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PhUSE proceedings: Data Standards and Governance, 13 papers

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2017   October 8-11, 2017 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Data Standards & Governance
tweet!  Industry Standards - What Else Exists Beside CDISC
  Joerg Dillert, Oracle
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 8 Size: 6596 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2846 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Harmonizing SDTM at the Source: Designing Collection Instruments that Support Sponsor Standards
  Sue Huxtable, Chiltern; Charlotte Lomberg, Astra Zeneca
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 7 Size: 469 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 407 Kb)
SDTM vs CDASH: Why You Need Them Both!
  Kit Howard, CDISC; Shannon Labout, CDISC
Keywords: CDISC
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 13871 Kb)
tweet!  Decrypting SDTM Trial Design Datasets for Complex Study Designs
  Charumathy Sreeraman, Ephicacy
Keywords: Trail Design Datasets TA TE TI Study Design CDISC
Pages: 14 Size: 1014 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3560 Kb)
tweet!  Considerations and Conventions in the Submission of the SDTM Tumor and Response Domain
  Jerry Salyers, Accenture; Fred Wood, Accenture
Keywords: SDTM Oncology Lesion Tumor CDISC
Pages: 7 Size: 54 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 9904 Kb)
tweet!  Intervention ML: Mapping of Meal Data
  Rahul Loharkar, inVentiv Health Clinical; Sandeep Sawant, inVentiv Health Clinical
Pages: 8 Size: 838 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 730 Kb)
tweet!  CDISC Transport Standards - A Glance
  Edwin Ponraj Thangarajan, PRA Health Sciences; Giri Balasubramanian, PRA Health Sciences
Pages: 14 Size: 1163 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 9821 Kb)
tweet!  Cross Functional Standards Governance for Pharma
  Warwick Benger, GlaxoSmithKline
Pages: 6 Size: 454 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1287 Kb)
tweet!  Clinical Study Oversight: Different Approaches to Using Data Standards
  Jasmine Kestermont, Innovion; Peter Van Reusel, Innovion
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 6 Size: 803 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6926 Kb)
tweet!  Moving Towards a Round World: Linking Multi-Dimensional Clinical Metadata Across the CDISC Standards
  Chris Decker, d-Wise; Scott Bahlavooni, d-Wise
Keywords: CDISC clinical
Pages: 8 Size: 641 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 4530 Kb)
tweet!  Consuming Your Metadata for a Healthy Mapping
  Alan Cantrell, PAREXEL; Julius Kusserow, PAREXEL
Keywords: MDR CDISC Data Standards healthcare
Pages: 4 Size: 434 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 933 Kb)
tweet!  Ahead of the Curve: Leading with Industry Data Requirements
  Nancy Haeusser, GlaxoSmithKline
Pages: 8 Size: 382 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 162 Kb)
tweet!  Patient-level Data-sharing (PLDS) Initiatives in Pharmaceutical Companies
  Sophie Buyle, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords: PDLS transparency
Pages: 5 Size: 239 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3173 Kb)
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