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SAS Conference Proceedings:
July 6-7, 2012, Bejing, China, 28 papers
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CDISC, Submission Preparation and Regulatory Review
Management and Career Development
Technical Techniques & Data Analysis

CDISC, Submission Preparation and Regulatory Review
Preparing eCTD Module 5 Dataset Packpage: Contents, Challenge and Approaches
  James Wu
Challenge in Legacy Studies Converting to CDISC – A Case Study from MacroStat
  Weijin Gan
Keywords: CDISC macro
  Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 406 Kb)
Taste of SDTM in Real Time
  Changhong Shi; Beilei Xu
Keywords: CDISC
  Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 300 Kb)
Management and Career Development
Setting up and Managing a Statistical Programming team in China for an US based global CRO company
  Shilin Wang
  Download the slidesdownload (.pptx, 345 Kb)
Rising to Excellence - How a China CRO Achieves International Standards
  Helen Yin; Minzhi Liu
  Download the slidesdownload (.pdf, 331 Kb)
Career Development
  Ruotao Wang
  Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 35 Kb)
Clinical Programming Career Development
  Cindy Song
tweet!  A SAS Macro Application to Create Mock Tables in Statistical Analysis Plans for Phase I Clinical Studies
  Yao Huang
Keywords: macro
Pages: 7 Size: 104 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS® Hash Object: It’s Time To .find() Your Way Around
  Peter Eberhardt
Pages: 17 Size: 176 Kb 
tweet!  Why the Bell Tolls 108 times? Stepping Through Time with SAS®
  Peter Eberhardt
Pages: 15 Size: 230 Kb 
tweet!  Clinical Review on iPad with DEFINE.XML
  Sy Truong
Keywords: xml
Pages: 10 Size: 1201 Kb 
tweet!  Methods to Generate Unavailable Categories in Interim Analysis
  Xiaoran Yin
Pages: 6 Size: 32 Kb 
tweet!  Fitting PK Models with SAS NLMIXED Procedure (Paper, Appendix)
  Halimu Haridona
Pages: 6 Size: 449 Kb    Download the appendixdownload (.pdf, 93 Kb)
tweet!  Using HASH Table to reduce the use of merge for large datasets
  Long Fang
Pages: 7 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  Using CALL EXECUTE to generate different report forms
  Danna Chen
Pages: 8 Size: 146 Kb 
Good Programming Practice (GPP)
  Jennifer Chin
Technical Techniques & Data Analysis
tweet!  The Armchair Quarterback: Writing SAS® Code For the Perfect Pivot (table that is)
  Peter Eberhardt; Louanna Kong
Pages: 36 Size: 2134 Kb 
tweet!  ODS TAGSETS - a Powerful Reporting Method
  Xinyu Li
Pages: 8 Size: 241 Kb    Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 1163 Kb)
tweet!  Systematically reordering Axis in SAS graph
  Brian Shen
Pages: 9 Size: 79 Kb    Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 266 Kb)
Are you using Proc Report yet?
  Priya Ramaswami
  Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 817 Kb)
Exploring RETAIN statement
  Mingxia Chen
  Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 1182 Kb)
tweet!  SAS® Data Query and Edit Checks with HTML5
  Sy Truong
Keywords: iPhone Mobile Computing SAS Delivery html
Pages: 17 Size: 1592 Kb    Download the slidesdownload (.pptx, 1914 Kb)
Make your code file driven - Methods to let SAS collect file names in your system
  Lu Zhang
  Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 323 Kb)
tweet!  Using PROC REPORT and ODS for Customized Presentation of Study Results and for Medical Informatics Sparklines
  Jim Sattler
Pages: 11 Size: 595 Kb    Download the slidesdownload (.pptx, 806 Kb)
tweet!  An Illustration of Rate Difference Estimation with SAS in Logistic Regression
  Yun Guo; Victor Wu; Xinyu Xu; Crystal Cheng
Pages: 7 Size: 79 Kb    Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 472 Kb)
A Web-based Project Management and Tracking System
  Zheng Wang; Yuntian Zhao; Yanhong Li
Keywords: internet
  Download the slidesdownload (.pptx, 523 Kb)
JMP Clinical: Standardized Visual Analytics for Clinical Trials Research
  Wenjun Bao; Geoffrey Mann; Richard Zink; Russ Wolfinger
tweet!  Introduction of an Analysis Table Translation Tool
  Jessie Zhao; Mina Chen; Shengying Cheng; Yanyun Shen
Pages: 4 Size: 272 Kb    Download the slidesdownload (.ppt, 2821 Kb)
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