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My website (http://www.lexjansen.com) is a one man (Lex Jansen) - non-profit - project to maintain a repository of SAS related papers and to share some of my personal interests (mostly music).

You can use this form to contact me with questions or comments about this website or one of the papers I wrote.
This is NOT the SAS Customer Support web site, and I will typically not reply to SAS support requests.

If you have a question about a specific SAS paper, not written by me, please contact the author mentioned in the paper. I just provide the link to the paper.
You may also be able to get an answer to your question by contacting SAS Support or or the SAS Support Communities.

Please understand that this site is not the SAS Support site.

I typically do not reply to SAS questions or questions related to papers I did not write.
I provide links to SAS proceedings as a community service, but I am not able to provide support related to the content of these papers (other than the papers which I authored).
Thank you for your understanding.

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