywords: causal modeling LISREL factor anlaysis
Pages: 20 Size: 205 Kb 

Tomasz S. Zabkowski

SUGI30  tweet!  A Multi-Model Approach to Improve Final Results
   Ryszard Szupiluk  Piotr Wojewnik  Tomasz S. Zabkowski 
Keywords: Data mining Independent Component Analysis Principal Component Analysis Modelling improvement
Pages: 6 Size: 261 Kb 

Fabio Zaccaria

SUGI22  tweet!  The Parameters: A Statistical Methodology to Determine the Profit of Business Activities
   Ursula Herr  Giovambattista Giangrieco  Fabio Zaccaria  Danilo Ballanti 
Pages: 3 Size: 21 Kb 

Yassamin Feroz Zada

SGF2009  tweet!  Beyond SAS/Genetics™
   Amina Barhdadi  Yassamin Feroz Zada  Marie-Pierre Dube 
Pages: 10 Size: 96 Kb 

James Zadinsky

SUGI23  tweet!  Clinical Warehouse Enhancement: A Methodology for Linking Heterogeneous Databases
   Sharon Kromhout-Schiro  Rose M. Reedy  Rob Lenderman  James Zadinsky  Vicki Harp 
Keywords: clinical warehouse
Pages: 4 Size: 22 Kb 

Dennis Zaebst

SUGI30  tweet!  A Macro to Calculate Kappa Statistics for Categorizations by Multiple Raters
   Bin Chen  Lynn Seel  Dennis Zaebst 
Keywords: SAS® macro kappa statistic categorical data
Pages: 6 Size: 128 Kb 

Hamed Zahedi

SGF2007  tweet!  Data Mining Physician Decisions for MRSA
   Hamed Zahedi 
Keywords: Text Mining
Pages: 8 Size: 166 Kb 

Minza Zahid

SGF2015  tweet!  The SAS® Transformation Project--Deploying SAS Customer Intelligence for a Single View of the Customer
   Ronak Shah  Minza Zahid 
Pages: 7 Size: 647 Kb 

Frederick C. Zahrn

SGF2012  tweet!  Implementation of a Restaurant Revenue Management System at Walt Disney World
   Haining Yu  Frederick C. Zahrn  Hai D. Chu 
Pages: 1 Size: 18 Kb 

Huma Zaidi

SGF2016  tweet!  Optimal Advertisement Traffic Allocation
   Huma Zaidi  Chitta Ranjan 
Pages: 15 Size: 4692 Kb 

Audra Zakzeski

SGF2013  tweet!  An Innovative Approach to Integrating SAS® Macros with GIS Software Products to Produce County-Level Accuracy Assessments.
   Audra Zakzeski  Robert Seffrin 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 8 Size: 509 Kb 

Rosely Flam Zalcman

SGF2015  Using Heat Maps to Compare Clusters of Ontario DWI Drivers
   Rosely Flam-Zalcman  Robert Mann  Rita Thomas 

SGF2013  tweet!  Creating a Management-Friendly HTML Report Using SAS® ODS Markup, Style Sheets, and JavaScript
   Robert Mann  Rosely Flam Zalcman 
Keywords: html
Pages: 4 Size: 454 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 420 Kb)

    resource Additional resource: Video

Muhammad Zaman

SUGI24  tweet!  Using SAS Macros to Develop Confidence Intervals for the Weibull and Extreme Value Distributions Using Type II Censored Data
   Scott M. Jordan  Muhammad Zaman 
Keywords: confidence intervals Weibull Distribution Extreme Value Distribution macro
Pages: 6 Size: 65 Kb 

Joyce C. Zandee

SUGI24  tweet!  See Ya CLIST: Migration of SAS Applications from the IBM Mainframe to the Web
   Joyce C. Zandee  Paul J. Lewis 
Keywords: Unix CGI Perl PDF Toxicology internet
Pages: 4 Size: 1202 Kb 

Luca Zaniboni

SGF2010  tweet!  An Internal Rating Modeling Framework for Low-Default Portfolios
   Luca Zaniboni  Naeem Siddiqi  Angela G. Ventura 
Pages: 16 Size: 677 Kb 

Hector Zapata

SGF2013  tweet!  Exploring Time Series Data Properties in SAS®
   Aude Pujula  David Maradiaga  Hector Zapata 
Pages: 12 Size: 1096 Kb 

Dan Zaratsian

SGF2013  tweet!  Uncovering Patterns in Textual Data with SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS Text Analytics
   Dan Zaratsian  Justin Plumley  Mary Osborne 
Pages: 11 Size: 961 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  Becoming the Smartest Guys in the Room: An Analysis of the Enron Emails Using an Integration of Text Analytics and Case Management
   John York  Doris Wong  Dan Zaratsian 
Pages: 8 Size: 715 Kb 

Mike Zdeb

SGF2010  tweet!  Driving Distances and Times Using SAS® and Google Maps
   Mike Zdeb 
Pages: 8 Size: 424 Kb 

SGF2010  tweet!  Transposing Data Using the IDGROUP Option in PROC SUMMARY
   John King  Mike Zdeb 
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 

SGF2010  tweet!  ZIP Code 411: Decoding SASHELP.ZIPCODE and Other SAS® Maps Online Mysteries
   Louise S. Hadden  Mike Zdeb 
Pages: 14 Size: 1709 Kb 

    resource Additional resource: sasCommunity.org

Best Contributed Paper (1st Place)
tweet!  Wow! You Did That Map with SAS/GRAPH®?
   Louise S. Hadden  Mike Zdeb 
Pages: 20 Size: 2189 Kb 

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  ZIP Code 411: A Well-Kept SAS® Secret
   Louise S. Hadden  Mike Zdeb 
Pages: 11 Size: 1239 Kb 

SUGI31  tweet!  SAS/GRAPH® 101
   Mike Zdeb  Robert Allison 
Keywords: SAS/GRAPH ODS graphics GPLOT
Pages: 20 Size: 374 Kb 

SUGI30  tweet!  Stretching the Bounds of SAS/GRAPH Software
   Mike Zdeb  Robert Allison 
Keywords: GMAP JAVAMETA HTML animation annotate map chart driill-down popup
Pages: 20 Size: 609 Kb 

SUGI29  tweet!  Pop-Ups, Drill-Downs, and Animation
   Mike Zdeb 
Keywords: pop-up drill-down animation javameta
Pages: 16 Size: 290 Kb 

SUGI29  tweet!  Creating Maps with SAS/GRAPH - Drill Downs, Pop-Ups, and Animation
   Mike Zdeb 
Keywords: maps choropleth gif pdf java activex javameta maetaview dill-down pop-up animation
Pages: 20 Size: 537 Kb 

SUGI29  tweet!  Using SAS to Model the Spread of Infectious Disease
   Karl Mink  Mike Zdeb 
Keywords: epidemic SAS/Graph
Pages: 9 Size: 410 Kb 

SUGI29  tweet!  The Basics of Map Creation with SAS/GRAPH
   Mike Zdeb 
Keywords: Maps Choropleth GMAP GPROJECT JAVAMETA Metaview Applet
Pages: 20 Size: 839 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Calculating and Illustrating the Probability of Developing Cancer Using SAS and SAS/GRAPH Software
   Michael Zdeb  Matt Dairman 
Pages: 6 Size: 65 Kb 

SUGI21  tweet!  A Health Care Atlas of New York State Using SAS/GRAPH Software
   Mike Zdeb 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 8 Size: 400 Kb 

SUGI21  tweet!  Rapid Record Matching via FORMATS and CNTLIN Data Sets :
   Mike Zdeb 
Pages: 2 Size: 119 Kb 

Aiman Zeid

SGF2010  tweet!  How to Establish an Analytical Center of Excellence to Maximize the Value from Your Data and Analytics Investment
   Anne Milley  Aiman Zeid 
Pages: 11 Size: 357 Kb 

SGF2007  tweet!  Business Intelligence Competency Center: What Is It, and How Do You Deploy It?
   Aiman Zeid 
Pages: 1 Size: 16 Kb 

SUGI27  tweet!  From the Tactical to the Strategic: Transforming Data Into Knowledge for Use in an Enterprise Performance Management System
   Aiman Zeid 
Keywords: Performance EPM Strategy HR Financial Management
Pages: 7 Size: 731 Kb 

Rachel Zeig-Owens

SGF2012  tweet!  Knowledge (of Your Missing Data) Is Power: Handling Missing Values in Your SAS Data Set
   Theresa Schwartz  Rachel Zeig-Owens 
Pages: 8 Size: 100 Kb 

Cynthia Zender

SGF2017  tweet!  Go Ahead and _BREAK_-down: Advanced COMPUTE Block Examples
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 30 Size: 1147 Kb    Download the data filedownload (.zip, 66 Kb)

SGF2016  tweet!  That's All Right: More Complex Reports
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 28 Size: 1361 Kb    Download the data filedownload (.zip, 46 Kb)

    resource Additional resource: Watch on Demand Video

SGF2014  tweet!  PDF vs. HTML: Can't We All Just Get Along?
   Scott Huntley  Cynthia Zender 
Keywords: html
Pages: 33 Size: 4114 Kb    Download the slidesdownload (.pdf, 5281 Kb)   Download the examplesdownload (.zip, 8 Kb)

SGF2014  tweet!  Sailing Over the ACROSS Hurdle in PROC REPORT
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 16 Size: 932 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  Macro Basics for New SAS® Users
   Cynthia Zender 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 26 Size: 1191 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  Turn Your Plain Report into a Painted Report Using ODS Styles
   Allison Booth  Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 22 Size: 660 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  Community Discovery: Best Tips and Features from Communities on SAS®
   Renee Harper  Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 14 Size: 420 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  Where's the LISTING Window? Using the New Results Viewer in SAS® 9.3
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 38 Size: 2341 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  At the Crossroads: How to Decide on Your Graphics Path
   Mike Kalt  Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 16 Size: 714 Kb 

SGF2011  tweet!  Don't Gamble with Your Output: How to Use Microsoft Formats with ODS
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 30 Size: 1250 Kb    Download the samplesdownload (.zip, 4033 Kb)

SGF2011  tweet!  Introduction to ODS Graphics for the Non-Statistician
   Mike Kalt  Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 28 Size: 2093 Kb    Download the samplesdownload (.zip, 5905 Kb)

SGF2011  tweet!  The Greatest Hits: ODS Essentials Every User Should Know
   Cynthia Zender 
Keywords: ODS ODS Essentials Style Templates ODS OUTPUT ODS DOCUMENT ODS and Email
Pages: 34 Size: 1304 Kb    Download the samplesdownload (.zip, 4788 Kb)

    resource Additional resource: Take Out Video

SGF2010  tweet!  SAS® Style Templates: Always in Fashion
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 22 Size: 795 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  CSSSTYLE: Stylish Output with ODS and SAS® 9.2
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 10 Size: 439 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  Tiptoe through the Templates
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 27 Size: 1021 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  Have It Your Way: Rearrange and Replay Your Output with ODS DOCUMENT
   Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 1 Size: 18 Kb    Download the updated paperdownload (.pdf, 1281 Kb)   Download the codedownload (.zip, 2282 Kb)

SGF2008  tweet!  Adapting your SAS® Programs into the SAS®9 Paradigm
   Cynthia Zender 
Keywords: BI Stored Processes %STPBEGIN
Pages: 21 Size: 898 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 920 Kb)

SGF2008  tweet!  Creating Complex Reports
   Cynthia Zender 
Keywords: PROC REPORT DATA step complex reports PROC TABULATE
Pages: 18 Size: 299 Kb    Download the code examplesdownload (.zip, 1563 Kb)

SGF2007  tweet!  ODS Options and SAS® Stored Processes
   Cynthia L. Zender 
Keywords: ODS ODS Options SAS Stored Processes Business Intelligence
Pages: 25 Size: 816 Kb 

SGF2007  tweet!  Funny ^Stuff~ in My Code - Using ODS ESCAPECHAR
   Cynthia L. Zender 
Pages: 16 Size: 309 Kb 

SGF2007  tweet!  SAS® Stored Process Case Study
   Cynthia L. Zender 
Pages: 1 Size: 16 Kb 

SUGI30  tweet!  The Power of Table Templates and DATA _NULL_
   Cynthia L. Zender 
Keywords: TABLE Templates DATA _NULL_ programming
Pages: 19 Size: 104 Kb 

SUGI30  tweet!  Customizing ODS Statistical Graphs
   Cynthia L. Zender  Catherine Truxillo 
Keywords: ODS Graphics Style Graph Template Scatterplot
Pages: 22 Size: 578 Kb 

SUGI21  tweet!  Advanced DATA Step Topics and Tips
   Neil Howard  Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 10 Size: 691 Kb 

Linda Zeng

SGF2016  tweet!  SAS® Grid Administration Made Simple
   Scott Parrish  Paula Kavanagh  Linda Zeng 
Pages: 3 Size: 172 Kb 

    resource Additional resource: Watch on Demand Video

Xu Zeng

SGF2009  tweet!  Variable Names Don't Begin with the Same Characters? No Problem: How to Create Variable List without Copying, Pasting or Excel Intervention
   Xu Zeng 
Pages: 8 Size: 146 Kb 

Zemin Zeng

SGF2012  tweet!  Using DDE and VBA Techniques to Import Data from Microsoft Word Tables in Programming Specification Files into SAS
   Mei Li  Zemin Zeng 
Pages: 9 Size: 179 Kb 

SGF2010  tweet!  Using SAS® Software and Visual Basic for Application to Dynamically Manipulate SAS List Files
   Zemin Zeng  Mei Li 
Pages: 9 Size: 74 Kb 

Ben Zenick

SGF2011  tweet!  So, That's What's in There? Customer Service through Unstructured Data
   Bruce Bedford  Ben Zenick 
Pages: 11 Size: 282 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  Custom Calculations Are a Snap When Using MDX and OLAP
   Brian Miles  Ben Zenick 
Pages: 6 Size: 231 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  Doing More with Less
   Ben Zenick 
Pages: 1 Size: 17 Kb 

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  "Development, Test, Production ... Oh My!" Making It to the Land of Oz (also known as a satisfied IT Department) Using SAS®9 and Business Processes
   Angela M. Hall  Ben S. Zenick 
Keywords: Change Management Development Environment SAS Enterprise BI Server Multiple Environments
Pages: 5 Size: 186 Kb 

SGF2007  tweet!  Beyond the Basics: Advanced OLAP Techniques
   Brian O. Miles  Ben S. Zenick 
Pages: 10 Size: 242 Kb 

SUGI31  tweet!  Beyond the Basics - Advanced OLAP Techniques
   Brian O. Miles  Ben S. Zenick 
Keywords: MDX ROLAP Sets/Members If/Else OLAP Level OLAP Viewers. Proc OLAP
Pages: 10 Size: 221 Kb 

SUGI28  tweet!  Deploying Enterprise Solutions: The Business and Technical Issues Faced by SAS® Technologists
   Don Henderson  David Septoff  Joe Costanzo  Ben Zenick  Ralph Mittl 
Keywords: solution mid-tier architecture
Pages: 6 Size: 158 Kb 

SUGI26  tweet!  Know and Respond to Your Web Customers
   Benjamin S. Zenick 
Keywords: Web e-Commerce internet
Pages: 3 Size: 35 Kb 

SUGI25  tweet!  From the Analysts to the Executive - Business Visualization and Enterprise Reporting with the SAS System
   Joe Costanzo  Ben Zenick 
Keywords: ER OLAP SAS/GIS software MDDB SAS/EIS software
Pages: 5 Size: 108 Kb 

Benjamin Zenick

SGF2015  tweet!  Visualizing Relationships and Connections in Complex Data Using Network Diagrams in SAS® Visual Analytics
   Stephen Overton  Benjamin Zenick 
Keywords: SASGF15
Pages: 15 Size: 1058 Kb    Download the data filedownload (.zip, 2 Kb)

Jun Zhai

SUGI25  tweet!  Multiple Comparisons with a Control in GEE Models
   Jean G. Orelien  Jun Zhai  Richard Morris 
Keywords: GEE Dunnett test Multiple comparison toxicology
Pages: 6 Size: 206 Kb 

Bill Zhang

SUGI24  tweet!  Presenting Multi-Level Information in One Plot by Dynamically Generating the PLOT Statement
   Li Yuan  Bill Zhang 
Keywords: SAS Macro proc greplay clinical trial
Pages: 4 Size: 86 Kb 

Bo Zhang

SGF2017  tweet!  Cold-Start Solution to A/B Testing Using Adaptive Sample Size Modification
   Bo Zhang  Liwei Wang 
Keywords: Adaptive design Hypothesis testing A/B testing
Pages: 9 Size: 801 Kb 

SGF2017  tweet!  Application of Survival Analysis for Predicting Customer Churn with Recency, Frequency, and Monetary
   Bo Zhang  Liwei Wang 
Keywords: RFM Churn Survival Analysis Clustering
Pages: 6 Size: 455 Kb 

Guangzhi Zhang

SGF2012  tweet!  Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® As a Powerful Regulating Weapon
   Guangzhi Zhang  Xing Guo 
Keywords: enterprise guide
Pages: 8 Size: 687 Kb 

Hong Zhang

SGF2016  tweet!  Migrating from SAS® 9.3 to SAS® 9.4: SAS Communicating with Microsoft Office Products
   Hong Zhang 
Pages: 10 Size: 448 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  Building Drill-Down Capabilities Dynamically in SAS® Output Using Base SAS®
   Mark Beardsley  Barbara Kolln  Ronald Palanca  Hong Zhang 
Pages: 13 Size: 428 Kb 

Jiajia Zhang

SGF2011  tweet!  Developing User-Defined Functions in SAS®: A Summary and Comparison
   Songfeng Wang  Jiajia Zhang 
Pages: 9 Size: 409 Kb 

Jiawen Zhang

SGF2013  tweet!  Using the Power of SAS® to Analyze and Solve Quality Problems at Shanghai General Motors
   Jian Li  Jiawen Zhang  Minghua Pan  Nanxiang Gao  Shaozong Jiang  Yahua Li  Ying Wang  Yu Zhang 
Pages: 6 Size: 574 Kb 

Jingxian Zhang

SGF2013  tweet!  Building SAS® Programs from Dynamically Retrieved Files by Filename Pipe Command
   Jingxian Zhang 
Pages: 1 Size: 94 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  Techniques for Generating Dynamic Code from SAS® DICTIONARY Data
   Jingxian Zhang 
Pages: 7 Size: 139 Kb 

John Zhang

SUGI23  tweet!  A SAS Macro that Creates Numeric Decimal Formats
   John Q. Zhang 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 

Julia Z. Zhang

SUGI29  tweet!  Data Management in Analyzing Clinic Trial Data - Metadata Application
   Julia Z. Zhang  David Chen 
Keywords: data management data handling metadata data application tool
Pages: 5 Size: 185 Kb 

SUGI28  tweet!  Metadata Application on Clinical Trial Data in Drug Development
   Julia Z. Zhang  David Chen  Tor-lai Wong 
Keywords: metadata data warehouse data definition table clinical
Pages: 3 Size: 200 Kb 

Laiju Zhang

SGF2011  tweet!  Writing SAS® Programs with SAS and Microsoft Excel: Generate Batch SAS Programs Based on SAP Specifications
   Laiju Zhang 
Pages: 7 Size: 608 Kb 

SGF2011  tweet!  SAS® Flirts with Java: PowerPoint Creation
   Laiju Zhang 
Pages: 9 Size: 191 Kb 

Lei Zhang

SUGI31  tweet!  Constructing Stack Tables with Magic %GluePlus (Another User-Defined Macro for Creating Stack Tables)
   Lei Zhang  George Li 
Keywords: Stack Table ODS RTF Macro Style Report PROC TEMPLATE MicroSoft Word OLE Automation
Pages: 12 Size: 141 Kb 

SUGI29  tweet!  A Lightweight HTML Codebook Generator for Clinical Trial Data
   Lei Zhang 
Keywords: Codebook HTML SAS ODBC Java Template Metadata Clinical Trial
Pages: 10 Size: 135 Kb 

Lili Zhang

SGF2017  Linear Model Regularization
   Shashank Hebbar  Lili Zhang  Dhiraj Gharana 

Lilyanne Zhang

SGF2017  tweet!  Accessing DBMS with the GROOVY Procedure and a JDBC Connection
   Lilyanne Zhang 
Pages: 5 Size: 239 Kb 

Pingping Zhang

SUGI29  tweet!  A SAS Macro to Count Consecutive Days
   Pingping Zhang 
Keywords: diary data dates consecutive days macro
Pages: 4 Size: 91 Kb 

Roc (Yipeng) Zhang

SGF2017  tweet!  Migrating Dashboards from SAS® BI Dashboard to SAS® Visual Analytics
   Roc (Yipeng) Zhang  Junjie Li  Wei Lu  Huazhang Shao 
Pages: 17 Size: 1405 Kb 

Rodger Zhang

SGF2007  tweet!  OLS Regression? Auto-Regression? Dynamic Regression?
   Rodger Zhang 
Keywords: Financial Modeling Forecast Prediction Analysis
Pages: 12 Size: 289 Kb 

SUGI30  tweet!  Customer Segmentation by Using CALL SYMPUT, Arrays, and DO Loops
   Rodger Zhang 
Keywords: Financial Segmentation Customer Product Loan Deposit CALL SYMPUT Array DO loop Transpose
Pages: 7 Size: 47 Kb 

Ruiwen Zhang

SGF2013  tweet!  Incremental Response Modeling Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™
   Laura Ryan  Ruiwen Zhang  Taiyeong Lee  Xiangxiang Meng 
Pages: 13 Size: 515 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  Using VBA to Debug and Run SAS® Programs Interactively, Run Batch Jobs, Automate Output, and Build Applications
   Feng Liu  Ruiwen Zhang 
Pages: 9 Size: 209 Kb 

Sherry Q. Zhang

SUGI26  tweet!  Data Analysing in SAS, Graphs Guilding in SigmaPlot, Outputs in PowerPoint
   Sherry Q. Zhang 
Keywords: SigmaPlot
Pages: 4 Size: 56 Kb 

Shiling Zhang

SUGI24  tweet!  Submitting a Batch SAS Job within the Display Manager Mode under UNIX
   Jingren Shi  Shiling Zhang 
Keywords: batch sql
Pages: 2 Size: 20 Kb 

Shuping Zhang

SUGI27  tweet!  A New Method to Estimate the Size of a SAS® Data Set
   Xingshu Zhu  Shuping Zhang 
Keywords: dataset proc contents NDA submission
Pages: 3 Size: 144 Kb 

Sijian Zhang

SGF2014  tweet!  Reading In Data Directly from Microsoft Word Questionnaire Forms
   Sijian Zhang 
Pages: 7 Size: 436 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  A Macro to Read in Medi-Span Text Format Database by Data Dictionary
   Sijian Zhang 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 8 Size: 594 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  ODS Report Writing Interface Makes Our Reporting Simple and Better
   Sijian Zhang 
Pages: 10 Size: 634 Kb 

SGF2012  tweet!  Let the DATA Step Drive the Report Assembly Line
   Sijian Zhang 
Pages: 6 Size: 252 Kb 

SGF2011  tweet!  Run Your SAS® Job Faster: Parallel Processing with Desktops on LAN
   Sijian Zhang  Robert N. Brown  Yu Zhang 
Pages: 9 Size: 216 Kb 

Sunny Zhang

SGF2011  tweet!  Cash Flow Modeling for Fixed-Income Securities: A New Approach Using the SAS® Risk Management for Banking Solution
   Sunny Zhang  Jeff Hasmann  Thomas Kimner 
Pages: 14 Size: 1191 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  A Comprehensive Credit Assessment Framework: Overview and Implications for the Subprime Crisis
   Clark Abrahams  Sunny Zhang 
Pages: 14 Size: 441 Kb 

Tony Zhang

SGF2012  tweet!  Managing Multiple Languages with a Single Cube Using SAS® 9.3
   Tony Zhang  Ying Jin 
Pages: 11 Size: 780 Kb 

Wei Zhang

SGF2011  tweet!  Making Use of Incomplete Observations in the Analysis of Structural Equation Models: The CALIS Procedure's Full Information Maximum Likelihood Method in SAS/STAT® 9.3
   Yiu-Fai Yung  Wei Zhang 
Pages: 20 Size: 219 Kb 

Wenping (Wendy) Zhang

SUGI31  tweet!  Using the RAND Function in SAS® for Data Simulation in Clinical Trials
   Wenping (Wendy) Zhang 
Keywords: Normal Exponential Weibull Lognormal clinical
Pages: 7 Size: 153 Kb 

Xin Zhang

SGF2013  tweet!  Data Merging and Visualization to Identify Associations Between Environmental Factors and Disease Outbreaks
   Azhar Nizam  Neeta Shenvi  Xin Zhang 
Pages: 12 Size: 649 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  Extended SAS® GIFANIM Device Usage on Table Reporting and Template-Based Graphics
   Azhar Nizam  Neeta Shenvi  Xin Zhang 
Pages: 9 Size: 284 Kb 

SUGI28  tweet!  Automatic Data File Retrieval from Different Database Engines
   Xin Zhang  Chuanchieh Hsu 
Pages: 3 Size: 196 Kb 

Yadong Zhang

SUGI28  tweet!  UNIX Meet PC: Version 8 to the Rescue
   Yadong Zhang 
Keywords: socket ftp ods dde web nt
Pages: 3 Size: 165 Kb 

SUGI28  tweet!  Big Brother for SAS/IntrNet® Security and Tracking Agent
   Yadong Zhang  Muhammad Z. Khan  Kevin J. Smith 
Keywords: SAS Internet Security Javascript audit Web HIPAA
Pages: 3 Size: 205 Kb 

SUGI28  tweet!  PROC SQL vs. Merge - The Miller Lite Question of 2002 and Beyond
   Kevin J. Smith  Muhammad Z. Khan  Yadong Zhang 
Keywords: SQL Merge Benchmark Performance Hashing Efficiency
Pages: 4 Size: 178 Kb 

Yan Zhang

SGF2016  tweet!  Applying Frequentist and Bayesian Logistic Regression to MOOC data in SAS®: a Case Study
   Yan Zhang  Ryan Baker  Yoav Bergner 
Pages: 7 Size: 621 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 719 Kb)

SGF2015  tweet!  Multiple Ways to Detect Differential Item Functioning in SAS®
   Yan Zhang 
Pages: 9 Size: 287 Kb 

Yanwei Zhang

SGF2012  tweet!  Visualizing Spatial Data Using SAS® and Google Static Maps
   Jizhou Fu  Yanwei Zhang 
Pages: 9 Size: 501 Kb 

SGF2011  tweet!  Perl Regular Expression in SAS® Macro Programming
   Yanwei Zhang 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 7 Size: 108 Kb 

Ying Zhang

SGF2014  tweet!  A Case Study: Performance Analysis and Optimization of SAS® Grid Computing Scaling on a Shared Storage
   Suleyman Sair  Ying Zhang 
Pages: 8 Size: 400 Kb 

SUGI26  tweet!  On the Development of Data Mining Certificate Program at the University of Central Florida With SAS
   Morgan C. Wang  Mortaza Jamshidian  Ying Zhang 
Keywords: Data Mining Enterprise Miner Neural Network Decision Tree Logistic Regression SAS/IntraNet
Pages: 3 Size: 161 Kb 

Yu Zhang

SGF2013  tweet!  Using the Power of SAS® to Analyze and Solve Quality Problems at Shanghai General Motors
   Jian Li  Jiawen Zhang  Minghua Pan  Nanxiang Gao  Shaozong Jiang  Yahua Li  Ying Wang  Yu Zhang 
Pages: 6 Size: 574 Kb 

SGF2011  tweet!  Run Your SAS® Job Faster: Parallel Processing with Desktops on LAN
   Sijian Zhang  Robert N. Brown  Yu Zhang 
Pages: 9 Size: 216 Kb 

Beinan Zhao

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Estimating Patient Adherence to Medication with Electronic Health Records Data and Pharmacy Claims Combined
   Beinan Zhao  Eric Wong  Latha Palaniappan 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 7 Size: 356 Kb 

Daqing Zhao

SGF2009  tweet!  The University of Phoenix Wins Big with SAS® Grid Computing
   Daqing Zhao 
Pages: 1 Size: 17 Kb 

Dingyi Zhao

SUGI24  tweet!  Poisson Regression Adjustment of Event Rates and Its Macro Procedure ADJ_POIS
   Dingyi Zhao  Nancy Anderson 
Keywords: Adjustment Rate Poisson Regression macro
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Odds Ratios in a Tabular Presentation
   Stephen M. Noga  Ding Yi Zhao 
Pages: 6 Size: 276 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Logistic Regression Adjustment of Proportions and its Macro Procedure.
   Dingyi Zhao 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 293 Kb 

Irene Zhao

SUGI24  tweet!  An Example of Using SAS/AF Data Table Class in Reviewing Clinical SAS Data Sets
   Irene Zhao 
Keywords: SAS/AF Data Table Class Drill down SAS/CONNECT SAS Data Set Display Remote Platform clinical
Pages: 5 Size: 99 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Generic Methodology in Report Building by Using SAS Macros
   Irene Zhao 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 5 Size: 283 Kb 

James Zhao

SGF2017  tweet!  Good Programming Practice When Working Across SAS® on a PC and SAS on UNIX
   James Zhao 
Pages: 5 Size: 126 Kb 

Jing Zhao

SGF2015  tweet!  "Puck Pricing": Dynamic Hockey Ticket Price Optimization
   Christopher Jones  Sabah Sadiq  Jing Zhao 
Pages: 10 Size: 700 Kb 

SGF2014  tweet!  Money Basketball: Optimizing Basketball Player Selection Using SAS®
   Sabah Sadiq  Jing Zhao 
Pages: 9 Size: 484 Kb 

John Zhao

SUGI25  tweet!  Production-Strength Data Mining Environment for Terabyte-Class Relational Data Warehouses
   Michael K. Nichols  John Zhao  John D. Campbell 
Keywords: Data Wahrehousing RDBMS SQL Generation SAS generation sampling warehouse
Pages: 9 Size: 460 Kb 

Juan Zhao

SGF2013  tweet!  Basel II Advanced IRB in Commercial Banking: Quantify the Borrower and Guarantor by Two-Step Scoring Model
   Hengrui Qu  Juan Zhao 
Pages: 1 Size: 53 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 270 Kb)

Lan Zhao

SUGI30  tweet!  A SAS Macro for Producing Customized Reports
   Robert G. Edson  Yajie Wang  Lan Zhao 
Keywords: sugi30 macro
Pages: 10 Size: 50 Kb 

Wuchen Zhao

SGF2012  tweet!  A Generalized Approach to Estimating Sample Sizes
   Wuchen Zhao  Arthur Li 
Pages: 7 Size: 351 Kb 

Yi Zhao

SGF2012  tweet!  Import and Output XML Files with SAS®
   Yi Zhao 
Keywords: xml
Pages: 6 Size: 64 Kb 

Zheng Zhao

SGF2015  tweet!  Using Boolean Rule Extraction for Taxonomic Text Categorization for Big Data
   Zheng Zhao  Russ Albright  James Cox  Ning Jin 
Pages: 12 Size: 704 Kb 

SGF2014  tweet!  Processing and Storing Sparse Data in SAS® Using SAS® Text Miner Procedures
   Zheng Zhao  Russell Albright  James Cox 
Pages: 13 Size: 718 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  Big Data Meets Text Mining
   Alicia Bieringer  James Cox  Russell Albright  Zheng Zhao 
Pages: 12 Size: 1065 Kb 

Dake Zheng

SGF2008  tweet!  We've Tested the Waters for You: Preliminary Studies of SAS® OLAP Cube Update Performance
   Janet Tierney  Dake Zheng 
Pages: 1 Size: 17 Kb 

John Zheng

SGF2010  tweet!  Recursive SAS® Macro: A Fun Application
   John Zheng 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 10 Size: 269 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  Combining Pieces and Parts to Create a Comprehensive Program
   Gary McQuown  John Zheng 
Pages: 12 Size: 70 Kb 

Mo Zheng

SGF2010  tweet!  Using the NLMIXED Procedure to Fit Linear and Nonlinear Growth Curve Models
   Mo Zheng 
Pages: 6 Size: 231 Kb 

Wei Zheng

SGF2017  tweet!  SAS® and UTF-8: Ultimately the Finest. Your Data and Applications Will Thank You!
   Elizabeth Bales  Wei Zheng 
Pages: 18 Size: 896 Kb 

Youyou Zheng

SGF2017  tweet!  A Data Mining Approach to Predict Students at Risk
   Youyou Zheng  Thanuja Sakruti 
Pages: 13 Size: 1100 Kb 

Yuanchao Zheng

SGF2017  tweet!  An Easy-to-Use SAS® Macro for a Descriptive Statistics Table
   Yuanchao Zheng  Jin Long  Maria Montez-Rath 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 16 Size: 106 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 1010 Kb)

Christina Zhong

SGF2013  tweet!  Vehicle Retail Forecasting Demand and Inventory Management Case Study at Shanghai General Motors
   Christina Zhong 
Pages: 7 Size: 505 Kb 

Feng Zhou

SUGI27  tweet!  Regulatory Review of Animal Carcinogenicity Studies Using SAS/IntrNet®
   Ted J. Guo  Feng Zhou 
Keywords: eReview regulatory review web
Pages: 4 Size: 2510 Kb 

Jay Zhou

SGF2012  tweet!  Good Programming Practices: Creating Robust Programs
   Gregory Nelson  Jay Zhou 
Pages: 16 Size: 116 Kb 

SUGI27  tweet!  Output Generating System - A Tool for Creating Tables and Listings in Word
   Jay Zhou 
Keywords: SAS macro OGS RTF table clinical trial
Pages: 5 Size: 120 Kb 

Honorable Mention
tweet!  SAS® Macros to Help Relieve Common Program Documentation Pain
   Chris S. Hord  Jay Zhou 
Keywords: SAS Macros application documentation
Pages: 9 Size: 137 Kb 

Jihao Zhou

SUGI31  tweet!  Empirical Power Estimation for Phase I Dose-Proportionality Studies Based on Power-Law Model Using Confidence Interval Criteria
   Jihao Zhou  Jane Li  Bruce Coate  Melissa Chen 
Keywords: dose-proportinality empirical power power-law model pharmacokinetics mixed-effects model
Pages: 11 Size: 72 Kb 

SUGI30  tweet!  Empirical Power for Higher-Order Crossover Designs in Comparative Bioavailability Clinical Trials
   Jihao Zhou  Bruce Coate 
Keywords: Higher-order crossover design empirical power comparative bioavailability clinical
Pages: 10 Size: 198 Kb 

SUGI29  tweet!  Empirical Power Computation Using SAS for Schuirmann's Two One-Sided Tests Procedure in Clinical Pharmacokinetic Drug-Drug Interaction Studies
   Jihao Zhou  Bruce Coate  Yulei He 
Keywords: drug-drug interaction empirical power fixed-sequence design Monte Carlo simulation Two One-sided Tests, clinical
Pages: 8 Size: 73 Kb 

Joanne C. Zhou

SUGI28  tweet!  Enhancement of Survival Graphs
   Joanne Zhou 
Keywords: Survival Graph Gplot Greplay
Pages: 6 Size: 277 Kb 

Honorable Mention
tweet!  Graphical Presentation of Survival Analysis
   Joanne C. Zhou 
Keywords: Survival Analysis Gplot Greplay
Pages: 4 Size: 163 Kb 

Sharon X. Zhou

SUGI24  tweet!  Using SAS Macro to Include Statistics Output in Clinical Trial Summary Table
   Amy C. Young  Sharon X. Zhou 
Keywords: clinical summary statistics SAS Macro Language Continuous Efficacy Variable Categorical Efficacy Variable
Pages: 5 Size: 36 Kb 

Shichun Zhou

SUGI26  tweet!  Data Warehousing Helps Enterprise Improve Quality Management
   Xiao Ji  Shichun Zhou  Jay Cao  Jianli Shao 
Keywords: Data Warehousing Quality Data Information
Pages: 4 Size: 151 Kb 

Shuhong Zhou

SUGI27  tweet!  A GLM-substitute Procedure Performing Linear Model Basic Assumption Checking
   Shuhong Zhou 
Pages: 1 Size: 48 Kb 

Yiyun Zhou

SGF2017  Text Mining of Movie Synopsis by SAS® Enterprise Miner™
   Yiyun Zhou 

Zhongwei Zhou

SUGI27  tweet!  An Useful Chart to Display Adverse Event Occurrences in Clinical Trials
   Chuanchieh Hsu  Zhongwei Zhou  James M. Hardin 
Keywords: graphical visualization Adverse event severity clinical
Pages: 4 Size: 231 Kb 

SUGI26  tweet!  A SAS Macro Program for Star-Plots
   Chuanchieh Hsu  James M. Hardin  Zhongwei Zhou 
Keywords: star-plot individual items SAS/GRAPH SAS/MACRO
Pages: 4 Size: 50 Kb 

Ling Zhu

SGF2014  tweet!  An Ensemble Approach for Integrating Intuition and Models
   Masoud Charkhabi  Ling Zhu 
Pages: 3 Size: 2172 Kb 

Min Zhu

SGF2014  tweet!  Analyzing Multilevel Models with the GLIMMIX Procedure
   Min Zhu 
Pages: 18 Size: 1373 Kb 

Qiaohao Zhu

SGF2012  tweet!  Accessing and Extracting Data from the Internet Using SAS®
   Qiaohao Zhu  Sunita Ghosh 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 10 Size: 135 Kb 

Xingshu Zhu

SUGI27  tweet!  A New Method to Estimate the Size of a SAS® Data Set
   Xingshu Zhu  Shuping Zhang 
Keywords: dataset proc contents NDA submission
Pages: 3 Size: 144 Kb 

Joe Zilka

SGF2009  tweet!  The Platform for SAS® Business Analytics as a Centrally Managed Service
   Greg Henderson  Joe Zilka 
Pages: 1 Size: 18 Kb    Download the updated paperdownload (.pdf, 236 Kb)

SUGI30  tweet!  A SAS Framework for Network Security Intelligence
   Michael Protz  Joe Zilka  Jeff Mudd 
Keywords: Network Security
Pages: 16 Size: 451 Kb 

Richard Zink

SGF2014  tweet!  Risk-Based Monitoring of Clinical Trials Using JMP® Clinical
   Richard Zink 
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 14 Size: 958 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  Assessing Drug Safety with Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Using PROC MCMC and JMP®
   Richard Zink 
Pages: 13 Size: 921 Kb 

Tonio Di Zinno

SGF2011  tweet!  From a Doctor's Certificate to an International Health Service Database with SAS®
   Ragna Preal  Tonio Di Zinno 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 4 Size: 89 Kb 

Doug Zirbel

SGF2009  tweet!  Learn the Basics of PROC TRANSPOSE
   Douglas Zirbel 
Pages: 8 Size: 65 Kb 

SUGI27  tweet!  Finally - An Easy Way to Compare Two SAS® Files!
   Doug Zirbel 
Keywords: SQL Dictionary
Pages: 5 Size: 90 Kb 

SUGI27  tweet!  10 Things Experienced SAS® Programmers Don't Know - But Should
   Doug Zirbel 
Keywords: SQL Dictionary
Pages: 2 Size: 91 Kb 

SUGI25  tweet!  Functioning JCL into a SAS Relational Database Table: Your Portable Tutorial on Character Functions, Plus an MVS Batch Bonus
   Douglas Zirbel 
Keywords: SAS base JCL OS/390 functions REPORT Titles
Pages: 6 Size: 140 Kb 

SUGI25  tweet!  SAS For COBOL (and Other) Programmers: How To
   Doug Zirbel 
Keywords: base SAS COBOL training teaching SAS base
Pages: 5 Size: 117 Kb 

Arnona Ziv

SUGI28  tweet!  Accelerating the Construction of Data Entry Applications in UNIX Systems for Epidemiology and Healthcare Policy Researches
   Raya Barishev  Arnona Ziv  Gady Kotler 
Keywords: data entry SAS/AF SAS/FSP research epidemiology UNIX healthcare
Pages: 6 Size: 441 Kb 

Taras Zlupko

SGF2016  tweet!  Portfolio Optimization with Discontinuous Constraint
   Taras Zlupko  Robert Spatz 
Pages: 11 Size: 264 Kb    Download the data filedownload (.zip, 2959 Kb)   Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 881 Kb)

SGF2015  tweet!  Portfolio Construction with OPTMODEL
   Taras Zlupko  Robert Spatz 
Pages: 7 Size: 116 Kb 

SGF2009  tweet!  SAS® in Financial Research: Embracing Data
   Taras Zlupko 
Pages: 8 Size: 55 Kb 

SGF2008  tweet!  Exploring Treasuries with SAS®
   Taras Zlupko 
Pages: 10 Size: 106 Kb 

SGF2007  tweet!  CRSP Indices in SAS®
   Taras Zlupko 
Keywords: CRSP financial index portfolio SASECRSP
Pages: 12 Size: 156 Kb 

SUGI31  tweet!  Compass Rose in Stock Markets: The Power of SASECRSP LIBNAME
   Taras Zlupko 
Pages: 7 Size: 70 Kb 

Chris Zogby

SGF2007  tweet!  Case Study in Synchronizing Identities in the SAS®9 Metadata Server with an Enterprise Security Provider
   Forrest Boozer  Chris Zogby 
Pages: 1 Size: 16 Kb 

Heng Zou

SGF2007  tweet!  A SAS/AF® Application to Transfer Data between SAS and XLS/CSV/XML Files
   Heng Zou 
Pages: 10 Size: 236 Kb 

Jimmy Zou

SGF2008  tweet!  A Macro Function to Parse Any Variable Lists
   Jimmy Zou 
Keywords: macro function parse variable lists Pearl regular expressions
Pages: 9 Size: 75 Kb 

Martin J. Zuidhof

SGF2008  tweet!  Understanding Multiple, Repeated Animal Measurements with the Help of PROC GPLOT
   Martin J. Zuidhof  Robert A. Renema  Frank E. Robinson 
Keywords: Poultry Chicken Animal Science Nutrition Agriculture
Pages: 9 Size: 83 Kb 

Daniel Zuniga

SGF2013  tweet!  Virtualized Environment for SAS® High-Performance Products
   Daniel Zuniga  Rich Pletcher  Tom Keefer 
Pages: 7 Size: 249 Kb 

Jun Zuo

SUGI23  tweet!  Examining Cointegration Among Time-Series Variables: Household Savings Pattern in the U.S. (1981-1995)
   Jun Zuo 
Pages: 1 Size: 137 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Creating Clinical Trial Summary Tables Containing P-Values: A Practical Approach Using Standard SAS Macros
   Jun Zuo  Carl R. Haske 
Keywords: macro clinical
Pages: 6 Size: 43 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Quantitation of Interactive Effects between Anticancer Agents Using SAS Macros and SAS/GRAPH
   Yalan Wang  Jun Zuo  M. Guill. Wientjes 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 82 Kb 

SUGI22  tweet!  Estimating Nonlinear Systems Using Customized SAS Macros: A Study on Demand for Medical Products and Services in the U.S.
   Jun Zuo  Guijing Wang 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 35 Kb 

William Zupko

SGF2017  tweet!  One SAS® To Rule Them All!
   William Zupko II 
Pages: 8 Size: 404 Kb 

SGF2014  tweet!  Using PROC GPLOT and PROC REG Together to Make One Great Graph
   William Zupko II 
Pages: 14 Size: 1137 Kb 

SGF2013  tweet!  Creating an Interactive SAS® E-Textbook with iBooks Author for the iPad
   William Zupko 
Pages: 11 Size: 702 Kb 

Bob Zurek

SGF2015  How Big Data Provides Epsilon a Competitive Advantage
   Bob Zurek 

Ruben van der Zwan

SGF2016  tweet!  Increase the speed of innovation with SaasNow solutions for the cloud
   Ruben van der Zwan 
Pages: 1 Size: 457 Kb 

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