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SAS Conference Proceedings: SAS Users Group International 23
March 22-25, 1998, Nashville, Tennessee, 255 papers
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SAS Users Group International 23: Best Papers and honorable mentions

Using SAS as an Automation Server in Windows Application Development
  Zhuan (John) Xu (Best Contributed Paper in Applications Development)
Pushing SAS/AF and FRAME Entries in MVS to the Limit: The USEPA's AIRS Graphics System
  Thomas E. Link; Art Alexander (Best Contributed Paper in Applications Development)
What We Really Need is a %By Statement
  Ray Pass (Best Contributed Paper in Coders' Corner)
Taking an HTML Snapshot of a Data Warehouse: Just Say, Cheese!
  Eric Simms; Jerry Kagan (Best Contributed Paper in Data Warehousing)
Using SAS/CONNECT to Control a Distributed Application
  Roger Williams (Best Contributed Paper in Data Warehousing)
Unlocking the SAP/R3 System using SAS/ACCESS to SAP/R3: A Practical Experience
  Hans Hulpiau (Best Contributed Paper in Emerging Technologies)
Visually Detecting Fraudulent Doctors in the Medicaid Program Using SAS/GRAPH Software
  Terry Allen; Glen Buckner (Best Contributed Paper in Information Visualization)
Three Ways to Utilize the SAS/IntrNet Application Dispatcher
  Steven L. Willhoite; John P. Campbell; George Orr (Honorable Mention in Internet, Intranets, and the Web)
Using Macros to Produce Multiple Time Series Graphs
  Kimberly S. Blair (Honorable Mention in Posters)
Using Hyperlink to Organize SAS HTML Output
  Connie X. Li; James Sun (Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place) in Posters)
Taking the Drudgery Out of Data Checking: Automatic Data Validation Using FORMATS to Validate Data, PROC DATASETS to Drive the Process and MACROS to Hang It All Together
  David Trenery (Best Contributed Paper (1st Place) in Posters)
Smart Color for Powerful Visual Communication in Your Applications
  LeRoy Bessler (Honorable Mention in Posters)
CHEKOUT: A SAS Program to Screen for Outliers
  James Handsfield (Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place) in Posters)
Proving it Works: Using PROC COMPARE to Verify an Analysis Converted into SAS Software
  Lauren Haworth; Njeri Karanja (Best Contributed Paper (1st Place) in Posters)
Retrievals from DB2 BLOB (Binary Large Objects) Data Warehouse Using SAS
  Tracy L. Lord; Robert C. Pratt (Honorable Mention in Posters)
Design and Analysis of Equivalence Clinical Trials Via the SAS System
  Pamela J. Atherton Skaff; Jeff A. Sloan (Best Contributed Paper in Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling)
Statistical Process Monitoring of Correlated Binary and Count Data Using Mixture Distributions
  Jose G. Ramirez; Brenda S. Cantell; Randall Collica (Best Contributed Paper in Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling)
Hot-deck Imputation with SAS Arrays and Macros for Large Surveys
  John G. Stiller; Donald R. Dalzell (Honorable Mention in Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling)
Installation Issues with the SAS System and NetWare 4
  Gerardette Furlow (Best Contributed Paper in Systems Architecture)
Getting the User Community Involved in Education and Information Sharing
  Russell Newhouse (Best Contributed Paper in Training and User Support Services)

Advanced Tutorials
Applications Development
Beginning Tutorials
Coders' Corner
Data Warehousing
Emerging Technologies
Hands-on Workshops
Information Visualization
Internet, Intranets, and the Web
Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling
Systems Architecture
Training and User Support Services

Advanced Tutorials
tweet!  Programming and Other Features of the JMP Calculator
Daniel J. Obermiller 
Pages: 8 Size: 138 Kb 
tweet!  SQL Step by Step: An Advanced Tutorial for Business Users
Judy Loren  Gregory S. Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 10 Size: 93 Kb 
tweet!  Tables and Views and Forms: Oh My!
Marge Scerbo  Alan Wilson 
Pages: 8 Size: 210 Kb 
tweet!  SCL for the Rest of Us: Nonvisual Uses of Screen Control Language
Michael L. Davis 
Pages: 10 Size: 80 Kb 
tweet!  Application Development in SAS/AF Software Using Class Libraries
Carl R. Haske 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  Intermediate PROC SQL
Thomas J. Winn Jr. 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 7 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Started with SAS/AF Frame Subclasses
Thomas Miron 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 197 Kb 
tweet!  Web Enabling Existing SAS Applications
S. David Riba 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 1 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  SAS and HTML - HTML Publishing Using SAS
Caroline C. Bahler  Sally Muller  David Doolittle  Arturo Barrios 
Keywords: html
Pages: 9 Size: 167 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Software and Java for Interactive Graphics
Andrew A. Norton 
Pages: 7 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Querying the Data Warehouse with the SQL Procedure SELECT Statement
Kirk Paul Lafler 
Keywords: SQL warehouse
Pages: 5 Size: 81 Kb 
tweet!  Understanding the SAS/MDDB Server to Process Large Files
Dana Rafiee 
Pages: 5 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  Macros = Magic; Where Number of Graphics = Many; Customizing Your Graphics Code with Macros
David Mintz  Nicole G. Mintz 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  %SYSFUNC - The Brave New Macro World
Chris Yindra 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 7 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  You Can RUN; But Your Data Cannot Hide: Advanced Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System
Andrew T. Kuligowski 
Pages: 1 Size: 13 Kb 
tweet!  On Data Transfer
Aileen L. Yam 
Pages: 10 Size: 96 Kb 
tweet!  MATCH-MERGING: 20 Some Traps and How to Avoid Them
Malachy J. Foley 
Pages: 21 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Macro Topics: Utilities and Examples
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 41 Kb 
Applications Development
tweet!  Efficient Cross Database Data Transaction Processing Between SAS Software and Oracle using SAS
Annie Guo 
Pages: 6 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  Manipulation of Hierarchy Tables in SAS/EIS Applications
Jeff Lessenberry 
Pages: 6 Size: 111 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Using SAS as an Automation Server in Windows Application Development
Zhuan (John) Xu 
Pages: 6 Size: 121 Kb 
tweet!  Army Hearing Evaluation Automated Registry System (HEARS) Corporate Data Reporting System - A Customized EIS Solution
Krista A. Elspas  Julie Shadoan 
Pages: 6 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  Strong Smart Systems: Use Software Intelligence to Build Reliable, Reusable, Extendable, and Maintainable Applications
LeRoy Bessler 
Pages: 9 Size: 172 Kb 
tweet!  The Building Blocks of PROC TABULATE
Ron Coleman 
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 6 Size: 60 Kb 
tweet!  DEMOXRPT: Macros for Writing Exception Reports; Perform Range and Logic Checks on a Data Set; Write File of Exceptions to Edit and Use for Updates
Ronald Fehd 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 4 Size: 58 Kb 
tweet!  A Comprehensive Codebook Generator
Naoko S. Stearns  John R. Gerlach 
Pages: 4 Size: 25 Kb 
tweet!  Harnessing the Power of SCL Lists
Lisa Ann Horwitz 
Pages: 8 Size: 99 Kb 
tweet!  A Bag of FSEDIT Tricks
Derek Morgan  Mike Province 
Pages: 6 Size: 468 Kb 
tweet!  Cataloger: An Application Development Tool to View, Compare, and Document SAS Catalogs and Data Files
Christopher A. Roper  Gina M. Thomas 
Pages: 6 Size: 134 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Pushing SAS/AF and FRAME Entries in MVS to the Limit: The USEPA's AIRS Graphics System
Thomas E. Link  Art Alexander 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 147 Kb 
tweet!  The Mediator Pattern Can Organize an Object-Oriented Application
Kevin T. Brown 
Pages: 5 Size: 97 Kb 
tweet!  Producing Structured Clinical Trial Reports Using SAS: A Company Solution
Andrew Lawton  Helen Dewberry  Michael Pearce 
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 6 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Using Design Patterns to Implement Object-Oriented Menus in a SAS/AF Application
Jack E. Fuller 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  Two Application Infrastructure Tools (Automated Email and Non-Volatile Locks)
Andrew Ratcliffe 
Pages: 12 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  And All with the Push of a Button!
Ray Pass 
Pages: 8 Size: 147 Kb 
tweet!  DATA Step in Version 7: What's New?
William Heffner 
Pages: 8 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  ODS: The DATA Step Knows
William Heffner 
Keywords: ods
Pages: 9 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  User-Friendly Toolbox for Batch Processing within a UNIX Interactive Display Manager Session
James P. Young Jr. 
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Evaluating the Migration of a SAS Application from a VAX to a PC-based NT Network
Alan T. Pasquino  Don J. Fish 
Pages: 7 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  The Realities of Downsizing Part II: Moving a SAS Application from MVS to UNIX
Tracy A. Cermack  Kimberly J. LeBouton 
Pages: 8 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  Establishing Production and Development Environments for Base SAS Software Development
Craig Ray 
Pages: 7 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  Supporting the "Program-Analyze-Write-Review" Process with a Development Environment for Base SAS and the Macro Language
Barry R. Cohen 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Secret Menu Tricks: Using Lists to Manipulate Objects
James Glidden 
Pages: 5 Size: 371 Kb 
Beginning Tutorials
tweet!  The SET Statement and Beyond: Uses and Abuses of the SET Statement
S. David Riba 
Pages: 7 Size: 179 Kb 
tweet!  Basic Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System
Andrew T. Kuligowski  Nancy Roberts 
Pages: 10 Size: 61 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Program Efficiency for Beginners
Bruce F. Gilsen 
Pages: 9 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Macros Variables and Simple Macro Programs
Steven First 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 10 Size: 1978 Kb 
tweet!  Exporting Graphics to Other Applications: Which Method Should I Use?
Peter Ruzsa 
Pages: 19 Size: 219 Kb 
tweet!  Exploiting Key Answers from Your Data Warehouse using SAS Enterprise Reporter Software
Donna Torrence  Juli Staub Perry 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 7 Size: 246 Kb 
tweet!  Tips and Techniques for Moving between Operating Environments
J. Meimei Ma  Sandra Schlotzhauer 
Pages: 10 Size: 169 Kb 
tweet!  Working with SAS Date and Time Functions
Andrew H. Karp 
Pages: 7 Size: 39 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to the Analysis of Repeated Measures for Continuous Response Data using PROC GLM and PROC MIXED
Robert M. Hamer  Pippa M. Simpson 
Keywords: repeated measures
Pages: 4 Size: 39 Kb 
tweet!  Regression with Time Series Errors
David A. Dickey 
Pages: 9 Size: 154 Kb 
tweet!  Finding the Solution to Data Mining: A Map of the Features and Components of SAS Enterprise Miner Software.Table of Contents
John Brocklebank  Mark Brown 
Pages: 24 Size: 184 Kb 
tweet!  The INPUT Statement: Where It's @
Ronald Cody 
Pages: 10 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to PROC SQL
Rosalind K. Gusinow  J. Michael Miscisin 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 10 Size: 2012 Kb 
tweet!  Strategic Use of the SAS System in Banking
Laurie Rose 
Pages: 5 Size: 144 Kb 
tweet!  Understanding Indexed Datasets and Using Direct Access Queries
John C. Gober 
Pages: 1 Size: 17 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to SAS/FSP Software
Terry J. Fain  Cyndie Gareleck 
Pages: 5 Size: 91 Kb 
Coders' Corner
tweet!  Dynamically Build a PROC FORMAT for Subsetting Large Datasets
Warren E. Stinson 
Pages: 1 Size: 11 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Techniques for Creating Format with Variable Values
Erika Liu 
Pages: 3 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  IN & OUT of CNTL with PROC FORMAT
Nancy Patton 
Pages: 2 Size: 17 Kb 
tweet!  Using an Enhanced Numeric INFORMAT to Read a Combination of Character and Numeric Data
Ronald Cody 
Pages: 2 Size: 14 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Numeric Formats Based on Precision, Not Magnitude
John R. Gerlach 
Pages: 3 Size: 190 Kb 
tweet!  It's Only Temporary
Janet Stuelpner  Boris Krol 
Pages: 2 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  Simplifying Complex Character Comparisons by Using the IN Operator and the Colon (:) Operator Modifier
Paul Grant 
Pages: 2 Size: 23 Kb 
tweet!  Deciphering the _TYPE_ Variable in MEANS and SUMMARY Output Data Sets
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Pages: 3 Size: 25 Kb 
tweet!  Generating Customized Reports Using the INPUT Statements
Jiyuan Wu 
Pages: 3 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Better Titles: Using The #BYVAR and #BYVAL Options
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Pages: 3 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  The 'SKIP' Statement
Paul Grant 
Pages: 7 Size: 28 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  What We Really Need is a %By Statement
Ray Pass 
Pages: 2 Size: 14 Kb 
tweet!  Creating a Flexible Parameter Driven Reporting Program Using Global Variables
Karen Dudley 
Pages: 3 Size: 22 Kb 
tweet!  Automatic Referencing SAS Macro Variables Using Array Processing, CALL SYMPUT Routine and DO Loops
Pei-Chun T. Wan 
Keywords: macro array
Pages: 4 Size: 17 Kb 
tweet!  Update A Two-Dimensional Matrix Using The Macro Facility
Jeff F. Sun 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 3 Size: 38 Kb 
tweet!  Generating SAS Source Code with SAS Macros
Robert Graebner 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 2 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  A General Purpose Macro to Obtain a List of Files: Plus Macro Programming Techniques
Mel Widawski 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 3 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Taking the Mystery out of SAS Macro When Using CALL SYMPUT
K. Larry Landers  Monique Bryher 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 96 Kb 
Data Warehousing
tweet!  Successful Data Warehousing for Telecommunications Business Solutions (The Philos Method)
Demetris Papaiacovou 
Pages: 6 Size: 39 Kb 
tweet!  The ABCs of MDDBs
Marge Scerbo 
Pages: 6 Size: 148 Kb 
tweet!  A Data Warehouse Implementation Using the Star Schema
Maria Lupetin 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 5 Size: 54 Kb 
tweet!  Enterprise Data Management - Warehouse Integration Solutions
Kim Foster 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 5 Size: 138 Kb 
tweet!  Mining the Data Mart: A Case Study with Stock Market Data
James A. Cox  Tonya L. Etchison 
Pages: 11 Size: 249 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehouse Efficiency Techniques with the SAS System
Tony R. Brown 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 10 Size: 139 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehouse: How to Use SAS from Beginning to Almost Ending for Your Warehouse
Akbar Golmirzaie 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 7 Size: 58 Kb 
tweet!  Accessing Data from Your PC Using Version 7 of the SAS System, Presented by Michael Ho, SAS Institute Inc.
Roger E. Sanders 
Pages: 1 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  Data Extraction Methods in Medium and Large Databases
Anthony M. Dymond 
Pages: 6 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  Optimizing SAS Access to an Oracle Database in a Large Data Warehouse
Clare Somerville  Clive Cooper 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 10 Size: 78 Kb 
tweet!  Enhanced Data Support Methodology (EDSM): Using Technology for Competitive Advantage for Managed Health Care
William J. Glosenmeyer 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 7 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  Using the Data Warehouse Model to Streamline and Accelerate New Drug and Medical Device Development
Martin J. Rosenberg 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 5 Size: 198 Kb 
tweet!  Monitoring a Cohort of Blood Donors and Recipients Using SAS/AF Frame
Monique Bryher 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 235 Kb 
tweet!  Dun & Bradstreet: Using SAS Software to Solve Customer Purchasing Problems
Christine C. Kelly  Michael B. Smart 
Pages: 6 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  A Data Access Challenge: Build a SAS Frame Application for Access to an Informix Data Warehouse
John E. Bentley 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 7 Size: 156 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Taking an HTML Snapshot of a Data Warehouse: Just Say, Cheese!
Eric Simms  Jerry Kagan 
Keywords: html warehouse
Pages: 6 Size: 617 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehousing and the Web
Jim Davis 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 4 Size: 610 Kb 
tweet!  A Guide to Managing a SAS Data Warehouse for Use Across an Intranet
Charles W. Bininger 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 5 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  W-O-W: Data Warehouse, SAS/OR and the Web
Art Rerecich 
Keywords: internet warehouse
Pages: 8 Size: 39 Kb 
tweet!  Is Your Data Warehouse Successful? Developing a Data Warehouse Process That Responds to the Needs of the Enterprise
Peter R. Welbrock 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 10 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  Building Your Own SAS Data Warehouse and Developing a Tool Set for Managing It
Di Meng  Charlie Bastnagel 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 6 Size: 479 Kb 
tweet!  Effective Use and Management of Metadata
Cathy Phipps  Jim Davis 
Pages: 4 Size: 131 Kb 
tweet!  Does a Data Warehouse Deliver the Goods?
Glen Payne 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 3 Size: 33 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Using SAS/CONNECT to Control a Distributed Application
Roger Williams 
Pages: 6 Size: 57 Kb 
tweet!  Building the Framework for Enterprise Data Analysis in the Semiconductor Industry
John T. Stokes  Roger Thompson 
Pages: 6 Size: 46 Kb 
tweet!  Enhancements to SAS/Warehouse Administrator
Terry L. Lewis 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 8 Size: 79 Kb 
tweet!  A Flexible System for Conversion of DBF Tables into SAS
Mel Widawski 
Pages: 6 Size: 82 Kb 
tweet!  Version 7 Enhancements to SAS/ACCESS Software
Vino Gona  Jana Van Wyk 
Pages: 10 Size: 123 Kb 
tweet!  Clinical Warehouse Enhancement: A Methodology for Linking Heterogeneous Databases
Sharon Kromhout-Schiro  Rose M. Reedy  Rob Lenderman  James Zadinsky  Vicki Harp 
Keywords: clinical warehouse
Pages: 4 Size: 22 Kb 
tweet!  Developing Risk-Adjustment Models Using SAS Software: An Application in Home Health Care
Ding Alonzo  Albert Alva 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  The Future Interface to the SAS System for PCs - A First Glance
Carol Rigsbee 
Pages: 2 Size: 22 Kb 
Emerging Technologies
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Unlocking the SAP/R3 System using SAS/ACCESS to SAP/R3: A Practical Experience
Hans Hulpiau 
Pages: 4 Size: 26 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing SAS Business Solutions: Experiences of a Traditional SAS Programmer
Kimberly J. LeBouton 
Pages: 5 Size: 125 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehouse Administration: An Urgent Need for Technology to Emerge!
Jan J. M. Roording  Steven F. M. J. van Agt 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 6 Size: 46 Kb 
tweet!  A Revolution? Development of Dynamic and Hypertext Linked Reports with Internet Technologies and SAS System
Jeff F. Sun 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 6 Size: 197 Kb 
Hands-on Workshops
tweet!  SAS/AF FRAME Entries: A Hands-on Introduction
Vincent L. Timbers 
Keywords: af
Pages: 7 Size: 162 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to the Basics - Avoiding Some Pitfalls
Deb Cassidy 
Pages: 8 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?
Ray Pass  Daphne Ewing 
Keywords: proc report
Pages: 10 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  So Now You're Using PROC REPORT. Is It Pretty?
Daphne Ewing  Ray Pass 
Keywords: proc report
Pages: 10 Size: 70 Kb 
tweet!  A Hands-on Introduction to Creating Dynamic Web Pages
Mickey Waxman  Larry Hoyle 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 9 Size: 122 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS System under Windows, Version 7
Jennifer Clegg  Gary J. Mehler 
Pages: 10 Size: 99 Kb 
tweet!  Preparing SAS Software Applications for the Year 2000
Sunil K. Gupta  Kirk Paul Lafler  Charles E. Shipp 
Pages: 6 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to SAS/ASSIST Software
Linda P. Atkinson 
Pages: 6 Size: 185 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to PROC SQL
Rosalind K. Gusinow  J. Michael Miscisin 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 12 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  Ten Great Reasons to Learn SAS Software's SQL Procedure
Kirk Paul Lafler 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 6 Size: 42 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Macros Variables and Simple Macro Programs
Steven First 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 10 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  SAS and Web Publishing - Wisdom for the Web Challenged
Sally Muller  Caroline C. Bahler  Dave Doolittle  Arturo Barrios 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 9 Size: 157 Kb 
Information Visualization
tweet!  Developing Web Applications with htmSQL
Jason Thomas 
Keywords: SQL internet
Pages: 1 Size: 9 Kb 
tweet!  Statistical Presentations Using the Power of PROC TABULATE
C. Olivia Rud 
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 7 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  A Revolution in Data Analysis: How New, Very Powerful, Easy to Use, Graphical Data Analysis Tools and Techniques Can Empower Even Novice Subject Matter Specialists
Dave DesJardins 
Pages: 8 Size: 595 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/GRAPH Software to Create Graphs on the Web
Himesh Patel 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 10 Size: 240 Kb 
tweet!  Building Clinical Information Spaces on the World Wide Web
Paul Wehr 
Keywords: internet clinical
Pages: 4 Size: 46 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Visually Detecting Fraudulent Doctors in the Medicaid Program Using SAS/GRAPH Software
Terry Allen  Glen Buckner 
Pages: 6 Size: 474 Kb 
tweet!  Individual Summaries: Bigger Needles in Smaller Haystacks
Joel J. Gruenke 
Pages: 5 Size: 29 Kb 
tweet!  Delivering Geographic Information: For Those Who Can't Read a GMAP and Won't Stop to Ask for Directions
Jeanne Spicer 
Pages: 6 Size: 158 Kb 
tweet!  Chart Smart: Design Graphs to Inform and Influence
LeRoy Bessler 
Pages: 10 Size: 847 Kb 
tweet!  Multidimensional Data Visualization Tools
Sanjay N. Matange  James Beamon  Cynthia L. Huffman 
Pages: 14 Size: 315 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Scatterplot Matrices using SAS/GRAPH Software
Robert Vierkant 
Pages: 7 Size: 369 Kb 
tweet!  A Generalized Macro-Based Data Reporting System to Produce Both HTML and Text Files
Jeff F. Sun 
Keywords: macro html
Pages: 6 Size: 122 Kb 
tweet!  Becoming "Web Enabled" with SAS/IntrNet Software
Edward Tasch  Stacy Buffington 
Keywords: internet web
Pages: 6 Size: 293 Kb 
tweet!  The TABULATE Procedure: One Step Beyond the Final Chapter
Steve Noga  Jeff Abolafia 
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 6 Size: 53 Kb 
tweet!  How Not to Hate Annotate
Susan J. Kenny 
Pages: 7 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  How SAS Has Impacted History or A 25 Year Affair with the Semicolon
James E. Duarte 
Pages: 4 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  Graphically Conquering the SF-36: A Tool for Illustrating Subscale by Group Over Time Using SAS/GRAPH Software
David A. Dorr  Mae Gordon 
Pages: 5 Size: 1923 Kb 
Internet, Intranets, and the Web
tweet!  SAS/IntrNet Software: A Road Map
Donald J. Henderson 
Keywords: web
Pages: 10 Size: 159 Kb 
tweet!  Overview of Java Components and Applets in SAS/IntrNet Software
Barbara Walters  Don Chapman 
Keywords: web
Pages: 7 Size: 55 Kb 
tweet!  Open the Information Window of Your SAS Data Warehouse: A WEB Information Center Powered by SAS
Di Meng 
Keywords: internet warehouse
Pages: 4 Size: 462 Kb 
tweet!  Working Toward a Paperless Office Web Migration of SAS Reports
Arline Loh  Sheila Hobeck 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 9 Size: 160 Kb 
tweet!  Java for Competitive Advantage
Chip Kelly 
Pages: 8 Size: 123 Kb 
tweet!  Update HTML Formatted SAS Output within Web Browser
James Sun 
Keywords: internet html
Pages: 6 Size: 157 Kb 
tweet!  Managing Large Financial Data with the SAS System and the WEB: The Sequel
Paul J. Ratnaraj 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 11 Size: 44 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Three Ways to Utilize the SAS/IntrNet Application Dispatcher
Steven L. Willhoite  John P. Campbell  George Orr 
Keywords: web
Pages: 6 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  Data Visualization Using Java and VRML
Lingxiao Li  Art Barnes 
Pages: 6 Size: 120 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/IntrNet Software: JConnect and Jtunnel Dance with SAS/CONNECT Software
Faith Renee Sloan 
Keywords: web
Pages: 8 Size: 3360 Kb 
tweet!  A Dynamic Web Application: Using SAS/IntrNet and Web Publishing Software
Vecdet Mehmet-Ali 
Keywords: internet web
Pages: 10 Size: 231 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Using Macros to Produce Multiple Time Series Graphs
Kimberly S. Blair 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 5 Size: 315 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Macro to Determine Rates of Change in Markers of HIV-1 Disease Progression
Baibai Chen  Cynthia A. Kleeberger 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 5 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  %COMPARWS: Compare with Summary: A Macro Using PROC COMPARE to Write a File of Differences to Edit and Use for Updates
Ronald Fehd 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 4 Size: 53 Kb 
tweet!  A Methodology for Developing SAS Applications for Use in Multiple Languages
Christopher A. Roper  Michael Gilman  Gina Thomas 
Pages: 4 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  Enhancing SAS Output Tables with WordPerfect
Hugh Geary 
Pages: 5 Size: 38 Kb 
tweet!  An Investigation of the Efficiency of SQL DML Operations Performed on an ORACLE DBMS using SAS/ACCESS Software
Annie Guo 
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 5 Size: 38 Kb 
tweet!  All Zipped Up and Nowhere to Go
Louise S. Hadden  Jim McIntosh 
Pages: 7 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  A GUI for Enhanced Insight into Data in a University Setting: SAS/EIS and SAS/AF Frame to the Rescue
Cecil Hallum  Melinda Miller 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 801 Kb 
tweet!  Improving the Rainbow Test: A Macro to Measure the Lack of Fit in Multiple Regression with the Use of the Bootstrap
Paul Johnson 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 4 Size: 28 Kb 
tweet!  A Macro to Generate All Combinations of n Items Taken k at a Time (How It Was Designed and Written, and How It Might Be Adapted to Other Uses: A Programming Example)
Francis J. Kelley 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 9 Size: 34 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place)
tweet!  Using Hyperlink to Organize SAS HTML Output
Connie X. Li  James Sun 
Keywords: html
Pages: 5 Size: 146 Kb 
tweet!  Convex Hull Test for Ordinal Categorical Data Using the SAS System
Dayong Li  Huanhong Xia 
Pages: 6 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Bootstrapping the Standard Error of the Mediated Effect
Chondra M. Lockwood  David P. MacKinnon 
Pages: 6 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Further Discussion of Summarizing Impossibly Large SAS Data Sets
Sheng Luo  Xinsheng Lin 
Pages: 5 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  Are You a Commander or a Mouser?
Heidi Markovitz 
Pages: 4 Size: 155 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS for Statistical Modeling: Monte Carlo Simulations
Sean W. Mulvenon  M. Austin Betz 
Pages: 6 Size: 80 Kb 
tweet!  PROC TABULATE using a Categorical and Numerical Variable
Julie W. Pepe 
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 6 Size: 23 Kb 
tweet!  Macros & Matrices: Using the IML Procedure to Access Tabular Information
Jamie Perrett 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 3 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  Rapid Application Development of a Decision Support System Using Object Oriented Programming
Amy Roehrig 
Pages: 6 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Using Java to Front SAS Software: A Detailed Design for Internet Information Delivery
Jonathan Stokes 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 6 Size: 138 Kb 
tweet!  How to Sort Production Reports Prior to Printing
Helen-Jean Talbott  Earl Westerlund 
Pages: 5 Size: 36 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (1st Place)
tweet!  Taking the Drudgery Out of Data Checking: Automatic Data Validation Using FORMATS to Validate Data, PROC DATASETS to Drive the Process and MACROS to Hang It All Together
David Trenery 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 5 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  PROC TABULATE: A Tool for Evaluating Performance
Lisa P. Wayte 
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 6 Size: 30 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Macro that Creates Numeric Decimal Formats
John Q. Zhang 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Smart Color for Powerful Visual Communication in Your Applications
LeRoy Bessler 
Pages: 2 Size: 142 Kb 
tweet!  Taming the Tiger with SAS/STAT: Using the SAS System to Analyze the 1997 Masters Golf Tournament
Joseph Earley 
Pages: 3 Size: 18 Kb 
tweet!  The Task Output Framework: An Object Oriented Tool for Application Development
John E. Ellis 
Pages: 6 Size: 70 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place)
tweet!  CHEKOUT: A SAS Program to Screen for Outliers
James Handsfield 
Pages: 3 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS Multidimensional Database Procedure
Timothy J. Harrington 
Pages: 7 Size: 41 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (1st Place)
tweet!  Proving it Works: Using PROC COMPARE to Verify an Analysis Converted into SAS Software
Lauren Haworth  Njeri Karanja 
Pages: 6 Size: 45 Kb 
tweet!  One Bar Chart, Two Variables, Three Axes
Anne Horney  Gail F. Kirk 
Pages: 5 Size: 128 Kb 
tweet!  Tailoring Hard Copy Publications for the Internet
Tom Hotard  Paul Johnson  Tsai M. Lin 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 8 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  Mailing Labels in Minutes Using the SAS URL Access Method
Tom Hotard 
Pages: 1 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  Exploring Multi-dimensional Relationships with SAS/GRAPH Software
Gail F. Kirk  Anne Horney 
Pages: 6 Size: 234 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Macro Implementing an Extension of McNemar's Test for Clustered Data
Michael L. Lieber  Cindy Ashley 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 23 Kb 
tweet!  Robust Standard Error Estimate for Cluster Sampling Data: A SAS/IML Macro Procedure for Logistic Regression with Huberization
Honghu Liu 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 31 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Retrievals from DB2 BLOB (Binary Large Objects) Data Warehouse Using SAS
Tracy L. Lord  Robert C. Pratt 
Keywords: warehouse
Pages: 5 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  Using a SAS Macro to Create Unique Statistical Output
Sean W. Mulvenon  M. Austin Betz 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 46 Kb 
tweet!  Creating and Maintaining a Central SAS Library for Health Care Management
William C. Murphy 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 3 Size: 25 Kb 
tweet!  Purge Those MERGE Problems: Realistic Solutions for Accurate and More Complete Matching of Inexact Data Fields that Occur in the Everyday World
Judy Palermo 
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  Analysis of the National Endowment of the Arts Using SAS/STAT Software
James Ryan 
Pages: 6 Size: 28 Kb 
tweet!  PROC UNIVARIATE and PROC TABULATE - A Powerful Duo to Produce Descriptive Tables Including Non-parametric Estimates
Barbara Schneider 
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 4 Size: 35 Kb 
tweet!  Using JMP Software to Get a Jump on Childhood Leukemia by Modeling Assay Data
Pippa M. Simpson  Merlin Hamre  H. Spencer  Y. Ravindranath 
Pages: 3 Size: 41 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/IntrNet and the WWW to Develop an Executive Information System-University Application
Michelle L. Smith 
Keywords: internet web
Pages: 7 Size: 261 Kb 
tweet!  Moving Data Between SAS and FAME
Stephen B. Taubman 
Pages: 2 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  An Interactive Graphical Interface for Hierarchical Classification of Data Generated through Individual Particle Analysis
Kyle E. Thomas  Art Alexander  Aamer Raza 
Pages: 4 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Software G3D Animation and Graphic Viewer System
Shi-Tao Yeh 
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 
Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Design and Analysis of Equivalence Clinical Trials Via the SAS System
Pamela J. Atherton Skaff  Jeff A. Sloan 
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 7 Size: 49 Kb 
tweet!  SAS System Tools for Design and Analysis of Experiments
Donna O. Fulenwider  Randall D. Tobias  Robert N. Rodriguez 
Pages: 11 Size: 259 Kb 
tweet!  How to Use SAS Software to Evaluate Screening Tests Using Predictive Values in Conjunction with ROC Curves
Richard Severino 
Pages: 6 Size: 81 Kb 
tweet!  Reliably Assessing Reliability with SAS Software
Pippa M. Simpson  Prudence R. Phillips  Shelly Lensing  Robert M. Hamer 
Pages: 5 Size: 39 Kb 
tweet!  An Information-Gain Measure of Fit in PROC LOGISTIC
Ernest S. Shtatland  Mary B. Barton 
Pages: 6 Size: 46 Kb 
tweet!  Assessing Dose-Response Information in Phase III Clinical Trials or . . . Why You Shouldn't Believe the Dosing Information on the Label
Robert M. Hamer  Pippa M. Simpson 
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 9 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  Multivariable Cox Proportional Hazard Model by SAS PHREG & Validation by Bootstrapping Using SAS Randomizers With Applications Involving Electrocardiology and Organ Transplants
Sudhanshu K. Ghoshal 
Pages: 6 Size: 28 Kb 
tweet!  Analyzing Quality of Life (QOL) Endpoints in Clinical Trials via the SAS System
Jeff A. Sloan  Paul J. Novotny  Charles L. Loprinzi 
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 10 Size: 66 Kb 
tweet!  A Method to Generate Kaplan-Meier and Adjusted Survival Curves Using SAS
Bharat K. Thakkar  Kwan Hur  William G. Henderson  Charles Oprian 
Pages: 3 Size: 57 Kb 
tweet!  Reporting Results of Multiple Logistic Regression Models Depending on the Availability of Data
Richard M. Mitchell 
Pages: 5 Size: 77 Kb 
tweet!  Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models, a Tool for Analyzing Repeated Measurements: A Brief Tutorial Using SAS Software
Peter Gaccione  M.S. Blanchard 
Keywords: repeated measures
Pages: 6 Size: 103 Kb 
tweet!  Multivariate Analysis Using the MIXED Procedure
S. Paul Wright 
Pages: 5 Size: 53 Kb 
tweet!  A Macro for Converting Mean Separation Output to Letter Groupings in PROC MIXED
Arnold M. Saxton 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 4 Size: 29 Kb 
tweet!  The Effect of Missing Data on Sample Sizes for Repeated Measures Models
Maribeth Johnson  Pete Davis 
Keywords: repeated measures
Pages: 5 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  Recent Enhancements and New Directions in SAS/STAT Software, Part I: Updates
Maura E. Stokes  Robert N. Rodriguez 
Pages: 10 Size: 87 Kb 
tweet!  Recent Enhancements and New Directions in SAS/STAT Software, Part II: Nonparametric Modeling Procedures
Robert N. Rodriguez  Maura E. Stokes 
Pages: 9 Size: 413 Kb 
tweet!  ODS for Data Analysis: Output As-You-Like-It in Version 7
Chris R. Olinger  Randall D. Tobias 
Pages: 21 Size: 764 Kb 
tweet!  Examining Cointegration Among Time-Series Variables: Household Savings Pattern in the U.S. (1981-1995)
Jun Zuo 
Pages: 1 Size: 137 Kb 
tweet!  Resampling with PROC MULTTEST: Providing Tools for Cardiac Surgeons to Identify Clinical Practice Improvement Opportunities
Gregory L. Pearce  Peter H. Westfall 
Keywords: clinical
Pages: 8 Size: 163 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Statistical Process Monitoring of Correlated Binary and Count Data Using Mixture Distributions
Jose G. Ramirez  Brenda S. Cantell  Randall Collica 
Pages: 7 Size: 222 Kb 
tweet!  Application of Maximum Contrast Method to Biomedical Data Using MULTTEST
Chikuma Hamada  Junji Kishimoto 
Pages: 6 Size: 77 Kb 
tweet!  New Features in SAS/INSIGHT for Version 7
Marc-david Cohen  Hong Chen  Yang Yuan  Fredrick Wicklin 
Pages: 13 Size: 236 Kb 
tweet!  PROC FACTOR: A Tool for Extracting Hidden Gems from a Mountain of Variables
Jose A. Santos  Lawrence Lippke  Paul Pope 
Pages: 8 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Risk Analysis Environment
Sam Harris 
Pages: 10 Size: 218 Kb 
tweet!  A Tour of UnifyPow: A SAS Module/Macro for Sample-Size Analysis
Ralph G. O'Brien 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 10 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  Behind Marketing Data in Financial Industry
Flavio Addolorato  Luigi Ferrari  Luigi Guastalla  Luca Bodio 
Pages: 11 Size: 110 Kb 
tweet!  Data Mining and Decision Support for Operational Problems Solutions in the Railroad Industry
Pavel Brusilovskiy  Robert Hernandez 
Pages: 7 Size: 130 Kb 
tweet!  Statistical Development Using SAS/TOOLKIT Software
Scott D. Grimshaw  Gilbert W. Fellingham 
Pages: 4 Size: 41 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Hot-deck Imputation with SAS Arrays and Macros for Large Surveys
John G. Stiller  Donald R. Dalzell 
Keywords: macro array
Pages: 6 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  New SAS Procedures for Analysis of Sample Survey Data
Anthony B. An  Donna L. Watts 
Pages: 11 Size: 88 Kb 
tweet!  Graphical Presentation of a Nonparametric Regression with Bootstrapped Confidence Intervals
Mark Nicolich  Gail Jorgensen 
Pages: 5 Size: 191 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Macro to Calculate Exact Confidence Intervals for the Difference of Two Proportions
Paul R. Coe 
Keywords: macro
Pages: 6 Size: 39 Kb 
Systems Architecture
tweet!  The SAS System Powers Web Measurement Solution at US West
Robert M. Romero  Dale Hamilton 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 5 Size: 35 Kb 
tweet!  Improving SAS Performance by Improving I/O Throughput of SAS Work Directory
Lu Xu 
Pages: 5 Size: 42 Kb 
tweet!  Sometimes You Get What You Want: SAS I/O Enhancements in Version 7
Steve Beatrous  Billy Clifford 
Pages: 9 Size: 64 Kb 
tweet!  Ferreting Out Year 2000 Compliance Problems with PROC SOURCE
Michael A. Raithel 
Pages: 6 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  Client/Server Application Design Strategies for Small Development Teams
Ray L. Ransom  Sharon Mosley-Hixon 
Pages: 9 Size: 104 Kb 
tweet!  Choosing the Right Platform for SAS Client/Server Applications
Gregory S. Barnes Nelson  Richard Swirski 
Pages: 10 Size: 73 Kb 
tweet!  New V7 Client/Server Capabilities to Solve and Secure Your Distributed Processing Needs
Cheryl Garner 
Pages: 10 Size: 88 Kb 
tweet!  Migration of SAS from VMS to Windows NT: A Real Life Story
Paul Gilbert  Steven Light  John Scott Grainger 
Pages: 5 Size: 57 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Installation Issues with the SAS System and NetWare 4
Gerardette Furlow 
Pages: 5 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  The Dynamic Duo: SAS Software and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) - Capable of Anything!
Holly Scholz 
Pages: 5 Size: 31 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS System under Windows, Version 7
Jennifer Clegg  Gary J. Mehler 
Pages: 10 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  Taking Advantage of the SAS System under Windows NT
Gary J. Mehler 
Pages: 10 Size: 96 Kb 
tweet!  Integrating Windows Clients and the SAS System into the Enterprise
Gary J. Mehler 
Pages: 10 Size: 320 Kb 
Training and User Support Services
tweet!  Ten Steps Toward Realizing Your SAS Software Wish List (How To Present Your Technical Needs in a Business Framework)
Bryan K. Beverly 
Pages: 4 Size: 25 Kb 
tweet!  Publish Paper Manuals No More!: An Introduction to Creating HTML Documentation
Michael L. Davis  Charles S. Patridge 
Keywords: html
Pages: 9 Size: 57 Kb 
tweet!  Creating a Home Page on the WWW for Your Local User Group An Unlimited Resource for Local User Group Recruitment Strategies
JoAnn R. Matthews 
Keywords: internet
Pages: 9 Size: 61 Kb 
tweet!  Care and Feeding of a Healthy SAS User Group
Robin E. Way 
Keywords: healthcare
Pages: 6 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  Creating an ADP Center of Excellence: A Miltonian Approach of Looking Through Two Decades of 'Visible Darkness'
Peter Parker 
Pages: 6 Size: 87 Kb 
tweet!  The Jobs and SAS Skills Used in the United States and Europe
Dana Rafiee  Helen Quinn 
Pages: 10 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  Programming for Job Security Revisited: Even More Tips and Techniques to Maximize Your Indispensability
Arthur L. Carpenter  Tony Payne 
Pages: 9 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  Understanding Face Value - Giving Users What They Want . . . and Still Meeting Their Needs
Kimberly A. Foster 
Pages: 6 Size: 86 Kb 
tweet!  Becoming a SAS Master
Ginger Carey  Helen D. Carey 
Pages: 8 Size: 57 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Getting the User Community Involved in Education and Information Sharing
Russell Newhouse 
Pages: 6 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Leveraging Resources to Maximize SAS and JMP Support
John M. LaBore  Janette E. Thomas 
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 
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