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SAS SUGI proceedings: Student Symposium (SUGI 31 and later), 15 papers

SAS Global Forum 2017   April 2-5, 2017 - Orlando, Florida

Student Symposium

tweet!  Flow Riders Driving Below Traffic Flow: A Risk Analysis
Zhongjie Cai  Dixin Shen  Ken Chau 
Pages: 12 Size: 204 Kb 
tweet!  KA Team: Crime in the City of Philadelphia
Edwin Baidoo  Christina Jones  Muniza Naqvi 
Pages: 21 Size: 2202 Kb 
tweet!  The Flamingos: NFL Data Analytics For A New Era
Jonah Muresan  Daniel Savage  Gus Moir 
Pages: 14 Size: 598 Kb 
tweet!  Dataninjas: Modeling Life Insurance Risk
David Allen  Seung Lee 
Pages: 7 Size: 895 Kb 
tweet!  J2SP: An Investigation in Social Factors That Might Influence National GDP
John Eacott  Parselvan Aravazhi  Sid Grover  Jayant Sharma 
Pages: 16 Size: 1811 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Masters: Exploratory Analysis of the Factors Related to Gun Mortality
Stephanie Mendoza  Gabrielle Ilenstine 
Pages: 23 Size: 631 Kb 
tweet!  The Three Amigos Factors: Determining Term Deposit Purchases: How a Bank Can Get Other People's Money
Gina Colaianni  Bogdan Gadidov  Matthew Mitchell 
Pages: 59 Size: 2607 Kb 

SAS Global Forum 2016   April 18-21, 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Student Symposium

tweet!  Extracting Useful Information From the Google Ngram Data Set: A General Method to Take the Growth of the Scientific Literature into Account
Auré lien Nicosia  Thierry Duchesne  Samuel Perreault 
Pages: 14 Size: 374 Kb 
tweet!  The Application of Fatality Analysis Reporting System Data on the Road Safety Education of US, DC, and PR Minors
Molly Funk  Max Karsok  Michelle Williams 
Pages: 18 Size: 1452 Kb 
tweet!  Exploring the Factors That Impact Injury Severity Using Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM)
Pradeep Bista 
Pages: 9 Size: 275 Kb 
tweet!  Factors of Multiple Fatalities in Car Crashes
Bill Bentley  Gina Colaianni  Cheryl Joneckis  Sherry Ni  Kennedy Onzere 
Pages: 60 Size: 1172 Kb 
tweet!  Cyclist Death and Distracted Driving: Important Factors to Consider
Lysbeth Floden  Dr Melanie Bell  Patrick O'Connor 
Pages: 12 Size: 1208 Kb 
tweet!  Classifying Fatal Automobile Accidents in the US, 2010-2013: Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™ to Understand and Reduce Fatalities
Catherine LaChapelle  Daniel Brannock  Aric LaBarr  Craig Shaver 
Pages: 11 Size: 643 Kb 
tweet!  Proposing a Recommendation System for DonorsChoose.org
Heramb Joshi  Goutam Chakraborty  Sandeep Chittoor  Vignesh Dhanabal  Sharat Dwibhasi 
Pages: 21 Size: 1925 Kb 
tweet!  An Analysis of Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data: A Focus on the Top 5 DRGs and Mental Health Care
Joo Ann Lee  Michael Friendly  Cathy Labrish 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 28 Size: 1182 Kb 
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