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SAS Conference Proceedings: SAS European Users Group International 2002
June 11-13, 2002, Paris, France, 175 papers
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tweet!  When Worlds Collide - ETL and EAI Combine to enhance and Intelligence Architecture
  Dave Annis, SAS Institute; Mark Nilan, SAS Institute
Pages: 24 Size: 898 Kb 
tweet!  New tools for a new context: Enterprise Miner in the French gas industry
  Herve Augendre, Gaz de France
Pages: 17 Size: 558 Kb 
tweet!  Forewarned is Forearmed: previenting defections of our best customers
  Filippo Avigo, BIPOP-CARIRE; Salvina Piccarreta, Nunatac
Pages: 27 Size: 1561 Kb 
tweet!  As easy as ABC
  Issy Aydiner, Kimberly-Clark Europe
Pages: 28 Size: 2072 Kb 
tweet!  Predictin Customer Default Times using Survival Analysis Methods in SAS
  Bart Baesens
Pages: 16 Size: 314 Kb 
tweet!  Turin Olympic Winter Games 2006: a marketing survey of local government initiatives, conducted with SAS tools
  Veronica Baldiserri, Metis; Flavio Bonifacio, Metis
Pages: 44 Size: 2359 Kb 
tweet!  bioWORKS - Easy Calculatio of FDA consistent Bioequivalence
  Justo Lorenzo Bermejo, Information Works
Pages: 32 Size: 454 Kb 
tweet!  18 months to make an Analytical CRM dream come true: results obtained by Vodafone Omnitel in B2B Churn Prevention
  Alessandro Bernorio, Vodafone Omnitel; Paola Bauce, Nunatac
Pages: 36 Size: 1417 Kb 
tweet!  the need for e in Justice statistics
  Anne-Marie De Meyer, K. U. Keuven - Ludit; Martine Beullens, K. U. Keuven - Ludit
Pages: 42 Size: 1215 Kb 
tweet!  Outcome on a bank sales campaign based on scoring list
  Gianluca Bo, Metis
Pages: 20 Size: 337 Kb 
tweet!  Analysing the competencies required to work in Business Intelligence
  Laurent Boubli, Grenoble Graduate Business School
Pages: 16 Size: 233 Kb 
tweet!  Leverage your Microsoft strategy by integrating SAS business intelligence solutions with v8e Integration Technologies
  Ilse Ellen, Euroclear Bank; Patrick Bourgi, Base 3 Systems Ltd.
Pages: 35 Size: 858 Kb 
tweet!  Using activity based costing to enhance shareholder value - the tool to take shareholder value to the shop floor where it counts
  Otto Paul Brand, IBM
Pages: 21 Size: 948 Kb 
tweet!  Enterprise Guide - A Gateway to SAS
  Amarpal Brar, SAS Institute
Pages: 18 Size: 1083 Kb 
tweet!  SAS OLAP Services - Driving Business Intelligence
  Ingo Brenckmann, SAS Institute
Pages: 25 Size: 662 Kb 
tweet!  Web Portal for Controller Information
  Louis Broekhuijsen - Blöys, CMG
Pages: 24 Size: 1037 Kb 
tweet!  Leveraging SAP BW with SAS for creating business value at Electrabel
  Patrick Xhonneux, SAS Institute; Paul Bruynseels, Electabel
Pages: 22 Size: 1321 Kb 
tweet!  How to benefit from SAS investments over time
  Nicholas Bull, A. D. G.
Pages: 26 Size: 1698 Kb 
tweet!  E.I.P. - Enterprise Information Portal, a powerful information system belonging to the sales force automation application family
  Alessandro Calderan, UniCredit Servizi Informativi; Graziano Tosi, UniCredit Servizi Informativi; Riccardo Burtulla, UniCredito Italiano; Silvio Rivolta, UniCredito Italiano
Pages: 48 Size: 4302 Kb 
tweet!  Applying Business Intelligence to social services and social security
  Cheri Sweigard, IBM; Edward Blatt, IBM
Pages: 16 Size: 461 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Techniques in CRM
  Donna Byrne, SAS Institute
Pages: 19 Size: 1194 Kb 
tweet!  Customer Intelligence: Experiences Using SAS
  Donna Byrne, SAS Institute
Pages: 31 Size: 3082 Kb 
tweet!  Exploring Electoral Data with Enterprise Miner Using Self-Organizing Maps and Measures of Spatial Autocorrelation
  Anabela Martins, ISEGI; Fernando Lucas Bacao, ISEGI; Sandra Catarino, ISEGI
Pages: 12 Size: 697 Kb 
tweet!  Payment Behavior Analysis and Prediction Project at a Telco Company
  Özge Neslihan Çayc?, SAS Institute
Pages: 21 Size: 406 Kb 
tweet!  Banking Data Warehouse-Developing Strategy in ICBC
  Chen Daobin, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Pages: 19 Size: 251 Kb 
tweet!  GAMBRO - A Leading Global Medical Technology and Healthcare Company
  Catherine Collier, GAMBRO
Pages: 10 Size: 369 Kb 
tweet!  Netarget - intelligence creation as core business process
  Christophe Cousin, Netarget
Pages: 20 Size: 426 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Process Intelligence for Manufacturing
  Gerhard Held, SAS Institute; Ian Cox, SAS Institute
Pages: 41 Size: 1101 Kb 
tweet!  Managing Risk of a Power Generation Portfolio
  Coyle, Transalta
Pages: 17 Size: 253 Kb 
tweet!  Improving Bank Profits with Next-Generation Data Mining Techniques
  Rafael Alverez Cuesta, cajAstur
Pages: 17 Size: 472 Kb 
tweet!  Banking fraud detection and prevention system, based on intelligent data-driven decisions
  George Damianov, Standard Bank
Pages: 15 Size: 239 Kb 
tweet!  Enhancing customer profitablity through Marketing Automation - the FNB Experience
  Jithendra Daya, First National Bank
Pages: 25 Size: 217 Kb 
tweet!  Modern Management in the Public Sector using SAS Strategic Performance Management
  Debora De Haes, Vdab
Pages: 22 Size: 2929 Kb 
tweet!  How to maximize the effectiveness of 2000 salesmen
  Antonello Mana, Pagine Gialle; Elena Delpiano, Pagine Gialle; Giorgio Rivero, Pagine Gialle
Pages: 24 Size: 1415 Kb 
tweet!  Banking Transactions Analysis using SAS Software
  Lioudmila Dmitrieva, Raiffeisenbank Moscow; Roman Volynets, SAS Institute
Pages: 31 Size: 1018 Kb 
tweet!  Scaling Up and Out: The Value Propostion of the SAS Scalable Architecture
  Cheryl Doninger, SAS Institute
Pages: 59 Size: 1324 Kb 
tweet!  Customer Intelligence:The cornerstone of an Intelligent Strategy
  Shaun Doyle, SAS Institute
Pages: 24 Size: 324 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Enterpise Miner: What does the future hold?
  David Duling, SAS Institute; Sascha Schubert, SAS Institute
Pages: 45 Size: 2037 Kb 
tweet!  A www psychological quest using SAS
  Bernard Pirali, Out Wares; Michel Lehon, Out Wares; Olivier Lebon, ULB; Samuel Dupont, University catholique de Louvain; Serge Roberfroid, Out Wares; Sylvie Linotte, ULB
Pages: 21 Size: 2574 Kb 
tweet!  Strategic Procurement in the Public Sector implementing SAS SRM at UWV
  Evert van Os, KPMG; Grieko Enter, UWV
Pages: 19 Size: 1527 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Drug Development: Intelligent Research Management
  Andrew Fagan, SAS Institute
Pages: 18 Size: 3150 Kb 
tweet!  Identifying fugitives with data mining
  Bulcsu Fajszi, KFKI ISYS Information Ltd.; Gergo Galfi, KFKI ISYS Information Ltd.; Zoltan Benedek, KFKI ISYS Information Ltd.
Pages: 24 Size: 739 Kb 
tweet!  The Balanced Scorecard and Decision Support System - Case Study
  Elsa Farto, Sogrupo - SI
Pages: 41 Size: 3235 Kb 
tweet!  Faster Return on Investment using Solution Blueprints from SAS and Intel
  Jim Watts, SAS Institute; Mark Pallone, Intel
Pages: 23 Size: 1787 Kb 
tweet!  Specialized Masters in Business Intelligence
  Jean-Francois Fiorina, Group ESC Grenoble
Pages: 5 Size: 121 Kb 
tweet!  Making Your Data a Strategic Asset
  Tony Fisher, Dataflux
Pages: 29 Size: 2841 Kb 
tweet!  CRM in the credit card area: the impact of business intelligence
  Michael Flaschka, VIECA Card Services SA
Pages: 12 Size: 267 Kb 
tweet!  AppDev Studio - A Roadmap
  Anton Fuchs, SAS Institute
Pages: 39 Size: 2003 Kb 
tweet!  Building Java based OLAP clients using AppDev Studio
  Anton Fuchs, SAS Institute
Pages: 26 Size: 1178 Kb 
tweet!  base SAS to SAS/IntrNet Gave Growing Pains to the Data Warehouse - the best story about successful Intranet on mainframe used of more than 15,000 users in the city of Copenhagen
  Erik Madsen, Kobenhavns Kommune; Sven Gaffron, Kobenhavns Kommune
Pages: 23 Size: 1022 Kb 
tweet!  Budgeting, data analysis and management on the data warehouse of ASL 3 in Turin, Italy
  G. Gallone, ASL 3; V. Liguori, Sistemi Territoriali S.r.l
Pages: 18 Size: 1565 Kb 
tweet!  IT Service Quality Excellence
  Donatella Gandino, RAI ICT
Pages: 26 Size: 6001 Kb 
tweet!  A G.I.S. tool to support local government in decision-making activities based on an Internet platform
  Chiara Zaina, Povincia di Brescia; Raffaele Gareri, Povincia di Brescia
Pages: 16 Size: 2511 Kb 
tweet!  Information at your fingertips - Knowledge based marketing and sales at Peugeot Germany
  Josef Gerber, Peugeot Germany; Thomas Marx, CHS Data Systems
Pages: 20 Size: 1474 Kb 
tweet!  Realisation of the SAS France Balanced Scorecard
  Alexandre Ghilardi, EISTI
Pages: 15 Size: 1528 Kb 
tweet!  Data Storage Options for SAS Applications: SAS Intelligent Storage
  Bill Gibson, SAS Institute
Pages: 47 Size: 1213 Kb 
tweet!  Rising to the challenge - 7 rules to realising your strategy
  Stefan Gossler, SAS Institute
Pages: 20 Size: 2107 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Strategic Performance Management
  Goessler, SAS Institute
Pages: 9 Size: 1626 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to Customer Intelligence
  Alan Gormley, SAS Institute
Pages: 26 Size: 2882 Kb 
tweet!  Tracking Error
  Francoise Grandjean, SOLID PARTNERS; Gregory Magro, SOLID PARTNERS
Pages: 21 Size: 138 Kb 
tweet!  Running IT as a Business - How to managing your Sercie Provision - Intoduction of Improved Service Level Control & ICT Management Control
  Mark Griep, KPMG
Pages: 15 Size: 736 Kb 
tweet!  Runinng IT as a Business - Managing the Value of IT
  Han T. M. van der Zee, KPMG; Mark Griep, KPMG
Pages: 21 Size: 2460 Kb 
tweet!  Data Management and Data Analysis Solutions in Manufacturing: 10 Years Experience at Altis Semiconductor
  J. L. Grolier, Altis
Pages: 36 Size: 2541 Kb 
tweet!  Valuing People as Assets - Monitoring, Measuring & Managing
  Betty Silver, SAS Institute; Randy Guard, SAS Institute
Pages: 20 Size: 5712 Kb 
tweet!  SAS web technologies enable the developers to meet flexibility the client requirements
  Gvoskov, Data Technologies
Pages: 57 Size: 3547 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to SAS Risk Management
  Mika Hakuni, SAS Institute
Pages: 24 Size: 2911 Kb 
tweet!  Corporate Information Maturity
  Don Hatcher, SAS Institute
Pages: 22 Size: 6004 Kb 
tweet!  Opening the door to your information
  Stephan Haux, SAS Institute
Pages: 22 Size: 1850 Kb 
tweet!  Overview of SAS reporting front-ends
  Anton Fuchs, SAS Institute; Amarpal Brar, SAS Institute; Craig Stires, SAS Institute; Dan Jahn, SAS Institute; Ingrid Hertel, SAS Institute; Mark Torr, SAS Institute
Pages: 54 Size: 3527 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehousing with SAS
  Wilbram Hazejager, SAS Institute
Pages: 32 Size: 4284 Kb 
tweet!  Using Metadata to drive better business decisions
  Michelle Ryals, SAS Institute
Pages: 39 Size: 2492 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/IntrNet - Information Delivery via the Web
  Ingrid Hertel, SAS Institute
Pages: 33 Size: 2550 Kb 
tweet!  Proactive Information Delivery via Publish and Subscribe
  Ingrid Hertel, SAS Institute
Pages: 40 Size: 1772 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing a new Capacity Planning Process
  Ian Hindshaw, Woolworths
Pages: 29 Size: 939 Kb 
tweet!  Closing the loop on Fraud
  Anton Hirschowitz, Detica
Pages: 27 Size: 2588 Kb 
tweet!  System for calculation of flights' profitability
  Ikanowicz, Polskie Linie Lotnicze
Pages: 27 Size: 1980 Kb 
tweet!  The Vuliindlela Project: Satisfying National and International Reporting Requirements
  Ismail Mamoojee
Pages: 34 Size: 3729 Kb 
tweet!  Japanese Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction Model
  Iwabuchi, Teikoku Databank, Ltd.
Pages: 22 Size: 430 Kb 
tweet!  Integrating With .NET - Patterns for Leveraging SAS in Microsoft's Strategic Architecture
  Dan Jahn, SAS Institute
Pages: 29 Size: 1524 Kb 
tweet!  Web & Data Warehouse to evaluate and control activities of Regione Piemonte Cancer Screening Programs
  Corrado Marozzo, SAS Institute; Patrick Jegou, CSI-Piemonte
Pages: 44 Size: 5695 Kb 
tweet!  Building Strategic Advantage from a Single Customer View in Banking
  Iain Jennings, Cap Gemini/Ernst & Young
Pages: 15 Size: 472 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS and Java Application for Reporting Clinical Trial Data
  Kevin Kane, Infoworks Limted
Pages: 31 Size: 961 Kb 
tweet!  Moving from PC SAS 6.12 to SAS 8.2 on a Terminal Server
  Monika Kawohl, Aventis Behring GmbH
Pages: 22 Size: 485 Kb 
tweet!  Version 9 - What's New
  Paul Kent, SAS Institute
Pages: 24 Size: 247 Kb 
tweet!  What's New in ODS for V9.0
  Paul Kent, SAS Institute
Pages: 40 Size: 343 Kb 
tweet!  Segmentation and Cross-Selling Project
  Kirca, Yapi Kredi
Pages: 34 Size: 573 Kb 
tweet!  SAS SPD Server, applying intelligence to data storage
  Jochen Kirsten, SAS Institute
Pages: 26 Size: 1375 Kb 
tweet!  The Integration of SAS-Datawarehousing in the business process
  Hans Koppelaar, Kluwer
Pages: 17 Size: 389 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Fast Retun on Intelligence from your ERP Data
  Bernd Kosnar, SAS Institute
Pages: 26 Size: 653 Kb 
tweet!  Market risk estimation through modeling and visualizations in the SAS System
  Jerzy Krawczuk, Bialystok Technical University
Pages: 9 Size: 202 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing BASEL II
  Morgens Kristensen, SYDBANK
Pages: 25 Size: 335 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing BASEL II - What to consider
  Morgens Kristensen, SYDBANK
Pages: 26 Size: 336 Kb 
tweet!  Calculating the return on investment made in Analytical CRM - does it make business sense?
  AJ Kruger, Metropolitan Life
Pages: 27 Size: 1531 Kb 
tweet!  The problem of treasurey portfolio optimisation
  Alexey Kulemin, Savings Bank of Russian Federation; Vasily Konuzin, Savings Bank of Russian Federation; Vasily Sorokoumov, Savings Bank of Russian Federation; Victor Kulyshev, Savings Bank of Russian Federation
Pages: 52 Size: 1697 Kb 
tweet!  Know whom your cusomers listen to - Scoring for marketing channels reception propensity
  Pawel Gasiorowski, Warsaw School of Economics; Wojciech Latusek, Polkomtel SA
Pages: 20 Size: 784 Kb 
tweet!  Balanced Scorecard at ING Bank
  Jan Lauffer, ING Bank
Pages: 27 Size: 2097 Kb 
tweet!  Demand Forecasting at Eurostar using Train Classification
  Adeline Laulanie, E.N.S.A.I. / Eurostar
Pages: 11 Size: 198 Kb 
tweet!  Buidling Credit Scorecards using SAS Enterprise Miner
  John Lawrence, Barclaycard UK; Martin Crossley, Barclaycard UK
Pages: 11 Size: 630 Kb 
tweet!  MPG - SAS
  Arnaud Parent, MPG Ressources; Isabelle Le Roy, MPG Ressources
Pages: 30 Size: 3586 Kb 
tweet!  Optimising Supplier Spend - the new financial management task
  Brigitte Ley, SAS Institute
Pages: 38 Size: 2359 Kb 
tweet!  Proving the value of IT on the bottom line
  Arne Löfgren, SAS Institute
Pages: 24 Size: 1944 Kb 
tweet!  CWT's Data Warehouse Solution Reduces Travel Expenses
  Thomas Lundberg, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Pages: 13 Size: 2923 Kb 
tweet!  IT as a Driving Force for Business Innovation in Slovak Insurance
  Oto Maly, Slovenska Pistovna, a.s.
Pages: 49 Size: 1930 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Environment-Based Data Analysis
  Marin, Axa Seguruos
Pages: 27 Size: 812 Kb 
tweet!  SAS application: PEST 4 for sequential clinical trials
  Tatsuru Matsushita
Pages: 19 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  Mazimizing Campaign Return through Marketing Intelligence
  Markus Matzak, Volvo Car Corporation
Pages: 16 Size: 1350 Kb 
tweet!  What's New in the Output Delivery System, Version 9.0
  Sandy McNeill, SAS Institute
Pages: 10 Size: 136 Kb 
tweet!  The corporate strategy and the CRM
  Jose Luis Mena Cea, SAS Institute
Pages: 12 Size: 547 Kb 
tweet!  Re-Inventing the Company: How to Manage Change
  Luc Mertens, Telindus
Pages: 27 Size: 1473 Kb 
tweet!  European Experiences with the SAS Data Quality Solution
  Rein Mertens, SAS Institute
Pages: 26 Size: 1408 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS to determin file and space usage in UNIX
  Mike Montgomery, MTN
Pages: 9 Size: 238 Kb 
tweet!  ROI for forecasting cellular sales crystal bal
  Adrian Mattioli, MTN; Margie van Straten, MTN; Mike Montgomery, MTN
Pages: 15 Size: 478 Kb 
tweet!  A Sense of Perspective: How to use a Star Schema Data Warehouse to see any historical view you want
  Steve Morton, Applied System Knowledge Ltd.
Pages: 45 Size: 441 Kb 
tweet!  Terabyte-class data analysis for CRM in service provider
  Ryo Mukae, NTT Comware Corporation
Pages: 18 Size: 277 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing Strategic Performance Management (SPM) - Will it give you the Power to Know?
  Ingrid Sternhoff, Phillips Petroleum Company; Pål Navestad, Phillips Petroleum Company
Pages: 23 Size: 1066 Kb 
tweet!  Client Report in CIB Bank using SAS Data warehouse
  Kristian Nemeth, CIB Bank Hungary
Pages: 21 Size: 216 Kb 
tweet!  Proper Architecture Considerations For Data Warehouse Implementation
  Mark Nilan, SAS Institute
Pages: 29 Size: 4724 Kb 
tweet!  The Norwich Union CRM Evolution
  Nunney, Norwich Union
Pages: 2 Size: 49 Kb 
tweet!  The STAR System, a Data Warehouse for Statutory Financial Reporting
  Dagmar Brautigam, SAS Institute; Minna Oksanen, TietoEnator Financial Solutions Oy
Pages: 20 Size: 972 Kb 
tweet!  Corporate Financial & Operational Analytical and Reporting System
  Elias Soloviev, MTS GSM; Eugene Olkhovski, MTS GSM
Pages: 43 Size: 1738 Kb 
tweet!  Monitoring internal behavior of external IT services using ITSV
  Peter Oudshoorn, Hudson Williams Europe
Pages: 29 Size: 1378 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to Intelligent Warehousing
  Paul Padley, SAS Institute
Pages: 13 Size: 1550 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS Enterprise Architecture - Achieving Enterprise Integration
  Paul Padley, SAS Institute
Pages: 48 Size: 2149 Kb 
tweet!  Risk Management for Utilities companies
  M. Palomo, Soluziona
Pages: 22 Size: 392 Kb 
tweet!  A data warehouse and data exploitation solution in clinical trials
  F. Patarnello, GlaxoSmithKline; V. Frizzo, GlaxoSmithKline
Pages: 24 Size: 1607 Kb 
tweet!  Custom Bankruptcy Scoring for Account Management
  Edward Penner, CIBC
Pages: 10 Size: 139 Kb 
tweet!  Computer management of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemiological Cohorts
  Anne Persoz, Bicetre Hospital; Faroudy Boufassa, Bicetre Hospital
Pages: 39 Size: 20526 Kb 
tweet!  The Power of Enterprise Intelligence
  Chris M. Pieper, SAS Institute
Pages: 32 Size: 3028 Kb 
tweet!  Financial Risk Management within the Generali Group: a structured approach
  Paolo Pirona, Generali Assest Management
Pages: 28 Size: 189 Kb 
tweet!  Swin into data to best support top management decision in a dynamic and competitive market
  Cristiano Portas, Arena Group
Pages: 40 Size: 5716 Kb 
tweet!  Creating a customer event based data warehouse
  David Porter, Detica
Pages: 35 Size: 470 Kb 
tweet!  Tuning WebHound 4.0 and SAS 8.2 for Enterprise Windows Systems
  Martin Powdrill, Unisys
Pages: 26 Size: 201 Kb 
tweet!  State of the Art Management Information System in Internet Banking at Credit Suisse Financial Services
  Martin Prestera, Credit Suisse
Pages: 20 Size: 364 Kb 
tweet!  Datawarehousing in the Public Sector: Database Integration in the Lombardia Region
  Marco Raffaldi
Pages: 29 Size: 4287 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to ODS Markup and Tagsets
  Arthur Witherall
Pages: 27 Size: 410 Kb 
tweet!  Increasing Retail Banking Profitability through CRM: the UniCredito Italiano Case History
  Giorgio Redemagni, Gruppo Unicredito Italiano
Pages: 34 Size: 2479 Kb 
tweet!  Balanced Scorecard as the core of a strategy focussed organisation - implentation for a German utility company
  Andreas Renner, Horvath & Partner GmbH
Pages: 36 Size: 3155 Kb 
tweet!  Data Mining experiences in predicting TLC Churn
  Marco Richeldi, Telecom Italia Lab
Pages: 20 Size: 780 Kb 
tweet!  Putting Customer Data to Work
  Jackie Ronson, Prudential; Maggie Scott, Detica
Pages: 19 Size: 414 Kb 
tweet!  Innovations in Cash Logistics: CoBaCash - An intranet based system for optimizing cash supply for branches and ATMs
  C. Ruban, Commerzbank AG; L. Nottekamper, Info Ware GmbH
Pages: 25 Size: 11003 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Meets Big Iron: High Performance Computing in SAS Analytic Procedures
  Robert Cohen, SAS Institute
Pages: 61 Size: 2437 Kb 
tweet!  Conclusion to the Academic Initiative Stream
  Lena Ryuji, SAS Institute; Nina Hanke, SAS Institute
Pages: 10 Size: 2097 Kb 
tweet!  Transparent strategies with financial intelligence
  Krista Saukkonen, SAS Institute
Pages: 25 Size: 4154 Kb 
tweet!  Do you know, how your customers use your website? You should - we do - Web analysis for Deutsche Telekom's Internet portal based on e-Intelligence, a customized SAS Solution
  Kerstin Kruger, T-Systems Multimedia Software GmbH; Steffen Scheller, T-Systems Multimedia Software GmbH
Pages: 23 Size: 984 Kb 
tweet!  Linking Financial Measures to Your Company's Strategy
  David C. Schwerbrock, SAS Institute
Pages: 28 Size: 1318 Kb 
tweet!  Putting Customer Data to Work
  Jackie Ronson, Prudential; Maggie Scott, Detica
Pages: 19 Size: 414 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to SAS IT Management Solutions
  Richard Seery, SAS Institute
Pages: 20 Size: 2166 Kb 
tweet!  Data Mining In A Zero Latency Enterprise Environment
  Luca Selvatici, HP
Pages: 24 Size: 2706 Kb 
tweet!  Customer management from a data warehouse - A Journey not a Destination
  Tal Shlasky, Bank Hapoalim
Pages: 33 Size: 1622 Kb 
tweet!  CMG's approach to application managed services on SAS data warehouses
  Jan Willem Sijthoff, CMG
Pages: 23 Size: 489 Kb 
tweet!  Medicaid Data Warehouse
  Simmons, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Pages: 12 Size: 282 Kb 
tweet! - Market Leadership Through Thought Leadership
  Steplan, SAS Institute
Pages: 52 Size: 2810 Kb 
tweet!  Evaluating SPDS to Improve Performance of a Large Data Warehouse
  Clare Somerville, Ministry of Social Policy; Colin Harris, Ministry of Social Policy
Pages: 14 Size: 198 Kb 
tweet!  CIO Intelligence
  Andre Kingham, SAS Institute; Richard Seery, SAS Institute
Pages: 30 Size: 1942 Kb 
tweet!  SAS and the CRO
  Peter Stagg, Quintiles Ltd
Pages: 14 Size: 644 Kb 
tweet!  Developing an infrastructure for the Efficient Use of SAS at the Federal Statistical Office Germany
  Heinz Stralla, Federal Statistical Office Germany
Pages: 21 Size: 399 Kb 
tweet!  ROI for forecasting cellular sales crystal bal
  Adrian Mattioli, MTN; Margie van Straten, MTN
Pages: 15 Size: 491 Kb 
tweet!  The use of SAS in Volkswagen Financial Services
  Jan Suniar, Volkswagen Financne Sluzby
Pages: 20 Size: 5851 Kb 
tweet!  Drivign forward customer relationship and knowledge
  Bruno Tabourin, Syntegra; Serge Boulet, SAS Institute
Pages: 20 Size: 220 Kb 
tweet!  Tracking your data warehouse using SAS
  Haidong (Don) Tang, Baosight; Xiao Ji, Baosight
Pages: 55 Size: 479 Kb 
tweet!  Information infrastructure for society: A proactive strategy
  Lars Thygesen, Statistics - Denmark
Pages: 31 Size: 4525 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Human Capital Management @ ING Netherlands
  H. Tijssen, ING Group
Pages: 28 Size: 436 Kb 
tweet!  Adding Value Through Supply Chain Intelligence
  Stephen Toms, Queensland Cotton
Pages: 16 Size: 365 Kb 
tweet!  SAS integration Technologies - A Roadmap
  Mark Torr, SAS Institute
Pages: 62 Size: 1907 Kb 
tweet!  Creating an N-tier distrubuted system - How SAS comes to the rescue
  Gerry P. W. Van Tol, Natio E-3A Component
Pages: 13 Size: 555 Kb 
tweet!  OLAP Business Metrics Library - Tailored Analyses for Retailers' Mass Data and complex Business Figures
  Sven Viergutz, IBM
Pages: 23 Size: 586 Kb 
tweet!  Strategic Measurement and Reporting in City Governance
  David Walker, Auckland City
Pages: 24 Size: 1913 Kb 
tweet!  Solving the complex problem of Energy Trading Risk Management
  Allan Watson, Sun Microsystems
Pages: 35 Size: 3175 Kb 
tweet!  Addressing the New Capital Accord (Basel II) with SAS
  Charles Duclos, Cap Gemini/Ernst & Young; Rik van de Weerthof, SAS Institute
Pages: 45 Size: 1525 Kb 
tweet!  Personalization through Web Mining - New Approaches for One-to-One Marketing
  Stefan Weingaertner, Dymatrix Consulting Group
Pages: 19 Size: 1931 Kb 
tweet!  Bankruptcy scoring using the SAS Enterprise Miner
  Michael Wetzel, SYSTEMATIKA Informationssysteme AG
Pages: 18 Size: 112 Kb 
tweet!  Datamining for Lifetime Value
  Nigel Wigram, Old Mutual
Pages: 40 Size: 574 Kb 
tweet!  Genomic Analysis Solutions from SAS
  Gerhard Held, SAS Institute; Russell Wolfinger, SAS Institute
Pages: 25 Size: 1075 Kb 
tweet!  How to move from OPINIONS to FACTS
  G. Ricci, Nestle Italiana Spa; G. Zanini, Nestle Italiana Spa; M. Rinchi, Nestle Italiana Spa
Pages: 25 Size: 1683 Kb 
tweet!  Enterprise Customer Analytics: Dynamically Acting on Real Customer Insight
  Alex Zekulin, IBM; Bryan Foss, IBM
Pages: 13 Size: 2934 Kb 
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