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SAS Conference Proceedings: South-Central SAS Users Group 2013
October 31 - November 1, 2013, San Antonio, Texas, 57 papers
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[Original source: http://www.scsug.org/proceedings/2013-papers/]

tweet!  The Complexities of an Address
  Barry E. Mullins
Pages: 7 Size: 533 Kb 
tweet!  Practical Array Usage with String Search
  Charles Basham
Pages: 5 Size: 481 Kb 
tweet!  The Concepts and Practice of Analysis with SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  Chris Schacherer
Keywords: SAS Enterpise Guide EG SAS Enterprise Guide SAS Intelligence Platform
Pages: 48 Size: 4606 Kb 
tweet!  Finding Duplicates with First. and Last. 
  Clarence Wm. Jackson, CSQA
Pages: 4 Size: 72 Kb 
SAS Macros – Advanced Topics
  Dari Mazloom
SAS Macros – An Introduction
  Dari Mazloom
tweet!  Big Data, Fast Processing Speeds
  Gary Ciampa; Kevin McGowan
Pages: 16 Size: 234 Kb 
Monitoring Your Metadata
  George Pandzik
How to Run Jobs Faster, Store Data Cheaper, and Optimize Your SAS Experience
  Glen Blecker
tweet!  The SQL Tuning Checklist: Making Slow Database Queries a Thing of the Past
  Jeff Bailey; Tatyana Petrova
Pages: 13 Size: 421 Kb 
tweet!  Improving Your Relationship with SAS EG: Tips from SAS Tech Support
  Jennifer Bjurstrom
Pages: 20 Size: 3162 Kb 
tweet!  Demystifying PROC SQL Join Algorithms
  Kirk Lafler
Keywords: SAS SQL PROC SQL SQL procedure join joins join algorithm step-loop sort-merge index hash Lafler Kirk Lafler Kirk Paul Lafler @sasNerd
Pages: 6 Size: 510 Kb 
tweet!  Macro utility to compare multiple SAS datasets
  Krish Krishnan
Pages: 8 Size: 452 Kb 
tweet!  Type, Point and Click – A Practical Guide to SAS Enterprise Guide® Prompts
  Patricia Hettinger
Pages: 17 Size: 1137 Kb 
Macro Design
  Ronald J. Fehd
tweet!  Shortcuts to Save Time While Working with SAS
  Ruth Marisol Rivera Barragan
Pages: 12 Size: 342 Kb 
An Introduction to Enterprise Guide
  John Taylor
tweet!  SAS Macro Programming Tips and Techniques
  Kirk Lafler
Keywords: SAS, Macro Language, macro, keyword macro, positional macro, SQL, SQL procedure, consultant, SAS consultant, consulting, SAS consulting, sql, sql consultant, sql consulting, author, sas author, sas ...
Pages: 9 Size: 594 Kb 
Introduction to Arrays
  Lisa Mendez
tweet!  Some Techniques for Integrating SAS® Output with Microsoft Excel Using Base SAS®
  Vince DelGobbo
Keywords: ODS Microsoft Excel XML ExcelXP tagset multi-sheet workbook CSV PROC EXPORT
Pages: 19 Size: 1136 Kb 
Model Selection for Linear Models with SAS/STAT Software
  Funda Gunes
tweet!  Uncovering Patterns in Textual Data for SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Text Analytics
  Meera Venkataramani
Pages: 11 Size: 946 Kb 
tweet!  Best Practices in Enterprise Data Governance
  Scott Gidley
Pages: 9 Size: 628 Kb 
Beyond the Enterprise Guide Basics: Lessor known but important features
  Ted Durie
tweet!  Zero my Hero!
  Anna Vincent
Pages: 12 Size: 503 Kb 
Making the Most of Your Statistical Analysis with SAS® Programming and the Output Delivery System
  Chris Riddiough
tweet!  One problem – Multiple solutions; various ways of removing duplicates from dataset using SAS®
  Dhillon Jaya
Pages: 6 Size: 319 Kb 
Using SAS for Analyzing Bank's Customers' Behavior and Profitability
  Hassan Marzoughi
tweet!  Clinical Data Dashboards for Centralized Monitoring Using SAS® and Microsoft® SharePoint®
  Jagan Mohan Achi; Randy Rak
Pages: 9 Size: 1187 Kb 
Best Time to Call Model
  Jingjing Qu
tweet!  Leveraging Metadata with the SAS Macro Language
  Keith G. Curtis
Pages: 15 Size: 444 Kb 
tweet!  Strategies and Techniques for Debugging SAS® Program Errors and Warnings
  Kirk Lafler
Keywords: SAS, error, errors, warning, warnings, SAS log, log, debug, debugging, consultant, sas consultant, sas consulting, sql, sql consultant, sql consulting, author, sas author, sas press, sas press auth ...
Pages: 13 Size: 1149 Kb 
tweet!  Using PROC STANDARD and PROC SCORE to impute missing multivariate values
  Paul Montagna
Pages: 8 Size: 426 Kb 
tweet!  Whirlwind Tour Around SAS® Visual Analytics
  Rick Styll
Pages: 11 Size: 1000 Kb 
A Survey of Some of the Most Useful SAS® Functions
  Ron Cody
Cardinality Ratio
  Ronald J. Fehd
Writing Macro Do Loops with Dates from Then to When
  Ronald J. Fehd
tweet!  Preparing Interaction Variables for Logistic Regression
  Bruce S. Lund
Pages: 14 Size: 494 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to SAS Hash Objects
  Chris Schacherer
Keywords: SAS Hash Objects
Pages: 26 Size: 793 Kb 
tweet!  A Dose of SAS to Brighten Your Health Care Blues
  Gabriela Cantu; Christopher Klekar
Pages: 14 Size: 728 Kb 
Using SAS® Enterprise BI for Integrated Bank Reporting
  James Beaver; Tobin Scroggins
Optimization of Distillation Unit Operations with Varying Process Conditions
  Jose Bird
Converting Social Security Numbers to Pseudos
  Leon Kattengell
tweet!  Using SAS Software to Determine the Mixed Rotterdam Demand Model Parameters and Test Statistical References
  Maryam Tabarestani; Hector Zapata
Pages: 23 Size: 435 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Connected – The Power of Using Hash Objects
  Philip Burtch
Pages: 15 Size: 1618 Kb 
tweet!  Hypertension Management in Hypertensive Adults with Diabetes in Primary Care setting
  Rane Pratik P., MBA.; Bhansali Archita; Sawant Ruta
Pages: 12 Size: 734 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS to Build Customer Level Datasets for Predictive Modeling
  Scott M. Shockley
Pages: 14 Size: 377 Kb 
tweet!  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  Toby Dunn; Kirk Lafler
Keywords: SAS, reading raw data, reading data, reading messy data, INFILE statement, INFILE, INPUT, INPUT statement, List style, Column style, Formatted style, Named style, @, @@, trailing at-sign, @-sign, d ...
Pages: 12 Size: 595 Kb 
Deterioration of Marine Attacks
  Anvesh Reddy Minukuri; Byreddy Raghavender Reddy; Tejeshwar Gurram
Alabama Basketball: Using SAS® to Predict Basketball Efficiencies
  Caleb Lampert
Efficient Data Analysis with SimpleStream: An Application of SAS for Exploring the Boston Housing Data
  Charles Cruthirds
Homeowners Insurance: Using SAS® to Predict Premiums in Alabama
  Courtney Green
Global Bandwidth: Using SAS® to Predict the Impact of Broadband
  Glenn Zuercher
Extending the Functionality of the SAS Library: Using Visual Basic and SAS to Design Applications to Meet Your Business Needs
  Michael J Waldmeier
The Application of SAS in Determining the Factors that Influence a Student's Choice to Major in Information Systems
  Saumitra Sharma
Association of Socio-Emotional Factors: Religious Affiliation, Depression to Suicidal Tendency Among Adolescent Girls
  Suman Rachapudi; Sesha Sai Ega
Application of SAS in Biomedical Engineering
  Venkatesh Avula; Santosh Dasoji
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