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SAS SUGI proceedings: Advanced Tutorials (SUGI 31 and later), 149 papers

SUGI 28   March 30 - April 2, 2003 - Seattle, Washington

Advanced Tutorials

tweet!  Multi-platform SAS® , Multi-platform Code
David H. Johnson 
Keywords: MVS Unix Windows macros
Pages: 13 Size: 398 Kb 
tweet!  Reducing the CPU Time of Your SAS® Jobs by More than 80%: Dream or Reality?
Henri Theuwissen 
Keywords: Efficiency ?Performance
Pages: 10 Size: 152 Kb 
tweet!  Indexing and Compressing SAS® Data Sets: How, Why and Why Not
Andrew H. Karp  David Shamlin 
Keywords: compression indexing observation retrieval data management reducing size of SAS data sets
Pages: 8 Size: 185 Kb 
tweet!  Hashing: Generations
Paul M. Dorfman  Gregg P. Snell 
Keywords: hashing generations direct addressing associative array searching table lookup
Pages: 10 Size: 213 Kb 
tweet!  Version 9 Epiphanies
S. David Riba 
Keywords: Version 9
Pages: 1 Size: 149 Kb 
tweet!  Developing SAS/AF® Applications with Form Viewers and Table Viewers
Steven A. Wilson  Bernd E. Imken 
Keywords: SAS/AF Form Viewer Table Viewer Master/Detail Model/View SAS Data Set Model
Pages: 10 Size: 684 Kb 
tweet!  Fast and Easy Ways to Advance on Your Beginning SAS® Coworkers!
Rick M. Mitchell 
Keywords: advanced processes defaults
Pages: 10 Size: 339 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Analytics with Enterprise Guide®
Catherine Truxillo  Stephen McDaniel 
Keywords: Analysis Statistical Enterprise Guide STAT ETS enterprise guide
Pages: 9 Size: 513 Kb 
tweet!  Categorical Data Analysis with Graphics
Michael Friendly 
Keywords: Analysis Statistical Graphics
Pages: 1 Size: 161 Kb 
tweet!  A Serious Look at Macro Quoting
Ian Whitlock 
Keywords: Macro Quoting
Pages: 10 Size: 198 Kb 
tweet!  Generating Custom Excel Spreadsheets Using ODS
Chevell Parker 
Keywords: ods excel spreadsheet
Pages: 10 Size: 295 Kb 
tweet!  The Power of Pictures and Paint: Using Image Files and Color with ODS, SAS® , and SAS/GRAPH®
LeRoy Bessler 
Keywords: Web Site Effectiveness Image Files Color Color Communication Output Delivery System (ODS) SAS/GRAPH
Pages: 10 Size: 993 Kb 
tweet!  Web Enabling Your Graphs with HTML, ActiveX, and Java Using SAS/GRAPH® and the Output Delivery System
Curtis A. Smith 
Keywords: GRAPH WEB JAVA ActiveX ODS internet html
Pages: 7 Size: 713 Kb 
tweet!  PROC REPORT: Doin' It In STYLE!
Ray Pass  Sandy McNeill 
Pages: 10 Size: 362 Kb 
tweet!  Fancy MS Word Reports Made Easy: Harnessing the Power of Dynamic Data Exchange
William W. Viergever  Koen Vyverman 
Keywords: DDE MS Word reports graphs tables
Pages: 10 Size: 183 Kb 
tweet!  Using Different Methods for Accessing Non-SAS® Data to Build and Incrementally Update That Data Warehouse
Ben T. Cochran 
Keywords: SQL Data Warehouse SAS/ACCESS
Pages: 6 Size: 188 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/ACCESS® to External Databases: Wisdom for the Warehouse User
Judy Loren 
Keywords: DB2 Access Oracle SQL warehouse
Pages: 9 Size: 205 Kb 
tweet!  Undocumented and Hard-to-Find SQL Features
Kirk Paul Lafler 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 6 Size: 270 Kb 
tweet!  Tips from the Hood: Challenging Problems and Tips from SAS-L
William W. Viergever 
Keywords: SAS-L tips help problems
Pages: 6 Size: 190 Kb 

SUGI 27   April 14-17, 2002 - Orlando, Florida

Advanced Tutorials

tweet!  To ODS RTF and Beyond
David Shannon 
Keywords: To ODS RTF and Beyond
Pages: 8 Size: 278 Kb 
tweet!  Beyond HTML: Using the SAS® System Version 8.2 with XML
Frederick Pratter 
Keywords: XML ODS HTML
Pages: 4 Size: 202 Kb 
tweet!  ODS Markup: The Power of Choice and Change
Eric Gebhart 
Keywords: ODS Base
Pages: 10 Size: 198 Kb 
tweet!  More Than Just Value: A Look Into Depths of PROC FORMAT
Pete Lund 
Keywords: formats informats cntilin
Pages: 10 Size: 230 Kb 
tweet!  Using Dynamic Data Exchange to Export Your SAS® Data to MS Excel - Against All ODS, Part I
Koen Vyverman 
Keywords: DDE Excel Automation Customize
Pages: 10 Size: 123 Kb 
tweet!  Reading from Alternate Sources: What to Do When the Input Is Not a Flat File
Michael L. Davis 
Keywords: FTP Access Method URL Access Method Socket Access Method Catalog Access Method Named Pipes LIBNAME engines
Pages: 10 Size: 185 Kb 
tweet!  Using Styles and Templates to Customize SAS® ODS Output
Sunil K. Gupta 
Keywords: ODS Styles Templates Customize HTML
Pages: 10 Size: 281 Kb 
tweet!  Output Delivery Goes Web
Kirk P. Lafler 
Keywords: ODS HTML PDF drill-down output delivery Web Browser internet
Pages: 7 Size: 317 Kb 
tweet!  ODS Meets SAS/IntrNet®
Susan J. Slaughter  Sy J. Truong  Lora D. Delwiche 
Keywords: ODS SAS/IntrNet internet web pages HTML STYLE=
Pages: 9 Size: 1669 Kb 
tweet!  Designing Web Applications: Lessons from SAS® User Interface Analysts
Todd Barlow 
Keywords: web interface internet
Pages: 8 Size: 161 Kb 
tweet!  Table Look-up: Techniques Beyond the Obvious
Henri Theuwissen  Nancy Croonen 
Keywords: Efficiency Table Look-Up Macro Call Execute SQL
Pages: 9 Size: 160 Kb 
tweet!  Hashing Rehashed
Paul M. Dorfman  Gregg P. Snell 
Keywords: direct addressing hashing search key-indexing birmapping
Pages: 9 Size: 214 Kb 
tweet!  Improve Your Queries: Hints and Tips for Using SQL
Marje Fecht  Linda A. Walters 
Keywords: SQL Efficiency
Pages: 1 Size: 67 Kb 
tweet!  Writing the 'Best' Program: The How and When of Efficient Programming
Frank C. DiIorio 
Keywords: efficiency resources DATA step system design procedures
Pages: 1 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  Longitudinal Data Techniques: Looking Across Observations
Ronald P. Cody 
Keywords: longitudinal data summary data sets
Pages: 4 Size: 60 Kb 
tweet!  Some Uses (and Handy Abuses) of PROC TRANSPOSE
Ralph W. Leighton 
Keywords: TRANSPOSE PROC TRANSPOSE data manipulation Row-Arithmetic Landscape-Reports
Pages: 10 Size: 153 Kb 
tweet!  Building and Using Macro Libraries
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Keywords: %INCLUDE autocall libraries macro
Pages: 7 Size: 73 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Tips and Techniques with PROC MEANS
Andrew H. Karp 
Keywords: PROC MEANS data summarization output data sets quantile statistics
Pages: 7 Size: 164 Kb 
tweet!  Save Time Today Using SAS® Views
Robert Ray 
Keywords: View
Pages: 4 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Macro Topics
Steven J. First 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 8 Size: 87 Kb 

SUGI 26   April 22-25, 2001 - Long Beach, California

Advanced Tutorials

tweet!  Using Styles and Templates to Customize SAS ODS Output
Sunil K. Gupta 
Keywords: ODS Styles Templates Customize
Pages: 10 Size: 359 Kb 
tweet!  Changes & Enhancements for ODS by Example (through V8.2)
Sandy McNeill 
Keywords: ODS Template Report Print
Pages: 7 Size: 134 Kb 
Lauren E. Haworth 
Pages: 9 Size: 263 Kb 
tweet!  The Basics of Dynamic SAS/IntrNet Applications
Roderick A. Rose 
Keywords: SAS/IntrNet web dynamic
Pages: 6 Size: 181 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to MDDBs and Publishing Them on the Web
Dana Rafiee  Stan Andermann 
Keywords: Web MDDB webEIS EIS Java internet
Pages: 10 Size: 634 Kb 
tweet!  Presentation Graphics Using the ANNOTATE Facility
Joseph L. McCormick 
Keywords: Annotate SAS/GRAPH
Pages: 5 Size: 152 Kb 
tweet!  Table Look-Up by Direct Addressing: Key-Indexing - Bitmapping - Hashing
Paul M. Dorfman 
Keywords: Table Look-Up Direct Addressing Key-Indexing Bitmapping Hashing Searching
Pages: 10 Size: 278 Kb 
tweet!  MISSOVER, TRUNCOVER, and PAD, OH MY!! Or Making Sense of the INFILE and INPUT Statements
Randall Cates 
Keywords: DATA step INFILE statement INPUT statement MISSOVER TRUNCOVER PAD
Pages: 6 Size: 128 Kb 
tweet!  Database Access Using the SAS System
Frederick E. Pratter 
Keywords: database SAS/Access Oracle ODBC
Pages: 5 Size: 149 Kb 
tweet!  Using Dynamic Data Exchange to Export Your SAS Data to MS Excel - Against All ODS, Part I
Koen Vyverman 
Keywords: DDE Excel export tutorial automation
Pages: 10 Size: 143 Kb 
tweet!  Migrating your SAS ODBC Application to ADO
David Shamlin 
Pages: 7 Size: 161 Kb 
tweet!  Predictive Modeling in the Insurance Industry Using SAS
Terry Woodfield 
Keywords: insurance fraud predictive modeling Enterprise Miner neural networks decision trees
Pages: 5 Size: 160 Kb 
tweet!  The Metamorphosis of a Study Design
Marge Scerbo  Craig Dickstein 
Keywords: study design health care
Pages: 6 Size: 99 Kb 
tweet!  Preemptive DATA CLEANING: Techniques
Malachy J. Foley 
Keywords: check digits data cleaning form design data entry hash totals double keying
Pages: 9 Size: 160 Kb 
tweet!  Writing the 'Best' Program: The How and When of Efficient Programming
Frank C. DiIorio 
Keywords: efficiency program tuning DATA step efficiency
Pages: 1 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  You Could Look It Up: An Introduction to SASHELP Dictionary Views
Michael L. Davis 
Keywords: SASHELP views dictionary SQL
Pages: 10 Size: 67 Kb 
tweet!  More Than Just VALUE: A Look into the Depths of PROC FORMAT
Peter J. Lund 
Keywords: Formats PROC FORMAT FMTSEARCH option
Pages: 10 Size: 184 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Macro Topics
Steven J. First 
Keywords: macro base
Pages: 8 Size: 113 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Tips I Learnt Whilst at Oxford
Philip A. Mason 
Keywords: tips
Pages: 5 Size: 142 Kb 

SUGI 25   April 9-12, 2000 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Advanced Tutorials

tweet!  Transforming SAS Data Sets Using Arrays
Ronald P. Cody 
Keywords: arrays Transforming restructuring
Pages: 6 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Formats: Going Beneath the Surface
Roger Staum 
Keywords: format
Pages: 7 Size: 213 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced DATA Step Techniques
Neil Howard 
Keywords: DATA Step MERGE supervisor PDV compile execute
Pages: 10 Size: 155 Kb 
tweet!  Using Macro Functions
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Keywords: macro macro functions %SYSFUNC macro quoting SCL
Pages: 7 Size: 136 Kb 
tweet!  Indexing and Compressing SAS Data Sets: How, Why and Why Not
Andrew H. Karp 
Keywords: Indexing Compression Observation retrieval LENGTH Statement Size of Data Sets data set size
Pages: 6 Size: 134 Kb 
tweet!  Notes from the Outer Limits of 4GL RDBMS/SQL: The SAS System to the Rescue
Sigurd W. Hermansen 
Keywords: SAS SQL RDBMS database
Pages: 6 Size: 126 Kb 
tweet!  Integrity Constraints and Audit Trails Working Together
Gary Franklin  Art Jensen 
Keywords: Integrity Audit
Pages: 6 Size: 162 Kb 
tweet!  Version 8 Base SAS Performance: How Does It Stack Up?
Robert Ray 
Keywords: SAS base Performance DATA Step SQL SORT SUMMARY
Pages: 7 Size: 351 Kb 
tweet!  Building A Better Data Entry Application Using PROC FSEDIT
Derek P. Morgan  Michael A. Province 
Keywords: FSEDIT SCL Data Entry
Pages: 10 Size: 188 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 87 Kb)
tweet!  Uncorking SAS/AF Software Bottlenecks with the SCL Dynamic Performance Analyzer
Jeffrey L. Lessenberry 
Keywords: FRAME SCL SAS/AF software SAS/EIS software
Pages: 5 Size: 105 Kb 
tweet!  XML and SAS Software: An Advanced Tutorial
Greg S. Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: XML OOP Applications development Internet Intranet Reporting
Pages: 10 Size: 345 Kb 
tweet!  Show Them What's Important: Solutions for a Finite Workday in an Era of Information Overload
LeRoy Bessler 
Keywords: Information Delivery Information Overload Visual Communication Graphic Design Table Design SAS/GRAPH software
Pages: 9 Size: 98 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Software and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Make Beautiful Reports Together
Aileen L. Yam 
Keywords: clinical study report Visual Basic for Applications Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel word-processing formatting
Pages: 5 Size: 45 Kb 
tweet!  Multiprocessing with Version 8 of the SAS System
Cheryl Garner 
Keywords: multiprocess SAS/CONNECT software
Pages: 6 Size: 189 Kb 
tweet!  You CAN Get There from Here (and Back Again): Adding Hot-link Drill-down Capabilities to %DS2HTM and %TAB2HTM Output
Ray Pass 
Keywords: HTML Web publishing tools %DS2HTM %TAB2HTM drill down hotlinks
Pages: 10 Size: 297 Kb 
tweet!  Let There Be Highlights: Data-driven Cell, Row and Column Highlighting in %TAB2HTM and %DS2HTM Output
Matt J. Flynn  Ray Pass 
Keywords: HTML %DS2HTM %TAB2HTM Web publishing tools
Pages: 7 Size: 468 Kb 
tweet!  Client/Server Setup and Implementation - Web and Non-Web Environments.
John W. Laing 
Keywords: SAS/CONNECT software Web CLIENT/SERVER Internet SAS/SHARE software SAS/IntrNet software
Pages: 10 Size: 346 Kb 
tweet!  Mixed-Up Mixed Models: Things That Look Like They Should Work But Don't, and Things That Look Like They Shouldn't Work But Do
Robert M. Hamer  Pippa M. Simpson 
Keywords: GLM MIXED Mixed Models Statistics Models
Pages: 8 Size: 134 Kb 

SUGI 24   April 11-14, 1999 - Miami Beach, Florida

Advanced Tutorials

tweet!  Keeping Your Data in Step - Utilizing Efficiencies .
Michael G. Sadof 
Keywords: Efficiencies Benchmarking large data sets
Pages: 7 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Macro Quoting Functions, Other Special Character Masking Tools, and How To Use Them
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Keywords: macro quoting functions mask
Pages: 5 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  So You're Running Out of Sort Work Space... Reducing the Resources Used by PROC SORT
Bob Virgile 
Keywords: PROC SORT CPU time MVS
Pages: 6 Size: 29 Kb 
tweet!  Code or Data?
Ian Whitlock 
Keywords: macro data _null substitution mail merge report writing
Pages: 10 Size: 90 Kb 
tweet!  No Program Is An Island: Passing Parameters to Tasks Launched by Servers and Schedulers
Michael L. Davis  Gregory S. Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: parameter passing macro language SCL lists production scheduler web servers
Pages: 10 Size: 165 Kb 
tweet!  How to Use Version 7 Features to Optimize the Distributed Capabilities of SAS Software
Cheryl Garner 
Keywords: client/server distributed SAS/CONNECT
Pages: 10 Size: 94 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/CONNECT Software in A Multi-Platform Environment
Cyndie Gareleck  Rodger Madison 
Keywords: client/server
Pages: 7 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  Using the SAS/MDDB and User Written Methods to Enhance SAS/EIS Objects
Ben T. Cochran 
Keywords: SAS/MDDB SAS/EIS methods
Pages: 6 Size: 65 Kb 
tweet!  Indexing and Compressing SAS Data Sets: How, Why and Why Not
Andrew H. Karp 
Keywords: Indexing Compression Match-Merging Data Warehousing
Pages: 5 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  Fuzzy Merges: Examples and Techniques
Malachy J. Foley 
Keywords: Merges Fuzzy Merges Interleaving
Pages: 10 Size: 66 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced DATA Step Topics
Neil Howard 
Keywords: DATA step compile vs. execute defaults formatting functions
Pages: 10 Size: 76 Kb 
tweet!  Transforming SAS Data Sets Using Arrays
Ronald P. Cody 
Keywords: arrays transforming restructuring
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  Relational Database Schemes and SAS Software SQL Solutions
Sigurd W. Hermansen 
Keywords: SQL database design model integrity key
Pages: 9 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  SQL Query Window Classes: How to Incorporate the SQL Column Expression Builder Class In Custom SAS/AF Applications
Christopher A. Roper 
Keywords: SQL Query Calculated Column Builder af
Pages: 5 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  Performance Enhancements to PROC SQL in Version 7 of the SAS System
Lewis Church 
Keywords: PROC SQL
Pages: 6 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  What Your Mother Never Told You About the Query Window
Janet E. Stuelpner 
Keywords: SQL Query Window
Pages: 3 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System
Andrew T. Kuligowski 
Pages: 10 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  Show Them What's Important: Solutions for a Finite Workday in an Era of Information Overload
LeRoy Bessler 
Keywords: information delivery information overload ranking subsetting data information visualization macros
Pages: 10 Size: 370 Kb 
tweet!  Building A Better Data Entry Application Using PROC FSEDIT
Derek P. Morgan  Michael Province 
Keywords: PROC FSEDIT data entry SCL
Pages: 10 Size: 66 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 87 Kb)
tweet!  Twisty Turny Passages, All Alike - ODS Templates Exposed
Chris Olinger 
Keywords: ODS Ouput Delivery Proc Template Styles Editing Output Templates
Pages: 18 Size: 223 Kb 

SUGI 23   March 22-25, 1998 - Nashville, Tennessee

Advanced Tutorials

tweet!  Programming and Other Features of the JMP Calculator
Daniel J. Obermiller 
Pages: 8 Size: 138 Kb 
tweet!  SQL Step by Step: An Advanced Tutorial for Business Users
Judy Loren  Gregory S. Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 10 Size: 93 Kb 
tweet!  Tables and Views and Forms: Oh My!
Marge Scerbo  Alan Wilson 
Pages: 8 Size: 210 Kb 
tweet!  SCL for the Rest of Us: Nonvisual Uses of Screen Control Language
Michael L. Davis 
Pages: 10 Size: 80 Kb 
tweet!  Application Development in SAS/AF Software Using Class Libraries
Carl R. Haske 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  Intermediate PROC SQL
Thomas J. Winn Jr. 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 7 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Started with SAS/AF Frame Subclasses
Thomas Miron 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 197 Kb 
tweet!  Web Enabling Existing SAS Applications
S. David Riba 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 1 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  SAS and HTML - HTML Publishing Using SAS
Caroline C. Bahler  Sally Muller  David Doolittle  Arturo Barrios 
Keywords: html
Pages: 9 Size: 167 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Software and Java for Interactive Graphics
Andrew A. Norton 
Pages: 7 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Querying the Data Warehouse with the SQL Procedure SELECT Statement
Kirk Paul Lafler 
Keywords: SQL warehouse
Pages: 5 Size: 81 Kb 
tweet!  Understanding the SAS/MDDB Server to Process Large Files
Dana Rafiee 
Pages: 5 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  Macros = Magic; Where Number of Graphics = Many; Customizing Your Graphics Code with Macros
David Mintz  Nicole G. Mintz 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  %SYSFUNC - The Brave New Macro World
Chris Yindra 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 7 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  You Can RUN; But Your Data Cannot Hide: Advanced Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System
Andrew T. Kuligowski 
Pages: 1 Size: 13 Kb 
tweet!  On Data Transfer
Aileen L. Yam 
Pages: 10 Size: 96 Kb 
tweet!  MATCH-MERGING: 20 Some Traps and How to Avoid Them
Malachy J. Foley 
Pages: 21 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Macro Topics: Utilities and Examples
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 41 Kb 

SUGI 22   March 16-19, 1997 - San Diego, California

Advanced Tutorials

tweet!  A SAS Programmer's View of the SAS Supervisor
Ian Whitlock 
Pages: 11 Size: 75 Kb 
tweet!  Ten Good Reasons to Learn SAS Software's SQL Procedure
Sigurd Hermansen 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 5 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Data Views: A Virtual View of Data
John C. Boling 
Pages: 5 Size: 16 Kb 
tweet!  It Takes at Least Two to Tango - A Data Set Joining Primer
Caroline Bahler 
Pages: 9 Size: 571 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced MATCH-MERGING: Techniques, Tricks, and Traps
Malachy J. Foley 
Pages: 8 Size: 670 Kb 
tweet!  How to Use the SAS/AF FRAME OrgChart Object
Thomas Miron 
Keywords: af
Pages: 20 Size: 187 Kb 
tweet!  Object Interfaces
Andrew A. Norton 
Pages: 9 Size: 57 Kb 
tweet!  A Step-by-Step Illustration of Building a Data Analysis Tool with Macros
Diana Zhang Wobus  John C. Gober 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 7 Size: 24 Kb 
tweet!  Reports Based on SAS Output: Taking Advantage of PROC PRINTTO, DATA Steps and PROC GPRINT
Lauren Haworth 
Pages: 9 Size: 824 Kb 
tweet!  &&&, ;;, and Other Hieroglyphics - Advanced Macro Topics.
Chris Yindra 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 9 Size: 22 Kb 
tweet!  The Utter "Simplicity?" of the TABULATE Procedure - The Final Chapter
Dan Bruns 
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 6 Size: 434 Kb 
tweet!  OLE and the SAS System for Windows Release 6.12
Jennifer Clegg  Carol Rigsbee 
Pages: 10 Size: 102 Kb 
tweet!  PROC FSVIEW: A Real Programmer's Tool (Or A Real Programmer Doesn' t Use PROC PRINT)
Marge Scerbo  Alan Wilson 
Pages: 7 Size: 693 Kb 
tweet!  Putting Yourself on the Map with the GMAP Procedure
Michael Davis 
Pages: 10 Size: 91 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Techniques for Reading Difficult and Unusual Flat Files
Kim L. Kolbe Ritzow 
Pages: 9 Size: 82 Kb 
tweet!  Using the SAS System Release 6.12 on Windows
Gary Mehler 
Pages: 9 Size: 123 Kb 
tweet!  Handling the Year 2000 and Other Timely Issues
David Beam 
Pages: 8 Size: 65 Kb 

SUGI 21   March 10-13, 1996 - Chicago, Illinois

Advanced Tutorials

tweet!  The Secret Life of the DATA Step
Thomas Miron 
Pages: 7 Size: 244 Kb 
tweet!  %FLATFILE, and Make Your Life Easier
M. Michelle Buchecker 
Pages: 3 Size: 174 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced DATA Step Topics and Tips
Neil Howard  Cynthia Zender 
Pages: 10 Size: 691 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Uses of SAS Formats
Howard Levine 
Pages: 10 Size: 484 Kb 
tweet!  Data Summary: Beyond the Basics
Susan Slaughter  Lora Delwiche 
Pages: 7 Size: 399 Kb 
tweet!  Transforming SAS Data Sets Using Arrays
Ron Cody 
Keywords: array
Pages: 5 Size: 276 Kb 
tweet!  Data about Data: An Introduction to Dictionary Tables
Frank C. DiIorio  Nancy J. Michal 
Pages: 7 Size: 1828 Kb 
tweet!  FRAME-ing Graphs: Using Graphical FRAME Objects to Replace PROC GREPLAY and Templates
Art Carpenter 
Pages: 7 Size: 3381 Kb 
Alan Dickson  Ray Pass 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 10 Size: 635 Kb 
tweet!  An SQL Tutorial -Some Random Tips
Paul Kent 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 5 Size: 1663 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Features of PROC TABULATE
Dan Bruns 
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 6 Size: 401 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Topics in PROC REPORT
Christopher Yindra 
Pages: 10 Size: 544 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF FRAMES: List Objects
Serge Dupuis  Loretta Golby 
Keywords: af
Pages: 8 Size: 2486 Kb 
tweet!  An lntroduction to Developing Applications with FRAME Entries
Vincent L. Timbers 
Pages: 9 Size: 5644 Kb 
tweet!  Persistent Storage of Data Objects
Andrew A. Norton 
Pages: 5 Size: 354 Kb 
tweet!  Software: Doing More with Less ANNOTATE
Irene Mendelson 
Pages: 6 Size: 350 Kb 
tweet!  Whet your Application Appetite with
Danielle Davis 
Pages: 5 Size: 2448 Kb 
tweet!  SUM Enchanted Procedure: The Advanced Power of PROC SUMMARY
David Beam 
Pages: 6 Size: 310 Kb 
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