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SAS Conference Proceedings: South-Central SAS Users Group 1999
November 7-9, 1999, San Antonio, Texas, 32 papers
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Hands-On Workshops

tweet!  Leveraging Your Mainframe Investment: Web-Enable Your Mainframe Applications Using New Features of Versions 7 and 8
  Kevin Bestelmeyer, SAS Institute, Inc.; David Crow, SAS Institute, Inc.; Denise Poll, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 12 Size: 353 Kb 
tweet!  So Many PROCs, So Little Time: A Primer of Efficient Report Writing in Base SAS
  Debbie Buck, D. B. & P. Associates
Pages: 9 Size: 345 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to Gibbs Sampling
  Scott Burk, Scott and White Health Care
Pages: 9 Size: 211 Kb 
tweet!  Longitudinal Data Techniques
  Ronald Cody, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Pages: 6 Size: 312 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Macro Processing
  Destiny Corporation, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 9 Size: 219 Kb 
Hands-On Workshops
tweet!  Basic Macro Processing
  Destiny Corporation, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 6 Size: 260 Kb 
tweet!  Basic SQL Processing
  Destiny Corporation, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 5 Size: 210 Kb 
tweet!  Basic PROC TABULATE
  Destiny Corporation, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 21 Size: 408 Kb 
tweet!  Functions in SAS
  Destiny Corporation, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 3 Size: 114 Kb 
tweet!  Programming with the Output Delivery System in Version 7
  Destiny Corporation, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 6 Size: 398 Kb 
tweet!  Running SAS Applications on the Web
  Destiny Corporation, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 4 Size: 233 Kb 
tweet!  Web Publishing of Reports and Graphs
  Destiny Corporation, Destiny Corporation
Pages: 7 Size: 473 Kb 
tweet!  Using JMP for Technical Analysis of Stocks in Highly Volatile Markets
  Bill Gjertsen, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 274 Kb 
tweet!  Normalization of Peak Demand for an Electric Utility Using PROC Model
  J. Mark Harris, Central and South West Services, Inc.; Jeff Brown, Central and South West Services, Inc.; Mark Gilbert, Central and South West Services, Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 375 Kb 
tweet!  40,153,273,652
  Charles Hopf, MBNA Hallmark Information Services; Barry Merrill, Merrill Consultants
Pages: 18 Size: 777 Kb 
tweet!  Defining Test Data Using Population Analysis
  Clarence W. Jackson, City of Dallas Revenue and Taxation Department
Pages: 5 Size: 204 Kb 
tweet!  Y2K Windowed Two Digit Years and When to Use YEARCUTOFF
  Clarence W. Jackson, City of Dallas Revenue and Taxation Department
Pages: 4 Size: 152 Kb 
tweet!  Year 2000 Triage for Your SAS Applications
  Mike Kalt, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 659 Kb 
tweet!  Shifting from PROC TABULATE to PROC REPORT Tables
  O. M. Little, OML Associates
Pages: 1 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  Grab Your Tokens, Here Comes the Macro Train
  Mark MacMullen, MBNA Hallmark Information Services
Pages: 4 Size: 154 Kb 
tweet!  ODS for Data Analysis: Output As-You-Like-It in Version 7
  Christopher R. Olinger, SAS Institute, Inc.; Randall D. Tobias, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 20 Size: 1364 Kb 
tweet!  Statistics Without DATA_NULLS_
  Michael C. Palmer, Zurich Biostatistics, Inc.; Cecillia A. Hale, Zurich Biostatistics, Inc.
Pages: 6 Size: 415 Kb 
tweet!  Extending the Data Warehouse: An Introduction to OLE DB
  S. David Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.
Pages: 1 Size: 43 Kb 
tweet!  How to Use the DATA Step Debugger
  S. David Riba, JADE Tech, Inc.
Pages: 9 Size: 459 Kb 
tweet!  But Our Office Isn't Paperless … Can I Get All Those Nifty Styles Too?, or Using ODS to Create High-Quality Hardcopy in SAS Version 8
  Brian T. Schellenberger, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 573 Kb 
tweet!  Capacity and Policy Planning Using a Simulation Model
  George Tompkins, SAS Institute, Inc.
Pages: 4 Size: 338 Kb 
tweet!  UML - The Unified Model Language: What is it, and How can it help the Object-Oriented SAS Developer?
  Willy Waks, 2W Systems Co., Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 490 Kb 
tweet!  Data Manipulation and Report Writing Techniques
  Julie Wallace, Blue Cross Blue Schield of Texas
Pages: 10 Size: 464 Kb 
tweet!  Taming the Chaos: Managing Large SAS/AF Applications Using Programming Standards and the Source Control Manager of Version 7 of the SAS System
  C. Michael Whitney, Motorola
Pages: 8 Size: 529 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Features of PROC TABULATE
  Thomas J. Winn Jr, Texas State Comptroller's Office
Pages: 6 Size: 383 Kb 
tweet!  Debugging SAS Macros, Revised
  Thomas J. Winn Jr, Texas State Comptroller's Office
Pages: 7 Size: 459 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to Using PROC SQL
  Thomas J. Winn Jr, Texas State Comptroller's Office
Pages: 7 Size: 398 Kb 
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