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SAS Conference Proceedings: South-Central SAS Users Group 1997
November 9-11, 1997, Houston, Texas, 38 papers
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tweet!  A Macro to Account for Missing Data in a Table
  Margie Bell, Applied Logic Associates Inc.; Stephen Black, Applied Logic Associates Inc.; Jennifer Fulton, Applied Logic Associates Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 328 Kb 
tweet!  A Generalization of the Stuart-Maxwell Test
  Stephen Black, Applied Logic Associates Inc.; Mithat Gonen, Applied Logic Associates Inc.
Pages: 14 Size: 497 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehouse Implementation with the SAS System
  Tony Brown, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 11 Size: 621 Kb 
tweet!  The Utter Simplicity of the Tabulate Procedure
  Dan Bruns, Tennessee Valley Authority
Pages: 7 Size: 413 Kb 
tweet!  The Utter "Simplicity?" of the Tabulate Procedure - The Final Chapter
  Dan Bruns, Tennessee Valley Authority
Pages: 6 Size: 326 Kb 
tweet!  Having a Ball with Strings
  Ronald Cody, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Pages: 8 Size: 388 Kb 
tweet!  The INPUT Statement: Where is it's @
  Ronald Cody, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Pages: 10 Size: 452 Kb 
tweet!  Data-driven HTML
  Keith Cranford, Marquee Associates LLC; Mary Keinarth, Marquee Associates LLC
Pages: 6 Size: 220 Kb 
tweet!  The Use of PROC ARIMA to Test An Intervention Effect
  Neil S. Fleming, 2W Systems Co., Inc.; Eric Gibson, Thomas Jeffereson University; David G. Fleming, Case-Western Reserve University
Pages: 8 Size: 228 Kb 
tweet!  Batch Export of ROSCOE Members to PDS Files Using SAS to Build RDF
  Clarence W. Jackson, City of Dallas Revenue and Taxation Department
Pages: 6 Size: 167 Kb 
tweet!  Reliability Data Analysis in the SAS System
  Gordon Johnston, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 530 Kb 
Keynote Talk
  Barrett Joyner, SAS Institute, Inc.
tweet!  Survival Strategies and Solutions for the New Millennium - Year 2000
  Kirk Paul Lafler, Millenium Technologies, Inc.; Sunil Kumar Gupta, Millenium Technologies, Inc.; Charles Edward Shipp, Millenium Technologies, Inc.
Pages: 6 Size: 308 Kb 
tweet!  Ten Great Reasons to Learn SAS Software's SQL Procedure
  Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation
Pages: 6 Size: 284 Kb 
A History of Software Development at SAS Institute Inc.
  Richard D. Langston, SAS Institute, Inc.
tweet!  The Year 2000: Preparing for the Inevitable
  Richard D. Langston, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 5 Size: 232 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Programming Tips for Finding Variables in the DATA Step: A Tutorial
  Mark MacMullen, Hallmark Information Services
Pages: 9 Size: 302 Kb 
tweet!  SAS-a-Sketch: Using SAS Annotate Facility for Creating Custom Graphs
  Patrick M. McGown, FSD Data Services, Inc.
Pages: 6 Size: 309 Kb 
tweet!  An Application of Cycle Regression Analysis Algorithm to Predict Electric Utility Demand
  Mayur R. Mehta, Southwest Texas State University; Walter E. Johnston, Southwest Texas State University
Pages: 7 Size: 233 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing a Dimensional Data Warehouse with the SAS System
  Gregory S. Nelson, ASG, Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 750 Kb 
tweet!  Hodges-Lehmann Confidence Intervals for a Shift in Location Using SAS Procedure SQL
  Ann Olmstead, Texas A & M University
Pages: 6 Size: 242 Kb 
tweet!  Internet Breast Cancer Education: Application of JMP Software in the Analysis
  Jeanette Rasche, CTA; Shane Story, CTA; Jeremy Wise, CTA; James Zadinsky, CTA
Pages: 9 Size: 516 Kb 
tweet!  Phonetic Matching of Character Data
  S. David Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.
Pages: 4 Size: 217 Kb 
tweet!  Self-Modifying SAS Programs: A Data Step Interface
  S. David Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.
Pages: 8 Size: 399 Kb 
tweet!  Word-Wrapping Text Output in SAS Corner
  S. David Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.
Pages: 2 Size: 96 Kb 
tweet!  Your Friend the Colon: Some Efficiency Techniques for Comparing or Selecting Character Data
  S. David Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.
Pages: 2 Size: 103 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Client-Server Technology Used for Parallel Processing of Statistical Process Control Charts
  Randy T. Rist, JCPenney Co., Inc.
Pages: 22 Size: 954 Kb 
tweet!  Contruction of Inptu for Environmental Simulation Models Using Multivariate Analysis
  Joaquin Sanabria, Texas Agricultural Extension Station; Don Goss, Texas Agricultural Extension Station
Pages: 18 Size: 740 Kb 
tweet!  User Publishing with SAS Institue: A Valuable Exchange
  Hanna Schoenrock, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 4 Size: 194 Kb 
tweet!  A Tip for Improving DB2 Performance
  Ann Stephan, Texas State Comptroller's Office
Pages: 5 Size: 153 Kb 
tweet!  Statistical Enhancements in Release 6.12 of the SAS System
  Maura Stokes, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 397 Kb 
tweet!  Applications of Intelligent Technologies for Efficient Businesses
  D. Thomas Taylor, Palladian Analysis & Consulting; Ron Salazar, Palladian Analysis & Consulting
Pages: 6 Size: 249 Kb 
tweet!  Inventory Optimization and SAS
  D. Thomas Taylor, Palladian Analysis & Consulting
Pages: 7 Size: 279 Kb 
tweet!  Starting, Leading, and Growing a Successful SAS User Group Program
  Dina G. Urquhart, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 5 Size: 280 Kb 
tweet!  A Not-So-Rapidly Developed FSEDIT Application --or-- What a Non SAS Programmer Can Do With SAS
  Charlotte R. Wenger, University of Texas Health Science Center
Pages: 7 Size: 204 Kb 
On Getting PROC TABULATE to Compute and Display Percentages and Other Quotients
  Thomas J. Winn Jr, Texas State Comptroller's Office
tweet!  Intermediate PROC SQL
  Thomas J. Winn Jr, Texas State Comptroller's Office
Pages: 7 Size: 382 Kb 
tweet!  A Macro to Generate the Sensitivity, Specificity, Positiv Predictive Value, Negative Predictive Value and Their 95% CI's
  Qingling Zhang, Houston Light & Power
Pages: 8 Size: 224 Kb 
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