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PhUSE proceedings: Data Handling, 101 papers

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2017   October 8-11, 2017 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Data Handling
tweet!  Patient-generated Health Data (Social Media) is a Potential Source of ADR Reporting
  Erwan Le Covec, Keyrus Biopharm; Stéphane Chollet, Keyrus Biopharm; Essam Ghanem, Keyrus Biopharm
Keywords: Social Media ADR Detection healthcare
Pages: 14 Size: 550 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1058 Kb)
tweet!  The Secure Data Office Concept
  Annemie Van Dijck, SGS Life Sciences
Keywords: unblinded party pharmacokinetic data pharmacodynamic data unblinding lab data randomisation data cleaning of unblinding data
Pages: 9 Size: 78 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 492 Kb)
tweet!  Converting Legacy Data to "ADaM-like" Data for Making Efficient Regulatory Response
  Bengt F Fälström, AstraZeneca
Keywords: PRAC legacy data SDTM ADaM EMA team CKD eGFR pooling parallel streams resources anchor
Pages: 9 Size: 117 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 672 Kb)
tweet!  EMA Policy 0070: Data Utility in Anonymised Clinical Study Reports (CSRs)
  Jean-Marc Ferran, Qualiance; Stephen Bamford, Janssen Research & Development; Sarah Nevitt, University of Liverpool
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 23 Size: 568 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 7089 Kb)
tweet!  How a Metadata Repository can Facilitate Automated Data Collection Processes
  Judith Goud, Nurocor
Pages: 6 Size: 536 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1443 Kb)
tweet!  Constrain your Terminology – Use Integrity Constraints to Validate your Data
  Sven Greiner, HMS Analytical Software
Keywords: SAS ADS Analysis Dataset CT Controlled Terminology Integrity Constraints Data
Pages: 9 Size: 253 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1109 Kb)
tweet!  Robust Study Database Build: An Effective Start Towards Creation of Quality SDTMs
  Onkar Tajarekar,TCS
Keywords: SDTM RAVE Data Quality Data Entry Error Checks CDISC
Pages: 9 Size: 579 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 447 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Data Cleaning Technique for Business Analytics: What Stats Van Do for DM
  Adam Korczynski, Quintiles IMS
Keywords: Data cleaning data types data issues
Pages: 16 Size: 655 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1483 Kb)
tweet!  Plausible Adversaries in Re-Identification Risk Assessment
  Lukas Kniola, Biogen
Keywords: Anonymisation De-identification Risk Plausible Adversaries
Pages: 10 Size: 699 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6473 Kb)
tweet!  Detecting Treatment Emergent Adverse Events (TEAEs)
  Matthias Lehrkamp, Bayer
Keywords: treatment emergent adverse events TEAE flag algorithm long interruptions partial dates missing
Pages: 12 Size: 792 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1197 Kb)
tweet!  SDTM-ADaM Hybrid: Supermodel or Frankenstein?
  Ken Stoltzfus, Accenture
Keywords: CDISC SDTM ADaM metadata MDR programming
Pages: 8 Size: 610 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1969 Kb)
tweet!  Metadata-driven Tool for Creation of a Dataset for Exploratory Analyses
  Alexey Kuznetsov, Grünenthal
Keywords: Metadata SAS Dataset Exploratory analysis Data mining Data visualization Pooling wide dataset subject-level dataset
Pages: 7 Size: 787 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 756 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2016   October 9-12, 2016 - Barcelona, Spain

Data Handling
tweet!  Effective use of a Metadata Repository across data operations: the need for a machine readable form of the protocol
  Isabelle de Zegher, PAREXEL Informatics, Wavre, Belgium; Michele Gray, PAREXEL International, Philadelphia, United States; Mark Sullivan, PAREXEL Informatics, Boston, United States; Michael Goedde, PAREXEL International, Boston, United States
Pages: 5 Size: 1160 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2492 Kb)
tweet!  Data De-Identification Made Simple
  Jørgen Mangor Iversen, LEO Pharma A/S, Ballerup, Denmark
Keywords: De-Identification redaction
Pages: 6 Size: 198 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1143 Kb)
tweet!  Grading Lab Toxicities using NCI- Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE)
  Srinivas Veeragoni, BHC Pharmaceuticals Inc., Whippany, USA; Ankur Mathur, Bayer Inc., Toronto, Canada
Keywords: CTCAE Toxicity Grading Lab values
Pages: 10 Size: 810 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2241 Kb)
Integrating the New EMA Requirements on Public Disclosure in the Study Conduct
  Jean-Marc Ferran, Qualiance
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6363 Kb)
tweet!  How a Metadata Repository enables dynamism and automation in SDTM-like dataset generation
  Judith Goud, Akana, Bennekom, The Netherlands; Priya Shetty, Intelent, Princeton, USA
Keywords: Metadata MDR automated SAS dataset generation dynamism CDISC
Pages: 7 Size: 1785 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1911 Kb)
tweet!  A Standardized Approach to De-Identification
  Benoit Vernay, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland; Ravi Yandamuri, MMS Holdings Inc., Canton, USA
Keywords: standard deidentification de-identification anonymization process privacy data EMA policy MSE HIPAA metadata SAS sharing transparency
Pages: 13 Size: 794 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3326 Kb)
tweet!  How to review a CRF - A statistical programmer perspective
  Elsa Lozachmeur, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland
Pages: 7 Size: 271 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 970 Kb)
tweet!  Efficiency Comes From Reusability and Repeatability
  Hanming Tu, Accenture, Berwyn, USA; Dave Evans, Accenture, Berwyn, USA
Keywords: Data Conversion ETL CDISC SDTM Metadata Standard Code Reusability Process Repeatability Efficiency Level Matrix Intelligent Data Flow
Pages: 10 Size: 673 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6355 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Calculating the Risk of Re-Identification of Patient-Level Data Using Quantitative Approach
  Lukasz Kniola, Biogen, Maidenhead, UK
Keywords: Anonymisation De-identification Risk assessment Quantitative Approach
Pages: 9 Size: 310 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 12745 Kb)
tweet!  Metadata on the go: Achieving metadata accuracy and consistency continually
  Swapna Pothula, SGS Life Sciences, Mechelen, Belgium
Keywords: Metadata MDRs CDISC SDTM Pinnacle21
Pages: 6 Size: 268 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1333 Kb)
tweet!  How to effectively deal with hardcoding and CDISC Controlled Terminology in clinical studies
  Lennert van der Zee, OCS Consulting, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Keywords: CDISC clinical
Pages: 10 Size: 545 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1253 Kb)
tweet!  Data sharing 3 years on – from baby to toddler ...
  Katherine Tucker, Roche Products Limited, Welwyn Garden City, UK
Pages: 10 Size: 638 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1319 Kb)
tweet!  From SDTM to displays, through ADaM & Analyses Results Metadata, a flight on board METADATA Airlines
  Omar SEFIANI, Boehringer Ingelheim, Reims, France; Stéphane BOUGET, Boehringer Ingelheim, Reims, France
Keywords: DH13 - PhUSE 2016 CDISC
Pages: 10 Size: 390 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1585 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2015   October 11-14, 2015 - Vienna, Austria

Data Handling
tweet!  PhUSE De-identification Working Group: Providing identification Standards to CDISC Data Models
  Jean-Marc Ferran, Qualiance; Khaled El Eman, Privacy Analytics; Sarah Nolan, University of Liverpool
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 13 Size: 612 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 5044 Kb)
tweet!  Metadata-driven- Yet Another Cliché in our Industry
  Chris Decker, d-Wise; Ian Fleming, d-Wise
Pages: 3 Size: 85 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3869 Kb)
tweet!  Data Encoding: All Characters for All Countries
  Donna Dutton, SAS Institute
Keywords: encoding utf-8 utf8 sbcs mbcs
Pages: 12 Size: 974 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3981 Kb)
tweet!  E2E Data Standards: The Need for a New Generation of Metadata Repositories
  Isabelle de Zegher, PAREXEL Informatics
Keywords: Metadata Metadata repository Universal Protocol Specification
Pages: 4 Size: 760 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 9266 Kb)
tweet!  "CONNECT and CREATE" - Connect Standards and Enable Protocol Authoring
  Abi Velurethu, Bayer Healthcare; Susanne Pangritz, Bayer Healthcare
Keywords: MDR Standards Connect Create Protocol Clinical SDTM Elements Variables Data
Pages: 16 Size: 701 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2264 Kb)
tweet!  How a Clinical Data Repository can Support Pharmacovigilance
  Pantaleo Nacci, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines
Keywords: CDISC Pharmacovigilance clinical
Pages: 7 Size: 98 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1246 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Study Anonymisation: From Request to Delivery
  Kelly Mewes, Roche; Sai Jandhyala, Roche
Keywords: Anonymisation
Pages: 11 Size: 131 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2339 Kb)
tweet!  "CodEX" - When Excel Meets SAS to Code Clinical Data
  Stéphane Chollet, Keyrus Biopharma; Cathy Scoupe, Keyrus Biopharma
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 8 Size: 259 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 10322 Kb)
tweet!  The Rocky Road to Data Transparency
  Rafi Rahi, Shafi Consultancy; Poritosh Modak, Shafi Consultancy; Shafi Chowdhury, Shafi Consultancy
Keywords: DH09
Pages: 7 Size: 405 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 717 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2014   October 12-15, 2014 - London, United Kingdom

Data Handling
tweet!  ADaM Conversions: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  Carla Santillan, Business & Decision Life Sciences; Jessica Minuke, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Pages: 11 Size: 780 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6336 Kb)
tweet!  Consistent Data Delivery
  Thevaki Mahadevan, ICON; Download Presentation
Pages: 7 Size: 172 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1125 Kb)
tweet!  SDTM in Business Intelligence
  Mike Collinson, Oracle Health Sciences Consulting
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 3 Size: 150 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1529 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Data Challenges in Adaptive Trials
  Claudio Garutti, Oracle Health Sciences Consulting
Pages: 5 Size: 612 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2126 Kb)
tweet!  Monitoring Clinical Trials with a SAS Risk-Based Approach
  Laurie Rose, SAS Institute
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 9 Size: 1206 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1954 Kb)
tweet!  Do You Like What You See? - Understanding Data in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies
  Oliver Wirtz, UCB BioSciences
Pages: 7 Size: 314 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 612 Kb)
tweet!  Study Data Handling: A CRO Experience
  Paul Crean, ICON
Pages: 6 Size: 665 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1342 Kb)
tweet!  Metadata, Study Standards, Interoperability: Key Concepts Toward Compliance to FDA Guidance
  Isabelle de Zegher, PAREXEL; Download Presentation
Pages: 3 Size: 125 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2457 Kb)
tweet!  Challenges of Different MedDRA Versions for Integrated Data and Databases
  Peter Bonata, Bayer Healthcare
Pages: 8 Size: 1040 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2008 Kb)
tweet!  Dynamic Oceans and Static Poolings of Clinical Trial Data in NVx
  Pantaleo Nacci, Novartis Vaccines
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 9 Size: 775 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1408 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2013   October 13-16, 2013 - Brussels, Belgium

Data Handling
tweet!  Drug Groupings and Workflow Options for the Processing and Review of Concomitant Medication Data
  Heiko Baermann, Bayer Pharma AG
Pages: 7 Size: 391 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 33196 Kb)
tweet!  Importing OpenClinical Data in SAS: It's Possible! - Our Experiences
  Jules van der Zalm, OCS Consulting
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 7 Size: 46 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 306 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Semantic Technology and CDISC Standards
  Frederik Malfait, IMOS Consulting; Scott Bahlavooni, Genentech
Keywords: CDISC Standards
Pages: 13 Size: 1840 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3612 Kb)
tweet!  Overcoming Difficulties in Implementing RECIST Criteria
  Gerlind Ruhnke, Merck KGaA
Keywords: RECIST Tumor burden CDISC data handling oncology
Pages: 6 Size: 115 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1590 Kb)
tweet!  Going Against the Flow: Backmapping SDTM Data
  Pantaleo Nacci, Novartis
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 7 Size: 397 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1606 Kb)
tweet!  Standardising the Standards - The Benefits of Consistency
  Nathan James, Roche
Keywords: data handling sdtm tool pooling consistency dh06
Pages: 6 Size: 108 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 681 Kb)
tweet!  Elephants and Storms - Using Big Data Techniques for Analysis of Large and Changing Datasets
  Geoff Low, Medidata Solutions
Pages: 9 Size: 547 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1636 Kb)
tweet!  Taming Rave: How to Control Data Collection Standards?
  Dimitri Kutsenko, Entimo AG
Pages: 7 Size: 486 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 624 Kb)
tweet!  Datacut Strategies: What, Why & How
  Hiren Naygandhi, Roche
Pages: 6 Size: 52 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 464 Kb)
tweet!  Time Travel for Librarians: Versioning Complex Library Metadata for Past, Present or Future Retrieval
  Nico De Leeuw, Business & Decision Life Sciences; Ine Felsenstein, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords: CDISC Data Standards
Pages: 12 Size: 725 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 5302 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2012   October 14-17, 2012 - Budapest, Hungary

Data Handling
tweet!  Pooling Clinical Data: Key Points and Pittfalls
  Florence Buchheitt, Novartis
Keywords: Pooling Data integration Submission Planning clinical
Pages: 8 Size: 267 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 646 Kb)
tweet!  Measure the Benefit of Standards Ltd - Provide Evidence to the Gut Feeling
  Gary Fleming, Roche Products Ltd
Pages: 5 Size: 156 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 772 Kb)
tweet!  Optimizing Data Validation
  Andrew Newbigging, Medidata Solutions
Pages: 10 Size: 644 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 804 Kb)
Controlling Controlled Terminology
  Ryan Burns, Rho Inc
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1854 Kb)
tweet!  Improving Data Management with Systems Integration and Next Generation Data Flow
  Richard Davies, Oracle
Keywords: Interfaces Integration Data Management
Pages: 4 Size: 104 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 944 Kb)
tweet!  The Italian Post-Marketing Registries
  Entela Xoxi, Italian Medicines Agency
Pages: 1 Size: 95 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1493 Kb)
tweet!  Using Metadata to Integrate and Standardise Clinical Trial Data - the ICON Study Data Mapper
  Paul Crean, ICON Clinical Research; Jennie McGuirk, ICON Clinical Research
Keywords: Integrate Standardise Metadata Reuse clinical
Pages: 6 Size: 154 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 756 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Legacy Data Conversion: A Journey of Discovery
  Pantaleo Nacci, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics Srl
Keywords: SDD datawarehouse CDISC SDTM legacy
Pages: 8 Size: 515 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 696 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2011   October 9-12, 2011 - Brighton, United Kingdom

Data Handling
tweet!  Don't Bring a Spreadsheet to a Database Fight: Case for Microsoft Access
  Ryan Burns, Rho, Inc
Keywords: Access Database Excel
Pages: 5 Size: 98 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 2691 Kb)
tweet!  The Evolution of Coding Technology
  Richard Davies, Oracle
Pages: 4 Size: 102 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 1385 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Remapping of Codes (and of course Decodes) in Analysis Data Sets for Electronic Submissions
  Joerg Guettner, Bayer Pharma AG
Keywords: Code remapping Analysis data set Integrated analysis FDA Electronic submission
Pages: 5 Size: 111 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 4580 Kb)
tweet!  An Approach to Standard Programming in a Central Data Repository
  Robert Ellison, ICON Clinical Research
Keywords: Data Repository Generic Program Code
Pages: 6 Size: 207 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 1722 Kb)
tweet!  Comparing dataset metadata
  Jim Groeneveld, OCS Consulting
Keywords: variables compare meta information dataset attributes cross reference
Pages: 8 Size: 96 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 205 Kb)
tweet!  Research Project on Metadata Extraction, Exploration and Pooling: Challenges and Achievements
  Ronald Steinhau, Entimo AG; Dimitri Kutsenko, Entimo AG
Pages: 7 Size: 1651 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 455 Kb)
tweet!  Much ADaM about Nothing - a PROC Away in a Day
  Endri Endri, i3; Rowland Hale, i3
Pages: 8 Size: 156 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 10553 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2010   October 14-17, 2010 - Berlin, Germany

Data Handling
tweet!  Facilitating Data Integration for Regulatory Submissions
  John Gerlach, Independent Consultant; John Bowen, Independent Consultant
Keywords: Data Integration ISS
Pages: 8 Size: 71 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 66 Kb)
tweet!  How to clean up dirty data in Patient reported outcomes?
  Knut Mueller, Schwarz Biosciences
Keywords: Patient Reported Outcomes ambiguous answers data cleaning Perl regular expressions
Pages: 6 Size: 48 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 442 Kb)
tweet!  How to improve quality control in a data conversion process? By extended usage of metadata!
  Dimitri Kutsenko, Entimo AG
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 1700 Kb)
tweet!  From Data Capturing to Decision Making - Innovation and Standardization
  Michaela Jahn, F. Hoffmann-La Roche; Stepan Laage-Witt, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
Pages: 5 Size: 175 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 940 Kb)
tweet!  The Ultimate Integration Challenge
  Jennifer Choon-Moi Chin, Covance CAPS; Hester Schoeman, Covance CAPS
Pages: 11 Size: 262 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 450 Kb)
tweet!  How to process data from clinical trails and their open label extensions
  Thomas Grupe, Bayer Vital GmbH; Stephanie Bartsch, Bayer Vital GmbH
Keywords: Data handling Open label extension trials EDC splitting databases clinical
Pages: 5 Size: 156 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 2810 Kb)
tweet!  Clinetics Data Merge - A Platform for Exchange of Pharmacokinetic Data
  Ralf Schefer-Pregi, Bayer Schering Pharma; Andreas Schwarzer, M.A.R.C.O
Keywords: Pharmacokinetics Bioanalytics Data Description Document
Pages: 5 Size: 39 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 873 Kb)
tweet!  Electronic transfer of sAE to Global Pharmacovigilance
  Eva Bervar, Bayer Vital GmbH
Pages: 5 Size: 62 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 508 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Converting Data to CDISC Models: Research Project on Metadata Extraction, Exploration and Pooling
  Ronald Steinhau, Entimo AG; Dimitri Kutsenko, Entimo AG
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 4 Size: 89 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 3583 Kb)
tweet!  Data Warehousing for the Reporting and Management of Clinical Data
  Robert Ellison, ICON Clinical Research
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 4 Size: 334 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 1390 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2009   October 19-21, 2009 - Basel, Switzerland

Data Handling
tweet!  Accelerate Clinical Development through Management of Data Quality
  David Smith, SAS Institute
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 2 Size: 1673 Kb 
tweet!  Clinical Database acceptance: what statistical review checks are necessary to validate a database?
  Genevieve Jehl, Qunitiles
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 12 Size: 704 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Validate it Again?! Get SAS to do it!
  Carol Matthews, United BioSource Corporation; Ginger Lewis, United BioSource Corporation; Olga Belotserkovsky, United BioSource Corporation
Keywords: validation import tables
Pages: 14 Size: 86 Kb 
tweet!  This study is essentially just like that other one
  Louise Mazzeo, Quanticate
Pages: 5 Size: 97 Kb 

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2008   October 12-15, 2008 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Data Management
tweet!  ETL and Data Quality: Which Comes First?
  Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies; Emilio Power, ThotWave Technologies
Keywords: data quality ETL Data Flux data profiling data modeling
Pages: 10 Size: 731 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Efficiency Issues in Evaluating Pharmacogenetic Data With SAS
  Volker Harm, Bayer Schering Pharma AG; Stephan Lehr,Bayer Schhering Pharma AG
Keywords: pharmacogenetics data SNP SAS Cochran-Armitage trend test efficiency
Pages: 10 Size: 112 Kb 
tweet!  Practical application of SAS® Clinical Data Integration Server for conversion to SDTM data
  Mark Lambrecht, SAS Institute; Peter Van Reusel, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords: SAS Clinical DI SDTM CDISC conversion clinical
Pages: 9 Size: 418 Kb 
tweet!  Visualisation & Management of First Time in Human Safety data
  Martin Farrimond, Mango Solutions
Keywords: first time in human safety data management safety board graphics presentation findings study preclinical class effects java svg database oracle application server
Pages: 7 Size: 211 Kb 
tweet!  Migration of clincal data from IBM MVS to HP UNIX
  Fronke Gerken, Boehringer Ingelheim
Keywords: Migration Translation table Character set $VARYING. format Input program Rounding
Pages: 6 Size: 350 Kb 

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2007   October 8-10, 2007 - Lisbon, Portugal

Data Management
tweet!  From Local Laboratory to Standardisation and beyond Applying a common grading system
  Angelo Tinazzi, SENDO-Tech S.r.l., Milan, Italy; Irene Corradino, SENDO-Tech S.r.l., Milan, Italy; Enrica Paschetto, SENDO-Tech S.r.l., Milan, Italy; Sonia Colombini, SENDO-Tech S.r.l., Milan, Italy
Keywords: laboratory oncology normalization standardisation CTCAE time to nadir
Pages: 10 Size: 246 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Integrating Clinical Data Transformations using DI Studio and SAS Drug Development
  Alistair Dootson, Dootsonic Ltd, Aylesbury, UK
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 15 Size: 729 Kb 
tweet!  Preparing Real World Data in Excel Sheets for Statistical Analysis
  Volker Harm, Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Berlin, Germany
Keywords: proc import macro variables
Pages: 6 Size: 42 Kb 
tweet!  Data Quality Checker
  Ryan Finch, Roche Products Ltd, Welwyn Garden City, UK
Pages: 7 Size: 89 Kb 
tweet!  Clinical data standards and automation
  Giri Balasubramanian, Kinship Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 11 Size: 664 Kb 

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2006   October 9-11, 2006 - Dublin, Ireland

Data Management
tweet!  Base SAS vs. Data Integration Studio: Understanding ETL and the SAS tools
  Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies, LLC.
Keywords: Data Integration Studio ETL Studio BASE SAS SQL data warehousing slowing changing dimensions ETL
Pages: 20 Size: 776 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Bringing Clarity To Complexity: The Use Of Data Visualisation
  Neville Cope, Amgen
Keywords: SAS GRAPH ODS visualisation
Pages: 8 Size: 708 Kb 
tweet!  Interfering with Data Management by the Statistician
  Jim Groeneveld, OCS Consulting
Keywords: clinical research process; project statistician; database structure; data structure; data ambiguity; data quality; repeated measures; multiple records; multiple answers; CRF design; CRF development ...
Pages: 6 Size: 271 Kb 

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2005   October 10-12, 2005 - Heidelberg, Germany

Data Management
tweet!  Consistent Variables + Consistent Checks = Cleaner Data
  Greg Silva, Biogen Idec Ltd
Keywords: data checking data management macro
Pages: 5 Size: 156 Kb 
tweet!  Managing Clinical Trials Data using SAS
  Martin Rosenberg, MAJARO InfoSystems
Keywords: ClinAccess SAS/SHARE database imaging CDISC clinical data management
Pages: 7 Size: 1530 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Data Mining in a pharmaceutical environment
  Franky De Cooman, Business & Decision
Keywords: Data Mining departments pharmco-vigilance signal detection
Pages: 4 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  Complex Laboratory Data, Strategies and Tools for a Way out of the Maze
  Benjamin Szilagyi, Novartis; Christof Binder, BIOP AG
Pages: 4 Size: 167 Kb 
tweet!  You don't need second sight to use the LIBNAME ORACLE
  Olivier Leconte, Servier
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