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SAS Conference Proceedings: Pacific Northwest SAS Users Group 1996
June 28, 1996, Seattle, Washington, 25 papers
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Keynote Address
Basic and Advanced Tutorials
SAS Reporting
Data Storage and Access Techniques
Health Care Industry Applications
Emerging Technologies
Application Development
Information Visualization
Coder's Corner
Closing Session

Keynote Address
tweet!  Multi-dimensional Data Model Extensions to Data Warehouses
  Richard Roach, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 8 Size: 382 Kb 
Basic and Advanced Tutorials
tweet!  The SQL Query Window
  Gail Amato, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 12 Size: 1016 Kb 
tweet!  FSREPORT - The Graphical PROC REPORT
  Gail Amato, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 11 Size: 1241 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to SAS/ACCESS Software
  Gail Amato, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 2 Size: 101 Kb 
SAS Reporting
tweet!  Reports Based on SAS Output: Takinf Advantage of PROC PRINTTO, DATA STEPS and PROC GPRINT
  Lauren Haworth, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Resources
Pages: 6 Size: 303 Kb 
tweet!  When and How th PROC TABULATE Can Be Used
  Minghui Yang, Independent Consultant
Pages: 10 Size: 361 Kb 
Data Storage and Access Techniques
tweet!  Using SAS View to Enhance Software Quality, Improve Data Security and Reduce Data Replication
  Adam Hendricks, ICOS Corporation
Pages: 27 Size: 662 Kb 
tweet!  The Star Schema Trek: "Where No One Has Gone Before"
  Paul OldenKamp, Boeing Company
Pages: 10 Size: 188 Kb 
Health Care Industry Applications
tweet!  Receiving and Distributing Data Nationality: A SAS Solution to HEDIS Reporting
  Sue Freimuth, Independent Consultant; Chris Yindra, C. Y. Training Associates
Pages: 6 Size: 350 Kb 
tweet!  ClinAccess: An Integrated Client/Server Approach to Clinical Data Management and Regulatory Approval
  Martin J. Rosenberg, MAJORO InfoSystems
Pages: 9 Size: 490 Kb 
Emerging Technologies
tweet!  Turning onto a Two-Way Street: A Tutorial on The SAS System and ODBC
  Peter J. Lund, Washington State Office of Financial Management
Pages: 7 Size: 366 Kb 
tweet!  Bridging the Gap: Using ODBC to Grab Data Stored in a SAS Data Warehouse
  Reesa Laws, Center for Health Research; Mary Longacre Newgard, Center for Health Research
Pages: 5 Size: 261 Kb 
tweet!  OLE: The SAS System for Windows Enters the Bull Ring
  Robin E. Way, Northwest Natural Gas
Pages: 16 Size: 700 Kb 
Application Development
tweet!  Getting a FRAME Entry Application Built in a Research Environment
  Charlotte Corelle, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Resources
Pages: 8 Size: 520 Kb 
tweet!  An Object-Oriented Approach to Modeling Enterprise Processes as Directed Graphs Using SCL Lists and SAS v.6.11 Widgets
  James R. Cowles, Boeing Company
Pages: 16 Size: 626 Kb 
tweet!  Health Care Applications of Statistical Process Control: Examples Using the SAS System
  Robert N. Rodriguez, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 16 Size: 949 Kb 
tweet!  Computing and Presenting Adjusted Rates for Health Utilization Research
  William Kreuter, University of Washington
Pages: 17 Size: 617 Kb 
tweet!  Net Impact for Program Evaluation Modeling and SAS Programming
  Boqing Wang, State of Washington, Workforce Training and Education Coordination Board
Pages: 18 Size: 379 Kb 
Information Visualization
tweet!  A Little SAS Magic: A Lineplot and Vbar in One Easy Step
  Inez P. Petersen, Boeing Company
Pages: 11 Size: 343 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Composite Wafer Maps for the Semiconductor Industry
  Michael K. Nash, Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.; Robert Barrantes, Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.
Pages: 14 Size: 380 Kb 
Coder's Corner
An SCL Wrapper Pattern
  Paul OldenKamp, Boeing Company
tweet!  Providing Extended Help in FSEDIT Sessions
  Paul Hamilton, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Pages: 3 Size: 126 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Proc Format Code From Format Catalogs
  Peter Dueber, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Pages: 2 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  Age Calculation and When Does the Sun Rise and Fall Code
  William Kreuter, University of Washington
Pages: 3 Size: 87 Kb 
Closing Session
tweet!  Data Warehousing with the SAS/Warehouse Administrator
  Tony Fisher, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 5 Size: 322 Kb 
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