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SAS Conference Proceedings: SouthEast SAS Users Group 2004
October 31 - November 2, 2004, Nashville, Tennessee, 103 papers
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[Original source: http://analytics.ncsu.edu/?page_id=207]

Applications Development
Coders' Corner
Data Management
Data Presentation
Hands-On Workshops
Introduction to SAS
Statistics and Data Analysis

Applications Development
tweet!  An Introduction to SAS/SHARE, By Example
  Larry Altmayer, U.S. Census Bureau
Pages: 10 Size: 287 Kb 
tweet!  Software Testing Fundamentals - Concepts, Roles, and Terminology
  John E. Bentley, Wachovia Bank
Pages: 12 Size: 282 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS at SAS: The Mining of SAS Technical Support
  Annette Sanders, SAS Institute Inc.; Craig DeVault, SAS Institute Inc.
Keywords: concept linking cluster svd prediction classification roll-up
Pages: 22 Size: 1038 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Meaningful Data from Web Logs Using Base SAS
  Jenine Eason, Autotrader.com; Jerry Johannesen, Autotrader.com
Keywords: internet
Pages: 13 Size: 353 Kb 
tweet!  Journeymen's Tools: Two Macros - ProgList and PutMvars - to Show Calling Sequence and Parameters of Routines
  Ronald Fehd, SAS-L's macro maven, Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention
Keywords: include fan-in fan-out job oplist parameter macro
Pages: 7 Size: 117 Kb 
tweet!  A Hiker's Guide to Web Development
  Steve James, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Keywords: internet
Pages: 10 Size: 88 Kb 
tweet!  A Quick and Dirty Query System using HTML, Proc SQL, and SAS IntrNet
  Kevin McGowan, Constella Group, Inc. AD08:
Keywords: SQL html web
Pages: 7 Size: 55 Kb 
tweet!  Building A SAS Application to Manage SAS Code
  Phillip Michaels, P&Ls
Pages: 6 Size: 82 Kb 
tweet!  Generate a Metadata for Analysis
  Maria-Alexandra Paladines, School District of Palm Beach County
Pages: 9 Size: 146 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Macros: Tips, Techniques, and Examples
  Andrew M. Traldi, Cingular Wireless
Keywords: macro
Pages: 20 Size: 135 Kb 
tweet!  Exceptional Exception Reports
  Gary McQuown, Data and Analytic Solutions Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 117 Kb 
Coders' Corner
tweet!  Tips of Installing SAS/IntrNet on Linux
  Xiao (Michelle) Zhuang, UNC-Chapel Hill; Sharon Schiro, UNC-Chapel Hill
Keywords: web
Pages: 3 Size: 72 Kb 
tweet!  Journeymen's Tools: The Writing for Reading and Reuse Program Header or Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Program but Were Afraid to Ask
  Ronald Fehd, SAS-L's macro maven, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Keywords: comments theory documentation
Pages: 3 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  Merging: Avoid the Cones
  Jessica Bonow, Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
Pages: 5 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  Transferring Your Mainframe SAS Programs to Your PC in Three Easy Steps
  Michael A. Raithel, Westat
Pages: 4 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  Tools to Transfer Data between SAS and Stata
  Dan Blanchette, Carolina Population Center, UNC-CH
Pages: 5 Size: 78 Kb 
tweet!  Quick and Easy Visualization of Longitudinal data with the WEBFRAME Graphics device
  Kevin P. Delaney MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Keywords: internet
Pages: 12 Size: 318 Kb 
tweet!  Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Words...
  David L. Cassell, Design Pathways
Pages: 4 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  Programmatic Handling of Varying Report Requirements
  Jim Snider, AmSouth Bank
Pages: 2 Size: 75 Kb 
tweet!  Data Set Options - What Comes First
  Jim Snider, AmSouth Bank
Pages: 3 Size: 99 Kb 
tweet!  Tip: How to Use a 'quoted' SAS Macro Variable to Select Observations
  Gary Moore, Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care CC11:
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 22 Kb 
tweet!  Faster Flat File Testing
  John E. Bentley, Wachovia Bank
Pages: 2 Size: 58 Kb 
tweet!  Using Acting Techniques to Create a Successful Presentation
  Lois Levin, Independent Consultant CC13:
Pages: 4 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Dating Tips - A Beginner's Guide to SAS Dates
  Erik S. Larsen, Independent Consultant
Pages: 2 Size: 15 Kb 
tweet!  %WINDOW: SAS Diamond In the Rough
  Alan Mann, Independent Consultant
Pages: 6 Size: 104 Kb 
Data Management
tweet!  Using Different Methods for Accessing Non-SAS Data to Build and Incrementally Update That Data Warehouse
  Ben Cochran, The Bedford Group
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 9 Size: 76 Kb 
tweet!  Methods of Storing SAS Data into Oracle Tables
  Lois Levin, Independent Consultant
Pages: 9 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  Using PROC COMPARE in a SAS/AF Application for Tracking Corrections made to SAS Datasets for a Clinical Trial
  Emily A. Mixon, UAB, Birmingham; Karen B. Fowler, UAB, Birmingham DM04:
Keywords: clinical af
Pages: 6 Size: 495 Kb 
tweet!  Building Efficient State Transition Diagrams from Charges, Collection and Call Detail Transactional Feeds
  Brett C Peppe, Consultant
Pages: 19 Size: 302 Kb 
tweet!  Finding Needles in the Documentation Haystack
  Susan Myers, RTI International; David Smarrella, RTI International
Pages: 5 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  Sounding the Trumpet: Effective Failure Notification
  Don Hopkins, Ursa Logic Corporation
Pages: 8 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS to Facilitate Data Comparisons
  M. Rita Thissen, RTI International; Elizabeth Heath, RTI International
Pages: 12 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  A Text Miner Analysis to Compare Internet and Medline Information about Allergy Medications
  Chakib Battioui, University of Louisville
Keywords: internet
Pages: 6 Size: 116 Kb 
No Fuss Hashing: Data Step's Built-in Hash Object
  Jason Secosky, SAS Institute
tweet!  To MDDB or not to MDDB - That is the question
  Jeff Lessenberry, Jeff Lessenberry Consulting Group
Pages: 10 Size: 374 Kb 
Data Presentation
tweet!  Quality of Life Analysis for Patients Receiving Heart Implants
  David Nfodjo, University of Louisville; Christiana Petrou, University of Louisville
Pages: 8 Size: 1334 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Macro for Construction of Symbol Statements
  James E. Blum, UNC-Wilmington
Keywords: macro
Pages: 5 Size: 124 Kb 
tweet!  Using Dynamic Data Exchange to Customize Formatted Reports in Microsoft Excel
  Dennis J. Beal, Science Applications International Corporation
Pages: 19 Size: 830 Kb 
tweet!  Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Micro Arrays
  John Schwarz, University of Louisville
Keywords: array
Pages: 8 Size: 1404 Kb 
tweet!  Automated Data Collection Using SAS and FTP
  Phil Busby, Live Data Systems, Inc.
Pages: 13 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  Next Step in Data Visualization: ODS Graphics Template Language
  Jeff Cartier, SAS Institute
Pages: 7 Size: 292 Kb 
tweet!  ODS, Proc GMAP and SAS/Intrnet: MAP Your Own Response Data
  Lakshmi Pandey, Fiscal Research Center, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies; Georgia State University
Keywords: web
Pages: 6 Size: 186 Kb 
Hands-On Workshops
tweet!  Version 9 Programming Enhancements
  Marje Fecht, Prowerk Consulting LLC
Pages: 4 Size: 126 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to Proc SQL
  Steven First, Systems Seminar Consultants
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 12 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to Macros
  Deb Cassidy
Keywords: macro
Pages: 8 Size: 72 Kb 
tweet!  Creating and Exploiting SAS Indexes
  Michael A. Raithel, Westat
Pages: 9 Size: 262 Kb 
tweet!  Version 9 ODS - Basics
  Dana Rafiee, Destiny Corp.
Pages: 11 Size: 2428 Kb 
tweet!  Moving Data and Analytical Results between SAS and Microsoft Office
  Vincent DelGobbo, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 20 Size: 767 Kb 
Introduction to SAS
tweet!  The SAS Data Step: Where Your Input Matters
  Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc.
Pages: 17 Size: 211 Kb 
tweet!  Why the DATA Step Does What It Does
  Neil Howard, i3 Data Services
Pages: 19 Size: 136 Kb 
tweet!  A Roadmap to SAS Documentation
  Pat Moell, SAS Institute Inc.; Sean Gargan, SAS Institute Inc.
Pages: 12 Size: 531 Kb 
tweet!  What's That Note/Warning/Error Mean and How Do I Fix It?
  Deb Cassidy
Pages: 10 Size: 65 Kb 
tweet!  How to Incorporate Old SAS Data into a New DATA Step, or "What is S-M-U?"
  Andrew T. Kuligowski, Nielsen Media Research
Pages: 13 Size: 204 Kb 
tweet!  (In)Formats (In)Decently Exposed
  Harry Droogendyk, Stratia Consulting Inc.
Pages: 12 Size: 172 Kb 
tweet!  When Bad Programs Happen to Good People: Shuffling, Shifting, and Structuring an Inherited SAS Program
  Gary E. Schlegelmilch, US Bureau of the Census
Pages: 6 Size: 104 Kb 
tweet!  Here's the Data, Here's the Report I Want - How Do I Get There?
  Deborah Babcock Buck, D. B. & P. Associates
Pages: 8 Size: 163 Kb 
tweet!  The Utter Simplicity and Power of the TABULATE Procedure
  Dan Bruns, Tennessee Valley Authority
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 13 Size: 164 Kb 
tweet!  P01: Doing More with SAS/GRAPH GMAP: A New Look at an Old Procedure
  Barbara B. Okerson, Virginia Health Quality Center
Pages: 7 Size: 167 Kb 
tweet!  P02: Matching SAS Data Sets: If at First You Don't Succeed, Match, Match Again
  Imelda C. Go, South Carolina Department of Education
Pages: 10 Size: 851 Kb 
tweet!  P03: Installing SAS/IntrNet on Windows and Linux
  Xiao Zhuang, UNC-Chapel Hill; Sharon Schiro, UNC-Chapel Hill
Keywords: web
Pages: 4 Size: 166 Kb 
tweet!  P04: SAS-L: The Basics
  F. Joseph Kelley, University of Georgia
Pages: 10 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  P05: The Evolution of a SAS/GRAPH Application
  Jenine Eason, AutoTrader.com
Pages: 6 Size: 164 Kb 
tweet!  P06: SAS Programs to Select Controls for Matched Case-Control Studies
  Robert Matthews, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Ilene Brill, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Pages: 9 Size: 235 Kb 
tweet!  Methods for Minimizing Errors in Address Data
  Milorad Stojanovic, RTI International
Pages: 6 Size: 107 Kb 
tweet!  Where's The Match?
  Jennifer L. Waller, Department of Biostatistics, Medical College of Georgia; Verna C. Brantley, Department of Biostatistics, Medical College of Georgia; Robert H. Podolsky, Department of Biostatistics
Pages: 6 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  Array: Construction and Usage of Arrays of Macro Variables
  Ronald Fehd, Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention
Keywords: array Array Contents delimiter loop macro ParmBuff scan Qscan symput SysPbuff until SQL
Pages: 7 Size: 99 Kb 
tweet!  Avoiding Mouse Elbow
  Malachy J. Foley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pages: 7 Size: 151 Kb 
tweet!  Cutting the SAS LOG Down to Size
  Malachy J. Foley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pages: 7 Size: 133 Kb 
tweet!  Panel: Launching a Web Application
  Moderator: Mark Tabladillo PhD, markTab Consulting; Harry Droogendyk, Consultant, Stratia Consulting Inc.; Jenine Eason, Senior Software Engineer, Autotrader.com; Steve James, Applications Developer, Centers for Disease Control; Crystal Vierhout, Computer Consultant, North Carolina State University
Keywords: internet
Pages: 2 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  Fresh SAS Programming Tunes from Hashville
  Paul Dorfman, Independent Consultant; Alexander A. Martchenko, STOPS Corp.
Pages: 17 Size: 94 Kb 
tweet!  Stata for the Struggling SAS Mind
  Dan Blanchette, Carolina Population Center, UNC-CH
Pages: 11 Size: 103 Kb 
tweet!  Tricks with the 4mat Procedure
  Ben Cochran, The Bedford Group
Pages: 6 Size: 170 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office - Leveraging SAS Throughout the Organization from Microsoft Office
  Jennifer Clegg, SAS Institute Inc.; Stephen McDaniel, SAS Institute Inc,
Keywords: Office Excel Word BI BIA
Pages: 15 Size: 552 Kb 
tweet!  The Perks of PRX...
  David L. Cassell, Design Pathways
Pages: 10 Size: 132 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Application for Human Health Risk Assessment for Hazardous Waste Combustion Facilities
  Samuel E. Stinnette, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC); Dennis J. Beal, SAIC; Sharon K. Robers, SAIC; Charles T. Hadden, SAIC; Barney W. Cornaby, SAIC
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 11 Size: 374 Kb 
tweet!  Bring the Data Warehouse to the Office with SAS Integration Technologies
  Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc.
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 11 Size: 355 Kb 
tweet!  A Different Approach to Learning SAS Software
  Mirjana Stojanovic
Pages: 11 Size: 263 Kb 
tweet!  Rules for Tools - The SAS Utility Primer
  Frank DiIorio, CodeCrafters, Inc.
Pages: 18 Size: 681 Kb 
tweet!  Spatial Statistics Using the SAS Bridge for ESRI
  Patricia B. Cerrito; Carol Hanchette; William Dakan; George Barnes; Robert Forbes,; University of Louisville
Pages: 15 Size: 693 Kb 
Statistics and Data Analysis
tweet!  Binary Logistic Regression Model Optimization
  Jerry Musial, Cingular Wireless
Pages: 6 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  A System to Calculate Market Value-at-Risk using SAS/IML and Oracle
  George Rezek, GMAC Enterprise Risk Management
Pages: 12 Size: 202 Kb 
Building and Analyzing Probabilistic Sampling Designs Using SAS
  David L. Cassell, Design Pathways
tweet!  Crossover Designs and Proc Mixed In SAS
  Hossein N. Yarandi, University of Florida
Pages: 11 Size: 41 Kb 
tweet!  Case Studies in Time Series
  David A. Dickey, North Carolina State University
Pages: 10 Size: 116 Kb 
tweet!  A Simulation Study to Evaluate ANOVA and GEE for Comparing Correlated Proportions with Missing Values
  Mark S. Litaker, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Daron G. Ferris, Medical College of Georgia
Pages: 6 Size: 31 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS to Make an Independent Assessment of Electronic Medical Records
  Patricia B. Cerrito, University of Louisville
Pages: 17 Size: 1256 Kb 
tweet!  Mixed Models Analysis of Microarray Experiments Using Pooled Error Estimates
  Yuan Liu, UNC-Wilmington; James Blum, UNC-Wilmington
Keywords: array
Pages: 6 Size: 143 Kb 
tweet!  Structural Equation Modeling Assessing Micro Array Data
  Mussie Tesfamicael, University of Louisville
Keywords: array
Pages: 10 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  Taking it Home and Putting it into Practice
  Diane Cunningham, Southern Company Services
Pages: 8 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  Mixed Model Influence Diagnostics
  Oliver Schabenberger, SAS
Pages: 17 Size: 325 Kb 
tweet!  Eight Characteristics of a Successful Data Warehouse
  Marty Brown, Lucid Analytics Corp
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 5 Size: 45 Kb 
tweet!  A Gentle Introduction to SAS/Graph Software
  Ben Cochran, The Bedford Group,
Pages: 10 Size: 186 Kb 
tweet!  PICTURE Perfect: In depth look at the PICTURE format
  Carry W. Croghan, US-EPA
Pages: 10 Size: 146 Kb 
tweet!  An Overview of Non-parametric Tests in SAS: When, Why, and How
  Paul A. Pappasv, Duke Clinical Research Institute; Venita DePuy, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Pages: 5 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Case Studies in Time Series: Periodic Behavior and Related Issues
  David A. Dickey, North Carolina State University
Pages: 16 Size: 329 Kb 
tweet!  Dictionary Tables and Views: Essential Tools for Serious Applications
  Frank DiIorio, CodeCrafters, Inc,; Jeff Abolafia, Rho, Inc.
Pages: 17 Size: 287 Kb 
tweet!  SAS System Options are Your Friends
  Edward Heaton, Westat
Pages: 15 Size: 286 Kb 
tweet!  Losing the Fat: One Application's Journey to the Internet
  Jeff Lessenberry, Jeff Lessenberry Consulting Group
Keywords: internet
Pages: 7 Size: 688 Kb 
tweet!  Speaking Klingon: The Power of PROC TABULATE
  Dianne Louise Rhodes, Westat
Keywords: tabulate percent preloadfmt Klingon
Pages: 13 Size: 443 Kb 
tweet!  Pretty Dates All in a Row
  Dianne Louise Rhodes, Westat
Keywords: INTNX INTCK duration interval dot notation
Pages: 13 Size: 405 Kb 
tweet!  Toward Object-Oriented Macros in SAS
  Mark Tabladillo PhD, markTab Consulting
Keywords: macro
Pages: 9 Size: 94 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Macro Design Issues
  Ian Whitlock
Keywords: macro
Pages: 12 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  A Second Look at SAS Macro Design Issues
  Ian Whitlock
Keywords: macro
Pages: 19 Size: 93 Kb 
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