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SAS Conference Proceedings: Pacific Northwest SAS Users Group 2007
September 17-18, 2007, Seattle, Washington, 37 papers
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Hands-On Workshops

Hands-On Workshops
tweet!  PROC REPORT Basics: Getting Started with the Primary Statements
  Art Carpenter
Pages: 9 Size: 68 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 13 Kb)
tweet!  Creating Multi-Sheet Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS
  Vince DelGobbo
Keywords: ODS Excel ExcelXP multi-sheet workbook
Pages: 19 Size: 508 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 4519 Kb)
tweet!  A SAS® Programmer's Guide to SAS® Enterprise Guide
  Marje Fecht; Rupinder Dhillon
Keywords: BI Business Intelligence
Pages: 20 Size: 797 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 360 Kb)
tweet!  Using INFILE and INPUT Statements to Introduce External Data into the SAS® System
  Andy Kuligowski
Pages: 18 Size: 179 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 11 Kb)
tweet!  A Hands-On Tour Inside the World of PROC SQL®
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: SQL PROC SQL query case expression view Dictionary table macro index join
Pages: 13 Size: 70 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 47 Kb)
tweet!  Undocumented and Hard-to-find PROC SQL Features
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: SQL PROC SQL query case expression Dictionary table macro index join
Pages: 10 Size: 376 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 302 Kb)
tweet!  The DATA HASH - Not the Monster You Think It Is
  Kay Alden
Pages: 35 Size: 521 Kb 
tweet!  PROC REPORT®: Compute Block Basics
  Art Carpenter
Pages: 16 Size: 89 Kb 
tweet!  Don't Be Loopy: Re-sampling and Simulation the SAS® Way
  David Cassell
Keywords: bootstrap jackknife Monte Carlo
Pages: 18 Size: 70 Kb 
tweet!  The Basics of the PRX Functions
  David Cassell
Pages: 18 Size: 76 Kb 
tweet!  Using Links, Arrays, and Do-Loops
  Jimmy DeFoor
Pages: 13 Size: 215 Kb 
tweet!  Revisiting DDE: An Updated Macro for Exporting SAS® Data into Custom-Formatted Excel Spreadsheets
  Nathaniel Derby
Keywords: DDE Excel Export X4ML
Pages: 21 Size: 1663 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Interactive HTML Output With SAS®
  Chun Fan; Alex Ushveridze
Pages: 6 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  Working with PROC GMAP® and a note about Census ZCTAs
  Deron Ferguson
Pages: 14 Size: 797 Kb 
tweet!  10 SAS® Coding Techniques I Hate
  Paul Hamilton
Pages: 6 Size: 100 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to Statistical Power Calculations for Linear Models with SAS® 9.1
  Robin High
Pages: 17 Size: 171 Kb 
tweet!  Multiple comparisons on 2xc proportions
  John Horne
Pages: 12 Size: 460 Kb 
tweet!  XML engine in base SAS®
  Don Hurst; Sarmad Pirzada
Pages: 58 Size: 740 Kb 
tweet!  Utilizing PHREG for Cox proportional hazards regression modeling with time-varying covariates
  Marla Husnik; Eugene Huang
Pages: 14 Size: 159 Kb 
tweet!  ODS DATA Step Object
  Richard Koopmann
Keywords: ODS DATA Step Object DATA Step Component Interface (DSCI) macro DATA NULL
Pages: 8 Size: 282 Kb 
tweet!  Getting the Most Out of Your PNWSUG 2007 Conference
  Andy Kuligowski
Pages: 1 Size: 12 Kb 
tweet!  How to Incorporate Old SAS® Data into a New DATA Step, or "What is S-M-U?
  Andy Kuligowski
Pages: 9 Size: 112 Kb 
tweet!  Mapping without GMAP®: An Innovative use of the SAS/Graph Annotate Facility
  Pete Lund
Pages: 16 Size: 696 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  Kirk Lafler
Keywords: SAS options Logic conditions IF-THEN/ELSE SELECT-WHEN Case expressions ODS RTF PDF HTML macro
Pages: 16 Size: 225 Kb 
tweet!  PDF Can be Pretty Darn Fancy: Tips and Tricks for Advanced SAS Reporting
  Pete Lund
Pages: 19 Size: 1699 Kb 
tweet!  Producing Sparkline graphs with SAS®
  Paul OldenKamp
Pages: 5 Size: 72 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 47 Kb)
tweet!  SAS® Enterprise Guide and Stored Processes
  Frederick Pratter
Keywords: Management Console
Pages: 17 Size: 870 Kb 
tweet!  Exporting SAS/GRAPH® Output for Inclusion in Web Pages and Other Software Applications"
  Warren Repole
Keywords: GSF 'graphics stream files'
Pages: 1 Size: 16 Kb 
tweet!  Regexps: Applications in Clinical Programming
  Rohini Rao; Paul Hamilton
Pages: 6 Size: 22 Kb 
tweet!  Missing Data? A Look at Two Imputation Methods
  Anita Rocha
Pages: 8 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  User Written DATA Step Functions
  Jason Secosky
Pages: 9 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Proc Template Tables From Scratch
  Kevin Smith
Keywords: ODS
Pages: 21 Size: 2040 Kb 
tweet!  What you need to know to ensure success with SAS BI Server®
  Dave Steven
Pages: 1 Size: 9 Kb 
tweet!  Keep your database passwords out of the clear: Quick and easy tips to protect yourself
  Dave Steven
Pages: 4 Size: 128 Kb 
tweet!  New SAS® Statistical Software: Just Over the Horizon
  Randy Tobias
Pages: 48 Size: 6566 Kb 
tweet!  "FS-What?" A New Use for an Old SAS® Component
  Kim Truett
Keywords: FSEDIT SCL Code Coding
Pages: 6 Size: 95 Kb 
tweet!  Adapting your SAS® Programs into the SAS 9 Paradigm
  Cynthia Zender
Pages: 1 Size: 9 Kb 
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