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PhUSE proceedings: Professional Development and Management, 105 papers

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2017   October 8-11, 2017 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Professional Development & Training
tweet!  Can Everyone Can Read Maps! Plotting Your Career Path and Preparing for the Terrain
  Diana Stuart, Veramed
Pages: 6 Size: 212 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1647 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Attack of the Clones: How to Individualize Your Approach to Work and People
  Jennifer Dootson, d-Wise
Pages: 5 Size: 319 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 13859 Kb)
tweet!  Finding Talents? Think Innovative!
  Yi Zhang, Rosemind Consulting
Keywords: Selecting Talents
Pages: 4 Size: 47 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2385 Kb)
tweet!  Moving Cheese: How to Lead Traditional Programmes on the Journey to a New World
  Steve Noga, Rho; John Leveille, d-Wise; Melissa Tanner, d-Wise
Keywords: Change Management Strategic Planning SAS Grid
Pages: 7 Size: 416 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 8649 Kb)
tweet!  From Programmer to Patient. Why it is Good to be a Clinical Programmer When You Are Seriously Ill
  Colin Brown, Hearthought Enterprises
Keywords: Illness Trials Clinical Programmer
Pages: 4 Size: 104 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 15122 Kb)
Outsourcing: CRO Oversight - GSK's Journey Over the Last Few Years
  Ryan Finch, GlaxoSmithKline
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 970 Kb)
tweet!  Dipping our Fingers into the World of Data Representation - A Visual Journey Using Encapsia™ Clinica
  Minola Ilica, CMed
Pages: 4 Size: 170 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 7946 Kb)
2025: Clinical Data Scientists for Tomorrow
  Chris Price, PhUSE; Lynn Clipstone, PhUSE; Shafi Chowdhury, PhUSE
Keywords: clinical
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 643 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2016   October 9-12, 2016 - Barcelona, Spain

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  The Process and Development of the SAS/STAT® Programmer Role from a Retroactive Perspective
  Jonathan Bishop, PRA Health Sciences, Swansea, Wales, UK
Pages: 1 Size: 63 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 4699 Kb)
tweet!  Size doesn’t matter: Little fish can be leaders too
  Jennifer Dootson, d-wise, Manchester, UK
Pages: 4 Size: 370 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 14082 Kb)
tweet!  Why programmers make the best functional leads: do statisticians really know best?
  Tom Ward, PPD, Cambridge, UK
Keywords: Why programmers make the best functional leads: do statisticians really know best?
Pages: 5 Size: 520 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 889 Kb)
tweet!  Continuous Improvement for TFL production
  Caroline Terrill, CROS NT, Maidenhead, UK
Keywords: Continuous improvement macro development
Pages: 5 Size: 121 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 5888 Kb)
tweet!  How to Enjoy Working in Virtual Teams
  Petra Auclair, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel, Switzerland; Antje Rossmanith, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel, Switzerland
Keywords: Virtual Teams Communication Relationship Leadership
Pages: 4 Size: 111 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2249 Kb)
tweet!  Program-level Programming Strategy – Oh, I Wish I’d thought of that Beforehand!!
  Jennie McGuirk, ICON PLC, Dublin, Ireland
Pages: 9 Size: 197 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1752 Kb)
tweet!  Desired Competencies for Speed and Efficiency (in the Drug Approval Process)
  R. Mouly Satyavarapu, inVentiv Health, Cary, North Carolina, USA
Pages: 4 Size: 108 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2321 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  So You’re a Superstar Programmer... ...Why You Still Might Not Be Picked for the Team
  Diana Stuart, Veramed, Twickenham, UK
Pages: 5 Size: 116 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3103 Kb)
tweet!  On the Fast Lane to a Successful Submission – A Lead Programmer’s Guide to an Efficient and High-Quality Submission Programming Deliverable
  Michael Reich, PRA Health Sciences, Mannheim, Germany; Hannes Engberg Raeder, PRA Health Sciences, Mannheim, Germany; Jim Witt, PRA Health Sciences, Mannheim, Germany; Doris Kolb, PRA Health Sciences, Mannheim, Germany
Keywords: Submission FDA NDA ISS ISE Lead Programmer
Pages: 9 Size: 79 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 17297 Kb)
tweet!  Is the Statistical Programming Process LEAN Enough?
  Simon Jennings, ICON Ltd, Marlow, UK
Keywords: Lean Six Sigma: DMAIC SIPOC Voice of the Customer Metrics
Pages: 9 Size: 776 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 4488 Kb)
tweet!  Integration & Innovation: Pharma-CRO Relationship
  Nalin Gupta, GCE Solutions, Bloomington, IL, USA; Rebecca Bates, GCE Solutions, Bloomington, IL, USA
Pages: 2 Size: 218 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2843 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2015   October 11-14, 2015 - Vienna, Austria

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  FDA Review Principles Applied to CRO Oversight
  Sascha Ahrweiler, Bayer Pharma; Ankur Mathur, Bayer Pharma; Grace Ignacio, Bayer Pharma
Pages: 7 Size: 186 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1787 Kb)
tweet!  Similarities and Differences in Statistical Programming Among CROs and Pharmaceutical Industries
  Mark Matthews, GCE Solutions
Keywords: Professional Development sponsor programmer CRO programmer career development career considerations
Pages: 7 Size: 150 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1360 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  The AQSCI Method Behind CRO Evaluation and Application to Pharmaceutical Company Needs
  Roy Ward, PPD; James Gallagher, Novartis
Pages: 8 Size: 119 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1433 Kb)
tweet!  Data Scientist - What It Is (Not)
  Michaela Jahn, Roche
Pages: 4 Size: 501 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1221 Kb)
tweet!  Working as a Data Scientist with Real-world Clinical Data
  Berber Snoeijer, PHARMO
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 2 Size: 111 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1117 Kb)
tweet!  Analysing the Role of a Lead Programmer
  Ester Schoeman, Biogen
Keywords: Analyse Analyze
Pages: 9 Size: 447 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 398 Kb)
tweet!  Best Practices in Managing a Global SAS Programming Team
  Yi Zhang, GlaxoSmithKline
Pages: 5 Size: 140 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3110 Kb)
tweet!  Unleashing the Analyst: Establishing a Department of Dynamic Real-world Data Science (RWD-S) Analysts who are able to Partner, Influence and Drive the Generation of Real-world Evidence
  Ryan Copping, Roche; Rob Walls, Roche
Pages: 28 Size: 5611 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 5611 Kb)
tweet!  Industry Standard for Good Programming Practices: Benefits and Implementation
  Mark Foxwell, PRA Health Sciences; Kate Peacock, Quintiles; Beate Hientzsch, Accovion
Pages: 6 Size: 134 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3915 Kb)
tweet!  Work Harder or Work Smarter?
  Colin Brown, Hearthought Enterprises
Keywords: Willpower will power stress hearthought
Pages: 4 Size: 104 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 25735 Kb)
tweet!  The Rewarding (and Rocky) Road from SAS Applications Programmer to SAS Software Developer
  Jeff Abolafia, Rho; Carrie Dundas-Lucca, Zencos Consulting
Keywords: Career Software development
Pages: 8 Size: 121 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1234 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2014   October 12-15, 2014 - London, United Kingdom

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  What Makes one Project Successful and Another Stressful?
  Colin Brown, Hearthought Enterprises
Keywords: Stress Management Positive Leadership
Pages: 5 Size: 127 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 432 Kb)
tweet!  Confessions of an Obsessive Compulsive Programmer
  Diana Stuart, Cmed
Pages: 4 Size: 126 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2575 Kb)
tweet!  Work-Life Balance: Making it a Reality
  Manjusha Gode, Cytel; Ajay Sathe, Cytel
Pages: 8 Size: 422 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 9279 Kb)
tweet!  Change Management - An ICON Approach and Case Study
  Anagha Pradhan, ICON
Pages: 4 Size: 386 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 445 Kb)
tweet!  Lessons Learned by Comparing "using SAS" as and Epidemiological Researcher and "using SAS" as a Statistical Programmer
  Saskia van de Schans, OCS Consulting
Pages: 6 Size: 288 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 514 Kb)
tweet!  A New Trend in the Industry - Partnership between CROs and Pharma. Do we Know How to Work Together?
  Kevin Lee, Accenture R&D
Pages: 4 Size: 183 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 690 Kb)
tweet!  Learnings and Evolutions of Risk Assessment Quality Control within Statistical Programming Group
  Timothy Barnett, Roche
Keywords: Risk Assessment Quality Control
Pages: 5 Size: 162 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 473 Kb)
tweet!  Managing the Change - Evolving Statistical Programmers to Clinical Data Scientists
  Sascha Ahrweiler, Bayer Healthcare
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 10 Size: 2409 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 8766 Kb)
tweet!  Internship - First Step in Personal Development
  Jaroslaw Parzych, Quintiles
Keywords: Internship recruitment training
Pages: 3 Size: 145 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 622 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  From SAS Programmer to Manager - Facilitating the Transition
  Russell Gibson, InVentiv Health Clinical
Keywords: Management SAS programming Leadership Motivation
Pages: 7 Size: 56 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1033 Kb)
tweet!  Development of Exploratory Statistical Programmers Based in India
  Jan Stefanek, UCB BioSciences
Keywords: PhUSE UCB Accenture exploratory programming India training concept
Pages: 4 Size: 84 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 454 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2013   October 13-16, 2013 - Brussels, Belgium

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  Pain of Your Back(up) or Efficient Resourcing of Back-up Solutions for Programming Leads
  Adam Amborski, UCB BioSciences GmbH
Pages: 5 Size: 97 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 531 Kb)
tweet!  One Vision, Many Interpretations?
  Todd Case, Biogen Idec
Pages: 3 Size: 243 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 592 Kb)
tweet!  Hey You! Or to Whom it May Concern
  Kathryn Wright, Cmed
Pages: 6 Size: 115 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Making of a Project Manager
  Manjusha Gode, Cytel
Keywords: Project Manager Project Management Statistical Programming Career Development Grooming Mentoring
Pages: 7 Size: 177 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 215 Kb)
tweet!  Are You out of Your Mind? CDISC Mappings Using the Mind Map Tool
  Niels Both, S-Cubed; Johannes Ulander, S-Cubed
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 5 Size: 488 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 435 Kb)
tweet!  Leading a Team When you are Note the Subject Matter Expert
  Vijay Reddi, Roche
Pages: 8 Size: 258 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1342 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2012   October 14-17, 2012 - Budapest, Hungary

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  Create Innovation Now!
  Colin Brown, Roche
Keywords: Theory U Hearthought Innovation
Pages: 8 Size: 620 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1787 Kb)
Two Tins and a Piece of String
  Diana Stuart, Cmed
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1053 Kb)
tweet!  The 3 Year Obsession: Length of Experiences the Sole Determinant of Competence?
  Meghana Bhagwat, Cytel Statistical Software and Services Ltd; Manjusha Gode, Cytel Statistical Software and Services Ltd
Keywords: statistical programming SAS clinical domain training functional service providers professional development knowledge management experienced teams
Pages: 9 Size: 292 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6794 Kb)
tweet!  New Era for Data Management - Redfine Collaboration
  Michaela Jahn, Roche
Pages: 6 Size: 656 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1691 Kb)
tweet!  How Specifications Get Lost in Translation
  Ralf Minkenberg, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
Pages: 2 Size: 79 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 820 Kb)
tweet!  Process Simplification - The Simple Way!
  Neeraj Malhotra, Roche
Pages: 11 Size: 738 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1316 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Are We Really So Busy?
  James Gallagher, Roche
Pages: 17 Size: 358 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1333 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2011   October 9-12, 2011 - Brighton, United Kingdom

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  Challengers Facing the Programmer in Observational Research
  Laurence Carpenter, Amgen
Keywords: Observational Research
Pages: 4 Size: 71 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 446 Kb)
tweet!  Managing Telecommuters and Global Virtual Teams
  Syamala Schoemperlen, ICON Clinical Research
Keywords: Telecommuter Virtual Remote
Pages: 6 Size: 131 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 923 Kb)
tweet!  Programming for Early and Late Phase - really that different?
  Katherine Macey, Roche Products Limited
Keywords: programming early late phases skills teams
Pages: 6 Size: 145 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 1564 Kb)
tweet!  Introduction of Pharmaco-economics for non-health economists
  Elhem Sbaa, Keyrus Biopharma
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 4 Size: 247 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 2500 Kb)
tweet!  Collaboration versus conflict: building successful working relationships
  Diana Stuart, Cmed
Pages: 5 Size: 37 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 2634 Kb)
What makes a strong programming team?
  Beate Hientzsch, Accovion GmbH
  Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 4638 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  How do we ensure the programmer we have today will meet the business needs of tomorrow?
  Christine Leigh, Roche; Karen Rowe, Roche
Pages: 8 Size: 511 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 3299 Kb)
tweet!  Critical Path Learning - How to Develop Top Level SAS Programmers
  Paolo Morelli, CROS NT
Pages: 4 Size: 114 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 6419 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2010   October 14-17, 2010 - Berlin, Germany

Professional Development and Training
Recruitment, Retention and Motivation of your team
  Louise Webber, i3 Statprobe
  Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 1747 Kb)
tweet!  Qualities of a Project Manager
  Jon-Paul Mewes, Roche
Keywords: The Qualities of a Project Manager in the Statistical Programming environment
Pages: 6 Size: 41 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 1463 Kb)
Best Presentation
tweet!  Life of a Statistical Programmer - A Personal Journey
  Ryan Copping, Roche; Ross Farrugia, Roche
Keywords: programmer professional development technical development soft skills knowledge management
Pages: 4 Size: 31 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 885 Kb)
tweet!  The Challenges of Implementing New Technology on the Business Process
  Chris Decker, d-Wise Technologies
Pages: 11 Size: 397 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 850 Kb)
Skills Required for a Project Programmer and a guess at what the future holds!
  Roy Ward, Novartis
  Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 248 Kb)
tweet!  Accreditation of Professional Statisticians: Current Perspectives and Challenges
  Katherine Hutchinson, Quanticate
Pages: 4 Size: 125 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 2384 Kb)
tweet!  Assessing Applications Training
  Edel Hogan, ICON Clinical Research
Pages: 5 Size: 33 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 1748 Kb)
tweet!  Theory U-Social Technology for Innovation
  Colin Brown, Roche
Keywords: Theory U Social Innovation Intuition
Pages: 5 Size: 65 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.ppt, 13613 Kb)

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2009   October 19-21, 2009 - Basel, Switzerland

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  Home or Away - Who has the Advantage?
  Kathryn Wright, Kendle
Pages: 4 Size: 121 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 421 Kb)
tweet!  Model of interaction between China and Europe on a B&P project
  Johanna Mursic, Sanofi-Aventis; Martine Madec, Sanofi-Aventis
Pages: 4 Size: 119 Kb 
tweet!  Preventing the "Bad Hire" - Behavioural Interview Techniques for SAS Programming Candidates
  Pamela Giese, i3 Statprobe
Pages: 7 Size: 55 Kb 
tweet!  Medical Research: What should Programmers prepare for?
  Emilie Brennion, Roche
Keywords: medical research personalised healthcare drug development experimental medicine biomarkers
Pages: 12 Size: 114 Kb 
tweet!  The Pharmaceutical Industry is under pressure to evolve for many reasons. How does this impact on the role of the Statistician and Statistical Programmers?
  Gail Kniveton, i3 Pharma Resourcing
Pages: 15 Size: 1757 Kb 
tweet!  Global working - Rotation to India experience
  Gwenaelle de Borne de Grandpre, Novartis
Pages: 3 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  Road to Rome or Roaming to...
  Francis Kendall, Roche; Christian Mueller, Roche
Pages: 4 Size: 41 Kb 
tweet!  Moving from Full Development to Translational Medicine
  Nassim Sleiman, Novartis
Keywords: exploratory development bayesian model maximum tolerated dose drug limiting toxicity
Pages: 5 Size: 282 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Challenges in running a virtual department through outsourcing
  Silvana Cappi, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Pages: 7 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Working in a global team
  David Barrett, Amgen
Pages: 6 Size: 75 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Your Point Across - Efficiency in QC Programming across Virtual Teams
  James Bidwell, Amgen
Keywords: Communication Virtual Teams Screen Capture SnagIt
Pages: 4 Size: 280 Kb 
tweet!  Team Expansion Through External Training
  Kamila Duniec, Quanticate
Pages: 3 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Articulate and Captivating e-Learning Courses
  Tony Cooper, GlaxoSmithKline
Keywords: Training e-Learning Articulate Captivate
Pages: 7 Size: 341 Kb 

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2008   October 12-15, 2008 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  A game of snakes and ladders
  Kerry Gordon, Quintiles
Keywords: Career development skills development learning statistical programming professionals
Pages: 6 Size: 60 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Experiences of Global Working -A Japanese cutural experience
  Mako Araga, Novartis Pharma AG
Keywords: Cultural differences Global working Japanese culture
Pages: 4 Size: 97 Kb 
tweet!  Being a lead programmer in a CRO : is it any better or worse than in a pharma company ?
  Alex Grigg, i3 Statprobe
Pages: 5 Size: 35 Kb 
tweet!  Offshoring - Have I seen this CV before
  Shafi Chowdhury, Shafi Consultancy Ltd
Keywords: Offshoring recruitment
Pages: 3 Size: 25 Kb 
Global environment: Choosing the right model and partner
  Balu Ramakrishnan, Roche Products Pty Limited
tweet!  WorldWide Deployment of an Application
  Yvane Boudraa, Sanofi-Aventis Pharma; Fabienne Rouille, ABS Technologies
Pages: 4 Size: 178 Kb 
tweet!  Metrics Unleashed II: Measuring Productivity or Inspiring Artisans
  Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies; Mark Matthews, Eli Lilly; Neil Howard, Independent Consultant
Pages: 7 Size: 258 Kb 
tweet!  Challenges and Opportunities of working with the Pharma industry - A BPO perspective
  Dr. K.V. Palanichamy, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd; Samidha Sawant, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd; Anagha Bhatkhande Tata Consultancy Services Ltd; Balu Ramakrishnan, Roche Products Limited
Pages: 7 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  The X-Factor - Recruiting the Best
  Rachel Bowman, AstraZeneca
Keywords: programmer recruitment
Pages: 5 Size: 20 Kb 

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2007   October 8-10, 2007 - Lisbon, Portugal

Professional Development and Training
tweet!  Intelligent outputs - Telling the story
  Claire Hoggins, Glaxosmithkilne, Harlow, UK
Pages: 4 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  A dedicated Programming Group working in a pharmaceutical Modeling & Simulation organization
  Vincent Buchheit, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland
Pages: 8 Size: 233 Kb 
Best Presentation
The ABC's of Offshore Survival
  John Moone, ICON Clinical Research

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2006   October 9-11, 2006 - Dublin, Ireland

Professional Development and Management
tweet!  Save Time: Program Your Output Specs
  Hansjörg Frenzel, PRA International; James Witt, PRA International
Keywords: Specifications SAP Organization work flow
Pages: 11 Size: 627 Kb 
tweet!  Microcontent with TiddlyWiki - the program I wish I had written
  David Garbutt, BSI ag
Pages: 7 Size: 305 Kb 
tweet!  Much more than TFLs - the evolving role of the Biometrician
  Chris Simmons, Covance CAPS Ltd
Keywords: Informatics Project Management Metrics Tools Projection
Pages: 6 Size: 1187 Kb 
Best Presentation
tweet!  Avoiding Mouse Elbow
  Malachy Foley, Independent Consultant/Trainer
Pages: 7 Size: 216 Kb 
tweet!  Metrics Unleashed: Measuring Productivity or Inspiring Artisans
  Neil Howard, Independent Consultant; Greg Nelson, Thotwave Technologies, LLC.
Pages: 10 Size: 254 Kb 
tweet!  Global Resource Estimation
  Roy Ward, Novartis
Pages: 12 Size: 684 Kb 
tweet!  Standardization in Clinical Development
  Marianne Carames, Novo Nordisk A/S
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 7 Size: 275 Kb 

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2005   October 10-12, 2005 - Heidelberg, Germany

Professional Development & Management
tweet!  Tactical Recruitment of SAS Programmers: Wisdom or Foley?
  Katherine Hutchinson, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences
Keywords: Recruitment SAS programmers Belbin Brainbench
Pages: 7 Size: 121 Kb 
Best Presentation
Effective Presentations: Remembering Your Audience
  Greg Nelson, Thotwave Technologies; Neil Howard, Independent Consultant
tweet!  Kisses, Nakedness and Love - What makes a good Clinical Trials Programmer??
  Josephine Duvoid, Independent consultant
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 5 Size: 130 Kb 
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