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SAS SUGI proceedings: Emerging Technologies (SUGI 31 and later), 69 papers

SAS Global Forum 2009   March 22-25, 2009 - National Harbor, Maryland

Emerging Issues

tweet!  Solvency II
Subrahmanyam Munagala 
Pages: 1 Size: 17 Kb 
tweet!  Emerging Markets
Marie Lowman 
Pages: 1 Size: 18 Kb 
tweet!  Sustainability the Smart Way
Jonathan Hornby 
Pages: 1 Size: 17 Kb 

SUGI 28   March 30 - April 2, 2003 - Seattle, Washington

Emerging Technologies

tweet!  XML? We do that!
Anthony Friebel 
Keywords: XML
Pages: 6 Size: 464 Kb 
tweet!  Extending SAS® Data Services via XML and Java
Scott E. Chapal 
Keywords: Java XML web services metadata interoperability
Pages: 9 Size: 639 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Metadata, Authorization and Management Services - Working Together for You
Michelle Ryals 
Keywords: management console authorization metadata server
Pages: 8 Size: 1862 Kb 
tweet!  Future Trends and New Developments in Data Management
Jim Lee 
Keywords: Data Management
Pages: 6 Size: 206 Kb 
tweet!  Flip the Bow Tie: Pushing Business Intelligence to Operational Applications
Larry D. Bramblett 
Keywords: expert systems web-based application server
Pages: 6 Size: 287 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  A Successful Implementation of a Complicated Web-based Application Through webAF TM and SAS TM Integration Technologies
Clare A. Nicklin  Daniel Morris 
Keywords: Integration Technologies webAF server-side JSP metadata driven internet
Pages: 4 Size: 195 Kb 
tweet!  An Integrated View of the Customer
Hettie Tabor 
Keywords: Customer Relationship Manageme client-centric environment Integrated View interoperability CRM Analytics
Pages: 5 Size: 227 Kb 
tweet!  Rapid Analytic Application Deployment
David Z. Press  Sam Iosevich 
Keywords: retail analytics scorecard profiles market basket analysis Enterprise Miner
Pages: 6 Size: 414 Kb 
tweet!  Managing Clinical Trials Data with a SAS-Based Web Portal
J. Philip Miller  James Schauer  Jack D. Baty  Sarah Littlewood  Robert M. Lill  Reuben Richards  Kathryn Trinkaus 
Keywords: Clinica Trials Web Portal Data Forms Data Entry internet clinical
Pages: 9 Size: 3464 Kb 
tweet!  PROLAP: A Programmatic Approach to Online Analytical Processing
Craig S. Austin  Jim Acker 
Keywords: OLAP Futrix hierarchy
Pages: 3 Size: 120 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  The Use of Scripting Languages, Database Technology, and SAS/IntrNet® to Revolutionize the Research Process
Kristin M. Rankin 
Keywords: SAS/IntrNet SAS/ODBC SAS Macro Language Output Delivery System (ODS) Research Internet web
Pages: 2 Size: 158 Kb 
tweet!  The SUGI Survey: A Case Study of Deploying a Web-Enabled SAS® Application to a Handheld
Susan E. Davis 
Keywords: wireless web handheld case-study internet intrnet
Pages: 1 Size: 137 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Enterprise Guide® Future Directions - Analytic Business Intelligence with SAS
Stephen McDaniel  Rob Stephens  Gail Kramer 
Keywords: Future Enterprise Guide Windows Client Analytic enterprise guide
Pages: 1 Size: 169 Kb 
tweet!  New Technologies for Delivering Data to Internal and External Clients
Sigurd W. Hermansen 
Keywords: database XML codebook metadata
Pages: 5 Size: 319 Kb 

SUGI 27   April 14-17, 2002 - Orlando, Florida

Emerging Technologies

tweet!  Creating a Web-based Application Utilizing JSP and SAS® JAVA BEAN
Lori L. Sipe  Qing Chen 
Keywords: JSP JAVA BEAN WEB internet
Pages: 6 Size: 102 Kb 
tweet!  Keeping Form Data from Falling into the Bit Bucket with webAF
Heather E. DeMartino 
Keywords: WebAF Internet Intranet AppDev form
Pages: 5 Size: 258 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Solutions and Emerging Technologies: An Oxymoron or Intuitively Obvious? You Decide
Don Henderson 
Keywords: xml portals collaboration innovation revolutionary
Pages: 4 Size: 325 Kb 
tweet!  Using Visual Basic to Customize a Set of SAS® Reports
Kevin McGowan 
Pages: 5 Size: 105 Kb 
tweet!  Data Socket Adapters
Sigurd W. Hermansen 
Keywords: sockets database server views network middleware
Pages: 5 Size: 161 Kb 
tweet!  Futures Forum
Keith Collins 
Keywords: V9
Pages: 1 Size: 46 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Using SAS® in a Distributed Computing Environment
Chris Smith 
Keywords: distributed parallel webhound resource management cluster
Pages: 5 Size: 146 Kb 
tweet!  The Web Data Entry System: Methods for Web Development and SAS® Data Management
Paul A. Thompson  Sarah Littlewood  Avril J. Adelman 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 6 Size: 98 Kb 
tweet!  IDW - The Next Generation Data Warehouse
Larry D. Bramblett 
Keywords: Data Warehouse Warehouse Administrator
Pages: 5 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  Tools for Sharing SAS® Macros Over the Internet
Xiao Chen  Michael N. Mitchell 
Keywords: macros internet download
Pages: 4 Size: 58 Kb 
tweet!  Introducing the SAS® Business Intelligence Platform
Rob Stephens 
Keywords: Business Intelligence Application Development Query Reporting
Pages: 1 Size: 57 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Let SAS® Build Your Dynamic Web Site from the Data!
Jennifer R. Sinodis  Mark Moran 
Keywords: HTML ODS JavaScript SAS/Intrnet Dynamic macros internet
Pages: 6 Size: 89 Kb 
tweet!  Techniques for SAS® Enabling Microsoft Office in a Cross-platform Environment
Vincent DelGobbo 
Keywords: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel ODS HTML RTF SAS/IntrNet
Pages: 8 Size: 255 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced UNIX and VMS Server Architectures and Their Impact on SAS® Version 9
Clarke Thacher 
Keywords: UNIX VMS
Pages: 1 Size: 72 Kb 
tweet!  V9 OLAP - An Architectural Overview
Duane Ressler 
Pages: 5 Size: 486 Kb 
tweet!  Using Java, SAS® and XML to Integrate Handheld Data Acquisition with Data-management Web Services
Scott E. Chapal 
Keywords: Java XML Handheld Web Service internet
Pages: 6 Size: 389 Kb 
tweet!  An Application of ODS TAGSETs
Jack Hamilton 
Keywords: ods tagsets html xml sylk proc report
Pages: 6 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  <XML> at SAS® - A More Capable XML Libname Engine
Anthony Friebel 
Keywords: SAS XML
Pages: 4 Size: 106 Kb 
tweet!  Empowering Better Decisions with the Use of Metadata
Michelle Ryals 
Keywords: dw metadata
Pages: 4 Size: 374 Kb 

SUGI 26   April 22-25, 2001 - Long Beach, California

Emerging Technologies

tweet!  Integrating SAS in Corporate IT
John M. LaBore  Thomas H. Burger 
Keywords: integrating corporate IT metanoia
Pages: 6 Size: 180 Kb 
tweet!  Telling Aardvarks from Zebras with an Expert System Written in SAS
Anthony M. Dymond 
Keywords: expert system artificial intelligence diagnosis classification knowledge base
Pages: 4 Size: 111 Kb 
tweet!  WebHound: Your Best Friend for Tracking Web Traffic
Sally S. Muller  Dean Duncan  Frank C. Lieble  Carol A. Martell 
Keywords: WebHound e-Government Web Log Analysis Web Traffic Analysis Internet Public Sector
Pages: 10 Size: 575 Kb 
tweet!  Version 9: Scaling the Future
Diane Olson  Robert Ray 
Keywords: partitioned I/O SMP performance SORT
Pages: 1 Size: 100 Kb 
tweet!  Avoiding E-Overload: Personalizing Web Content through Security, E-Intelligence and Data Mining
Gregory S. Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: Data Mining Click Stream Analysis Reporting Personalization Internet data mining
Pages: 10 Size: 567 Kb 
tweet!  WAP-Enabled SAS Apps
S. David Riba 
Keywords: WAP Wireless Application Protocol webAF development data warehouse Quality Partner
Pages: 2 Size: 144 Kb 
tweet!  Wireless SAS Applications for Tracking Clinical Research
Deborah A. Testa  Russell R. Holmes 
Keywords: Wireless clinical
Pages: 3 Size: 100 Kb 
tweet!  Integrating SAS with an Open World: Java, JSP, LDAP, and Oracle
Jay L. Stevens  Brian Santucci 
Pages: 5 Size: 77 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Data from SAS to Your Palm
Jack Hamilton 
Keywords: Palm OS JFile TealInfo Handspring Visor
Pages: 6 Size: 156 Kb 
tweet!  Delivering Information to the People Who Need to Know
Carol Rigsbee 
Keywords: ER Reporting DSS
Pages: 6 Size: 171 Kb 
tweet!  Communicating Data Effectively with D-Data and D-Notes
Sy J. Truong 
Keywords: Internet SAS/IntrNet Data Viewer e-Data e-Notes
Pages: 7 Size: 342 Kb 

SUGI 25   April 9-12, 2000 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Emerging Technologies

tweet!  Enterprise Integration Technologies - What Is It and What Can It Do for Me?
Scott Vodicka 
Keywords: SAS/CONNECT software SAS/IntrNet software SAS Integration Technologies
Pages: 2 Size: 81 Kb 
tweet!  Enterprise Guide Development: Enterprise Client Software for the Windows Platform
Gail Kramer  Carol Rigsbee 
Keywords: enterprise guide thin client interface PC enterprise guide
Pages: 3 Size: 283 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Using a SAS/IntrNet Data Browsing Application to Generate SAS Code for Stand-alone Reports
Paul M. Gilbert 
Keywords: Internet Pharmaceutical SAS/IntrNet software web
Pages: 4 Size: 210 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/MDDB Server: Expanding Open Access to Your OLAP Data
Duane Ressler  Mary Simmons 
Keywords: MDDB OLAP open
Pages: 4 Size: 134 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Positioning SAS Software for Corporate Effectiveness
John M. LaBore  Thomas H. Burger 
Keywords: corporate industry pharmaceutical global technology
Pages: 6 Size: 138 Kb 

SUGI 24   April 11-14, 1999 - Miami Beach, Florida

Emerging Technologies

tweet!  SAS Integration Technologies Overview
Steve Jenisch  Chip Kelly  Mark Gass 
Keywords: DCOM CORBA MQSeries MSMQ LDAP standards
Pages: 1 Size: 14 Kb 
tweet!  The Quality Data Warehouse - Solving Problems for the Enterprise
Brad Klenz  Donna Fulenwider 
Keywords: quality improvement quality data warehouse statistical process control
Pages: 8 Size: 143 Kb 
tweet!  Generating and Using Name Keys for Fuzzy Matches: Calling a Third Pary Dynamic Link Library as a Module in the SAS System
Richard Carson 
Keywords: SSA DLL
Pages: 6 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  OLE DB for OLAP: SAS Institute Leading the Way
Duane Ressler  Randy Pierce  Mark Moorman 
Keywords: OLE DB OLAP
Pages: 4 Size: 32 Kb 

SUGI 23   March 22-25, 1998 - Nashville, Tennessee

Emerging Technologies

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Unlocking the SAP/R3 System using SAS/ACCESS to SAP/R3: A Practical Experience
Hans Hulpiau 
Pages: 4 Size: 26 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing SAS Business Solutions: Experiences of a Traditional SAS Programmer
Kimberly J. LeBouton 
Pages: 5 Size: 125 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehouse Administration: An Urgent Need for Technology to Emerge!
Jan J. M. Roording  Steven F. M. J. van Agt 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 6 Size: 46 Kb 
tweet!  A Revolution? Development of Dynamic and Hypertext Linked Reports with Internet Technologies and SAS System
Jeff F. Sun 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 6 Size: 197 Kb 

SUGI 22   March 16-19, 1997 - San Diego, California

Emerging Technologies

tweet!  Mining Your Data for Health Care Quality Improvement
Greg Rogers  Ellen Joyner 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 7 Size: 86 Kb 
tweet!  The Year 2000: Preparing for the Inevitable
Richard D. Langston  Chris Williams 
Pages: 5 Size: 329 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Understanding Face Value - Giving Users What They Want...And Still Meeting Their Needs
Kim Foster 
Pages: 5 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  The Realities of Downsizing: Moving a SAS Application from MVS to UNIX
Kimberly J. LeBouton 
Pages: 11 Size: 45 Kb 
tweet!  Industry Directions and the Impact on SAS Programming
Sally A. Goostrey 
Pages: 6 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Based Data Mining Approach to Find Database Solutions in the Banking Industry
Rama Jampani 
Pages: 2 Size: 16 Kb 

SUGI 21   March 10-13, 1996 - Chicago, Illinois

Emerging Technologies

tweet!  Telecom Industry of the 90s: Information Delivery for a Competitive Advantage
Stephanie Kuhnel  Leigh Anderson  Greg Gittins 
Pages: 11 Size: 906 Kb 
tweet!  The Road to Discovery
Eldin J. Ehrlich 
Pages: 6 Size: 862 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Software: One Stop Shopping for Re-engineering
Diane E. Brown 
Pages: 5 Size: 243 Kb 
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