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SAS Conference Proceedings: SouthEast SAS Users Group 2012
October 14-16, 2012, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, 120 papers
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Beyond the Basics
Coder's Tips and Tricks
Discover JMP
Hands-on Workshops
Launching Off: Intro Tutorials
Pharma and Healthcare
Planning and Administration
Reporting and Information Visualization
Statistics and Data Analysis
Transporter Room

Beyond the Basics
tweet!  Lost in Space? Methodology for a Guided Drill-Through Analysis Out of the Wormhole
  Stephen Overton
Keywords: SAS
Pages: 12 Size: 769 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Stored Processes: The Swiss Army Knife of the SAS BI Toolset
  Patricia Aanderud
Pages: 11 Size: 1062 Kb 
tweet!  Leveraging SQL Return Codes When Querying Relational Databases
  John Bentley
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 9 Size: 284 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Programming Framework for Data Extraction Using Perl Regular Expression: The First Wave
  Jiangtang Hu
Pages: 10 Size: 110 Kb 
tweet!  Using Dictionary Tables to Profile SAS Datasets
  Phillip Julian
Keywords: SAS Proc Means Dataset Profiler Big Data Dictionary Tables
Pages: 18 Size: 2211 Kb 
tweet!  Through the DoW-Loop, One Statement at a Time
  Paul Dorfman
Pages: 12 Size: 179 Kb 
tweet!  Make Macros Safe for Others to Use: Eliminate Unexpected Side Effects
  David Abbott
Keywords: macro
Pages: 5 Size: 95 Kb 
tweet!  Automating SAS/Graph Axis Ranges: Using a macro to produce easily read major tick mark increments based on the data to be graphed
  Rick Edwards
Keywords: macro
Pages: 9 Size: 1006 Kb 
tweet!  ODS Output Datasets that Work for You
  Stuart Long
Pages: 29 Size: 519 Kb 
tweet!  Proc Summary Options Beyond The Basics
  Susmita Pattnaik
Pages: 11 Size: 209 Kb 
tweet!  Inventory Your Files Using SAS
  Brian Varney
Pages: 5 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  "There's an App for That": It's Called SAS® ODS! Mobile Data Entry and Reporting via SAS ODS
  Michael Drutar
Pages: 11 Size: 1053 Kb 
The Elephant in the Room: Running Hadoop on SAS & Greenplum
  Christopher Stevens
Coder's Tips and Tricks
tweet!  SAS® Macros and the SAS® DATASETS Procedure - An Automated Approach to Dataset Management and Manipulation
  Christopher Alexander
Keywords: PROC DATASETS DATASETS procedure EXECUTE function macro
Pages: 5 Size: 208 Kb 
tweet!  An email macro: Exploring metadata in EG and user credentials in Linux to automate email notifications
  Jason Baucom
Keywords: macro
Pages: 7 Size: 301 Kb 
tweet!  PRXCHANGE: Accept No Substitutions
  Ken Borowiak
Pages: 8 Size: 139 Kb 
tweet!  Labels: What They Are and How To Use Them
  David Chapman
Pages: 7 Size: 259 Kb 
tweet!  A Closer Look at PROC SQL's FEEDBACK Option
  Ken Borowiak
Keywords: PROC SQL feedback select * natural joins macro variables operator mnemonics
Pages: 7 Size: 276 Kb 
tweet!  A three-piece suite to address the worth and girth of expanding a data set
  Phil d'Almada
Keywords: transposing records DO loops SQL arrays process comparison vertical processing horizontal processing resolving overlapping intervals
Pages: 5 Size: 113 Kb 
tweet!  Fitting Bayesian hierarchical multinomial logit models in PROC MCMC
  Jacob Fisher
Keywords: Bayesian PROC MCMC multinomial logit hierarchical multilevel mixed model random effects
Pages: 8 Size: 522 Kb 
tweet!  Fatal Witlessness: Appending Datasets! WARNING! This may cause truncation of data!
  Arunim Gupta
Pages: 7 Size: 158 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to Criteria-based Deduplication of Records
  Elizabeth Heath
Keywords: nodupkey dedup
Pages: 5 Size: 256 Kb 
tweet!  Hidden Biases Using SAS Dates
  Steve James
Keywords: SAS Dates INTCK INTNX
Pages: 4 Size: 195 Kb 
tweet!  Programmatic Automation of Categorizing and Listing Specific Clinical Terms
  Ravi Kankipati
Keywords: AE Adverse Events Clinical Terms Abhilash Chimbirithy clincial listings macro footer footnotes %let recursive automatic sas macro variables ae_auto.sas proc sql sqlobs sas program
Pages: 6 Size: 67 Kb 
tweet!  A PROC MEANS Primer
  David Kerman
Pages: 8 Size: 236 Kb 
tweet!  A Winning Combination: Generation of Listing and Descriptive Statistics Table in One Report
  Chenille Lloyd
Keywords: Macro Listing Table Descriptive Statistics
Pages: 7 Size: 336 Kb 
tweet!  Manage Hierarchical or Associated Data With The RETAIN Statement
  Alan Mann
Pages: 5 Size: 94 Kb 
tweet!  What's in a FILENAME?
  Heidi Markovitz
Keywords: FILENAME Multiple Files Macro
Pages: 7 Size: 189 Kb 
tweet!  Let's Play a Game: A SAS Program for Creating a Word Search Matrix
  Robert Matthews
Keywords: arrays word search game
Pages: 5 Size: 91 Kb 
tweet!  Minimum Level of Documentation for Ad Hoc Report Programming
  Robert McCurdy
Keywords: Documentation Ad Hoc Programming
Pages: 6 Size: 456 Kb 
tweet!  Learning PROC SQL the DATA Step Way
  Meghal Parikh
Keywords: SESUG2012 SQL
Pages: 8 Size: 285 Kb 
tweet!  An In-Line View to a SQL
  Darryl Putnam
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 6 Size: 55 Kb 
tweet!  Schedule Impossible: Using ODS and PROC REPORT to Create a Schedule Visualization
  Jeffrey Reiss
Keywords: ods
Pages: 6 Size: 108 Kb 
tweet!  Introducing the FINDIT Macro: An Efficient Tool for Simultaneously Searching Several Free-Text Fields Using Multiple Keywords
  LaTonia Richardson
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  A Handy New SAS® Tool for Comparing Dynamic Datasets
  LaTonia Richardson
Pages: 5 Size: 135 Kb 
tweet!  Securing Your SAS Systems - A Simple Step to Identify Users
  Leanne Tang
Pages: 4 Size: 226 Kb 
tweet!  Display, Group or Order: Using Proc Report to Create Clinical Trials Outputs
  Sally Walczak
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 8 Size: 64 Kb 
tweet!  Encoding the Password - A low maintenance way to secure your data access
  Leanne Tang
Pages: 5 Size: 259 Kb 
tweet!  We Can Import It For You Wholesale: How to Use SAS Macros to Import Hundreds of Excel Files
  Matthew Gyory
Keywords: SAS Excel import macro
Pages: 6 Size: 180 Kb 
tweet!  Beyond "If then" - Three Techniques for Cleaning Character Variables from Write-in Questions
  Yusheng Zhai
Keywords: Cleaning Character Variables Write-in Questions LIKE SOUND LIKE Excel SQL
Pages: 8 Size: 363 Kb 
Discover JMP
tweet!  Run JMP as a virtual application – Changing How the Game Is Played
  Hui Di
Pages: 4 Size: 273 Kb 
tweet!  SPC Data Visualization of Seasonal and Financial Data Using JMP®
  Annie Dudley Zangi
Pages: 9 Size: 475 Kb 
tweet!  Getting to the Good Part of Data Analysis: Data Access, Manipulation, and Customization Using JMP®
  Audrey Ventura
Pages: 19 Size: 2125 Kb 
Hands-on Workshops
tweet!  Getting Up to Speed with PROC REPORT
  Kimberly LeBouton
Pages: 8 Size: 104 Kb 
Quick Results with ODS Graphics Designer
  Sanjay Matange
tweet!  The Armchair Quarterback: Writing SAS® Code for the Perfect Pivot (Table, That Is)
  Peter Eberhardt
Pages: 36 Size: 7185 Kb 
tweet!  FREQ Out – Exploring Your Data the Old School Way
  Stephanie Thompson
Pages: 13 Size: 446 Kb 
tweet!  How to Perform and Interpret Chi-Square and T-Tests
  Jennifer Waller
Keywords: chi-square tests t-tests
Pages: 14 Size: 633 Kb 
tweet!  Queries, Joins, and WHERE Clauses. Oh My!! Demystifying PROC SQL
  Christianna Williams
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 37 Size: 1197 Kb 
Launching Off: Intro Tutorials
tweet!  Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® to Coax Your Excel Data In To SAS®
  Mira Shapiro
Keywords: Enterprise Guide Excel CSV
Pages: 15 Size: 1062 Kb 
tweet!  Reducing Big Data to Manageable Proportions
  Sigurd Hermansen
Keywords: deflate, compress, pad, pipes, filters, connection strings,SAS/Access I/O Engine, summary, redundancy, signal-to-noise ratio, SAS FORMAT, joins, views, structure, restructure, normalization, suffic ...
Pages: 7 Size: 335 Kb 
tweet!  Quick Hits - My favorite SAS tricks
  Marje Fecht
Keywords: macro reusable code SAS functions parameters DATE functions Generation SAS Data Sets
Pages: 13 Size: 106 Kb 
tweet!  Building the Better Macro: Best Practices for the Design of Reliable, Effective Tools
  Frank DiIorio
Keywords: macro language macro design macro debugging best practices
Pages: 17 Size: 222 Kb 
tweet!  Why Did SAS® Say That? What Common DATA Step and Macro Messages Are Trying to Tell You
  Kevin Russell
Keywords: Data step macro
Pages: 17 Size: 533 Kb 
tweet!  Review That You Can Do: A Guide for Systematic Review of Complex Data
  Lesa Caves
Keywords: Complex data quality control
Pages: 15 Size: 543 Kb 
tweet!  HELP, My SAS® Program isn't Working: Where to Turn When You Need Help
  Kimberly LeBouton
Keywords: Technical Support
Pages: 4 Size: 221 Kb 
Pharma and Healthcare
tweet!  The SDTM Programming Toolkit
  David Scocca
Keywords: SDTM macro CDISC
Pages: 10 Size: 84 Kb 
tweet!  A GUI-based utility macro for creating a version controlled project directory structure and copying in standard tools and template files
  Hisham Madi
Keywords: macro
Pages: 12 Size: 468 Kb 
tweet!  Knowing When To Start, Where You Are, and How Far You Need To Go: Customized Software Tracks Project Workflow, Deliverables, and Communication
  Eric Vandervort
Keywords: application software workflow
Pages: 14 Size: 896 Kb 
tweet!  A CareerView Mirror: Another Perspective on Your Work and Career Planning
  Bill Donovan
Pages: 3 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to the Clinical Standards Toolkit
  Mike Molter
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 13 Size: 123 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Macro Approach to Assign CTCAE Grades to Laboratory Adverse Experiences
  Mei Dey
Keywords: macro
Pages: 10 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  Developing a Complete Picture of Patient Safety in Clinical Trials
  Richard Zink
Keywords: Adverse Event CDISC Safety Review clinical
Pages: 5 Size: 386 Kb 
tweet!  A Standard SAS Program for Corroborating OpenCDISC Error Messages
  John R Gerlach
Keywords: SAS OpenCDISC
Pages: 11 Size: 295 Kb 
tweet!  Generating SUPPQUAL Domains from SDTM-Plus Domains
  John R Gerlach
Pages: 6 Size: 230 Kb 
Planning and Administration
tweet!  Serving SAS®: A Visual Guide to SAS Servers
  Gregory Nelson
Keywords: sas servers
Pages: 22 Size: 1663 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) Deployment Projects in the Federal Sector: Best Practices
  Jennifer Parks
Pages: 12 Size: 660 Kb 
tweet!  Getting to Know an Undocumented SAS Environment
  Brian Varney
Pages: 8 Size: 642 Kb 
tweet!  Best Practices for Managing and Monitoring SAS® Data Management Solutions
  Gregory Nelson
Keywords: SAS Administration DI Studio Data Integration
Pages: 13 Size: 818 Kb 
tweet!  Gotcha – Hidden Workplace and Career Traps to Avoid
  Steve Noga
Keywords: workplace skills career path advancement employment HR employer
Pages: 1 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  Running SAS on the Grid
  Margaret Crevar
Keywords: GRID Tuning Performance Deployment
Pages: 10 Size: 367 Kb 
tweet!  Using Dictionary Tables to Profile SAS Datasets
  Phillip Julian
Keywords: Poster Data Profiling
Pages: 1 Size: 114 Kb 
tweet!  A Visual Approach to Monitoring Case Report Form Submission During Clinical Trials
  Rebecca Horney
Keywords: Clinical Trials CRF
Pages: 7 Size: 333 Kb 
tweet!  A Corporate SAS® Community of Support
  Barbara Okerson
Keywords: User Groups Corporate support
Pages: 9 Size: 1002 Kb 
tweet!  Do You Have Too Much Class?
  Janet Willis
Pages: 6 Size: 334 Kb 
tweet!  Using Macro to simplify to Calculate Multi-Rater Observation Agreement
  Abbas Tavakoli
Keywords: macro
Pages: 11 Size: 158 Kb 
tweet!  Mastering the Basics: Preventing Problems by Understanding How SAS® Works
  Imelda Go
Keywords: Base SAS
Pages: 14 Size: 307 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Users Guide to Regular Expressions When the Data Resides in Oracle
  Kunal Agnihotri
Pages: 10 Size: 542 Kb 
tweet!  Using Windows Batch Files to Sequentially Execute Sets of SAS Programs Efficiently
  Matthew Psioda
Keywords: batch
Pages: 8 Size: 761 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Programming tips and techniques for Data Mapping
  Sheetal Nisal
Pages: 7 Size: 72 Kb 
tweet!  PROC TTEST® (Old Friend), What Are You Trying to Tell Us?
  Jeffrey Kromrey
Keywords: Statistical Assumptions Robustness Variance Heterogeneity
Pages: 12 Size: 660 Kb 
tweet!  Integration of Scientific Writing into an Applied Biostatistics and SAS Programming Course for Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Students
  Daniel Hertz
Keywords: Scientific writing SAS graduate education pharmaceutical sciences biostatistics
Pages: 7 Size: 285 Kb 
tweet!  SAS macro to obtain reference values based on estimation of the lower and upper percentiles via quantile regression
  Neeta Shenvi
Keywords: macro
Pages: 9 Size: 480 Kb 
tweet!  A Randomization Test SAS Program for Making Treatment Effects Inferences for Extensions and Variations of ABAB Single-Case Experimental Designs
  Patricia Rodriguez de Gil
Keywords: SAS/IML Randomization Randomization Test Treatment Effects ABA ABAB ABABA Single-Case Single-Subject
Pages: 8 Size: 692 Kb 
tweet!  Spatial Analysis of Gastric Cancer in Costa Rica using SAS
  So Young Park
Keywords: Spatial SAS Costa Rica Gastric cancer Regression Moran's Test
Pages: 8 Size: 319 Kb 
tweet!  Extend the Power of SAS® to Use Callable VBS and VBA Code Files Stored in External Libraries to Control Excel Formatting Routines
  William E Benjamin Jr.
Pages: 13 Size: 1305 Kb 
tweet!  Array, Hurray, Array; Consolidate or Expand Your Input Data Stream Using Arrays
  William E Benjamin Jr.
Keywords: array
Pages: 12 Size: 320 Kb 
tweet!  Evaluating effectiveness of management interventions in a hospital using SAS® Text Miner
  Anil Kumar Pantangi
Pages: 7 Size: 697 Kb 
tweet!  MIXED_FIT: A SAS Macro to Assess Model Fit and Adequacy for Two-Level Linear Models
  Mihaela Ene
Pages: 8 Size: 288 Kb 
Reporting and Information Visualization
tweet!  Get Your "Fast Pass" to Building Business Intelligence with SAS® and Google Analytics
  Patricia Aanderud
Pages: 18 Size: 12056 Kb 
tweet!  Let the Data Paint the Picture: Data-Driven, Interactive and Animated Visualizations Using SAS®, Java and the Processing Graphics Library
  Patrick Hall
Pages: 11 Size: 763 Kb 
tweet!  Converting from SAS/GRAPH(R) to ODS Graphics
  Jim Horne
Pages: 11 Size: 616 Kb 
tweet!  Pulling Data from Ellucian-Banner ODS with SAS-EG: Not only fast but fun as well!
  Claudia McCann
Pages: 13 Size: 1812 Kb 
tweet!  Don't Avoid It, Exploit It: Using Annotate to Enhance Graphical Output
  Sarah Mikol
Keywords: annotate coordinate system macro graph SAS
Pages: 12 Size: 477 Kb 
tweet!  Enhance your SAS/Intrnet application with jQuery and Google Earth
  David Mintz
Keywords: SAS/Intrnet jQuery Google Earth API Ajax web
Pages: 8 Size: 75 Kb 
tweet!  Do SAS® users read books? Using SAS graphics to enhance survey research
  Barbara Okerson
Keywords: Survey ODS Graphics SAS/GRAPH
Pages: 10 Size: 578 Kb 
tweet!  Mobile Business Applications: Delivering SAS Dashboards To Mobile Devices via MMS
  Ben Robbins
Pages: 8 Size: 785 Kb 
tweet!  Data merging and Exploration to identify association of Epidemiological outbreaks with Environmental factors
  Neeta Shenvi
Pages: 16 Size: 848 Kb 
tweet!  Using Design Principles to Make ODS Template Decisions
  Helen Smith
Pages: 12 Size: 747 Kb 
tweet!  Diverse Report Generation With PROC REPORT
  Chris Speck
Pages: 6 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  Creating a Heatmap Visualization of 150 Million GPS Points on Roadway Maps via SAS
  Shih-Ching Wu
Pages: 9 Size: 1397 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/GRAPH® to Create Visualizations That Also Support Tactile and Auditory Interaction
  Ed Summers
Pages: 11 Size: 358 Kb 
tweet!  Using Axes Options to Stretch the Limits of SAS® Graph Template Language
  Perry Watts
Keywords: ODS statistical graphics Graph Template Language SAS/GRAPH 9.3 SAS®.
Pages: 20 Size: 1462 Kb 
tweet!  Together at Last: Spatial Analysis and SAS® Mapping
  Darrell Massengill
Pages: 12 Size: 1106 Kb 
Statistics and Data Analysis
tweet!  Compare MIXED and GLMMIX to Analyze Breast Cancer Longitudinal Study
  Abbas Tavakoli
Pages: 5 Size: 156 Kb 
tweet!  Random Effects Simulation for Sample Size Calculations Using SAS
  Matthew Psioda
Keywords: Simulation
Pages: 11 Size: 177 Kb 
The Effects of Q-Matrix Mis-Specification when Employing Proc NLMIXED: A Simulation Study
  George MacDonald
tweet!  Decision-Making using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and SAS/IML®
  Melvin Alexander
Keywords: Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP Priroity Eigenvector SAS/IML
Pages: 12 Size: 559 Kb 
SAS Procedures for Analyzing Survey Data
  Pushpal Mukhopadhyay
tweet!  A SAS macro to compute effect size (Cohen's d) and its confidence interval from raw survey data
  Rajendra Kadel
Keywords: macro
Pages: 12 Size: 517 Kb 
tweet!  Sample Size Determination for a Nonparametric Upper Tolerance Limit for any Order Statistic
  Dennis Beal
Keywords: upper tolerance limit macros order statistics sample size confidence coverage binomial
Pages: 8 Size: 263 Kb 
tweet!  Difference Estimation versus Mean per Unit Methods for Skewed Populations: A Simulation Study
  John Chantis
Pages: 9 Size: 282 Kb 
tweet!  K-Nearest Neighbor Classification and Regression using SAS
  Liang Xie
Keywords: documentclass LaTeX class pdfLaTeX sugconf class
Pages: 16 Size: 420 Kb 
tweet!  Where Should I Dig? What to do Before Mining Your Data
  Stephanie Thompson
Pages: 3 Size: 53 Kb 
tweet!  The Keouk County CAFO Study: A Complementary Analysis Using Classification Trees in SAS® Enterprise Miner™
  Leonard Gordon
Keywords: concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) classification trees asthma
Pages: 8 Size: 526 Kb 
tweet!  Multiple Imputation for Ordinal Variables: A Comparison of SUDAAN's PROC HOTDECK vs. PROC MI
  Kimberly Ault
Keywords: Multiple Imputation SUDAAN PROC IMPUTE PROC MI Ordinal
Pages: 12 Size: 154 Kb 
tweet!  Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Mixed Modeling with SAS/STAT® Procedures
  Kathleen Kiernan
Pages: 18 Size: 656 Kb 
Transporter Room
tweet!  Linking Medical Records to Medics in Cyberspace
  Sigurd Hermansen
Pages: 9 Size: 711 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Server Pages, <?sas and <?sas=
  Richard DeVenezia
Pages: 8 Size: 393 Kb 
tweet!  The ADDR-PEEK-POKE Capsule: Transporting Data Within Memory and Between Memory and the PDV
  Paul Dorfman
Pages: 18 Size: 241 Kb 
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