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SAS Conference Proceedings: South-Central SAS Users Group 1995
November 6-7, 1995, Arlington, Texas, 29 papers
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tweet!  Use of SAS Code to Control TSO Batch JCL
  Mohammed Abdulmujeeb, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 128 Kb 
tweet!  Building a Graphical Network Analysis System Using SAS/EIS
  Mahdi Al-Haery, MCI Telecommunications Corp.
Pages: 7 Size: 226 Kb 
tweet!  Creating a Dynamic Menuing System Using SAS Frames
  Dee Burgett, Tandy Information Systems
Pages: 11 Size: 538 Kb 
tweet!  Portable SOPs for Contract SAS Programmers and Consultants
  Bill Calvert, Service Research Inc.
Pages: 6 Size: 311 Kb 
tweet!  OLE and the SAS System for Windows Release 6.11
  Jennifer Bradshaw Clegg, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 9 Size: 482 Kb 
tweet!  The Use of PROC ARIMA to Test An Intervention Effect
  Neil Fleming, 2W Systems Co., Inc.
Pages: 4 Size: 85 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS System: A Complete Client/Server Solution
  Cheryl A. Garner, SAS Institute, Inc.; Stephanie Reinard, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 12 Size: 806 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS System and Data Exchange
  Clarence W. Jackson, City of Dallas Revenue and Taxation Department
Pages: 10 Size: 328 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/PC for Higher Order Factor Analysis in Research
  William L. Johnson, Ambassador University; Annabel M. Johnson, Ambassador University
Pages: 10 Size: 239 Kb 
tweet!  Nine Cell Laboratory Tables
  O. M. Little, OML Associates
Pages: 23 Size: 434 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Tips
  Philip Mason, Independent Consultant
Pages: 14 Size: 377 Kb 
tweet!  Data Entry and Data Transform Errors -- What They Are, How to Prevent Them, and How to Correct Them
  Iris McPherson, Oklahoma State University
Pages: 10 Size: 400 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Analysis of Stock Prices Using the CRSP Tapes and SAS: Protocols for Both Academic Research and Classroom Use
  Glenn Millard, Stephen F. Austin State University; Garland Simmons, Stephen F. Austin State University
Pages: 20 Size: 455 Kb 
tweet!  Market Research Using SAS/AF
  James F. Moore, MND Service Inc. & Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.
Pages: 22 Size: 1253 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS System Client/Server Products and Solutions for the VSE Operating System
  Paul Mortensen, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 9 Size: 398 Kb 
tweet!  New Electronic Services Offered by SAS Institute's Technical Support Division
  Mason Nichols, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 339 Kb 
Using SAS to Evaluate the Operating Characteristics of Selected Multivariate Analysis of Variance Procedures
  Debra Olson Oltman, Oral Roberts University
Using SAS to Evaluate the Operating Characteristics of Selected Multivariate Analysis of Variance Procedures
  William T. Coombs, Oklahoma State University
tweet!  ODBC: Windows to the Outside World
  S. David Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.; Elisabeth Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 636 Kb 
tweet!  Nested Procedures Loops: Yes! They Exist & Flourish!
  Linda C. Rowland, IRA
Pages: 3 Size: 116 Kb 
Designing a Quality Assurance Package for the LTPP Traffic Data Project Using SAS, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT, SAS/AF Frame Entries, and SCL
  Betty Smith, Chaparral Systems Corporation
Designing a Quality Assurance Package for the LTPP Traffic Data Project Using SAS, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT, SAS/AF Frame Entries, and SCL
  Cindy Cornell, Chaparral Systems Corporation
tweet!  The Making of a SAS/AF Programmer
  John Stokes, JJT Consulting Inc.
Pages: 4 Size: 224 Kb 
tweet!  Desktop Publishing With SAS and WordPerfect
  Christopher Toppe, Computer Sciences Corporation
Pages: 8 Size: 281 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Subtotals and Percentages: It's Never Been So Easy
  Christopher Toppe, Computer Sciences Corporation
Pages: 6 Size: 238 Kb 
tweet!  A Macro for Displaying Correlation Matrices
  Diana L. Urbauer, Applied Logic Associates Inc.; Stephen I. Black, Applied Logic Associates Inc.
Pages: 23 Size: 506 Kb 
tweet!  Remote and Open Access to Enterprise Data: Enhanced Distributed Data Access Through Multiple Engine Architecture
  Jack Wallace, SAS Institute, Inc.; Michael D. Jones, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 631 Kb 
tweet!  How to Write SAS Code Which is Efficient and Easy to Maintain
  Thomas J. Winn Jr, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Pages: 7 Size: 327 Kb 
tweet!  Estimating Ultimate Losses for Claims With Long Tail by SAS Program Based Upon Loss Development Factor Method
  Dagan Zhang, Texas Workers' Compensation Research Center
Pages: 21 Size: 483 Kb 
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