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PhUSE proceedings: Standards Implementation, 12 papers

Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2017   October 8-11, 2017 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Standards Implementation
tweet!  Implementing a Meta-data Repository (MDR) Using Functional Service Provider (FSP) How Does it Work?
  Carla Santillan, Chiltern
Keywords: Analysis Result Metadata ADaM metadata
Pages: 12 Size: 724 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1885 Kb)
tweet!  Clinical Metadata – Web-based metadata management with a CDISC mindset
  Andrew Ndikom, Clinical Metadata; Liang Wang, Clinical Metadata
Keywords: CDISC internet clinical
Pages: 12 Size: 584 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1045 Kb)
tweet!  End-to-End Traceability from Protocol Development to Submission
  Mikkel Truan, Novo Nordisk; Trine Danø Klingberg, Novo Nordisk; Francis Dsa, Novo Nordisk
Pages: 3 Size: 394 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2953 Kb)
tweet!  Analysis Results Metadata 1.0 for Define-XML 2.0 - Benefits to Statistical Analysis
  Lionel Debecq, Business & Decision Life Sciences
Keywords: ADaM ARM Statistics Define-XML CDISC
Pages: 12 Size: 627 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6812 Kb)
Best Presentation
Bridging the Gap Between Legacy and CDISC Standards
  Bill Qubeck, d-Wise
Keywords: CDISC
  Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 4666 Kb)
tweet!  ADaM Mapping - Key Considerations for Metadata Driven Realisaztion
  Elenea Gathe, Bayer Pharma
Keywords: PhUSE adamap adam sdtm cdisc bayer
Pages: 12 Size: 310 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 3188 Kb)
tweet!  Leverage Automation to Accelerate the Creation of Submission-ready Artifacts
  Serena Pierson, Accenture; Lourdes Devenney, Accenture
Pages: 4 Size: 170 Kb 
tweet!  Managing Study Workflow Using the Resource Description Framework (RDF)
  Armando Oliva, Semantica
Pages: 7 Size: 309 Kb 
tweet!  Streamline SDTM Development and QC
  Stephen Gormley, Amgen
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 9 Size: 319 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 2259 Kb)
tweet!  Define.xml Tools Supporting SEND/SDTM Data Process
  Kirsten Langendorf, S-cubed
Keywords: CDISC xml
Pages: 14 Size: 2373 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 6432 Kb)
tweet!  Implementation of CDISC ADaM and Pharmacodynamics
  Françoise Frérart, SGS Life Sciences; Joanna Magielse, SGS Life Sciences
Keywords: CDISC ADaM PD
Pages: 5 Size: 390 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 1730 Kb)
tweet!  ADAM Programming - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  Pam Howard, ICON
Pages: 8 Size: 802 Kb    Download the presentationdownload (.pdf, 853 Kb)
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