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SAS SUGI proceedings: SAS® Futures (SUGI 31 and later), 13 papers

SAS Global Forum 2013   April 28 - May 1, 2013 - San Francisco, California

SAS Futures

tweet!  MapReduce Anywhere with DS2
Cindy Wang  Doug Sedlak  Gordon Keener  Robert Ray 
Pages: 1 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  Your GPS for SAS® on the Cloud
Saravana Chandran 
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Virtual Applications in Your Cloud Infrastructure
Peter Villiers 
Pages: 1 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  You Like What? Creating a Recommender System with SAS®
Wayne Thompson 
Pages: 1 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  Making the Most of Your SAS® Investment in the Era of Big Data
Justin Choy  Tonya Balan 
Pages: 1 Size: 21 Kb 

SAS Global Forum 2012   April 22-25, 2012 - Orlando, Florida

SAS® Futures

tweet!  A Sunny Outlook for Cloud Computing with SAS®
Craig Rubendall  Robert A. Stephens 
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  Empowering SAS® Enterprise Application with Collaboration and Search
Murali K. Nori 
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  Capitalizing on SAS® and Hadoop
David Shamlin  Howard Plemmons  Nancy Rausch  Rick Langston  Michael Ames 
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  High-Performance Statistical Modeling
Robert Cohen  Robert N. Rodriguez 
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  The Future of SAS® Deployment: From MSI Packages to Web-Based Control
Mark Schneider 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  Decision Management, Speed, and Agility
Ryan Schmiedl  Michael Ames  Wayne Thompson 
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  User-Assisted Modeling: How SAS® Text Analytics Will Help You Pinpoint Data of Interest
James Cox  Saratendu Sethi  Richard Foley 
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  The New SAS® Programming Language: DS2
Jason Secosky 
Pages: 1 Size: 20 Kb 
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