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SAS NESUG proceedings: Arrays, 44 papers

Northeast SAS Users Group 2013   September 8-11, 2013 - Burlington, Vermont

tweet!  Arrays Plus Data Step Plus Cramer's Rule = Fast Rolling Regresions
  Mark Keintz, University of Pennsylvania
Keywords: array
Pages: 15 Size: 390 Kb 
tweet!  How to Use ARRAYs and DO Loops: Do I DO OVER or Do I DO i?
  Jennifer Waller, Georgia Regents University
Keywords: array
Pages: 11 Size: 197 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 116 Kb)

Northeast SAS Users Group 2012   November 11-14, 2012 - Baltimore, Maryland

tweet!  Long-to-Wide: PROC TRANSPOSE vs Arrays vs PROC SUMMARY
  Mike Zdeb, U@Albany School of Public Health
Keywords: array
Pages: 14 Size: 502 Kb 
tweet!  Loop-Do-Loop Around Arrays
  Wendi Wright, CTB McGraw-Hill
Keywords: array
Pages: 17 Size: 120 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2011   September 11-14, 2011 - Portland, Maine

tweet!  Computing Area Under the Curve (AUC) Using Nested Arrays
  Michael Pannucci, Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
Keywords: array
Pages: 7 Size: 79 Kb 
tweet!  An Array of Conditions: Using Arrays to Condense Repetitive Code
  Amanda C. Browning, Educational Testing Service
Keywords: array
Pages: 7 Size: 153 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2010   November 14-17, 2010 - Baltimore, Maryland

tweet!  Fancy Arrays: Fun and Useful for Analytical Data Marts
  Val Volovik, Affinion Group
Keywords: array
Pages: 8 Size: 64 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2009   September 13-16, 2009 - Burlington, Vermont

tweet!  Searching for Variable Values with CAT Functions: An Alternative to Arrays and Loops
  Mike S. Zdeb, U@Albany School of Public Health
Keywords: array
Pages: 9 Size: 52 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 2 Kb)

Northeast SAS Users Group 2008   September 14-17, 2008 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

tweet!  Using Array, Formats and Macros to Unbundle Medicaid Fraud
  John Zheng, Data and Analytic Solutions; Gary McQuown, Data and Analytic Solutions
Keywords: macro array
Pages: 12 Size: 79 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2007   November 11-14, 2007 - Baltimore, Maryland

tweet!  PROC SQL and Arrays: The Powerhouse Behind Data Processing
  Meera Kumar, Sanofi-Aventis
Keywords: SQL array
Pages: 3 Size: 45 Kb 
tweet!  Using the SAS® Data Step and PROC SQL to Create Macro Arrays
  Stuart Long, Westat; Edward Heaton, Westat
Keywords: SQL macro array
Pages: 11 Size: 166 Kb 
tweet!  Everyone Needs a Raise (Arrays)
  Marge Scerbo, National Study Center, UMB
Keywords: array
Pages: 11 Size: 138 Kb 
tweet!  Partially Transforming Hierarchical Data Sets for Sequential Processing Using Arrays
  Richard Downs, Jr., U.S. Census Bureau; Pura Perez, U.S. Census Bureau
Keywords: array
Pages: 9 Size: 130 Kb 
tweet!  Hurray for Arrays that Handle Data from External Files
  Stephen Rhoades, IMS
Keywords: array
Pages: 14 Size: 148 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 10 Kb)

Northeast SAS Users Group 2005   September 11-14, 2005 - Portland, Maine

tweet!  Right Time Right Place: An Application of Arrays
  Len Zangwill, Advanta Corp.
Keywords: array
Pages: 5 Size: 175 Kb 
tweet!  Array Tutorial(2) $ Beginning Intermediate;
  Ian Stockwell, CHPDM/UMBC; Marge Scerbo, CHPDM/UMBC
Keywords: array
Pages: 10 Size: 113 Kb 
tweet!  Array Programming Basics
  John Cohen, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Keywords: array
Pages: 11 Size: 80 Kb 
tweet!  Loop-Do-Loop Around Arrays
  Wendi Wright, Educational Testing Services
Keywords: array
Pages: 16 Size: 441 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2004   November 14-17, 2004 - Baltimore, Maryland

tweet!  Progress in SAS Scientific Discovery Solutions: Genomics, Microarrays, and Proteomics
  Wendy Czika, SAS
Keywords: transcriptomics metabolomics mass spectrometry mixed models experimental design array
Pages: 18 Size: 969 Kb 
tweet!  Array tutorial(2) $ beginning intermediate;
  Marge Scerbo, CHPDM/UMBC
Keywords: array
Pages: 11 Size: 166 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 80 Kb)

Northeast SAS Users Group 2003   September 7-10, 2003 - Washington, District of Columbia

tweet!  Using an Array as an If-Switch
  Nazik Elgaddal, Westat Inc.; Ed Heaton, Westat Inc.
Keywords: array
Pages: 9 Size: 220 Kb 
tweet!  Working with Arrays: Doing More with Less Code
  Ralph Leighton, The Hartford
Keywords: array
Pages: 16 Size: 288 Kb 
tweet!  %ARRAY: Construction and Usage of Arrays of Macro Variables
  Ronald Fehd, Centers For Disease Control
Keywords: macro array
Pages: 3 Size: 57 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 12 Kb)

Northeast SAS Users Group 2002   September 29 - October 2, 2002 - Buffalo, New York

tweet!  Off and Running with Arrays in SAS®
  Stephen Keelan
Keywords: array
Pages: 7 Size: 143 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2001   September 30 - October 3, 2001 - Baltimore, Maryland

tweet!  Array tutorial(2) $ beginning intermediate;
  Marge Scerbo, CHPDM/UMBC
Keywords: array
Pages: 7 Size: 59 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2000   September 24-26, 2000 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

tweet!  Complex Arrays Made Simple
  Mary McDonald
Keywords: array
Pages: 4 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  Arrays: In and Out and All About
  Marge Scerbo
Keywords: array
Pages: 7 Size: 50 Kb 
tweet!  Partially Transforming Hierarchical Data Sets for Sequential Processing Using Arrays
  Richard L. Downs Jr.; Pura A. Perez
Keywords: array
Pages: 8 Size: 53 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1999   October 3-5, 1999 - Washington, District of Columbia

tweet!  Using SAS/FSP.... Software and a Two-Dimensional Array to Manage Distribution of Monthly Production Reports
  Helen-Jean Talbott
Keywords: array
Pages: 6 Size: 107 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1998   October 4-6, 1998 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

tweet!  Table Look-up using Indexes, SQL, Arrays, and Formats without using Match-Merge Data Steps
  Sandra Lynn Aker
Keywords: SQL array
Pages: 7 Size: 38 Kb 
tweet!  Changing the shape of your data: PROC TRANSPOSE vs. Arrays
  Bob Virgile
Keywords: array
Pages: 6 Size: 38 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1997   October 5-7, 1997 - Baltimore, Maryland

tweet!  Introduction to Arrays
  Bob Virgile
Keywords: array
Pages: 5 Size: 35 Kb 
tweet!  Split Street Address Information Using Do Loop and Array Processing
  Winston Lai
Keywords: array
Pages: 2 Size: 17 Kb 
tweet!  Hot-Deck Imputation with SAS Arrays and Macros for Large Surveys
  John Stiller
Keywords: macro array
Pages: 6 Size: 63 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1996   October 6-8, 1996 - Boston, Massachusetts

tweet!  SAS ARRAYS: A Basic Tutorial
  Bruce Gilsen, Federal Reserve Board
Keywords: array
Pages: 9 Size: 398 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1995   October 8-10, 1995 - Washington, District of Columbia

tweet!  Introduction to Arrays
  Bob Virgile, Robert Virgile Associates, Inc.
Keywords: array
Pages: 5 Size: 227 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1993   November 7-9, 1993 - Springfield, Massachusetts

tweet!  Iterative Processing Of A Data Set Using Two-Dimensional Arrays
  Charles DePascale, Advanced Systems In Measurement & Evaluation, Inc.; Margaret Rost, Advanced Systems In Measurement & Evaluation, Inc.
Keywords: array
Pages: 2 Size: 78 Kb 
tweet!  Numeric Variable Validation Using Arrays in SCL
  Marge Scerbo, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Keywords: array
Pages: 4 Size: 185 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1992   October 4-6, 1992 - Baltimore, Maryland

tweet!  More Complex Data Structures in SAS Macro: Modeling Arrays of Records
  Irene Mendelson, Hoffman-La Roche Inc.
Keywords: macro array
Pages: 6 Size: 264 Kb 
tweet!  Restructuring Data Sets Using Arrays of the TRANSPOSE Procedure
  Paula B. Podolnick, Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis
Keywords: array
Pages: 6 Size: 273 Kb 
tweet!  Working With Arrays: Doing More With Less Code
  Ralph W. Leighton, IIT Hartford
Keywords: array
Pages: 11 Size: 623 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1991   November 3-5, 1991 - Greenwich, Connecticut

tweet!  Introduction to Arrays and Array Processing
  Earl R. Westerlund, Eastman Kodak Company
Keywords: array
Pages: 4 Size: 238 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1990   November 11-13, 1990 - Boston, Massachusetts

tweet!  Working With Arrays
  Ronald Cody, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Keywords: array
Pages: 8 Size: 393 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 1989   October 29-30, 1989 - Washington, District of Columbia

tweet!  Introduction to SAS Arrays: Give Your Tedium to the Computer
  Tom Marx, Marx Social Science Research Inc. of Cambridge, Mass
Keywords: array
Pages: 7 Size: 275 Kb 
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