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SAS Conference Proceedings: South-Central SAS Users Group 2004
November 7-9, 2004, Austin, Texas, 38 papers
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tweet!  Creating Birth Data Quality Reports: Identifying hospitals that submit high volumes of invalid data using PROC REPORT and ODS
  Thaer Baroud; John Senner; Paul Johnson
Pages: 12 Size: 283 Kb 
tweet!  A Guide to Understanding Web Application Development
  Corey Benson; Robert Girardin
Pages: 17 Size: 604 Kb 
tweet!  A Complete Guide to HTML Form Output for SAS/IntrNet® Developers
  Don Boudreaux
Pages: 6 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  Grid Computing at Texas Tech University using SAS
  Ronald Bremer; Jerry Perez; Philip Smith; Peter Westfall
Pages: 9 Size: 123 Kb 
tweet!  The Workhorses of Customized Report Writing - PROC TABULATE and PROC REPORT
  Deborah Babcock Buck
Pages: 7 Size: 174 Kb 
tweet!  SAS and Multivariate Music: A GUI for Multivariate Analysis of Musical Instrumentation Digital Interface (MIDI) Data
  Lisa Cannon; Cecil Hallum
Pages: 11 Size: 189 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office - Leveraging SAS® Throughout the Organization from Microsoft® Office
  Jennifer Clegg; Stephen McDaniel
Pages: 15 Size: 406 Kb 
tweet!  Scalable Access to SAS® Data
  Billy Clifford
Pages: 7 Size: 110 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/IntrNet® to Generate Data Products from a Database: The SAO Online USAS Guide
  Kirby Cossey; Olin Davis; Tom Winn
Pages: 13 Size: 1666 Kb 
tweet!  Enterprise Guide®: Should it Be Your Everyday SAS® Editor?
  Kevin Davidson
Pages: 7 Size: 139 Kb 
tweet!  Retaining, Lagging, Leading, and Interleaving Data
  Toby Dunn
Pages: 14 Size: 137 Kb 
tweet!  Data Mining and the Use of SAS® to Deploy Scoring Rules
  Neil Fleming
Pages: 13 Size: 86 Kb 
tweet!  Using PROC SURVEYMEANS to Analyze A Creel Survey
  Rebecca G. Frederick; E. Barry Moser; George Melancon
Pages: 10 Size: 516 Kb 
tweet!  Joining a SAS® Dataset With a SQL Table Using Enterprise Guide
  Gillis Guidry
Pages: 6 Size: 70 Kb 
tweet!  MIS Reporting in the Credit Card Industry
  Tom Hotard
Pages: 15 Size: 358 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Optimization: What's New and What's Next
  Edward P. Hughes
Pages: 25 Size: 905 Kb 
tweet!  Data Quality and Base SAS®
  Clarence Wm. Jackson, CSQA
Pages: 6 Size: 116 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS to Automate Statistical Reports
  Madhukar Joshi
Pages: 15 Size: 159 Kb 
tweet!  Exploring DICTIONARY Tables and Views
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Pages: 6 Size: 494 Kb 
tweet!  Undocumented and Hard-to-find SQL Features
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Pages: 10 Size: 139 Kb 
tweet!  Basic Pattern Recognition and Digital Image Processing Using SAS/AF Frame
  Abhishek Lall
Pages: 7 Size: 477 Kb 
tweet!  Designing the Optimal File Linkage Algorithm (OFLA) [ Poster ]
  Tsai Mei Lin
Pages: 14 Size: 333 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/ACCESS® to External Databases: Wisdom for the Warehouse User
  Judy Loren
Pages: 10 Size: 183 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Enterprise Guide 3.0 for SAS® Programmers - A Roadmap to Combining the Best of Both Worlds
  Stephen McDaniel; Annette McDaniel; Gregory A. Smith
Pages: 3 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  Teacher Evaluations - A tutorial in some advanced features of SAS
  Glenn Millard
Pages: 19 Size: 247 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® as a Multi-Purpose Tool in the Healthcare Environment
  Robert Muzny
Pages: 7 Size: 82 Kb 
tweet!  Proc Migrate: How to Migrate Your Data and Know You've Done It Right!
  Diane Olson; David Wiehle
Pages: 17 Size: 260 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Procedure Implementation
  Annapurna Ravi
Pages: 7 Size: 351 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to ODS for Statistical Graphics in SAS 9.1
  Robert N. Rodriguez
Pages: 27 Size: 705 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS/OR® Primer on Using PROC LP
  Michael E. Salassi
Pages: 14 Size: 204 Kb 
tweet!  Providing Standardization to DHI (Dairy Herd Improvement) Databases with SAS and using SAS products to deliver user friendly applications.
  Michael Tomaszewski; Sandeep Gaudana
Pages: 12 Size: 602 Kb 
tweet!  Power of SAS in the Palm of your hand
  Zeke Torres
Pages: 1 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  Start with SAS with a few quick easy steps
  Zeke Torres
Keywords: SAS 1016 FTP
Pages: 4 Size: 298 Kb 
tweet!  Fishing in Texas with SAS
  Richard Glenn Willey
Pages: 4 Size: 461 Kb 
tweet!  Fraud Detection: A Primer for SAS® Programmers
  Thomas J. Winn, Jr.
Pages: 9 Size: 144 Kb 
tweet!  Equipment Data Development Case Study - Bayesian Weibull Analysis
  Wei Yu
Pages: 43 Size: 932 Kb 
tweet!  Just for the Kids School Reports: A data-oriented web site powered by SAS
  Bob Zambarano
Pages: 14 Size: 1109 Kb 
tweet!  Ranking Efficiency, Properness with SAS Probability Functions and Procedures
  Dagan Zhang
Pages: 8 Size: 110 Kb 
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