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SAS SUGI proceedings: SAS/AF (SUGI 31 and later), 113 papers
AF   Arrays   Datawarehouse   Enterprise Guide   Macros   FSP   ODS   Pharmaceutical   PROC FORMAT   PROC REPORT   Repeated measures   SQL   PROC TABULATE   Internet and the web   XML   SAS v9  

SAS Global Forum 2008   March 16-19, 2008 - San Antonio, Texas

Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Picture Perfect: Centering Frames in SAS/AF®
   Greg McLean 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 401 Kb 
tweet!  Branching Out with the Tree View Control in SAS/AF® Software
   Lynn Curley  Scott Jackson 
Keywords: af
Pages: 14 Size: 221 Kb 
tweet!  The Design, Development, and Implementation of a Control-Data Tracking and Analysis System for Immunoassays Using SAS/AF®
   How J. Tsao  Andrew McKeen  Roger French  Andrew S. Bascom  Chunwei J. Kuo  Khushroo E. Shroff 
Keywords: SAS SAS/AF Control Data Tracking Assay Throughput System Integration System Engineering
Pages: 9 Size: 509 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  "I Shall RETURN" – Key Feedback in SAS/AF®
   Greg McLean 
Keywords: af
Pages: 8 Size: 301 Kb 

SAS Global Forum 2007   April 16-19, 2007 - Orlando, Florida

tweet!  Managing Stored SCL Lists, and Creating Text Files from SCL Catalog Entries: Two SAS/AF® Utilities
   Derek Morgan 
Keywords: SAS/AF SCL SCL Lists SLIST Utilities Macro
Pages: 10 Size: 566 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 17 Kb)
tweet!  A SAS/AF® Application to Transfer Data between SAS and XLS/CSV/XML Files
   Heng Zou 
Pages: 10 Size: 236 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF®: Running SCL outside the Frame
   Darrell Massengill 
Keywords: SAS/AF BI Stored Process SCL
Pages: 1 Size: 16 Kb 

SUGI 31   March 26-29, 2006 - San Francisco, California

tweet!  Modular Programming using SAS/AF® and SAS® SCL
   Kevin Graham 
Keywords: SAS/AF SCL
Pages: 8 Size: 106 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF® Software Rises Again - Enhancements in SAS® 9.2
   Lynn Curley 
Pages: 14 Size: 87 Kb 
tweet!  Everyone Trying to Update at the Same Time? Let's Try the Source Control Manager! (SAS/AF® Development Tool)
   Larry Altmayer 
Keywords: File Check-out/Check-in Registering Files Team/Local Window, af
Pages: 10 Size: 227 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF® - Building a Tree View Hierarchy with Drag and Drop
   Scott Jackson  Darrell Massengill 
Keywords: SAS/AF TreeView Drag and Drop SCL
Pages: 7 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF®, SAS/IntrNet®, and ODS: Automation of State Health Data Collection and Report Generation
   William P. Bartoli  William S. Garvin  David Gilbertz  James L. Ribble  Robert E. Schwartz 
Keywords: web healthcare ods af
Pages: 9 Size: 351 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF: Building a Tree View Hierarchy with Drag and Drop
   Darrell Massengill  Scott Jackson 
Keywords: SAS/AF
Size: 228 Kb 

SUGI 30   April 10-13, 2005 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

tweet!  Tetris: SAS/AF Considerations
   Richard A. DeVenezia 
Keywords: Subclass Wave SASCBTBL af
Pages: 10 Size: 228 Kb 
tweet!  Building a Data-Driven, Computer-Assisted Interview Using SAS/AF
   Derek Morgan 
Keywords: survey administration interactive data capture data entry af
Pages: 19 Size: 492 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 1348 Kb)
tweet!  Rule Your Data with The Link King (a SAS/AF application for record linkage and unduplication)
   Kevin M. Campbell 
Keywords: probabilistic deterministic record linkage af
Pages: 9 Size: 426 Kb 
Honorable Mention
tweet!  "That Can't Be SAS!" Starting SAS/AF Applications
   Greg J. McLean 
Keywords: GUI af
Pages: 9 Size: 246 Kb 

SUGI 29   May 9-12, 2004 - Montreal, Canada

tweet!  A Format Viewer for the SAS Explorer
   Randy Herbison 
Keywords: formats Base SAS SAS/AF SAS Explorer
Pages: 12 Size: 216 Kb 
tweet!  CATALOGER: Updated for SAS 9
   Michael Gilman  Alan D. Leach 
Keywords: SAS/AF Data Management Application Development
Pages: 9 Size: 200 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  A Recipe for Success: Migrating SAS/AF Applications to the Web Using SAS, HTML, and JavaScript
   Jonah P. Turner 
Keywords: SAS/IntrNet internet html af
Pages: 9 Size: 559 Kb 
tweet!  The Q & A's of SAS/AF Development
   Bernd E. Imken 
Keywords: SAS/AF AF Form Table Viewer
Pages: 10 Size: 4286 Kb 
tweet!  How to Implement the One-Time Methodology
   Mark Tabladillo 
Keywords: SAS/AF SCL Frame Dataset
Pages: 8 Size: 77 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/AF to Create Data Entry Screens with Multiple Comment Fields Allowing for Unlimited Amounts of Text in Each Field
   Robert S. Matthews 
Keywords: SAS/AF comment fields SCL lists
Pages: 5 Size: 229 Kb 
tweet!  Modeling Object-Oriented SAS/AF Applications Using UML
   Dominic Roy  Andre Milliard 
Keywords: SAS/IML SAS/GRAPH af
Pages: 10 Size: 234 Kb 

SUGI 28   March 30 - April 2, 2003 - Seattle, Washington

tweet!  Developing SAS/AF® Applications with Form Viewers and Table Viewers
   Steven A. Wilson  Bernd E. Imken 
Keywords: SAS/AF Form Viewer Table Viewer Master/Detail Model/View SAS Data Set Model
Pages: 10 Size: 684 Kb 
tweet!  Developing SAS/AF® Applications Made Easy
   Bernd E. Imken 
Keywords: AF Form Table Applications
Pages: 10 Size: 1265 Kb 
tweet!  The One-Time Methodology: Encapsulating Application Data
   Mark Tabladillo 
Keywords: SAS/AF SCL survey
Pages: 6 Size: 228 Kb 
tweet!  Application Refactoring with Design Patterns
   Mark Tabladillo 
Keywords: SCL SAS/AF survey object-oriented class
Pages: 6 Size: 225 Kb 
tweet!  Web Enable Your SAS® Applications
   Teresia Arthur  Mary Jafri 
Keywords: web scl af dispatcher internet
Pages: 7 Size: 1546 Kb 
tweet!  Accelerating the Construction of Data Entry Applications in UNIX Systems for Epidemiology and Healthcare Policy Researches
   Raya Barishev  Arnona Ziv  Gady Kotler 
Keywords: data entry SAS/AF SAS/FSP research epidemiology UNIX healthcare
Pages: 6 Size: 441 Kb 
tweet!  MVS Point-and-click Access to IMS Data with SAS/ACCESS®
   Claude Rheaume  Gilles Turgeon 
Keywords: IMS MVS AF
Pages: 6 Size: 157 Kb 

SUGI 27   April 14-17, 2002 - Orlando, Florida

tweet!  SAS/AF® : It's Not What It Used to Be!
   Soora Wi 
Keywords: sas/af gui application
Pages: 4 Size: 94 Kb 
tweet!  Exploiting SAS/AF® Software from a Web Client
   Scott Leslie  Tammy Gagliano 
Keywords: AF SCL internet
Pages: 2 Size: 88 Kb 
tweet!  All Things to All People: A User-defined Report in SAS/AF®
   Aileen D. Bennett 
Keywords: SAS/AF SCL report application
Pages: 6 Size: 152 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Started with SAS/AF® Software
   Steven A. Wilson 
Keywords: SAS/AF component SCL
Pages: 10 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS/AF® Mainframe/PC File Transfer Application
   Robert Nelson  Janet Royalty 
Keywords: SAS/AF SAS/Connect
Pages: 7 Size: 166 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (1st Place)
tweet!  How to Access VSAM FILE with SAS/AF® and Base SAS®
   Claude Rheaume  Gilles Turgeon 
Keywords: VSAM AF VIEW
Pages: 6 Size: 52 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper (2nd Place)
tweet!  Using SAS/AF® Software and ODS for Reporting and Analysis
   Thiru Satchi  Edgar L. Mounib 
Keywords: SAS/AF ODS PROC Report Statistics
Pages: 6 Size: 712 Kb 

SUGI 26   April 22-25, 2001 - Long Beach, California

tweet!  How to Build Human-like, Fuzzy Applications with SAS/AF
   Markku V. Suni 
Keywords: SAS Fuzzy Application Humanlike af
Pages: 3 Size: 59 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS Graphs for Drill Down in Frames
   Philip Mason 
Keywords: graph af frame
Pages: 3 Size: 141 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF Composite Class: A Detailed Example
   Richard A. DeVenezia 
Keywords: AF Composite Class Event Properties Attributes
Pages: 6 Size: 104 Kb 
tweet!  V6 to V8 Applications: To Web or Not To Web?
   Sharon Muha  Liz Malcom  Lee Mulleady 
Keywords: JSP JDBC SAS/AF web Java application internet
Pages: 4 Size: 104 Kb 
tweet!  CONNECTing with SAS Version 8: Virtually Transparent to the User
   Lawrence W. Altmayer 
Pages: 6 Size: 134 Kb 
tweet!  STDINFO: From SAS/AF to SAS/IntrNet
   Reshma Kakkar  Raymond L. Ransom 
Keywords: Web-enablement SAS/IntrNet Metadata HtmSQL Decision Support System Data Warehousing af
Pages: 6 Size: 114 Kb 
tweet!  Let's Go to School and Discover the OOH in SCL
   Michael A. Mace 
Pages: 10 Size: 205 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Started with SAS/AF Software
   Steven A. Wilson 
Keywords: SAS/AF Frame Component SCL
Pages: 10 Size: 53 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/AF to Create a SAS Program File Explorer
   Rob Nelson  Janet Royalty  Ernie Lewis 
Keywords: SAS/AF pipe search documentation directory dialog box data table
Pages: 5 Size: 153 Kb 
tweet!  Clinical Trial System - A Front End SAS/AF Application
   Quan Ren 
Keywords: clinical trial system SAS AF application
Pages: 7 Size: 248 Kb 

SUGI 24   April 11-14, 1999 - Miami Beach, Florida

tweet!  SQL Query Window Classes: How to Incorporate the SQL Column Expression Builder Class In Custom SAS/AF Applications
   Christopher A. Roper 
Keywords: SQL Query Calculated Column Builder af
Pages: 5 Size: 56 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Component Object Model (SCOM) in Version 7 SAS/AF Software
   Tammy Gagliano  Sue Her 
Keywords: AF SCOM Model-View Distributed Objects Rapid Application Development Plug-and-Play
Pages: 9 Size: 87 Kb 
tweet!  SAS RDBMS!A GUI Approach to Data Entry Using SAS/AF Software Enforced with Relational Model Integrity Constraints from ORACLE
   Annie S. Guo 
Keywords: Data Form Object Data Table Object Primary Key Referential Integrity Foreign Key Entity Relational Diagram af
Pages: 6 Size: 90 Kb 
tweet!  Distributing SAS/AF Models with Java Clients
   Chris Bailey  Karl Moss 
Keywords: Distributed Objects Nashville Vision remote Objects CORBA DCOM IOM RMI JAZZ IDE SAS/AF
Pages: 7 Size: 402 Kb 
tweet!  Taming the Chaos: Managing Large SAS/AF Applications Using Programming Standards and the Source Code Manager of Version 7 of the SAS System
   C. Michael Whitney 
Keywords: SAS/AF migration SAS 7 SCL
Pages: 8 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS/AF Application for Parallel Extraction, Transformation, and Scoring of a Very Large Database
   Daniel Kohn  David Kuhn 
Keywords: Parallel Ddata Mart Warehouse extraction Performance RDBMS Data mart population af
Pages: 7 Size: 95 Kb 
tweet!  Distributed Applications with SAS/AF Software on Client and Server
   Pat Herbert 
Keywords: Distributed Objects SCOM CORBA DCOM IOM SAS Client Intelligent Clients Nashville Vision af
Pages: 1 Size: 13 Kb 
tweet!  An On-line Analytical System for Corrosion Pitting Analysis for Solid Rocket Booster with the SAS System
   Morgan C. Wang 
Keywords: SAS/AF SAS/FSP SAS/EIS SAS/Internet SAS/STAT Trending Analysis
Pages: 5 Size: 63 Kb 
tweet!  Adding Help and other User Assistance to SAS/AF Applications
   Marty Tomasi 
Keywords: user assistance applications development af
Pages: 6 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  An Application Developer's Roadmap for Moving to Version 7 in SAS/AF
   Steven A. Wilson 
Keywords: SAS/AF Applications development Version 7 SCL FRAME components
Pages: 6 Size: 43 Kb 
tweet!  Uncorking SAS/AF Bottlenecks with the SCL Dynamic Performance Analyzer
   Jeffrey L. Lessenberry 
Pages: 5 Size: 74 Kb 
tweet!  An Object-Oriented Approach to File Management within a SAS/AF Application
   Charles W. Bininger 
Keywords: SAS/AF Object-oriented
Pages: 6 Size: 57 Kb 
tweet!  Extending the Power of Your SAS System Applications with Enterprise Reporter Software
   Juli Yaguda  Jens D. Mikkelsen 
Keywords: ER AppDev DWA Reports SCL AF
Pages: 9 Size: 286 Kb 
tweet!  An Example of Using SAS/AF Data Table Class in Reviewing Clinical SAS Data Sets
   Irene Zhao 
Keywords: SAS/AF Data Table Class Drill down SAS/CONNECT SAS Data Set Display Remote Platform clinical
Pages: 5 Size: 99 Kb 
tweet!  A Simple SAS/AF Program to Manage SAS/CONNECT Sessions
   David D. Chapman 
Pages: 5 Size: 118 Kb 
tweet!  Using VIEWTABLE in SAS/AF Applications to View and Edit SAS Tables
   Kirk P. Lafler 
Keywords: VIEWTABLE SAS/AF SCL Table View Form View
Pages: 2 Size: 12 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/AF Software to Create Data Entry Screens with Multiple Comment Fields Allowing for Unlimited Amounts of Text in Each Field
   Robert S. Matthews 
Keywords: SAS/AF Frame SCL
Pages: 4 Size: 249 Kb 
tweet!  Delivering Geographic Information Part II: Just Click My Map Object
   Jeanne M. Spicer 
Keywords: Map Class SAS/AF
Pages: 4 Size: 76 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Just Enough Database for Manufacturing Yield Analysis
   Robert A. Rutledge  Linda H. Tai  Garth W. Helf 
Keywords: SAS/AF Data Warehouse Yield Management Manufacturing
Pages: 6 Size: 2305 Kb 
tweet!  Data Warehousing on a Shoestring
   Richard J. Nicola 
Keywords: Data Warehousing Reporting AF summary
Pages: 6 Size: 47 Kb 
tweet!  Data Mining at IMS Health, How We Turned a Mountain of Data into a Few Information-rich Molehills
   Jerry Kagan  Paul Kallukaran 
Keywords: SAS/AF Data Mining Client Server Neural Network Data Warehouse SAS/Connect healthcare
Pages: 8 Size: 52 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Started with the Latest Features of SAS/AF Software
   Marje Fecht 
Keywords: FRAME Entries SAS/AF Applications Development
Pages: 1 Size: 14 Kb 
tweet!  GUI KISSes: Tips and Strategies for Interface Design
   John A. Quarantillo 
Keywords: GUI Graphical User Interface Applications Development SAS/AF
Pages: 3 Size: 24 Kb 
tweet!  Deploying Existing SAS/EIS and SAS/AF Software Applications to the Web
   Dave Horne  Don Henderson 
Keywords: web af eis internet html java
Pages: 4 Size: 451 Kb 
tweet!  Extending the Life of Your SAS/AF Application: Exploiting the Model-Viewer Paradigm
   Gregory S. Barnes Nelson 
Keywords: SAS/AF FRAME GUI Java Model-Viewer Object-oriented
Pages: 10 Size: 134 Kb 
tweet!  From MACRO to SAS/AF Software: A Case Study of the Evolution of an Application
   David M. Gardner 
Keywords: Double-entry Keying Macro Evolution AF
Pages: 6 Size: 89 Kb 
tweet!  A Maintenance-Free Menu Drive Closure System
   Stephen M. Noga 
Keywords: SCL AF FRAME
Pages: 6 Size: 188 Kb 
tweet!  Some Questions and Solutions from a SAS Help Desk
   Stephen B. Taubman 
Keywords: Table Production Report AF
Pages: 3 Size: 17 Kb 
tweet!  A Table Production System That Meets the Challenges of Tomorrow Using SAS/AF Software and the Report Procedure
   David R. Trenery 
Keywords: Table Production Report AF
Pages: 6 Size: 92 Kb 
tweet!  The Use of DATA FORMS, TABLES and Other New Objects in SAS/AF Software
   Bernd E. Imken 
Pages: 6 Size: 200 Kb 

SUGI 23   March 22-25, 1998 - Nashville, Tennessee

tweet!  Application Development in SAS/AF Software Using Class Libraries
   Carl R. Haske 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  Getting Started with SAS/AF Frame Subclasses
   Thomas Miron 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 197 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Pushing SAS/AF and FRAME Entries in MVS to the Limit: The USEPA's AIRS Graphics System
   Thomas E. Link  Art Alexander 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 147 Kb 
tweet!  Using Design Patterns to Implement Object-Oriented Menus in a SAS/AF Application
   Jack E. Fuller 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  Monitoring a Cohort of Blood Donors and Recipients Using SAS/AF Frame
   Monique Bryher 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 235 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF FRAME Entries: A Hands-on Introduction
   Vincent L. Timbers 
Keywords: af
Pages: 7 Size: 162 Kb 
tweet!  A GUI for Enhanced Insight into Data in a University Setting: SAS/EIS and SAS/AF Frame to the Rescue
   Cecil Hallum  Melinda Miller 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 801 Kb 

SUGI 22   March 16-19, 1997 - San Diego, California

tweet!  How to Use the SAS/AF FRAME OrgChart Object
   Thomas Miron 
Keywords: af
Pages: 20 Size: 187 Kb 
tweet!  Application Development Templates in SAS/AF
   Carl R. Haske 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 87 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/AF as a Front End for Developing Report Program Skeletons
   Jeff Hamilton  Jennifer Lester 
Keywords: af
Pages: 4 Size: 64 Kb 
tweet!  Running Multiple SAS/AF Applications in a Single SAS System Session
   Mark Schneider 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 66 Kb 
tweet!  Use of SAS/AF and the SAS/GRAPH Output Class Object to Develop Applications That Can Return Scatterplot Information.
   Michael Hartman 
Keywords: af
Pages: 5 Size: 48 Kb 
tweet!  Cursor Tracking in SAS/AF FRAME Applications
   Don Stanley 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 26 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to Developing Applications with SAS/AF Software FRAME Entries
   Vincent L. Timbers 
Keywords: af
Pages: 7 Size: 83 Kb 
tweet!  The Fast Food Approach to Data Warehouse Reporting: Using SAS/AF and FRAME to Build a Non-Technical User Interface.
   Grace La Torra  Esther Steiner 
Keywords: warehouse af
Pages: 6 Size: 462 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/AF for Managing Clinical Data
   Carl R. Haske 
Keywords: clinical af
Pages: 6 Size: 156 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to FRAME Entries in SAS/AF Software
   John C. Boling 
Keywords: af
Pages: 5 Size: 40 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  From IBM/MVS to PC SAS for Windows, a SAS/AF Frame Entry Application
   H. Amy Feng  Sue Nowlin 
Keywords: af
Pages: 5 Size: 327 Kb 
tweet!  Forecasting an Electric Utility's CO2 Emissions Using SAS/AF and SAS/STAT Software: A Linear Analysis
   Md. Azharul Islam  David Wang 
Keywords: af
Pages: 5 Size: 37 Kb 
Best Contributed Paper
tweet!  Interactive Sampling Using SAS/AF Frames.
   Keith Cranford  Don Boudreaux 
Keywords: af
Pages: 5 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  Designing Databases Using a Customized SAS/AF Frame Entry Application
   Esther Kwan 
Keywords: af
Pages: 5 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  Native Help Technology in SAS/AF Applications
   John Kruth 
Keywords: af
Pages: 4 Size: 32 Kb 

SUGI 21   March 10-13, 1996 - Chicago, Illinois

tweet!  SAS/AF FRAMES: List Objects
   Serge Dupuis  Loretta Golby 
Keywords: af
Pages: 8 Size: 2486 Kb 
tweet!  Taking Advantage of inheritance in SAS/AF Applications
   Carl Haske 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 3280 Kb 
tweet!  Developing Native Help for SAS/AF Applications
   Chris Hemedinger 
Keywords: af
Pages: 7 Size: 1228 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF Software -A Grand Tour
   Tammy Gagliano 
Keywords: af
Pages: 8 Size: 3015 Kb 
tweet!  RAD Using The Data Form &Data Table Objects in SAS/AF Software for Release 6.11
   Scott Wilkins 
Keywords: af
Pages: 11 Size: 2401 Kb 
tweet!  Managing SAS/AF Application Development on a Local Area Network
   Michael Kilhullen  Andrea Contino 
Keywords: af
Pages: 5 Size: 1967 Kb 
tweet!  Data-Independent Application Development with SAS/AF Software FRAME/Entry
   John Leveille  Don Williams 
Keywords: af
Pages: 7 Size: 3325 Kb 
tweet!  Working with Classes In SAS/AF FRAME Entries, Release 6.11
   Dan Gronell 
Keywords: af
Pages: 9 Size: 628 Kb 
tweet!  From MVS to UNIX: A SAS/AF Migration Tool
   Phil Busby  Arturo Barrios  Sally Muller 
Keywords: af
Pages: 7 Size: 366 Kb 
tweet!  SAS/AF FRAME Entries: A Hands-on Introduction
   Vincent L. Timbers 
Keywords: af
Pages: 1 Size: 12 Kb 
tweet!  DevIS: Motorola's Near-Real-Time Device and Visualization System Using SAS/AF Software and SCL
   Larry Worley  Jim Nelson 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 4266 Kb 
tweet!  Helping the HELPLINE -SAS/AF to the Rescue: A Step-by-step Guide
   Verna Brantley  Helen Lintern 
Keywords: af
Pages: 6 Size: 1564 Kb 
tweet!  Implementation of a Barcode lnterface to an Existing SAS Database Using SAS/AF and SAS/FSP Software; and SAS Screen Control Language
   Lee Maddy 
Keywords: af
Pages: 5 Size: 324 Kb 
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