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SAS Conference Proceedings: Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2013
October 13-16, 2013, Brussels, Belgium, 129 papers
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[Original source: http://www.phuse.eu/conference2013]

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2013: Best Papers and honorable mentions

A Guide to Deploying Subversion for Version Control of SAS Programs in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  Tim Williams, UCB BioSciences GmBH (Best Presentation in Applications and Software Development)
Macro to Conduct Consistency Checks
  Johanna Gaignard, Novartis; Walter H. Hufford, Novartis (Best Presentation in Coders Corner)
ADaM Standards - Organising the Unorganised
  Heike Reichert, Bayer Pharma AG (Best Presentation in CDISC and Industry Standards)
Get The Most out of Your Data by the Power of R Graphics
  Peter Bewerunge, HMS Analytical Software (Best Presentation in Coding Solutions)
Semantic Technology and CDISC Standards
  Frederik Malfait, IMOS Consulting; Scott Bahlavooni, Genentech (Best Presentation in Data Handling)
Around the World in Three Statistical Models: Determing the Level of Measurement Invariance Across Countries of a PRO Instrument
  Dirk Heerwegh, Business & Decision Life Sciences (Best Presentation in Health Outcomes and Epidemilogy)
Making of a Project Manager
  Manjusha Gode, Cytel (Best Presentation in Professional Development and Training)
What I Know is
  Nicolas Guerro, Novartis (Best Presentation in Poster Presentation)
Evolving Regulatory Guidance on the Submission of Standardised Data
  James Johnson, Summit Analytical LLC (Best Presentation in Regulatory)
Extensions of Cox Model for Non-Proportional Hazards Purpose
  Jadwiga Borucka, Parexel (Best Presentation in Statistics and Pharmacokinetics)
A How-To Guide for Extending Controlled Terminology Using SAS Clinical Data Integration
  Melissa Martinez, SAS Institute (Best Presentation in Technical Solutions)

Applications and Software Development
Coders Corner
CDISC and Industry Standards
Coding Solutions
Data Handling
Health Outcomes and Epidemilogy
Industry Starters
Professional Development and Training
Poster Presentation
Software Demonstrations
Statistics and Pharmacokinetics
Technical Solutions
University Day

Applications and Software Development
Best Presentation
tweet!  A Guide to Deploying Subversion for Version Control of SAS Programs in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  Tim Williams, UCB BioSciences GmBH
Keywords:  Version Control  Subversion  SVN  TortoiseSVN  SDLC  Validation  programs  SCM 
Pages: 10 Size: 602 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1049 Kb)
  Anthony Caudard, Sanofi
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 641 Kb)
tweet!  The Dynamic Cube Viewer-OLAP Made Easy
  Raymond Ebben, OCS Consulting
Pages: 2 Size: 274 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1512 Kb)
tweet!  Statistical Programming Outsourcing KPI Dashboard - A Tool for Better Collaboration
  Qian Wang, Merck Sharp & Dohme (Europe) Inc; Thierry Paquet, Merck Sharp & Dohme (Europe) Inc
Pages: 9 Size: 597 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 818 Kb)
tweet!  Organising Deliverables for Clinical Trials - The Concept of Analyses and its Implementation in EXACT
  Hansjörg Frenzel, PRA International
Keywords:  Folder  Orgnaization  Study  Clinical  Trial  AUTOEXEC  Management  EXACT 
Pages: 6 Size: 259 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1999 Kb)
tweet!  CARE to CRaM
  Greg Fuller, Independent
Pages: 16 Size: 1542 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2270 Kb)
EDC Integration
  Rob Jongen, CSL Behring GmbH
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1061 Kb)
Clinical Reporting Summary
  Ian Fleming, d-Wise Technologies Inc; Chris Olinger, d-Wise Technologies Inc
Keywords:  clinical 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 14281 Kb)

    resource Additional resource: PhUSE Wiki

Coders Corner
How Do You Use Look-up Tables?
  Philip Holland, Holland Numerics Ltd
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 273 Kb)
tweet!  How to Add TortoiseSVN-Functionality to SAS Enhanced Editor
  Oliver Wirtz, UCB BioSciences GmbH
Pages: 7 Size: 768 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 647 Kb)
Your SAS Secrets Exposed!
  David Weiner, Quanticate
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 560 Kb)
What's in it? SAS Arrays to Check Efficiently for Emptiness of Variables and Datasets
  Guillaume Godin, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords:  array 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 983 Kb)
Dynamic SAS Programming with XML Templates
  Bart Van Win, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords:  xml 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 768 Kb)
Are We Really Doing Independent Validation of Statistician Procedures in SAS?
  Sameer Bamnote, Cytel
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 765 Kb)
Best Presentation
Macro to Conduct Consistency Checks
  Johanna Gaignard, Novartis; Walter H. Hufford, Novartis
Keywords:  macro 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 553 Kb)
CDISC and Industry Standards
tweet!  Interpreting CDISC ADaM IG Through Users Interpretation
  Angelo Tinazzi, Cytel
Keywords:  CDISC 
Pages: 12 Size: 334 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1948 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  ADaM Standards - Organising the Unorganised
  Heike Reichert, Bayer Pharma AG
Keywords:  ADaM  Standardization  Standards  Analysis  dataset 
Pages: 7 Size: 615 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3173 Kb)
tweet!  Round Trip Ticket -Using the Define.xml file to Send and Receive your Study Specifications
  Julie Maddox, SAS Institute
Keywords:  CRT-DDS  DEFINE.XML  SAS Clinical Data Integration  SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit 
Pages: 10 Size: 399 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1632 Kb)
tweet!  HL7 RIM - An Introduction for Non-Technical Professionals
  Joerg Dillert, Oracle
Pages: 6 Size: 2191 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6506 Kb)
tweet!  Define-XML v2 - What's New
  Lex Jansen, SAS Institute
Keywords:  CDISC  CRT-DDS  Define-XML  define.xml  metadata 
Pages: 15 Size: 371 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2265 Kb)
tweet!  Standards Governance - A First Insight
  Claudia Meurer, Merck Serono
Keywords:  Standards Governance Process  SDTM  Exemption handling 
Pages: 6 Size: 165 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1561 Kb)
Standard Protocols Using Guided Navigation
  Michaela Jahn, F. Hoffman-La Roche
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 617 Kb)
tweet!  ADaM Datasets - Standard and Submission Ready
  Karin Fleischer Steffensen, Ferring Pharmarceuticals
Pages: 6 Size: 231 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1312 Kb)
tweet!  Interpretation of the Output from the OpenCDISC Checker
  Joergen Iversen, LEO Pharma A/S
Keywords:  CDISC 
Pages: 5 Size: 103 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 727 Kb)
tweet!  The Evolution of SDTM - What's New
  Tina Apers, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords:  CDISC 
Pages: 5 Size: 2900 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 9670 Kb)
tweet!  Considerations in the Submission of Holter (EG) Data in an SDTM Compliant Format
  Elsa Lozachmeur, Novartis; Sophie Arnould, Novartis; Joseph Rowley, Novartis
Keywords:  CDISC 
Pages: 7 Size: 100 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 846 Kb)
tweet!  The Missing Link: Results Level Metadata
  Jeff Abolafia, Rho
Keywords:  Metadata  Define File  Results  Analysis 
Pages: 9 Size: 392 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 10882 Kb)
tweet!  SDTM Oncology Domains: From Patient to Data to Narrative
  Kenneth Stoltzfus, Accenture
Keywords:  CDISC  SDTM  Oncology 
Pages: 4 Size: 134 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 4381 Kb)
tweet!  Is your Library a Success: Manage & Measure Conformance Across Partners and Projects
  Lauren Shinaberry, Business & Decision Life Sciences; Bart Van Win, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Pages: 4 Size: 1936 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2399 Kb)
Coding Solutions
Best Presentation
Get The Most out of Your Data by the Power of R Graphics
  Peter Bewerunge, HMS Analytical Software
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 4950 Kb)
The Great Outdoors - (Using SAS External File and SAS File 1/0 Functions)
  Lawrence Heaton-Wright, Quintiles
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 308 Kb)
tweet!  A SAS Macro to Generate High Quality Enhanced Kaplan-Meier Plots Using Graphic Template Language
  Konrad Zywno, i3 Pharmaceutical Services (Deutschland) GmbH; Bartosz Kutyla, SAS Instistute
Keywords:  Kaplan-Meier  Graph Template Language  Graphic Template Language  GTL  Survival Analysis  TEMPLATE Procedure  LIFETEST Procedure  Step Plot  Scatter Plot  macro 
Pages: 18 Size: 436 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3756 Kb)
Array Today - Utilising the Power of Multi-Dimensional Array
  Elsa Lozachmeur, Novartis; Joseph Rowley, Novartis
Keywords:  array 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1144 Kb)
Creating define.xml from a SAS Program
  Joergen Iversen, LEO Pharma A/S
Keywords:  xml 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 848 Kb)
Coding Solutions for Resampling Methods with SAS
  Volker Harm, Bayer Pharma AG; Richardus Vonk, Bayer Pharma AG
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1777 Kb)
Crafting Clinical Reports with Stone-Age Tools
  David Garbutt, Garbuttconsult; Magnus Mengelbier, Limelogic
Keywords:  clinical 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 803 Kb)
Data Handling
tweet!  Drug Groupings and Workflow Options for the Processing and Review of Concomitant Medication Data
  Heiko Baermann, Bayer Pharma AG
Pages: 7 Size: 391 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 33196 Kb)
tweet!  Importing OpenClinical Data in SAS: It's Possible! - Our Experiences
  Jules van der Zalm, OCS Consulting
Keywords:  clinical 
Pages: 7 Size: 46 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 306 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Semantic Technology and CDISC Standards
  Frederik Malfait, IMOS Consulting; Scott Bahlavooni, Genentech
Keywords:  CDISC  Standards 
Pages: 13 Size: 1840 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3612 Kb)
tweet!  Overcoming Difficulties in Implementing RECIST Criteria
  Gerlind Ruhnke, Merck KGaA
Keywords:  RECIST  Tumor  burden  CDISC  data  handling  oncology 
Pages: 6 Size: 115 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1590 Kb)
tweet!  Going Against the Flow: Backmapping SDTM Data
  Pantaleo Nacci, Novartis
Keywords:  CDISC 
Pages: 7 Size: 397 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1606 Kb)
tweet!  Standardising the Standards - The Benefits of Consistency
  Nathan James, Roche
Keywords:  data handling  sdtm  tool  pooling  consistency  dh06 
Pages: 6 Size: 108 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 681 Kb)
tweet!  Elephants and Storms - Using Big Data Techniques for Analysis of Large and Changing Datasets
  Geoff Low, Medidata Solutions
Pages: 9 Size: 547 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1636 Kb)
tweet!  Taming Rave: How to Control Data Collection Standards?
  Dimitri Kutsenko, Entimo AG
Pages: 7 Size: 486 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 624 Kb)
tweet!  Datacut Strategies: What, Why & How
  Hiren Naygandhi, Roche
Pages: 6 Size: 52 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 464 Kb)
tweet!  Time Travel for Librarians: Versioning Complex Library Metadata for Past, Present or Future Retrieval
  Nico De Leeuw, Business & Decision Life Sciences; Ine Felsenstein, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords:  CDISC  Data  Standards 
Pages: 12 Size: 725 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 5302 Kb)
Health Outcomes and Epidemilogy
tweet!  My Big Data Experience - Getting my Feet Wet in the PUddle and Still Treading Water 2 Years Later
  Robert Walls, Roche
Pages: 10 Size: 173 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 535 Kb)
tweet!  Economic Evaluation in Clinical Trials. You Can Do it with SAS
  Artur Usov, OCS Consulting
Keywords:  clinical 
Pages: 12 Size: 597 Kb 
tweet!  Anatomy of and Epidemiology Study
  Paul Murray, FTP Software Consultants
Pages: 12 Size: 194 Kb 
tweet!  Cross-sectional and Episodic Deduplication in Record Linkage
  Rients van Wijngaarden, PHARMO Institute
Pages: 6 Size: 150 Kb 
tweet!  The AZ_PLM Nausea Study: A Novel Patient-Centric Collaboration
  James Weatherall, AstraZeneca; Paul Wicks, PatientsLikeMe
Keywords:  Patient Centricity  PROs  PatientsLikeMe  AstraZeneca  Drug Side Effects  Informatics  Data Analysis 
Pages: 10 Size: 1056 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Around the World in Three Statistical Models: Determing the Level of Measurement Invariance Across Countries of a PRO Instrument
  Dirk Heerwegh, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Pages: 29 Size: 595 Kb 
Industry Starters
tweet!  Efficacy Endpoints in Oncology
  Angelo Tinazzi, Cytel
Pages: 9 Size: 261 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2435 Kb)
tweet!  Useful Principles and Practices for Professional SAS Programmers
  Patrick Warnat, HMS Analytical Software
Keywords:  SAS  Programming  Principles  Practices 
Pages: 4 Size: 166 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 473 Kb)
tweet!  An Introduction to SDTM - Part II
  Jennie McGuirk, ICON PLC
Keywords:  CDISC 
Pages: 1 Size: 54 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1717 Kb)
tweet!  Thorough QTc Studies: Patients at Heart...
  Marc Derycke, UCB BioSciences GmbH; Jeans-Otto Andreas, UCB BioSciences GmbH
Keywords:  ECG  QTc  TQT  Study Design  Cardiac Safety  Rotigotine 
Pages: 7 Size: 292 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1660 Kb)
tweet!  Statistics: The Fourth Dimension of a "Statistical Programmer"
  Gauri Khatu, Cytel; Vibhavari Inamdar, Cytel
Keywords:  Statistics  Programmer  SAS Programming 
Pages: 12 Size: 417 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2896 Kb)
tweet!  Oncology Endpoints: An Unexpected Journey
  Waseem Jugon, Roche; Mijanur Rahman, Roche
Pages: 12 Size: 795 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1156 Kb)
The Changing Landscape of our Industry
  Christian Mueller, F. Hoffman La Roche (Basel, CH)
Crisis Management - How Would You Respond?
  Edward Glynn, Ernst & Young LLP
The Vendor Selection Policy and it's Implications
  Matt Jones, Veramed Limited
Clinical SAS Programming in India: Need vs Want
  Simon Wilcock, ICON PLC
Keywords:  clinical 
Risk-Based Monitoring - Why Does it Matter to Programmers?
  Shafi Chowdhury, Shafi Consultancy Limited
A Perspective on Data Transparency - The Journey so Far and Where's Next?
  Katherine Macey, Roche
Professional Development and Training
tweet!  Pain of Your Back(up) or Efficient Resourcing of Back-up Solutions for Programming Leads
  Adam Amborski, UCB BioSciences GmbH
Pages: 5 Size: 97 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 531 Kb)
tweet!  One Vision, Many Interpretations?
  Todd Case, Biogen Idec
Pages: 3 Size: 243 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 592 Kb)
tweet!  Hey You! Or to Whom it May Concern
  Kathryn Wright, Cmed
Pages: 6 Size: 115 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Making of a Project Manager
  Manjusha Gode, Cytel
Keywords:  Project Manager  Project Management  Statistical Programming  Career Development  Grooming  Mentoring 
Pages: 7 Size: 177 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 215 Kb)
tweet!  Are You out of Your Mind? CDISC Mappings Using the Mind Map Tool
  Niels Both, S-Cubed; Johannes Ulander, S-Cubed
Keywords:  CDISC 
Pages: 5 Size: 488 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 435 Kb)
tweet!  Leading a Team When you are Note the Subject Matter Expert
  Vijay Reddi, Roche
Pages: 8 Size: 258 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1342 Kb)
Poster Presentation
tweet!  SASUnit: General Overview and Recent Developments
  Patrick Warnat, HMS Analytical Software GmbH; Peter Bewerunge, HMS Analytical Software GmbH
Keywords:  SASUnit  unit testing 
Pages: 5 Size: 296 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 367 Kb)
tweet!  Bringing Skeletons out of the Closet
  Parag Naithani, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Pages: 10 Size: 242 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 1036 Kb)
tweet!  Reporting on Oracle Clinical by JReview
  Fleury Randrianarivo, Sanofi
Keywords:  JReview  Oracle Clinical 
Pages: 2 Size: 80 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 931 Kb)
tweet!  Descriptive Summary Tables Made Easy
  Shafi Chowdhury, Shafi Consultancy Limited; Mohammad Siddick, Shafi Consultancy Limited; Rafi Rahi, Shafi Consultancy Limited
Pages: 7 Size: 488 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 1106 Kb)
tweet!  Help your Fellow Colleagues: Customised SAS Graphs Could Provide Peek into Subject;s Progress
  Arun Lal, Grunenthal GmbH; Jari Ahvenainen, Grunenthal GmbH
Pages: 8 Size: 189 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 529 Kb)
tweet!  Two-way Ticket, Please...All aboard the SAS® Clinical Standards Toolkit 1.5 Express
  Gene Lightfoot, SAS Institute; Lex Jansen, SAS Institute
Keywords:  clinical 
Pages: 2 Size: 401 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 493 Kb)
tweet!  Complex Randomisations Need Not Be Complex
  Fiona Brock, Quanticate
Keywords:  randomisation  unequal allocation  stratification 
Pages: 4 Size: 30 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 146 Kb)
tweet!  Two into One
  Kathryn Wright, Cmed Clinical Services
Pages: 4 Size: 115 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 219 Kb)
tweet!  ProjectTrackItL Automate your Project using SAS
  Abhishek Bakshi, Cytel
Pages: 9 Size: 411 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 615 Kb)
tweet!  Quick Checks for Quick Review
  Gauri Khatu, Cytel
Keywords:  ISS  metadata  review  quick 
Pages: 11 Size: 358 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 803 Kb)
tweet!  Standards for the Management of Clinical Trial Data, Why are they Needed, What is Needed?
  Isabelle Abousahl, Ipsen Innovation
Keywords:  Clinical Data Standards  Clinical Data Management End to End 
Pages: 11 Size: 745 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 837 Kb)
tweet!  Check your Standards - An Example
  Véronique Bourcier, Bayer Vital GmbH
Pages: 6 Size: 295 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 394 Kb)
tweet!  Maintaining Consistency Between a Substance Database and Single Study Databases
  Dieter Hartz, Boehringer Ingelheim
Keywords:  substance database  PP13 - PhUSE 2013 
Pages: 4 Size: 137 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 3303 Kb)
tweet!  Pharmacokinetics Standardisation: Patients' Healthcare is Becoming Central
  Francois Vandenhende
Keywords:  PK PhUse wiki group 5 project 8  healthcare 
Pages: 4 Size: 307 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 612 Kb)
tweet!  Supporting End to End Standards in Study Setup
  Anna Louise Wilson, F. Hoffman-La Roche
Keywords:  pRED  SoA  Schedule of Asessments  Standards  Protocol 
Pages: 5 Size: 240 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 333 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  What I Know is
  Nicolas Guerro, Novartis
Keywords:  Wiki  User Guide  Personal Productivity Tool 
Pages: 7 Size: 875 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 549 Kb)
tweet!  Report Inspector
  Vibhavari Inamdar, Cytel
Pages: 11 Size: 455 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 629 Kb)
tweet!  Call for Scripts and Get Involved with FDA/PhUSE Scripts Repository
  Lina Ulkjær Jørgensen, Novo Nordisk
Pages: 2 Size: 179 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 2276 Kb)
tweet!  Overview of Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves in SAS PROC LOGISTIC
  Fiona Brock, Quanticate
Pages: 1 Size: 98 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 342 Kb)
tweet!  Using the SAS Intelligence Platform for Clinical Trials Programming
  Donna Dutton, SAS Institute
Keywords:  clinical 
Pages: 4 Size: 160 Kb 
tweet!  Annotate CRFs and Keep Track of Them
  Rohit Banga, Biometrical Practice BIOP AG
Keywords:  Annoate CRF  Track CRF  Rohit Banga  XFDF & SAS 
Pages: 4 Size: 462 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 1861 Kb)
tweet!  Proc Import Diagnostic Macro
  Shan Lee, GlaxoSmithKline
Keywords:  SAS Proc Import Excel  macro 
Pages: 8 Size: 349 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 302 Kb)
tweet!  Mission Possible: Your Assisgnment is to Validate Output for a Study
  Susan Fehrer, BioClin Inc; Kevin Coulson, Emporia State Univesity
Pages: 7 Size: 278 Kb    Download the posterdownload (.pdf, 98 Kb)
Orphan Indication Therapies: Programming for a Patient Population without Options
  Todd Case, Biogen Idec
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 724 Kb)
CDISC Journey on Solid Tumor Studies using RECIST 1.1
  Kevin Lee, Cytel
Keywords:  CDISC 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 745 Kb)
Best Presentation
Evolving Regulatory Guidance on the Submission of Standardised Data
  James Johnson, Summit Analytical LLC
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1481 Kb)
On the Submission's Road with CDISC ADaM
  Romain Jegou, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords:  CDISC 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 819 Kb)
Software Demonstrations
SAS Predictive and Visual Analytics: Software Demonstration
  Andy Bayliss, SAS Institute
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2267 Kb)
eBESTreports - The Fastest Way to Conclusions
  Tuomas Kemppainen, StatFinn; Juha Hyssala, StatFinn
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 942 Kb)
EXACT - A Metadata Driven System for Creating Standard Mockups and Data Displays
  Kent Letourneau, PRA International
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1750 Kb)
An Integrated Platform for Standards Management and Study Conduct - Managing Efficiently your Standards
  Ine Felsenstein, Business & Decision Life Sciences; Jasmine Kestemont, Johnson & Johnson; Stijn Rogiers, Johnson & Johnson
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 5513 Kb)
Data Validations, Getting Full Control Over your Data Standards Compliance and Data Flow
  Sébastien Roland, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Spotfire for Statisticians and Statistical Programmers
  Alistair Dootson, Dootsonic Ltd; Mark Demesmaeker, TIBCO
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 4058 Kb)
What's New in SAS 9.4
  Daniel Christen, SAS Institute
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 480 Kb)
Utilising Data Warehousing to Validate Clinical Trial Projects and to Select and Recruit Patients
  Tim Armitage, Oracle
Keywords:  clinical 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2015 Kb)
Statistics and Pharmacokinetics
tweet!  Posch-Bauer Seamless Test with SAS
  Antonio Nieto, PharmaMar; Javier Gómez, PharmaMar
Pages: 4 Size: 115 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 414 Kb)
tweet!  Bayesian Statistics: Concept and Bayesian Capabilities in SAS
  Mark Janssens, I-BioStat, Hasselt University
Pages: 15 Size: 524 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 16582 Kb)
tweet!  Using PROC GENMOD to Analyses Ratio to Placebo in Change of Dactylitis
  Imgard Hollweck, UCB BioSciences GbmH
Keywords:  Genmod  binomial  odds  ratio  dactylitis 
Pages: 9 Size: 554 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1171 Kb)
tweet!  Multivariate Bioequivalence
  Shital Agawane, Cytel; Sanjukta Roy, Cytel
Keywords:  Bioequivalence  Multivariate Approach  Quadratic Form  Empirical Power  Cholesky Decomposition  Simulation 
Pages: 8 Size: 310 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 990 Kb)
tweet!  Computation of Cls for Binomial Proportions in SAS and its Practical Difficulties
  Jose Abraham, Kreara Solutions Pvt Ltd
Keywords:  Clopper-Pearson  Exact  Binomial  Proportions  PROC FREQ 
Pages: 8 Size: 165 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2677 Kb)
tweet!  Computing the 'Competing Risks' - Modeling Survival Data with Competing Risk Events using SAS® Macros
  Swapna Deshpande, Cytel
Keywords:  macro 
Pages: 10 Size: 515 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 767 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Extensions of Cox Model for Non-Proportional Hazards Purpose
  Jadwiga Borucka, Parexel
Keywords:  Cox model  non-proportional hazards  survival analysis 
Pages: 10 Size: 567 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 537 Kb)
tweet!  Determination of Body Sway area by Fourier Analysis of its Contour
  Thomas Wollseifen, i3 Pharmaceutical Services GmbH
Keywords:  Posturography  Body Sway  PROC SPECTRA  PCA  convex hull  concave hull 
Pages: 7 Size: 4801 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6719 Kb)
tweet!  Lexis Expansion - Age-at-Risk Adjustment for Survival Analysis
  Lai San Hong, Redsen Ltd; Sarah Lewington, Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit of the University of Oxford
Keywords:  Lexis  Age-at-Risk  Cox Proportional Hazard Model 
Pages: 5 Size: 392 Kb 
tweet!  Central Statistical Monitoring in Action
  Francois Torche, CluePoints; Erik Doffagne, CluePoints
Pages: 6 Size: 335 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 4565 Kb)
Technical Solutions
Visual Approaches for Safety Analysis and Review of Clinical Trials
  Valérie Nedbal, SAS Institute
Keywords:  clinical 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 12213 Kb)
tweet!  Designing ADaM Datasets: KISS the Complexity Goodbye
  David Jordan, SAS Institute; Bill Gibson, SAS Institute
Keywords:  ADaM 
Pages: 8 Size: 600 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 653 Kb)
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tweet!  A How-To Guide for Extending Controlled Terminology Using SAS Clinical Data Integration
  Melissa Martinez, SAS Institute
Keywords:  CDISC  CDI  SAS Clinical Data Integration  Clinical Data Integration  controlled terminology  terminology  SDTM  define  define.xml  compliance  compliance checks  cterms  SDTM  controlled terminology package  standardsubtypes  global standards library  extended controlled terminology  extended terminology  extensible codelist  custom compliance checks  clinical properties  clinical column  codelist  xml codelist 
Pages: 12 Size: 573 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6702 Kb)
Generic Functions in R Illustrated by Examples for the Survival Package
  Martin Gregory, Merck Serono
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 292 Kb)
Using a Clinical Data Review Tool in an SAS based Environment
  Michael Hersch, Bayer Healthcare
Keywords:  clinical 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2609 Kb)
Developing an Integrated Platform, Getting the Best out of Several Technologies
  Jean-Marc Ferran, Qualiance; Bart Van Win, Business & Decision Life Sciences; Sébastien Roland, Business & Decision Life Sciences
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 5302 Kb)
Clinical Dashboards - Optimising the Reviewing Process!
  Rahul Paul Choudhury, Cytel
Keywords:  clinical 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1829 Kb)
Moving to SAS Drug Development 4
  Magnus Mengelbier, Limelogic
Patient Cloud and the Future of Clinical Trials
  Christopher Temme, Medidata Solutions
Keywords:  clinical 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 5897 Kb)
University Day
Improving Medical Research and Related Healthcare through Standardisation
  Jennie McGuirk, ICON PLC
Keywords:  healthcare 
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3823 Kb)
What Makes Oncology Special?
  Johanna Mursic, Novartis
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 867 Kb)
What Makes a 'Good Program'?
  Dean Grundy, Roche Products Ltd
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 197 Kb)
Reflections on a Career Pharmaceutical Statistical Sciences: My Journey
  James Johnson, Summit Analytical LLC
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 491 Kb)
Statistical Programming for Dummies
  Sven Greiner, Accovion GmbH; Nicola Tambascia, Accovion GmbH
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2478 Kb)
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