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SAS Conference Proceedings: SAS Users Group International 24
April 11-14, 1999, Miami Beach, Florida, 307 papers
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[Original source:]

SAS Users Group International 24: Best Papers and honorable mentions

Annotated Case Report Form Automation System
  Anthony M. Cavaliere; Shi-Tao Yeh (Best Contributed Paper in Applications Development)
Using the SAS System and Dynamic Data Exchange to Populate Microsoft Word Documents with Text, Tables, and Graphs
  Michael C. Harris (Honorable Mention in Applications Development)
The Pharmaceutical Program-Analyze-Write-Review Process and a SAS Program Development Environment to Support It.
  Barry R. Cohen (Best Contributed Paper in Applications Development)
User-Specified Text Flow Inside the Report Procedure
  Donald W. Peterson; John R. Gerlach (Best Contributed Paper in Coders' Corner)
Managing Your SAS Web Applications by Using Web Page Counters Created Through SAS/IntrNet Software
  Heather M. Tavel (Honorable Mention in Coders' Corner)
What Sort of Input Should You Input to a Sort?
  Michael A. Raithel (Honorable Mention in Coders' Corner)
A Fast Format Macro - How to Quickly Create a Format by Listing the Endpoints
  Christine A. Smiley (Best Contributed Paper in Coders' Corner)
Just Enough Database for Manufacturing Yield Analysis
  Robert A. Rutledge; Linda H. Tai; Garth W. Helf (Best Contributed Paper in Data Warehousing)
Practical Tips and Techniques for Building an Enterprise Data Warehouse in an IBM Mainframe Environment
  Jugdish Mistry; John Finianos (Honorable Mention in Data Warehousing)
Using SAS Software as a Decision Support System on Top of SAP FI Financial Accounting Module
  Ida R. Carapelle (Best Contributed Paper in Data Warehousing)
Achieving Graphical Excellence with SAS/GRAPH Software
  Archer R. Gravely (Best Contributed Paper in Information Visualization)
Reporting Multidimensional Data on the Web using SAS/GRAPH and SAS/IntrNet Software
  Edward A. Tasch (Honorable Mention in Information Visualization)
Intranet Security and SAS Software: A Brute Force Approach
  Kerril S. Bauerly (Best Contributed Paper in Internet, Intranets, and the Web)
Data Exploration Made Easy
  George C.J. Fernandez (Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place) in Posters)
Telecommuting: The Workplace of the 90's
  Thalene Mallus (Best Contributed Paper (1st Place) in Posters)
User Experience SAS/GRAPH Charts & Plots Using MXG
  Neal Musitano (Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place) in Posters)
New PROC REPORT Procedure - An Enhanced PROC REPORT
  Quan Ren (Honorable Mention in Posters)
An SQL List Macro to Retrieve Data from Large SAS/DB2 Databases
  Thiru Satchi (Honorable Mention in Posters)
Project RAPTOR: Implementation and Exploitation of a Manufacturing Data Warehouse
  Anne I. Brooks; Roger Thompson (Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place) in Posters)
Putting Executive Scorecards on the Web with SAS
  Julie K. Lindeman; Robert M. Romero; Heather M. Tavel (Best Contributed Paper (1st Place) in Posters)
Using Macros to Construct Overlaid Contour Plots for Response Surface Optimization
  David J. Meade; Scott Lacey (Best Contributed Paper (1st Place) in Posters)
Using SAS Software to Build a Data Warehouse of Standardized Medical Costs and Patient Utilization for Health Services Research
  Priscilla E. Van Grevenhof; Judith L. Wagner; James M. Naessens; Jill M. Killian; Roger W. Evans; Eva R. Helgeson (Honorable Mention in Posters)
Using the Mixed Procedure to Analyze a Fractional Factorial Split-Plot Experiment
  Jon M. Lindenauer (Best Contributed Paper in Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling)
The Science and Art of Market Segmentation Using PROC FASTCLUS
  Mark E. Thompson (Best Contributed Paper in Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling)
Data Libraries on Tape
  Curtis A. Smith (Best Contributed Paper in Systems Architecture)
Interviewing and Assessing SAS Programmers
  Neil Howard (Best Contributed Paper in Training and User Support Services)

Advanced Tutorials
Applications Development
Beginning Tutorials
Coders' Corner
Data Warehousing
Emerging Technologies
Hands-on Workshops
Information Visualization
Internet, Intranets, and the Web
Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling
Systems Architecture
Training and User Support Services

Advanced Tutorials
tweet!  Keeping Your Data in Step - Utilizing Efficiencies .
Michael G. Sadof 
Keywords: Efficiencies Benchmarking large data sets
Pages: 7 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Macro Quoting Functions, Other Special Character Masking Tools, and How To Use Them
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Keywords: macro quoting functions mask
Pages: 5 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  So You're Running Out of Sort Work Space... Reducing the Resources Used by PROC SORT
Bob Virgile 
Keywords: PROC SORT CPU time MVS
Pages: 6 Size: 29 Kb 
tweet!  Code or Data?
Ian Whitlock 
Keywords: macro data _null substitution mail merge report writing
Pages: 10 Size: 90 Kb 
tweet!  No Program Is An Island: Passing Parameters to Tasks Launched by Servers and Schedulers
Michael L. Davis  Gregory S. Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: parameter passing macro language SCL lists production scheduler web servers
Pages: 10 Size: 165 Kb 
tweet!  How to Use Version 7 Features to Optimize the Distributed Capabilities of SAS Software
Cheryl Garner 
Keywords: client/server distributed SAS/CONNECT
Pages: 10 Size: 94 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/CONNECT Software in A Multi-Platform Environment
Cyndie Gareleck  Rodger Madison 
Keywords: client/server
Pages: 7 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  Using the SAS/MDDB and User Written Methods to Enhance SAS/EIS Objects
Ben T. Cochran 
Keywords: SAS/MDDB SAS/EIS methods
Pages: 6 Size: 65 Kb 
tweet!  Indexing and Compressing SAS Data Sets: How, Why and Why Not
Andrew H. Karp 
Keywords: Indexing Compression Match-Merging Data Warehousing
Pages: 5 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  Fuzzy Merges: Examples and Techniques
Malachy J. Foley 
Keywords: Merges Fuzzy Merges Interleaving
Pages: 10 Size: 66 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced DATA Step Topics
Neil Howard 
Keywords: DATA step compile vs. execute defaults formatting functions
Pages: 10 Size: 76 Kb 
tweet!  Transforming SAS Data Sets Using Arrays
Ronald P. Cody 
Keywords: arrays transforming restructuring
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  Relational Database Schemes and SAS Software SQL Solutions
Sigurd W. Hermansen 
Keywords: SQL database design model integrity key
Pages: 9 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  SQL Query Window Classes: How to Incorporate the SQL Column Expression Builder Class In Custom SAS/AF Applications
Christopher A. Roper 
Keywords: SQL Query Calculated Column Builder af
Pages: 5 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  Performance Enhancements to PROC SQL in Version 7 of the SAS System
Lewis Church 
Keywords: PROC SQL
Pages: 6 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  What Your Mother Never Told You About the Query Window
Janet E. Stuelpner 
Keywords: SQL Query Window
Pages: 3 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System
Andrew T. Kuligowski 
Pages: 10 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  Show Them What's Important: Solutions for a Finite Workday in an Era of Information Overload
LeRoy Bessler 
Keywords: information delivery information overload ranking subsetting data information visualization macros
Pages: 10 Size: 370 Kb 
tweet!  Building A Better Data Entry Application Using PROC FSEDIT
Derek P. Morgan  Michael Province 
Keywords: PROC FSEDIT data entry SCL
Pages: 10 Size: 66 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 87 Kb)
tweet!  Twisty Turny Passages, All Alike - ODS Templates Exposed
Chris Olinger 
Keywords: ODS Ouput Delivery Proc Template Styles Editing Output Templates
Pages: 18 Size: 223 Kb 
Applications Development
tweet!  Out of the Mainframe & Into the Web: The Trials and Tribulations of Porting SAS Mainframe Applications to the Web
Thomas E. Link  Pranav K. Patel  M. Arthur Alexander  Thomas A. Dessent 
Keywords: re-engineering mainframe internet graphics general public extranets
Pages: 9 Size: 237 Kb 
tweet!  Improving SAS Data Access - An Evolutionary Experience (From Input Statements to Data Forms)
Bernd E. Imken 
Pages: 6 Size: 246 Kb 
tweet!  Interfacing SAS Software, Excel, and the Intranet without SAS/IntrNet Software or SAS Software for the Personal Computer
Peter Prause  Charles Patridge 
Keywords: Intranet Excel HTML Connect Client Server Alpha Open VMS web
Pages: 5 Size: 216 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Component Object Model (SCOM) in Version 7 SAS/AF Software
Tammy Gagliano  Sue Her 
Keywords: AF SCOM Model-View Distributed Objects Rapid Application Development Plug-and-Play
Pages: 9 Size: 87 Kb 
tweet!  SAS RDBMS!A GUI Approach to Data Entry Using SAS/AF Software Enforced with Relational Model Integrity Constraints from ORACLE
Annie S. Guo 
Keywords: Data Form Object Data Table Object Primary Key Referential Integrity Foreign Key Entity Relational Diagram af
Pages: 6 Size: 90 Kb 
tweet!  An Interactive GUI Front-End for a Credit Scoring Modeling System
Jeffrey Morrison  Futian Shi  Timothy Lee 
Keywords: SAS/AF Frame Statistical Modeling Credit Scores
Pages: 6 Size: 448 Kb 
tweet!  Cataloger: An Applications Development Tool to Search, Compare, and Document SAS Catalogs and Data Files
Christopher A. Roper  Michael Gilman 
Keywords: Documentation Catalogs Search Compare Utilities
Pages: 6 Size: 317 Kb 
tweet!  Distributing SAS/AF Models with Java Clients
Chris Bailey  Karl Moss 
Keywords: Distributed Objects Nashville Vision remote Objects CORBA DCOM IOM RMI JAZZ IDE SAS/AF
Pages: 7 Size: 402 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Annotated Case Report Form Automation System
Anthony M. Cavaliere  Shi-Tao Yeh 
Keywords: CRF HTML automation annotated
Pages: 5 Size: 284 Kb 
tweet!  Taming the Chaos: Managing Large SAS/AF Applications Using Programming Standards and the Source Code Manager of Version 7 of the SAS System
C. Michael Whitney 
Keywords: SAS/AF migration SAS 7 SCL
Pages: 8 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS/AF Application for Parallel Extraction, Transformation, and Scoring of a Very Large Database
Daniel Kohn  David Kuhn 
Keywords: Parallel Ddata Mart Warehouse extraction Performance RDBMS Data mart population af
Pages: 7 Size: 95 Kb 
tweet!  How I Converted a Batch Application System to Client-Server and Lived to Tell About It
Curtis A. Smith 
Keywords: IntrNet Batch Broker Web
Pages: 5 Size: 115 Kb 
tweet!  Strong Smart Systems: Software-Intelligent Development for Reliable, Reusable, Extendable, Maintainable Applications
LeRoy Bessler 
Keywords: Software Intelligence Application Development Reliability Reusability Extendability Maintainability
Pages: 9 Size: 165 Kb 
tweet!  Building a Data Entry and Correction System by Synchronizing the Data Table and the Data Form
Hung X. Phan 
Keywords: Data Form Data Table SCL SORT FIND HIDE/UNHIDE
Pages: 8 Size: 136 Kb 
tweet!  Using Base SAS Tools and the SAS Macro Language to Automate Incoming Data Processing for a Complex Scheduling System
Donald A. Schroeder  Timothy A. Kenney 
Keywords: macro_language automation application %sysfunc
Pages: 6 Size: 32 Kb 
tweet!  Distributed Applications with SAS/AF Software on Client and Server
Pat Herbert 
Keywords: Distributed Objects SCOM CORBA DCOM IOM SAS Client Intelligent Clients Nashville Vision af
Pages: 1 Size: 13 Kb 
tweet!  An On-line Analytical System for Corrosion Pitting Analysis for Solid Rocket Booster with the SAS System
Morgan C. Wang 
Keywords: SAS/AF SAS/FSP SAS/EIS SAS/Internet SAS/STAT Trending Analysis
Pages: 5 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  See Ya CLIST: Migration of SAS Applications from the IBM Mainframe to the Web
Joyce C. Zandee  Paul J. Lewis 
Keywords: Unix CGI Perl PDF Toxicology internet
Pages: 4 Size: 1202 Kb 
tweet!  Adding Help and other User Assistance to SAS/AF Applications
Marty Tomasi 
Keywords: user assistance applications development af
Pages: 6 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  An Application Developer's Roadmap for Moving to Version 7 in SAS/AF
Steven A. Wilson 
Keywords: SAS/AF Applications development Version 7 SCL FRAME components
Pages: 6 Size: 43 Kb 
tweet!  And All With the Push of a Button!
Ray Pass 
Keywords: application development SAS/CONNECT ditributed processing remote processing
Pages: 8 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  Data Tables: Highlighting Techniques
Christopher A. Roper 
Keywords: Data Tables Highlighting
Pages: 8 Size: 43 Kb 
tweet!  Automating the Production of Customized Powerpoint Presentation Graphs by Integrating the Funtionality of SAS Software with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
Aileen L. Yam 
Keywords: graph PowerPoint Excel Visual Basic for applications object linking and embedding integrated solutions
Pages: 5 Size: 73 Kb 
tweet!  Uncorking SAS/AF Bottlenecks with the SCL Dynamic Performance Analyzer
Jeffrey L. Lessenberry 
Pages: 5 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  Find2000: A Search Tool to Find Date-Related Strings in SAS
Sarah L. Mitchell  Michael Gilman 
Keywords: year2000 y2k search
Pages: 5 Size: 71 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Using the SAS System and Dynamic Data Exchange to Populate Microsoft Word Documents with Text, Tables, and Graphs
Michael C. Harris 
Keywords: DDE Word
Pages: 5 Size: 32 Kb 
tweet!  Developing Data-Driven, Task-Oriented SAS Powered Programs in Java
Danielle Davis  Donald Chapman 
Keywords: Java SAS/Intrnet Web
Pages: 10 Size: 414 Kb 
tweet!  Checking and Tracking SAS Programs Using SAS Software
Keith M. Gregg  Yefim Gershteyn 
Keywords: Check Programs Interaction SAS DOS LOG
Pages: 5 Size: 29 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  The Pharmaceutical Program-Analyze-Write-Review Process and a SAS Program Development Environment to Support It.
Barry R. Cohen 
Keywords: program development environmen pharmaceutical analysis support
Pages: 6 Size: 103 Kb 
tweet!  Driving to Better Credit Policies: The Risk Strategy Instrument Panel
Michael L. Davis  Adam Terr 
Keywords: macro language SAS/AF FRAME MVS (OS/390) OOP (Object Oriented Programmi
Pages: 8 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  An Object-Oriented Approach to File Management within a SAS/AF Application
Charles W. Bininger 
Keywords: SAS/AF Object-oriented
Pages: 6 Size: 57 Kb 
tweet!  Extending the Power of Your SAS System Applications with Enterprise Reporter Software
Juli Yaguda  Jens D. Mikkelsen 
Keywords: ER AppDev DWA Reports SCL AF
Pages: 9 Size: 286 Kb 
tweet!  Building a 'Pre-subsetting' User Interface for Multidimensional Reports
Dan J. Kirpes 
Keywords: MDDB SCL list Method override subset
Pages: 5 Size: 28 Kb 
tweet!  Easy Interface for SAS - A SAS Application on the Windows Platform
Zhuan (John) Xu 
Keywords: OLE OLAP Frontend Application GUI
Pages: 9 Size: 152 Kb 
tweet!  TAP into SAS/Frame Technology
David M. Hartman 
Keywords: Tables TAP Batch
Pages: 6 Size: 91 Kb 
tweet!  An Example of Using SAS/AF Data Table Class in Reviewing Clinical SAS Data Sets
Irene Zhao 
Keywords: SAS/AF Data Table Class Drill down SAS/CONNECT SAS Data Set Display Remote Platform clinical
Pages: 5 Size: 99 Kb 
Beginning Tutorials
tweet!  Introduction to SAS Functions
Neil Howard 
Keywords: Functions
Pages: 7 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  Working with SAS Date and Time Functions
Andrew H. Karp 
Keywords: Year 2000 Issues date variable time variable datetime variable date and time funcitons
Pages: 7 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  How and When to Use WHERE
J. Meimei Ma  Sandra Schlotzhauer 
Keywords: WHERE Subsetting IF Efficiency Large Files Index
Pages: 8 Size: 34 Kb 
tweet!  Changing the Shape of Your Data: PROC TRANSPOSE vs. Arrays
Bob Virgile 
Keywords: PROC TRANSPOSE arrays do loops drop= data set option keep= data set option rename= data set option
Pages: 6 Size: 26 Kb 
tweet!  Making the Output Delivery System (ODS) Work for You
Bill Fehlner 
Keywords: Output Delivery System Reporting ods
Pages: 5 Size: 66 Kb 
tweet!  Anyone Can Learn PROC TABULATE
Lauren E. Haworth 
Keywords: TABULATE
Pages: 8 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Started with Macro
Ian Whitlock 
Keywords: Macro Parameter Symput Execute %Include List
Pages: 10 Size: 85 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to SAS/FSP Software in Version 7
Terry Fain  Cyndie Gareleck 
Keywords: FSP
Pages: 5 Size: 80 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to SAS/GRAPH
Phil A. Mason 
Keywords: Graph
Pages: 6 Size: 147 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to PROC SQL
David E. Beam 
Pages: 10 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS Debugging Primer
Frank C. DiIorio 
Keywords: debugging DATA step program design defensive coding
Pages: 5 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Dealing with Health Care Data using the SAS System
Alan C. Wilson  Marge Scerbo 
Keywords: health care data file layout variable codes healthcare
Pages: 9 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  First Steps in Building SAS Applications
Bruce Bovill 
Keywords: applications
Pages: 10 Size: 1102 Kb 
tweet!  Reading External Files Using SAS Software
Clinton S. Rickards 
Keywords: Infile Input External Reading Files
Pages: 9 Size: 41 Kb 
tweet!  The DATA Statement: Efficiency Techniques
S. David Riba 
Keywords: DATA Statement dataset indexing compression efficiency dataset options
Pages: 8 Size: 86 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Program Efficiency for Beginners
Bruce F. Gilsen 
Keywords: WHERE statement efficiency flat files reading selecting observations subsetting data Boolean short circuiting
Pages: 9 Size: 56 Kb 
Coders' Corner
tweet!  Working with Dates in SAS Software
Christine A. Smiley 
Keywords: SAS dates formats informats date constants character/numeric conversion
Pages: 3 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  Use PROC SQL to Collapse Cells - It's Easy
Tamara M. Hagemeier  Yue-Hwa C. Chang 
Keywords: SQL Collapsing Cells
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  The Supplement of the COMPARE Procedure
WeiQin Pan 
Keywords: compare &sysinfo
Pages: 6 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  Managing SAS Programs
David L. Ward 
Keywords: program organize document
Pages: 3 Size: 41 Kb 
tweet!  Why Not Use SAS/PRESENTS Software Instead...?
Philip R. Holland 
Pages: 3 Size: 30 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  User-Specified Text Flow Inside the Report Procedure
Donald W. Peterson  John R. Gerlach 
Keywords: FLOW flowvar indent split indentation
Pages: 3 Size: 24 Kb 
tweet!  Font Control with the REPORT Procedure
David R. Trenery 
Pages: 3 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Jazzing up Your Reports - Some Tricks with PROC REPORT
David R. Trenery 
Pages: 3 Size: 45 Kb 
tweet!  The Power of PAGEOF (A Valuable Page Numbering Macro)
Diane Nicholson  Kelly Felty 
Keywords: PAGEOF macro
Pages: 4 Size: 25 Kb 
tweet!  Customized Pagination Using %PAGEOFNO Macro
Donald W. Peterson 
Keywords: page number pageofno pagefile macro
Pages: 2 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  Using Sockets in SAS Software for Internet Publishing
Hsiwei (Michael) Yu  Chapman P. Gleason 
Keywords: socket tcp/ip Perl filename internet
Pages: 3 Size: 22 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/GRAPH Software via RSUBMIT for Web Browser
Hsiwei (Michael) Yu 
Keywords: IntrNet rsubmit alias greplay graph internet
Pages: 2 Size: 16 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Managing Your SAS Web Applications by Using Web Page Counters Created Through SAS/IntrNet Software
Heather M. Tavel 
Keywords: SAS/Intrnet htmSQL Application Dispatcher internet web
Pages: 3 Size: 25 Kb 
tweet!  A Macro Tool to Search and Replace Portions of Text
Jennifer M. Lin 
Keywords: Search and Replace Macro INDEX Function UPCASE Function LENGTH Function SUBSTR Function
Pages: 4 Size: 30 Kb 
tweet!  Two Macros to Compute the Median for a List of Variables
Fan Xu 
Keywords: Median Statistics Transpose Procedure Univariate Procedure Array Macro
Pages: 4 Size: 76 Kb 
tweet!  Mini Macros for Major Management of Longitudinal Data
Philip J. d'Almada 
Keywords: macroprocessing quality management data monitoring longitudinal data
Pages: 2 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  A Process for Automatically Retrieving Database using ODBC and SAS/ACCESS SQL Procedure Pass-Through Facility
Leiming Li 
Keywords: ODBC SQL Proc edure Pass-Through Facility SAS/Macro
Pages: 4 Size: 58 Kb 
tweet!  Automated Input Interface for SAS Batch-Mode Processing
S. Patrick Thornton 
Keywords: Macro mainframe batch
Pages: 4 Size: 31 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Software Windows to Dynamically Manage Your Routine Programs
Linda Gau 
Keywords: %Window
Pages: 4 Size: 15 Kb 
tweet!  Designing User Interface by Using the Macro Facility
Quan Ren 
Keywords: interface window macro
Pages: 2 Size: 18 Kb 
tweet!  Efficiency Techniques: SQL vs. Retain Variables
Danielle Gao 
Keywords: SQL vs. Traditional Programming
Pages: 3 Size: 27 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  What Sort of Input Should You Input to a Sort?
Michael A. Raithel 
Keywords: PROC SORT Sorting Efficiency Subsetting Data Step View
Pages: 2 Size: 18 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  A Fast Format Macro - How to Quickly Create a Format by Listing the Endpoints
Christine A. Smiley 
Keywords: proc format macros fmtlib option cntlin option
Pages: 4 Size: 23 Kb 
tweet!  PROC FORMAT Provides Efficient Current Descriptions of Codes in Large Tables
Robert M. Romero 
Keywords: format library description code
Pages: 1 Size: 12 Kb 
tweet!  Shortcuts
Janet E. Stuelpner 
Keywords: Variable Lists Numbered Range Named Range
Pages: 2 Size: 15 Kb 
tweet!  The SDQZ-Pipe Technique: Doing More With Less, Faster and Cheaper Reading UNIX-compressed SAS Data Sets Directly in a Data Step
Randy A. Hirscher 
Keywords: UNIX Named Pipes Compression Utility Macro Sequential Format (SDQ)
Pages: 3 Size: 26 Kb 
tweet!  A Simple SAS/AF Program to Manage SAS/CONNECT Sessions
David D. Chapman 
Pages: 5 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  Dynamically Creating a Where Statement
Curtis A. Smith 
Keywords: Macro Where Dynamic
Pages: 3 Size: 79 Kb 
tweet!  Using VIEWTABLE in SAS/AF Applications to View and Edit SAS Tables
Kirk P. Lafler 
Keywords: VIEWTABLE SAS/AF SCL Table View Form View
Pages: 2 Size: 12 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/AF Software to Create Data Entry Screens with Multiple Comment Fields Allowing for Unlimited Amounts of Text in Each Field
Robert S. Matthews 
Keywords: SAS/AF Frame SCL
Pages: 4 Size: 249 Kb 
tweet!  Delivering Geographic Information Part II: Just Click My Map Object
Jeanne M. Spicer 
Keywords: Map Class SAS/AF
Pages: 4 Size: 76 Kb 
tweet!  Presenting Multi-Level Information in One Plot by Dynamically Generating the PLOT Statement
Li Yuan  Bill Zhang 
Keywords: SAS Macro proc greplay clinical trial
Pages: 4 Size: 86 Kb 
tweet!  Generate Data Listings for a New Drug Application in 5 Minutes as a Part of Automated Report System
Marina V. Kungurtseva 
Pages: 7 Size: 92 Kb 
tweet!  Concomitant Medications: What a Programmer Needs to Know
Irving A. Dark 
Keywords: concomitant medicaiton
Pages: 2 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  Language Interpretation of Prescription Label Sigs: Computing Daily Consumptions in Medication Compliance Studies
Patty J. Keys 
Keywords: Language interpretation index function link statement compliance study
Pages: 5 Size: 21 Kb 
Data Warehousing
tweet!  Constructing a Data Warehouse
Curtis A. Smith 
Keywords: Warehouse Data Library File Storage Efficiencies
Pages: 6 Size: 178 Kb 
tweet!  Knowledge Management-Integrated Solutions for Information Delivery
Kim Foster 
Keywords: EDM Enterprise Data Management Business Intelligence Knowledge Management Data Access Database
Pages: 8 Size: 495 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehousing and Information Delivery: Success and Failure in Managed Care
Hugh G. McCabe 
Keywords: Decision Support data warehouse managed card Web applications
Pages: 6 Size: 156 Kb 
tweet!  A Health Care Claims Data Mart: Construction and Exploitation
Stuart Levine  Marge Scerbo 
Keywords: MDDB EIS Data Mart Warehouse Administrator healthcare
Pages: 7 Size: 311 Kb 
tweet!  Large Scale Data Warehousing with the SAS System
Tony Brown  Leigh Ihnen  Jim Craig 
Keywords: warehouse performance metadata i/o Warehouse/Administrator
Pages: 10 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehousing in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: An Industry Perspective
M. Kumar Sagar  Himanshu Raval 
Keywords: data warehousing pharmaceuticals healthcare
Pages: 10 Size: 73 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Just Enough Database for Manufacturing Yield Analysis
Robert A. Rutledge  Linda H. Tai  Garth W. Helf 
Keywords: SAS/AF Data Warehouse Yield Management Manufacturing
Pages: 6 Size: 2305 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Practical Tips and Techniques for Building an Enterprise Data Warehouse in an IBM Mainframe Environment
Jugdish Mistry  John Finianos 
Keywords: Warehouse MVS Tips Techniques Loading lookup
Pages: 6 Size: 82 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehousing on a Shoestring
Richard J. Nicola 
Keywords: Data Warehousing Reporting AF summary
Pages: 6 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Using Decision Support Services to Fight Crime
Nina Du Thaler  Alexander Stefan 
Pages: 14 Size: 143 Kb 
tweet!  CRM 101:Maximizing Return on Investment with the SAS Solution for CRM
Drury Jenkins 
Keywords: CRM
Pages: 5 Size: 34 Kb 
tweet!  The ABCs of MDDBs
Marge Scerbo 
Keywords: mddb warehouse hierarchy dimension eis warehouse Adminitrator
Pages: 8 Size: 113 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Using SAS Software as a Decision Support System on Top of SAP FI Financial Accounting Module
Ida R. Carapelle 
Keywords: SAP-FI SAP Financial Accounting
Pages: 5 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Administering OLAP with SAS/Warehouse Administrator
Michael Burns 
Keywords: OLAP HOLAP Warehouse Administrator MDDB SUMMARY
Pages: 12 Size: 170 Kb 
tweet!  What's All This Metadata Good For, Anyway? Using Metadata to Dynamically Generate SQL
Jonathan Stokes 
Keywords: SQL Generation metadata metabase data warehousing SQL pass-through
Pages: 5 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  MDDB Support in Scalable Performance Data Server 2.5
Amitava Ghosh 
Keywords: MDDB SPDS
Pages: 2 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Adding Extensions to the SAS/Warehouse Administrator
Peter R. Welbrock 
Keywords: Data Mining Data Warehousing Enterprise Miner warehouse
Pages: 10 Size: 90 Kb 
tweet!  Data Mining at IMS Health, How We Turned a Mountain of Data into a Few Information-rich Molehills
Jerry Kagan  Paul Kallukaran 
Keywords: SAS/AF Data Mining Client Server Neural Network Data Warehouse SAS/Connect healthcare
Pages: 8 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  An Investigation of Quality-of-Life Issues in Patient Treatment Using Enterprise Miner
Patricia B. Cerrito  Kelly McMasters  Vicki Viar 
Keywords: Medical Decision Making Quality-of-Life Enterprise Miner
Pages: 6 Size: 166 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS Data Warehouse and Data Integration in SASOL Synthetic Fuels
Pieter J. Venter 
Keywords: integration warehouse
Pages: 3 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  HR Vision Software - A Decision Support System for Human Resource Professionals
Beverly Dudley 
Keywords: hr human resources data warehouse decision support
Pages: 2 Size: 17 Kb 
tweet!  Automating the Management of a Data Warehouse
Sy J. Truong  Kathy Boussina 
Keywords: Electronic Reporting Submission Data Warehouse Intranet Hyperlink Clinical
Pages: 5 Size: 117 Kb 
tweet!  EPA's SAS Analytic Library on the Web
Jay Jacob Wind  Chapman P. Gleason  Michael Yu  Kamau Njuguna  Myles Powers 
Keywords: Data Warehousing Denormalized SAS Datasets SAS/Share Servers Graphics SAS/Connect Environmental Data internet
Pages: 5 Size: 94 Kb 
tweet!  How and Why a SAS Data Warehouse Is Used to Manage the 2000 Decennial Census
Gail S. Davidson 
Keywords: data warehouse design
Pages: 3 Size: 58 Kb 
tweet!  Web Enabled Graphics with a SAS Data Warehouse
Diane E. Brown 
Keywords: Warehouse IntrNet Graph Web internet
Pages: 6 Size: 931 Kb 
tweet!  Unlocking SAP AG R/3 Data with the SAS System
Eric Hunley  Craig Rubendall 
Pages: 13 Size: 146 Kb 
tweet!  What's Up with OLE DB?
Thomas Cox 
Pages: 10 Size: 261 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Software MDDBs Solve Real-World Problems for 1997 Economic Census
Shirin A. Ahmed  Kimberly D. Yarbrough 
Keywords: MDDB EIS Warehousing Reports NAICS SAS
Pages: 6 Size: 73 Kb 
tweet!  Visualising Large Data Volumes with SAS/MDDB Server, SAS/CONNECT Software, SAS/EIS Software and the HOLAP Add-Ins
Daniel Morris 
Keywords: data warehouse EIS MDDB OLAP HOLAP
Pages: 4 Size: 206 Kb 
tweet!  The Art of Designing HOLAP Databases
Mark Moorman 
Keywords: OLAP warehouse MDDB EIS HOLAP database
Pages: 5 Size: 75 Kb 
tweet!  Integrating SAS Products Using Common Metadata
Catherine A. Phipps 
Keywords: metadata repository
Pages: 3 Size: 47 Kb 
Emerging Technologies
tweet!  SAS Integration Technologies Overview
Steve Jenisch  Chip Kelly  Mark Gass 
Keywords: DCOM CORBA MQSeries MSMQ LDAP standards
Pages: 1 Size: 14 Kb 
tweet!  The Quality Data Warehouse - Solving Problems for the Enterprise
Brad Klenz  Donna Fulenwider 
Keywords: quality improvement quality data warehouse statistical process control
Pages: 8 Size: 143 Kb 
tweet!  Generating and Using Name Keys for Fuzzy Matches: Calling a Third Pary Dynamic Link Library as a Module in the SAS System
Richard Carson 
Keywords: SSA DLL
Pages: 6 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  OLE DB for OLAP: SAS Institute Leading the Way
Duane Ressler  Randy Pierce  Mark Moorman 
Keywords: OLE DB OLAP
Pages: 4 Size: 32 Kb 
Hands-on Workshops
tweet!  An Introduction to SAS/ASSIST Software
Linda P. Atkinson 
Keywords: ASSIST Interface Front-end SAS/ASSIST Menus Customization
Pages: 6 Size: 170 Kb 
tweet!  So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?
Ray Pass  Daphne E. Ewing 
Keywords: PROC REPORT REPORT procedure reporting
Pages: 10 Size: 65 Kb 
tweet!  So Now You're Using PROC REPORT. Is it Pretty and Automated?
Daphne E. Ewing  Ray Pass 
Keywords: PROC REPORT REPORT procedure reporting
Pages: 10 Size: 67 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Macros: Beyond the Basics
Jay A. Jaffe 
Keywords: macro language macros macro variables
Pages: 10 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Started with the Latest Features of SAS/AF Software
Marje Fecht 
Keywords: FRAME Entries SAS/AF Applications Development
Pages: 1 Size: 14 Kb 
tweet!  The Power and Simplicity of the TABULATE Procedure
Dan E. Bruns 
Keywords: TABULATE Tables Cross tablulation Report tables
Pages: 7 Size: 55 Kb 
tweet!  Advanced Features of PROC TABULATE
Thomas J. Winn Jr. 
Keywords: TABULATE table
Pages: 6 Size: 43 Kb 
tweet!  Enterprise Client Software for the Windows Platform
Gail Kramer  Carol Rigsbee  John Toebes  Jeff Polzin 
Keywords: Jazz client GUI
Pages: 7 Size: 571 Kb 
tweet!  SAS webAF for Java Application Development, a First Sip
Larry Hoyle  Mickey Waxman 
Keywords: JAVA JAZZ IDE WWW JDBC internet
Pages: 10 Size: 441 Kb 
tweet!  The Nashville Release of the SAS System for Windows
Jennifer Clegg 
Keywords: Windows user interface OLE
Pages: 8 Size: 98 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to PROC SQL
David E. Beam 
Pages: 10 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  Essentials for Static and Dynamic Web Publishing - SAS HTML Formatting
Caroline Bahler  Sarah A. Calhoun  Emily O. Kistner 
Keywords: Web Tools Macro Static Dynamic HTML internet
Pages: 10 Size: 134 Kb 
tweet!  The Time Series Forecasting System
Charles Hallahan  Renee Samy 
Keywords: forecasting SAS/ETS time series
Pages: 9 Size: 353 Kb 
Information Visualization
tweet!  Using SAS/INSIGHT Software as an Exploratory Data Mining Platform
Robin Way 
Keywords: Insight mining statistics analysis visualization
Pages: 6 Size: 172 Kb 
tweet!  Robust Outlier Identification using SAS
Jack N. Shoemaker 
Keywords: Tukey Outliers
Pages: 8 Size: 34 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/GRAPH Software to Detect Fraud in the Utah Medicaid Program
Terry D. Allen 
Keywords: Medicaid Fraud SAS/Graph Graphics
Pages: 8 Size: 261 Kb 
tweet!  Behind Marketing Data
Flavio G. Addolorato  Silvia Pacei 
Pages: 6 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  Data Visualization from a Financial Services Perspective
Alan J. Rinkus  Charles K. Skee 
Keywords: Info Visualization Data Mining Graphics
Pages: 6 Size: 336 Kb 
tweet!  14 Steps to a Good GUI
John E. Bentley 
Keywords: GUI Application Design Methodology
Pages: 6 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  GUI KISSes: Tips and Strategies for Interface Design
John A. Quarantillo 
Keywords: GUI Graphical User Interface Applications Development SAS/AF
Pages: 3 Size: 24 Kb 
tweet!  Customizing SAS Graphs Using the Annotate Facility and Global Statements
Jeffery D. Gilbert 
Keywords: SAS/GRAPH annotate global customizing
Pages: 4 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Using ANNOTATE Macros as Shortcuts
Arthur L. Carpenter 
Keywords: ANNOTATE macro annomac SAS/GRAPH
Pages: 6 Size: 81 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Achieving Graphical Excellence with SAS/GRAPH Software
Archer R. Gravely 
Pages: 6 Size: 45 Kb 
tweet!  Too Many Pixels: A User's Guide to Incomprehensible Web Sites, Charts, Graphs and Other Presentations
Peter Parker 
Keywords: websites graphs presentations charts Tufte Internet
Pages: 9 Size: 283 Kb 
tweet!  Statistical Presentations Using the Power of PROC TABULATE
C. Olivia Rud 
Keywords: Means Freq Format Tabulate
Pages: 7 Size: 165 Kb 
tweet!  CFO Vision at Centra Health, A Successful Partnership
Julie Maddox  John Wimmer  Billy Dunn 
Keywords: CFO Vision Financial Reporting Client/Server healthcare
Pages: 9 Size: 138 Kb 
tweet!  Adding the Where to the Who
Barry Hicks  Rob Stephens  Sanford Gayle  Jack Bulkley 
Keywords: GIS Data Mining Geographic Maps
Pages: 3 Size: 95 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS ADX Interface - Designing the Future
Stewart L. Fossceco 
Keywords: Experimental Design Formulation Optimization Statistical Graphics Robust Process Development Information Visualization
Pages: 9 Size: 273 Kb 
tweet!  How New Graphical EDA Techniques Can Reveal Hidden Relationships Between the Criminal Behavior of Federal Prisoners and Their Thinking Patterns
Dave L. DesJardins  Denise Golumbaski 
Keywords: SAS/INSIGHT SAS/JMP Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA) Data Profile Plots
Pages: 6 Size: 120 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Reporting Multidimensional Data on the Web using SAS/GRAPH and SAS/IntrNet Software
Edward A. Tasch 
Keywords: SAS/INTRNET SAS/GRAPH multidimensional graphics web education internet
Pages: 7 Size: 76 Kb 
tweet!  Beyond the Printed Page
William E. Adams 
Keywords: reports internet output
Pages: 5 Size: 30 Kb 
Internet, Intranets, and the Web
tweet!  Deploying Existing SAS/EIS and SAS/AF Software Applications to the Web
Dave Horne  Don Henderson 
Keywords: web af eis internet html java
Pages: 4 Size: 451 Kb 
tweet!  Extending the Life of Your SAS/AF Application: Exploiting the Model-Viewer Paradigm
Gregory S. Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: SAS/AF FRAME GUI Java Model-Viewer Object-oriented
Pages: 10 Size: 134 Kb 
tweet!  Design and Deployment of a Web Application Using SAS/IntrNet
Thomas H. Burger  Richard W. Tucker  John M. LaBore 
Keywords: Internet Web-appliction System Design Intrnet Development
Pages: 6 Size: 134 Kb 
tweet!  Comparison of CGI and Java Technology Provided in SAS/IntrNet Software
Barbara Walters  Donald Chapman 
Keywords: web internet intranet java CGI ActiveX
Pages: 6 Size: 61 Kb 
tweet!  HTML for the SAS Programmer
Lauren E. Haworth 
Keywords: HTML internet TABULATE version 7 tab2htm out2htm
Pages: 6 Size: 91 Kb 
tweet!  The Web Enablement of the SESUG 97 Registration Process and Other Applications: Perl or the SAS Application Dispatcher?
Gregory A. Ashley 
Keywords: SAS Application Dispatcher Web Enablement SAS Output Formatter html perl internet
Pages: 6 Size: 170 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Software to Report on Academic Performance via the World Wide Web
Marv Lindsey 
Keywords: OLAP Web Intranet internet
Pages: 2 Size: 13 Kb 
tweet!  Collecting Data Via the Internet with SAS/IntrNet and SAS/SHARE Software
Stacy Buffington  Doyle McDonald 
Keywords: SAS/Share SAS/IntrNet Web Internet Data collection
Pages: 4 Size: 77 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Software and the World Wide Web: Simplified
Faith R. Sloan 
Keywords: web SAS/IntrNet html internet publishing tools cgi
Pages: 7 Size: 35 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Software to Provide Dynamic Web-enabled Reporting in the UNIX Environment
Kent E. Nicholas 
Keywords: internet dynamic reporting UNIX
Pages: 3 Size: 115 Kb 
tweet!  Web Enabled Government Billing Using SAS/IntrNet Software
Tom Ivons 
Keywords: intrnet web dfas internet
Pages: 4 Size: 30 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/GRAPH Software to Create Graphs on the Web
David J. Caira  Himesh Patel 
Keywords: WEB SAS/GRAPH HTML ODS WEBFRAME Device Drivers internet
Pages: 10 Size: 135 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Stylish with Version 7 Base Reporting
David Kelley  Sandy McNeill 
Keywords: ODS REPORT TABULATE traffic lighting row banding HTML
Pages: 14 Size: 1228 Kb 
tweet!  Web Enabling a Large Data Warehouse: Improved Metadata for Expert Analysts and Wider Access to Management Information
Clare Somerville  Colin Harris 
Keywords: Web Data warehousing metadata SAS/Intranet Internet/Intranet Data warehouse administration
Pages: 10 Size: 316 Kb 
tweet!  Web-Based Reporting and Tools Used in the QA Process for the SAS System
Jim McNealy  Dawn Amos 
Keywords: Web CGI SQA html tools internet
Pages: 7 Size: 6735 Kb 
tweet!  Tools for Dynamic Web Publishing
Sarah A. Calhoun  Sally S. Muller  Emily O. Kistner 
Keywords: Dynamic Web Application SAS/IntrNet Application Dispatcher HTML Web Publishing Web Tools Web Browser internet
Pages: 10 Size: 67 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Intranet Security and SAS Software: A Brute Force Approach
Kerril S. Bauerly 
Keywords: Internet Intranet web security SAS/INTRNET password
Pages: 5 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  Intranet Security and SAS Software: A Sneaky Approach to Dynamic Applications
Kerril S. Bauerly 
Keywords: internet intranet web security bookmark sas/intrnet
Pages: 6 Size: 39 Kb 
tweet!  Rocky Mountain Web: Telecom Network Interconnection Quality Measurements
Faith R. Sloan  Larry Bramblett 
Keywords: telecommunications internet mddb quality measurements web
Pages: 9 Size: 95 Kb 
tweet!  Project Request and Tracking Using SAS/IntrNet Software
Steven D. Beakley 
Keywords: Intrnet Intranet HTML web
Pages: 5 Size: 117 Kb 
tweet!  Considerations for Creating and Maintaining a Home Page Oriented with the SAS System
Robert Schechter 
Keywords: internet homepage lug html
Pages: 5 Size: 39 Kb 
tweet!  From Prediction to Validation: Who Understands the Past, Controls the Future (Time Series)
Edward Aronov 
Keywords: prediction validation time series model statistics
Pages: 4 Size: 70 Kb 
tweet!  Three Advanced Data Management Techniques
Phil Busby 
Keywords: Airline Data Management
Pages: 3 Size: 16 Kb 
tweet!  A Batch System with Windows 95
William J. Coar 
Keywords: Cross Group Compute Summarize Transpose Report
Pages: 4 Size: 28 Kb 
tweet!  Three Methods to Produce Descriptive Statistics and Histogram Using SAS
Bing Deng 
Pages: 4 Size: 148 Kb 
tweet!  A Simple Framework for Sequentially Processing Hierarchical Data Sets for Large Surveys
Richard L. Downs Jr.  Pura A. Perez 
Keywords: CASES hierarchical data sets data step view macro KEEP option
Pages: 6 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  Testing for Heteroscedasticity in the Multivariate ENSO Index Using PROC AUTOREG
Joseph Earley 
Keywords: PROC Autoreg Garch Model PROC Reg PROC Arima
Pages: 4 Size: 106 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place)
tweet!  Data Exploration Made Easy
George C.J. Fernandez 
Keywords: Data Mining Data Visualization SAS Macros Graphical Analysis SAS/GRAPHS
Pages: 7 Size: 632 Kb 
tweet!  From MACRO to SAS/AF Software: A Case Study of the Evolution of an Application
David M. Gardner 
Keywords: Double-entry Keying Macro Evolution AF
Pages: 6 Size: 89 Kb 
tweet!  Use of Multivariate Techniques to Solve an Urgent, Real-Life Problem in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Karl Glaser 
Pages: 3 Size: 30 Kb 
tweet!  Automating the Production of Clinical Trial Data Tables
Anne Horney  Gail Kirk 
Keywords: Word Perfect Automation Tables clinical
Pages: 5 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  Transforming Multiple-record Data into Single-record Format When Number of Variables is Large
David Izrael  David Russo 
Keywords: survey denormalization transpose retain
Pages: 6 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  A Taste of SAS New Enhancements
Jiang Jin 
Pages: 3 Size: 35 Kb 
tweet!  Randomly Download Data from DB2 Database on Mainframe to SAS Data Set on RISC/6000 via SAS
Wen Lin 
Keywords: SP SCL data view
Pages: 4 Size: 31 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (1st Place)
tweet!  Telecommuting: The Workplace of the 90's
Thalene Mallus 
Keywords: Telecommunicating Communicaion Links SAS Web tools
Pages: 6 Size: 211 Kb 
tweet!  Using ARRAYs: The Basics
George Matthews 
Keywords: Arrays Elements Index hbound lbound dim
Pages: 3 Size: 26 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/FSP Software: Tricking the Small Screen into Imitating Life
Irene Mendelson 
Pages: 2 Size: 3515 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place)
tweet!  User Experience SAS/GRAPH Charts & Plots Using MXG
Neal Musitano 
Keywords: Graph Charts Plots Performance MXG
Pages: 6 Size: 114 Kb 
tweet!  A Maintenance-Free Menu Drive Closure System
Stephen M. Noga 
Keywords: SCL AF FRAME
Pages: 6 Size: 188 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  New PROC REPORT Procedure - An Enhanced PROC REPORT
Quan Ren 
Keywords: Reports Grills Box Median Wrap Flow
Pages: 4 Size: 28 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  An SQL List Macro to Retrieve Data from Large SAS/DB2 Databases
Thiru Satchi 
Keywords: SAS/ACCESS Pass Through DB2 SAS Macro SQL
Pages: 6 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Cross Crossover Studies Off Your List
Pippa M. Simpson  Robert M. Hamer  Shelly Y. Lensing 
Pages: 7 Size: 41 Kb 
tweet!  The Use of External Software to Import Data into the SAS System
Richard O. Smith  Arthur L. Carpenter 
Keywords: DBMS/COPY DBMS/Engines SAS/ACCESS transfer import export
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/FSP Software and a Two-Dimensional Array to Manage Distribution of Monthly Production Reports
Helen-Jean Talbott 
Keywords: SAS/FSP SCL multidimensional array production reports
Pages: 6 Size: 113 Kb 
tweet!  Some Questions and Solutions from a SAS Help Desk
Stephen B. Taubman 
Keywords: Table Production Report AF
Pages: 3 Size: 17 Kb 
tweet!  A Table Production System That Meets the Challenges of Tomorrow Using SAS/AF Software and the Report Procedure
David R. Trenery 
Keywords: Table Production Report AF
Pages: 6 Size: 92 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Macro to Include Statistics Output in Clinical Trial Summary Table
Amy C. Young  Sharon X. Zhou 
Keywords: clinical summary statistics SAS Macro Language Continuous Efficacy Variable Categorical Efficacy Variable
Pages: 5 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  Realizing Baosteel's Technology & Quality Data Warehouse Based on SAS
Zhang Yaochun 
Pages: 4 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  Visual Communication Art & Science: The Design Guide and Gallery for Clear, Convincing Graphs, Tables, Maps, and Text
LeRoy Bessler 
Keywords: Visual Communication Graph Design Graphs Tables Maps SAS/GRAPH
Pages: 8 Size: 176 Kb 
tweet!  Designing Accessible Help Systems
Cathy L. Brinsfield 
Keywords: help systems RoboHelp WinHelp
Pages: 5 Size: 147 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place)
tweet!  Project RAPTOR: Implementation and Exploitation of a Manufacturing Data Warehouse
Anne I. Brooks  Roger Thompson 
Keywords: datawarehouse metadata yield semiconductor Maestro
Pages: 6 Size: 186 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS System: From CD to GIS Maps
Samuel D. Calhoun 
Keywords: County State Programs
Pages: 6 Size: 628 Kb 
tweet!  Alternative Approach to Sorting Arrays and Strings: Tuned DATA Step Implementations of Quicksort and Distribution Counting
Paul M. Dorfman 
Keywords: sorting array string data step quicksort distribution counting
Pages: 6 Size: 120 Kb 
tweet!  Fitting a Multisource Regression Model with Random Slopes, A Fisheries Application of SAS PROC MIXED
Robert G. Downer  Mark C. Benfield 
Keywords: mixed effect linear model random slopes
Pages: 5 Size: 71 Kb 
tweet!  %FREQ1VAR: Frequency of One Variable with Format: a Macro to Standardize PROC FREQ Output Data Sets
Ronald J. Fehd 
Keywords: autoexec format %NOBS FREQ object standardization macro
Pages: 3 Size: 206 Kb 
tweet!  Programming Idioms Using the SET Statement
Jack E. Fuller 
Keywords: SET Statement Programming Idioms PDV
Pages: 6 Size: 75 Kb 
tweet!  Study Design with SAS: Estimating Power with Monte Carlo Methods
Robert W. Graebner 
Keywords: Monte Carlo Power Study Design
Pages: 3 Size: 103 Kb 
tweet!  Developing Standardized Requirements, Specifications and Programs for Clinical Trials Reports
Deborah J. Harper  Nancy Brucken  Christopher Makowski 
Keywords: Standards Specifications Systems clinical
Pages: 4 Size: 79 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Software to Calculate Tests of Cliffs Delta
Kris Y. Hogarty  Jeffrey D. Kromrey 
Keywords: measurement statistics confidence interval
Pages: 5 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  The Use of DATA FORMS, TABLES and Other New Objects in SAS/AF Software
Bernd E. Imken 
Pages: 6 Size: 200 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Macros to Develop Confidence Intervals for the Weibull and Extreme Value Distributions Using Type II Censored Data
Scott M. Jordan  Muhammad Zaman 
Keywords: confidence intervals Weibull Distribution Extreme Value Distribution macro
Pages: 6 Size: 65 Kb 
tweet!  Generating Item Responses Based on Multidimensional Item Response Theory
Jeffrey D. Kromrey  Cynthia G. Parshall  Walter M. Chason  Qing Yi 
Keywords: psychometrics item response theory monte carlo
Pages: 6 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  Betcha Didn't Know
Richard D. Langston 
Pages: 4 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Graphically Exploring Multidimensional Data in a Web Browser - Using New Features from SAS/GRAPH Software
Connie Li  James Sun 
Keywords: HTML ODS drill-down web internet
Pages: 4 Size: 116 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (1st Place)
tweet!  Putting Executive Scorecards on the Web with SAS
Julie K. Lindeman  Robert M. Romero  Heather M. Tavel 
Keywords: Scorecard Executive Web Automated internet
Pages: 5 Size: 224 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (1st Place)
tweet!  Using Macros to Construct Overlaid Contour Plots for Response Surface Optimization
David J. Meade  Scott Lacey 
Keywords: graphics modeling visual display multiple responses macro
Pages: 6 Size: 84 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Software to Analyze Sybase Performance on the Web
Joseph M. Mirabal  Zhengyu Wang 
Keywords: SAS Sybase Performance Web DBMS CGI/PERL internet
Pages: 6 Size: 644 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/GRAPH to Compare Physician Practice
Alexander Pakalniskis  Davidson Bruce  Alein Chun  Gail P. Grant 
Keywords: ANNOTATE Hospital Physician Practice Comparison DRG
Pages: 6 Size: 96 Kb 
tweet!  A Generalized Rounding Alternative
Jeff P. Palmer 
Keywords: rounding fuzz precision
Pages: 3 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/FSP Software for Ad Hoc Reporting
Marc H. Schlessel 
Keywords: Adhoc reporting SAS/FSP
Pages: 7 Size: 53 Kb 
tweet!  How to Display Correlated ROC Curves with the SAS System
Barbara Schneider 
Keywords: Statistics ROC curves
Pages: 5 Size: 49 Kb 
tweet!  Submitting a Batch SAS Job within the Display Manager Mode under UNIX
Jingren Shi  Shiling Zhang 
Keywords: batch sql
Pages: 2 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  Customize Your Web Output Using SAS/IntrNet Software and Web Publishing Tools
Ahsan Ullah 
Keywords: IntrNet dispatcher server HTML Formatter VRML GIF internet web
Pages: 5 Size: 214 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  Using SAS Software to Build a Data Warehouse of Standardized Medical Costs and Patient Utilization for Health Services Research
Priscilla E. Van Grevenhof  Judith L. Wagner  James M. Naessens  Jill M. Killian  Roger W. Evans  Eva R. Helgeson 
Keywords: Data Warehouse healthcare
Pages: 2 Size: 21 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Data Driven Programs with the Macro Language
Brian K. Varney 
Keywords: macro sql sysfunc
Pages: 4 Size: 26 Kb 
tweet!  A Windowed Application for Efficient Access to Data Warehouse DB2 Data with PROC SQL Pass-Through Facility and Macros
James Yang 
Keywords: Windowed Application Macro Pass-Through Facility Efficiency Data Warehouse DB2 SQL
Pages: 6 Size: 35 Kb 
tweet!  Poisson Regression Adjustment of Event Rates and Its Macro Procedure ADJ_POIS
Dingyi Zhao  Nancy Anderson 
Keywords: Adjustment Rate Poisson Regression macro
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Software to Solve the Iron Ore Mixing Problem
Jiansheng Feng  Xiuzhi Wang  Yilong Chen 
Keywords: ore mixing sinter clustering neural network optimization
Pages: 3 Size: 39 Kb 
Statistics, Data Analysis, and Modeling
tweet!  Inferring Behavior on Rejected Credit Applicants-Three Approaches
Gregg Weldon 
Keywords: reject inferencing statistics credit
Pages: 4 Size: 29 Kb 
tweet!  Integrating Market and Credit Risks with SAS Institute's Risk Dimensions Software
Sam Harris 
Keywords: Risk Management Credit Risk Market Risk Value at Risk Credit Exposures Monte Carlo Simulation
Pages: 8 Size: 166 Kb 
tweet!  Data Mining: An Overview of Methods and Techniques for Increasing Profits in Direct Marketing
C. Olivia Rud 
Keywords: Net Present Value Sample Regression Univariate Variable
Pages: 7 Size: 90 Kb 
tweet!  Forecasting Cross-Sectional Time Series: A Data Mining Approach Using Enterprise Miner Software
John Brocklebank  Michael Leonard  Taiyeong Lee 
Keywords: data mining forecasting Enterprise Miner
Pages: 3 Size: 27 Kb 
tweet!  Use of Enterprise Miner and Multivariate Statistical Analysis to Build Fraud-Detection Models
Shiao-ping Lu 
Keywords: Fraud Models Enterprise Miner Application Decision Tree neural Network Risk Management
Pages: 5 Size: 98 Kb 
tweet!  The Effect of Missing Data on Repeated Measures Models
Maribeth H. Johnson 
Keywords: Repeated measures missing data Proc Mixed Simulation
Pages: 6 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  Simplification on Learning Model by Using PROC GENMOD
Kuolung Hu  David Mckinzie  Karen Nowak 
Keywords: Longitudinal Data Generalized Estimating Equatio Quasi-Likelihood Repeated measeures General Linear Model Correlation Structure
Pages: 6 Size: 84 Kb 
tweet!  Advances in Multiple Comparisons and Multiple Tests Using the SAS System
Peter H. Westfall  Randall D. Tobias 
Keywords: ODS PROC GLM PROC MIXED PROC MULTTEST Version 7.0 Stepwise Tests
Pages: 9 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Modeling Event Count Data with PROC GENMOD and the SAS System
Matthew J. Flynn 
Keywords: GENMOD Event Counts Poisson Models
Pages: 6 Size: 70 Kb 
tweet!  A General Gibbs Sampling Algorithm for Analyzing Linear Models Using the SAS System
Daniel J. Sargent  Jayawant Mandrekar  Paul J. Novotny  Jeff A. Sloan 
Pages: 6 Size: 340 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Using the Mixed Procedure to Analyze a Fractional Factorial Split-Plot Experiment
Jon M. Lindenauer 
Keywords: design of experiments mixed model split-plot anova
Pages: 4 Size: 45 Kb 
tweet!  Recent Advances in Categorical Data Analysis
Maura Stokes 
Keywords: statistics categorical
Pages: 11 Size: 168 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS to Conduct Pilot Studies: An Instructors Guide
Sean W. Mulvenon  Ronna C. Turner 
Keywords: Statistics Research Instructional
Pages: 6 Size: 75 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  The Science and Art of Market Segmentation Using PROC FASTCLUS
Mark E. Thompson 
Keywords: Segmentation FASTCLUS Clustering Marketing
Pages: 5 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Simulation and Estimation of Fractionally Integrated Time Series
Jeffrey S. Butler 
Keywords: Time series econometrics Unit roots Fractional Differencing Long-memory models
Pages: 6 Size: 128 Kb 
tweet!  Assessing Predictive Power and identifying Outliers in Covariance Structure Analysis Models
Joseph Retzer  Kurt Pflughoeft 
Keywords: PROC Calis SAS Macro PLS SEM Prediction Lisrel
Pages: 6 Size: 98 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to PROC LOESS for Local Regression
Robert Cohen 
Keywords: LOESS nonparametric regression local regression data smoothing
Pages: 9 Size: 348 Kb 
tweet!  Statistical Graphics
David A. Dickey 
Keywords: Visualization
Pages: 8 Size: 104 Kb 
tweet!  Stepwise Regressor Selection for Interdependence Analysis and Multivariate Multiple Regression
James E. Dunn  Lynette Duncan 
Keywords: Redundancy Sweep IML Gummel-Poon Module MAXR
Pages: 6 Size: 98 Kb 
tweet!  Canonical Correspondence Analysis in SAS Software
Laxman M. Hegde  Dayanand N. Naik 
Pages: 7 Size: 61 Kb 
tweet!  Geostatistics Using SAS Software
Kate Ricci 
Keywords: Geostatistics Spatial Data Analysis Kriging Variograms
Pages: 6 Size: 298 Kb 
tweet!  Measurement of Interrater Agreement: A SAS/IML Macro Kappa Procedure for Handling Incomplete Data
Honghu Liu  Ron D. Hays 
Keywords: Agreement Incomplete Data Kappa Statistics macro
Pages: 6 Size: 33 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Module/Macro Program for Computing Statistical Power Curves for Detecting Treatment Effect
David O. Olaleye 
Keywords: Power Curves Sample Size Calculation macro
Pages: 6 Size: 219 Kb 
tweet!  Crude Risk Assessment of Multi-level Exposures in Case-Control Studies
Rebecca Darden  Stuart D. Long 
Keywords: CMH statistics macro code summary table
Pages: 3 Size: 42 Kb 
tweet!  Exploring Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Data with the SAS Analyst Application
Stewart L. Fossceco  Nathan A. Curtis 
Keywords: Biological Assay Optimization Variance Component Estimation
Pages: 9 Size: 128 Kb 
tweet!  Analyzing Oncology Patient Health Care Costs Using the SAS System
Jeff A. Sloan  Steven S. Cha  Judith L. Wagner  Cristine Allmer  Steven R. Alberts  Jed Lindman 
Keywords: oncology clinical trials Kaplan-Meier Sampling Average healthcare costs
Pages: 6 Size: 64 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS Macro to Analyze Data from a Matched or Finely Stratified Case-Control Design
Robert A. Vierkant  Terry M. Therneau  Jon L. Kosanke  James M. Naessens 
Keywords: logistic regression case-control study matched data macro regression diagnostics conditional analysis
Pages: 6 Size: 103 Kb 
tweet!  Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Models for Comparing Forecasted to Actual Values of CPU Workloads for Open Systems
Anthony C. Waclawski 
Keywords: ARIMA Statistics
Pages: 10 Size: 54 Kb 
tweet!  Fitting Nonlinear Mixed Models with the New NLMIXED Procedure
Russell Wolfinger 
Keywords: NLMIXED STAT nonlinear mixed models pharmacokinetics
Pages: 10 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  Advances in Mathematical Programming and Optimization in the SAS System
Trevor Kearney 
Keywords: Optimization Networks Linear Programming Interior Point
Pages: 12 Size: 194 Kb 
tweet!  Simple Estimates and Bootstrap Confidence Intervals about the Estimated Mean of the Lytic Unit at 20% Cytotoxicity
Paul Johnson  Frances Cohen 
Keywords: Lytic unit Cytotoxiciy Gauss-Newton Bias-corrected Bootstrap Simultaion
Pages: 6 Size: 74 Kb 
Systems Architecture
tweet!  SAS Software and the Performance Effect of Parallel Architectures
Keith F. Olsen  James T. West 
Keywords: Parallel Performance
Pages: 5 Size: 34 Kb 
tweet!  Scalable Performance Data Server 2.1: Tuning and Performance
Daniel M. Sargent 
Keywords: SPDS parallel processing warehousing performance client server
Pages: 2 Size: 36 Kb 
tweet!  Taking Advantage of the SAS System on the Windows Platform
Gary Mehler 
Keywords: Windows NT Performance Enterprise
Pages: 8 Size: 79 Kb 
tweet!  More Windows to the Outside World: Configuring and Using ODBC in Version 7 of the SAS System
S. David Riba 
Keywords: ODBC Open Database Connectivity Quality Partner Wizard
Pages: 3 Size: 26 Kb 
tweet!  Enterprise Client Software for the Windows Platform
Gail Kramer  Carol Rigsbee  John Toebes  Jeff Polzin 
Keywords: Jazz client GUI
Pages: 7 Size: 571 Kb 
tweet!  An Update on SAS Software and ODBC
Jennifer Price 
Keywords: ODBC DBMS Copy Windows '98 Connectivity MS Access
Pages: 3 Size: 99 Kb 
tweet!  Untangling and Reformatting NT PerfMon Data to Load a UNIX SAS Database with a Software-Intelligent Data-Adaptive Application
Heather M. McDowell  LeRoy Bessler 
Keywords: Windows NT NT PerfMon Software Intelligence NT Data Perfomance Monitoring Data-Adaptive Application
Pages: 6 Size: 34 Kb 
tweet!  Obtaining Response-Time and Service Level Information About Your SAS System Applications
Terry Lewis  Dan Squillace 
Keywords: Performance Applications Tuning Management
Pages: 10 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  The Nashville Release of the SAS System for Windows
Jennifer Clegg  Gary Mehler 
Keywords: Windows OLE User Interface PC
Pages: 8 Size: 98 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Data Libraries on Tape
Curtis A. Smith 
Keywords: Tape Library Warehouse Data Storage Device
Pages: 4 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing SAS IT Charge Manager at the State of Wisconsin
Bruce R. McClinton 
Keywords: itsv itcm chargeback smf os390 mvs
Pages: 6 Size: 57 Kb 
tweet!  Optimizing the Processing of VSAM Data Sets with the SAS System
Michael A. Raithel 
Keywords: VSAM MVS efficiency performance
Pages: 7 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Get Hiper About Hiperspaces
Fred Forst 
Pages: 6 Size: 101 Kb 
tweet!  Outta Space with SAS Software?
Philip R. Holland 
Keywords: MVS Disk Space Allocation Data Library
Pages: 5 Size: 31 Kb 
Training and User Support Services
tweet!  Ways of Learning: What the Trainer and the Student Need to Know about Learning Styles
Judy Loren 
Keywords: Training MBTI Learning
Pages: 9 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  Using SPAM for Project Estimation in SAS Application Development
Sarah S. Ragland 
Keywords: project management estimation
Pages: 3 Size: 31 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Interviewing and Assessing SAS Programmers
Neil Howard 
Keywords: hiring interviewing skill sets programmer performance job descriptions programming metrics
Pages: 6 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  Year 2000 Issues for SAS Users
Mike Kalt  Rick Langston 
Keywords: Year2000
Pages: 7 Size: 67 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Skills for the Next Millennium: A Geek Peek into the Future
Gregory S. Barnes Nelson  Jodi Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: SAS Programmer job skills Y2K
Pages: 10 Size: 127 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Certification-A Panel Discussion of Pros and Cons
Dana Rafiee 
Keywords: Certification Consulting Testing
Pages: 1 Size: 32 Kb 
tweet!  Version 6 and Version 7: A Peaceful Co-Existence
Steve Beatrous  James Holman 
Keywords: library dataset catalog concatenation database
Pages: 6 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  An Everyday Guide to Version 7 of the SAS System
Susan J. Slaughter  Lora D. Delwiche 
Keywords: SAS names Viewtable direct referencing Output Delivery System IMPORT procedure EXPORT procedure
Pages: 8 Size: 114 Kb 
tweet!  Publishing User Documentation: PDF or HTML?
Michael L. Davis 
Keywords: Adobe Acrobat (PDF) HTML documentation web browsers
Pages: 9 Size: 233 Kb 
tweet!  WWW.SAS.Resources.HELP
Charles Patridge 
Keywords: Internet Resources Education Consulting Employment Support
Pages: 5 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  Creating a Home Page on the WWW for Your Local User Group An Unlimited Resource for Local User Group Recruitment Strategies
JoAnn Matthews 
Keywords: web user group internet
Pages: 9 Size: 58 Kb 
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