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SAS Conference Proceedings: Midwest SAS Users Group 1994
September 25-27, 1994, Omaha, Nebraska, 41 papers
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Advanced Tutorials
Applications Development
Basic Tutorials
Client Server
Consulting, Training and End User Support
Database Design and Access
Statistics and Data Visualization

Advanced Tutorials
tweet!  Turning On the Power of Data Management Windows
  Priscilla Van Grevenhof, Mayo Clinic
Pages: 6 Size: 318 Kb 
tweet!  Total Control of Your Printed Output Without Desktop Publishing
  Bill Adams, Adams Consulting Services
Pages: 5 Size: 229 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Features of PROC REPORT
  Kim L. Kolbe Ritzow, Systems Seminar Consultants
Pages: 10 Size: 501 Kb 
tweet!  New Tricks for an Old Tool: Using Custom Formats for Data Validation and Program Efficiency
  S. David Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.
Pages: 8 Size: 472 Kb 
tweet!  DSCI: The OTHER Way to do SAS Graphics
  C. Michael Whitney, USAF Environmental Technical Applications Center
Pages: 7 Size: 275 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/GRAPH with any dBase Compatible Product with Microsofts' ODBC
  Gary Hunt, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
Pages: 4 Size: 164 Kb 
tweet!  Generalizing PROC REPORT with SAS Macro
  Philip M. Pochon, Computer Task Group, Inc.
Pages: 5 Size: 265 Kb 
Applications Development
tweet!  Designing Complex Systems Using SCL Data Objects
  Andrew A. Norton, Trilogy Consulting Corporation
Pages: 8 Size: 510 Kb 
tweet!  A Development Environment for Application Based on SAS Software
  SAS Consulting Services Staff, SAS Consulting Services
Pages: 4 Size: 311 Kb 
tweet!  Using the DB2 System Catalog to Generate SAS Programs
  John M. Morrill, Ohio State University Medical Center
Pages: 7 Size: 233 Kb 
tweet!  SAS: The Complete Solution for Medical Data Analysis
  Diane E. Brown, AdminaStar Solutions
Pages: 10 Size: 488 Kb 
tweet!  Use of Macros in Generating Statistical Comparisons for Bioequivalence Reports
  A. David Mundt, Harris Laboratories
Pages: 9 Size: 342 Kb 
tweet!  Mighty Macros Manage Many Monstrous Tracks
  Roger Konyndyk, Steelcase Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 340 Kb 
tweet!  End User Report Generation On the IBM System RISC/6000 Integrating BASE SAS and UNIX Shell
  David Courtney, Southwestern Bell; Stephen Graph, Southwestern Bell
Pages: 10 Size: 431 Kb 
tweet!  A Set of SAS Macros for Producing Customized Reports
  Greg Grandits, University of Minnesota; Ken Svendsen, University of Minnesota
Pages: 6 Size: 243 Kb 
tweet!  A Use of External Files in Dynamic Code Generation
  Greg M. Woolridge, Abbott Labortories; Henry B. Winsor, Abbott Labortories
Pages: 5 Size: 297 Kb 
tweet!  Macros and Functions in C and SAS Software
  Lillian L. Randolph, American Medical Association
Pages: 4 Size: 188 Kb 
Basic Tutorials
tweet!  Five Easy Macros
  David Sommer, Optimal Systems
Pages: 5 Size: 276 Kb 
tweet!  Are Strings Tying You in Knots?
  Deb Cassidy, Computer Horizons Corporation
Pages: 10 Size: 465 Kb 
tweet!  How to Have Your Way with a Date Using SAS
  Allan M. Kominek, Centerior Energy
Pages: 7 Size: 339 Kb 
tweet!  Increasing Productivity Through the Use of the SAS Display Manager System
  Jim Anderson, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
Pages: 7 Size: 371 Kb 
tweet!  Data Step Efficiency and Performance
  Jeffrey A. Polzin, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 512 Kb 
tweet!  Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Efficient Filtering of Large Data Sets
  Daniel R. Bretheim, William M. Mercer, Inc.; Ryan K. Carr, William M. Mercer, Inc.
Pages: 6 Size: 223 Kb 
tweet!  Letting SAS Find the Data Errors When You Have Multiple Observations and/or Multiple Datasets
  Deb Cassidy, Computer Horizons Corporation
Pages: 9 Size: 318 Kb 
Client Server
tweet!  First Impressions of SAS/Access Interface to ODBC, For Windows
  Jim Anderson, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
Pages: 5 Size: 271 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS System: A Complete Client/Server Solution
  Cheryl Garner, SAS Institute Inc.; Stephanie Reinard, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 11 Size: 843 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS System as an Information Database
  Randy Betancourt, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 8 Size: 459 Kb 
tweet!  The Other Five Percent - Writing SAS Code for Multiple Operating Systems
  Ryan K. Carr, William M. Mercer, Inc.; Daniel R. Bretheim, William M. Mercer, Inc.
Pages: 6 Size: 325 Kb 
tweet!  Connecting SAS to the World Wide Web-Forms Across the Internet
  Larry Hoyle, University of Kansas
Pages: 7 Size: 389 Kb 
tweet!  New Features for Remote and Open Access to Enterprise Data: Enhanced Distributed Data Acces Through Multiple Engie Architecture
  Jack Wallace, SAS Institute Inc.; Mike Carney, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 641 Kb 
Consulting, Training and End User Support
tweet!  Facilitating Continuous Quality Improvement with SAS/ASSIST Software
  Priscilla Van Grevenhof, Mayo Clinic Foundation; Rita Black, Mayo Clinic Foundation; Jo Johnson, Mayo Clinic Foundation; Cynthia Libson, Mayo Clinic Foundation
Pages: 5 Size: 337 Kb 
tweet!  Don't Be Roadkill on the Superhighway: Using the Internet to Support SAS
  Nancy J. Hill, Central Missouri State University
Pages: 8 Size: 377 Kb 
tweet!  Using the Internet for Your Traning Needs
  Nancy J. Hill, Central Missouri State University
Pages: 7 Size: 343 Kb 
Database Design and Access
tweet!  In the SAS System a Database Management System?
  William D. Clifford, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 6 Size: 279 Kb 
tweet!  Access Control Mechanism in Behaviorally Object-Oriented Databases
  Cristian Radu, Katholieke Unversiteit Leuven; Mark Vandenwauver, Katholieke Unversiteit Leuven; Rene Govaerts, Katholieke Unversiteit Leuven; Joos Vanderwalle, Katholieke Unversiteit Leuven
Pages: 10 Size: 473 Kb 
tweet!  SAS vs. DB2 as a Relational DBMS for End Users: Three Corporations with Three Different Solutions
  Stephen C. Scott, Scott Consulting Services, Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 356 Kb 
Statistics and Data Visualization
tweet!  Transforming Data in SAS: Restructuring Data Sets, Creating Look-Up Tables, and Forming Person-Year Recores for Event History Analysis in SAS
  Lawrence C. Marsh, University of Nortre Dame; Karin L. Wells, University of Nortre Dame
Pages: 7 Size: 280 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Randomization Techniques for Clinical Trials
  Linda Quinn, Case Western Reserve University
Pages: 6 Size: 278 Kb 
tweet!  Alternative Approaches to Mixed Linear Models
  George W. Pasdirtz, Hazleton Laboratories
Pages: 6 Size: 320 Kb 
tweet!  Black and White is How It Should Be - But Shades of Grey Are the Colors I See
  Kathy Shelley, Iowa State University
Pages: 6 Size: 306 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Software to Design and Evaluate Military Standards Sampling Plans
  Dennis King, STATKING Consulting Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 255 Kb 
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